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Because natural hair has a tendency to grow up and out rather than down, this is a question I get pretty often. But today is your lucky day because I have an answer!  There is just one simple step that will help you get hang.  Check it out:

Here’s a picture of me without the Hang Technique:


Annnnd a picture of me with the Hang Technique:


In both of these photos, my hair is equal amounts wet with a very similar cream-gel styling product, but as you can see my curls hang more when I use the technique.

There are three magic ingredients for this Hang Recipe.  Here’s the rundown:

How to Get Hang


  • A decent amount of length:  You need a few inches of hair that can’t hang.  Yea, it’s cute and all, but your TWA can’t defy gravity.
  • Your shower: And you need to be in it with clean hair and conditioner still in dem curls.
  • Styling product: Your favorite one!  Whether it’s a cream or a gel, pick your fave and get it in the shower WITH you.


  • Cleanse your hair as usual
  • Apply conditioner
  • If you are leaving your conditioner in (to use under a gel for example), proceed to step 4. If you are using a rinse out conditioner, pay extra attention here: when you’re rinsing tip your head forward to under the shower.  People often will have their backs to the shower and tilt their head backwards to rinse, but by tipping your head forward you’re rinsing the direction you want your hair to hang.  Here, allow me to illustrate.

Rinse your hair like this!

Rinse your hair like this!


NOT like this

  • Apply your styling product to soaking wet hair.  No plopping here!  And use A LOT.  More than you think you need.
  • Turn towards the shower and let the water run through your hair.  Just a bit!  Not enough to rinse the product out, but think of the water as more of a product application tool, allowing it to set your curls and elongate your strands.
  • Now shake the crap outta your hair and VOILA!  HANG!


The next step might take a bit of practice.  Sometimes I also cup my hands and fill them with water to scrunch water into my curls, either way the key is to use water to your advantage.

Good luck and lemme know how this works for you! Shout out to Dickey of HairRules for introducing me to this technique. It has become my go-to and Lola loves it!

If you’ve got other tips to get hang, leave ‘em in the comments!

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Thanks Leila for black Moms Connect. I thoroughly enjoy the conversations and great advice shared amongst this great group of women!


Any suggestions on how to do this technique on low porosity hair? I’ve tried this and because my hair was soaking wet, the product didn’t absorb into my hair.


I, too, have 4C hair, and I follow this regimen. It works on healthy hair that’s moisturized from within. 4C ladies, drink plenty of water, deep condition regularly, and stay away from -cones. Also, adding tons of oil to your hair does NOT moisturize it as our grandmothers and mothers would advise, no more than slathering Vaseline on dry, cracked heels would heal your skin.

Once I accepted these truths, my 4C coils popped.


My hair in the front never coils like the back. Maybe this technique will help my front look as defined as the “kitchen”


How do you dry your hair? I tried it and my hair was soaking wet hours later.


Good info. Lucky me I came across your website by chance (stumbleupon).
I’ve book-marked it for later!


Looks great, but if you’re a type 4 with tightly coiled hair and get tons of shrinkage, this technique won’t work. Her hair looks like at least a type 3C. Her curls/coils are already clearly defined.


My hair is 4b/4c…..You’re absolutely right because it didn’t work for me lol. If you have 4c hair, a lot won’t work like a “relaxer” straight blowout, flatiron, etc

I consider myself to have 4c hair and it worked for me. I was doing this technique before I read the website, but I was washing my hair holding my head back. I really had to saturate my hair with the water and the product. Like I don’t even squeeze the water out of my hair. I also couldn’t scrunch my hair, I had to section it off starting at the back and finger comb my the product into my hair to get the curls to form. I hope this helps my 4c sisters. God bless.

Not true! I’m 4c (according to the hair-typing nonsense) and I have well over 75% shrinkage. I’m able to wear my hair like this…with much hang! Your hair can be a “4C” and very well rock this style …if done correctly! 🙂

I’ll be trying this out. I have very little curls but they do happen when i do define my curls with conditioner then rinse, although my curls come out a bit too soft and therefore frizz out easily. This post just prompted me to order hair gel off of amazon lol. I’d like to try this. I’m natural who doesn’t really care about growing her hair out, honestly i’m amazed with the fact that i’m wearing my real hair more than anything else. I think this would be a good way to stretch the hairstyle during the week. Thanks for… Read more »

QUESTION: My hair is about 13 inches stretched. Do you shake your head while bent over? If your hair is too long for bangs how do you situate the hair without putting it backwards??


You can take a bobby pin and pin back the area of hair towards your crown and then fold the bangs part back down towards your forehead. It will create the illusion of bangs and keeping the length off of your face!


An easy way is to cowash in the kitchen sink using the abovementioned method. Cold water will clump curls even better with this method too. I wouldn’t take a cold shower…kitchen sink.


Omg, Thank you this worked perfect on my nieces hair.
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