By Cas­sidy of Nat­ur­al Selec­tion


Because nat­ur­al hair has a ten­den­cy to grow up and out rather than down, this is a ques­tion I get pret­ty often. But today is your lucky day because I have an answer!  There is just one sim­ple step that will help you get hang.  Check it out:

Here’s a pic­ture of me with­out the Hang Tech­nique:


Annnnd a pic­ture of me with the Hang Tech­nique:


In both of these pho­tos, my hair is equal amounts wet with a very sim­i­lar cream-gel styling prod­uct, but as you can see my curls hang more when I use the tech­nique.

There are three mag­ic ingre­di­ents for this Hang Recipe.  Here’s the run­down:

How to Get Hang


  • A decent amount of length:  You need a few inch­es of hair that can’t hang.  Yea, it’s cute and all, but your TWA can’t defy grav­i­ty.
  • Your show­er: And you need to be in it with clean hair and con­di­tion­er still in dem curls.
  • Styling prod­uct: Your favorite one!  Whether it’s a cream or a gel, pick your fave and get it in the show­er WITH you.


  • Cleanse your hair as usu­al
  • Apply con­di­tion­er
  • If you are leav­ing your con­di­tion­er in (to use under a gel for exam­ple), pro­ceed to step 4. If you are using a rinse out con­di­tion­er, pay extra atten­tion here: when you’re rins­ing tip your head for­ward to under the show­er.  Peo­ple often will have their backs to the show­er and tilt their head back­wards to rinse, but by tip­ping your head for­ward you’re rins­ing the direc­tion you want your hair to hang.  Here, allow me to illus­trate.

Rinse your hair like this!

Rinse your hair like this!


NOT like this

  • Apply your styling prod­uct to soak­ing wet hair.  No plop­ping here!  And use A LOT.  More than you think you need.
  • Turn towards the show­er and let the water run through your hair.  Just a bit!  Not enough to rinse the prod­uct out, but think of the water as more of a prod­uct appli­ca­tion tool, allow­ing it to set your curls and elon­gate your strands.
  • Now shake the crap out­ta your hair and VOILA!  HANG!


The next step might take a bit of prac­tice.  Some­times I also cup my hands and fill them with water to scrunch water into my curls, either way the key is to use water to your advan­tage.

Good luck and lemme know how this works for you! Shout out to Dick­ey of Hair­Rules for intro­duc­ing me to this tech­nique. It has become my go-to and Lola loves it!

If you’ve got oth­er tips to get hang, leave ‘em in the com­ments!

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so get­ting curls like those is only pos­si­ble with prod­uct? and any rec­om­men­da­tions?


Hen­na loosens hair tex­ture.


I tried it . It works


I just had to say that I LOVE the cut and col­or :-D


Yes, the col­or real­ly “makes” her style. Love it!


I’ve been using hen­na for the past few weeks, and have got­ten seri­ous hang!
The pic where I have a fro is after wash­ing my hair, with no prod­uct on it. I hadn’t start­ed doing hen­na treat­ments then. The pic where I have hang­ing curls is after three Jen­na treat­ments, and using Tal­i­ah Waajid’s Curly Curl Cream!
[imgcomment image[/img]
[imgcomment image[/img]


Wow.It gos to show it is all about tech­niques and using the right prod­ucts to enhance one’s own curl pat­tern.

I believe every­one has a curl pat­tern its just a mat­ter of size.


Be care­ful w/ hen­na. As great as it is, one of the side effects of long term use can be the loss of elas­tic­i­ty in the hair result­ing in not so curly hair accord­ing to And as a side bar sis­ter girl’s hair is pret­ty, col­or and style!


I was hop­ing it wouldn’t require using globs of prod­uct. I hate the feel­ing of hav­ing tons of prod­uct in my hair.


What are we doing to our­selves? Let’s cel­e­brate dif­fer­ences. I look at the pho­tos of women on this site and none of them are the same. Look at the beau­ty pageants-Ms. Amer­i­ca, USA, Uni­verse-no vari­ety all cook­ie cut­ter.

Now every­one wants wash and go, curls.. so now every­one will want there curls to hang.


I think teach­ing nat­u­rals who have curly hair or who choose to wear their hair curly how to get their curls to hang down is great. In part, for one prac­ti­cal rea­son: some­times curls that are too shrunk­en mat and tan­gle worse than curls that have been elon­gat­ed a lit­tle some­how. Then comb­ing or de-tan­gling is a painful night­mare. Also some of us don’t enjoy work­ing hard for length only to see the length shrink to 70% and in some cas­es 80% of our nat­ur­al length.


I must admit, wash and goes seem like for­bid­den fruit to me, lol. I have type 4a/b/c/d/e “bsl“hair that’s super dense and shrinks like 95%.

I haven’t washed my hair “sec­tion­less” in about 2 years. I’m so afraid of the detan­gling if I get it wrong…maybe this sum­mer. :) (by the way I’m sim­ply pok­ing some light heart­ed fun at myself)


shrinks 95% »> I FEEL YOU!!! hahah look like i big chopped yes­ter­day even though it’s been a cleeeean 3 years lolololol


I know right! I thoght there was some­thing wrong with my hair, its been 2 yrs since the BC and I still have a tiny afro when my hair is dry! (when stretched, my hair is just below my shoul­der)


Nat­ur­al hair is just that “nat­u­ral­ly yours”.…..So everybody’s hair will hang and look dif­fer­ent when doing wash and go’s; tru­ly some­thing to cel­e­brate! Such a bless­ing to learn new tech­niques and styles for our hair. A bless­ing — per­cep­tion is every­thing.


This forum is designed to share ideas and tips for main­tain­ing nat­ur­al hair. A com­mon issue among nat­ur­al hair is shrink­age and there are some who want elon­gat­ed curls for their desired look. To make the assess­ment that every­one is try­ing have hang­ing curls and not cel­e­brate indi­vid­u­al­i­ty is sim­ply out of left field.


I real­ly don’t think its that serious…this I’d just anoth­er styling option, just cause we’re nat­ur­al doesn’t mean we can’t have tips and tricks to accen­tu­ate it or change it up.

I don’t see how this is even remote­ly an exam­ple of what you’re say­ing.


what on earth are you talk­ing about?


Hav­ing nat­ur­al hair is a part of what makes us unique and a part of our sim­i­lar­i­ty. So what if we all do wash and go styles from time to time, so what if we want them to hang, if it makes you feel great and isnt harm­ful, we should share tech­niques and strate­gies to take care of our hair. Thanks for shar­ing this and I’m gonna try it too!


What is plop­ping? Help a sis­ter out.


Plopping—>after wash­ing hair, instead of dry­ing with a tow­el, you grab an old T shirt and place it over your wet hair sor­ta like a tur­ban. Leave on for awhile [depends on the per­son] remove T shirt! Don’t touch hair!


This great! I’m a big wash and go fan but had resigned myself to the fact my hair does not hang (just ris­es to the sun!)
I’m def­i­nite­ly gonna try rins­ing with my head for­ward… nev­er ever thought of that.


My hair takes for­ev­er to dry and I nor­mal­ly plop with an old shirt. How do you get your hair to dry quick­ly with this method?

T. Miquel

A dif­fuser attach­ment to your blow dry­er should help! If I need for my hair to dry quick­ly with­out shrink­ing, I’ll gen­tly pull my curls out a bit with the dif­fuser aimed at that sec­tion. Use medi­um heat and it should come out per­fect­ly! Hope this helps!


I’m try­ing this asap! Great info!