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Reader’s Ques­tion:
I have twist exten­sions… How do I keep my hair mois­turised?

My Answer:

In my opin­ion, the best way to mois­tur­ize twists (or any oth­er braid) exten­sions is to use a water-based spritz fol­lowed by seal­ing with an oil.  This method allows for suf­fi­cient mois­ture with­out con­tribut­ing to mesh­ing, loc-ing, or sev­ere pro­duct buildup.  Heav­ier prod­ucts, espe­cial­ly thick but­ters, can build up near the roots and facil­i­tate mesh­ing or loc-ing, espe­cial­ly in kinkier strands.  If you REALLY want to use them, though, I sug­gest stay­ing as far away from your roots as pos­si­ble and only using the but­ter once or twice between wash­es.

That being said, what are some good spritzes and oils to use?  Well, let us start with the oils.  Light and some­what odor­less oils, such as grape­seed and jojoba, are my top sug­ges­tions.  Coconut oil may be used, but beware that your exten­sions will smell of the oil (and that may or may not be okay, depend­ing on how you feel).  Olive oil is less odor­ous but heavy.

Now for the spritzes:  A water-based one is a good start.  A water- and glyc­er­in-based one may be even bet­ter, depend­ing on what your hair likes.  I list a few spritz recipes in this post.  If you would rather buy one, I sug­gest look­ing for those geared towards braids (e.g., African Pride).

Final­ly, the mois­tur­iz­ing reg­i­men while wear­ing twist exten­sions: Spritz any­where from dai­ly to week­ly, depend­ing on what your hair requires.  I would not sug­gest going beyond a week (par­tic­u­lar­ly in the lat­er stages of the wear) because the exten­sions them­selves may be dry­ing.  This is espe­cial­ly pos­si­ble if you used syn­thet­ic hair for braid­ing.  As for seal­ing, that can occur any­where from every few days to week­ly.  Seal­ing dai­ly can attract dirt to the hair quick­er than usu­al thus lead­ing to increased fre­quen­cy in wash­ing.

Ladies, how do you keep your hair mois­tur­ized while rock­ing exten­sions?


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I braid my own hair and actu­al­ly do Sene­gale­se twists because box braids break my hair no mat­ter what (I have high den­si­ty fine 4a4b hair). I usu­al­ly just rin­se my hair out every­day, and cow­ash every 3–4 days WITH the exten­sions in lol. I wear them in a bun to work, so I’m not con­cerned about how it looks when down. If I want to wear my braids down then, a spritz bot­tle is good, but my scalp gets angry quick­ly if it goes too long with­out a wash.

Afro Poodle Ramen Noodle
Afro Poodle Ramen Noodle

I have mine up in corn­rows now and I feel like theyre the best for my hair.Individuals are too harsh on my hair because of the lint after­wards even if I do put a scarf on it every night.

Robin Jones
It’s been about 2 years now of tran­si­tion­ing from the perm to all nat­u­ral hair. Dur­ing the process I’ve worn braids in dif­fer­ent types. My nat­u­ral hair is very tight­ly coiled so I guess I’m 4c. This is so hard for me because my hair is very soft, but in the morn­ing my hair is beau­ti­ful and at the end of the day it looks rough! I two strand twist my hair at night, use Carol’s daugh­ter hair balm and Can­tu leave in con­di­tion­er. My cab­i­net is full of prod­ucts that my hair does not like! When I stretch my… Read more »

I’m two months post relax­er and have had indi­vid­u­al twists in for about a mon­th. I do loc method every 1–2 days. ( water or Shea mois­ture yuc­ca and baob­ab think­ing growth milk, coconut oil and jbco mix­ture or eden body­works pep­per­mint tem­ple balm, then as I am dou­ble but­ter) then once a week I co wash and deep con­di­tion.


I am also a braid wear­er !! Right now i have in Mar­ley twists. I just installed them yes­ter­day. I am hop­ing to keep them 2 months. All of May And june tam­bi­en. I will refresh them every three weeks. Mean­time in between time when­ev­er i have braids i use Car­ols Daugh­ter Black Vanil­la Leave In Con­di­tion­er, and to seal, Sof­t­ee Coconut Oil . Two things dai­ly no has­sle . At night scarf it up some­times i spritz with water before going to bed . For the most part no itch­ing even in the hot sun


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I’m a braid wear­er! :)
— Sat­in red scarf each night
— Deep con­di­tion & wash togeth­er each week
— Put gin­seng oil and Kuza indi­an hemp pomade every day.


does the pomade-use make your hair or scalp greasy at all? or cause faster buildup?


I spray my corn­rows with S Curl mois­tur­iz­ing acti­va­tor. It works won­ders.

First of all, I have to say that my hair prefers cro­chet braid twists rather than indi­vid­u­al twists/braids (like Solange above). Even though with them being indi­vid­u­al you can get to your scalp a bit eas­ier, I prefer cro­chet because you don’t have to wor­ry about pro­duct buildup as much. Also, when you mas­sage your scalp with your oils, unrav­el­ing is more like­ly to hap­pen with indi­vid­u­als. And of course it’s less pull on your hair if you do cro­chet. I hope that made sense. So, hon­est­ly all I do when I have cro­chet twists is real­ly the same mix­ture I… Read more »

I for­got to men­tion that I also mix a water-based con­di­tion­er in the JCBO mix. And then a sock-bon­net to tie it down at night.

I am fair­ly new to the curly hair world. My beau­ti­ful Ethiopi­an daugh­ter came home almost three years ago now. Yet, I can­not seem to find a good sys­tem for keep­ing her braids mois­tur­ized. She loves wear­ing them in braids or twists (espe­cial­ly if I add yarn exten­sions) but she gets so much buildup at the roots where I start­ed the braids that it is dif­fi­cult to get out. I used to spray them down dai­ly, but it would get super frizzy. Then I was told NOT to get them wet for that rea­son and just apply oil to her… Read more »

I just want­ed to com­ment that I just dis­cov­ered that the Kim­may­Tube Leave-in works great as a braid mois­tur­iz­er and sealant. Before I was using a water-based spritz with glyc­er­in fol­lowed by an oil, which works ok. But, the Kim­may­tube leave-in is one step and keeps my hair mois­tur­ized for much longer than the water-based spritz I was using. Just be sure to use a light water-based leave-in like Kinky Curly Knot Today.

Also, I like using my Q-redew for quick steam treat­ments, which means I don’t have to get my hair wet.


That’s great been nat for 1yr6 months its great I uae a spe­cial blend of oil by@ sires nat­u­ral blend for my fam made out of olive oil n I use tres sem­me mois­ture plus real­ly like it.i think shea but­ter is a bit heavy so may­be dnt put much every day as it will lock your pours.also if your mix­ture is absorbed quick­ly n hair still dry­it mean u need oil more often until your hair is sat­is­fied it reg­u­lates


I put olive oil and water (2 parts oil to one part water) in a spray bot­tle and I spray it on dai­ly. This has been most effec­tive | shake before using|. Addi­tion­al­ly, if I see buildup around my roots I spritz with water and Apple cider vine­gar (1 part vine­gar to two parts water). The­se tips keeps braids/locks pro­tect­ed and mois­tur­ized


I recent­ly had my hair braid­ed and am tran­si­tion­ing, 10 months now. To keep my hair mois­tur­ized light­ly I use Carol’s Daugh­ter scalp and hair oil along with the hair sheen to keep my braids shiny and healthy look­ing while pre­vent­ing pro­duct buildup. My scalp dries out quick­ly espe­cial­ly with the heat out­side, so night­ly I like to mas­sage in the scalp oil to pre­vent flakes and hair loss at the roots.


I installed mar­ley twist about 2 weeks ago and I use water, shea mois­ture leave in con­di­tion­er, & tea tree oil to keep my hair mois­tur­ized. I was won­der­ing is this a good mix for my type of hair? (4b, ends still per­med) Also my hair tends to soak up oil, like it nev­er seems to stay mois­tur­ized. SN: decid­ed i would go nat­u­ral. havent had a perm in 4 months.


I have in chunky kinky twists that r very sim­i­lar to havana twists. I love em. I mois­tur­ize dai­ly with my own mix of can­tu shea but­ter leave in con­di­tion­er, jojoba & coconut oil and h2O in a spray bot­tle. It works great for my hair and may­be once a week ill oil my hair with just the jojoba or coconut oil alone. Works for me!


how often should i use a blow dry­er for a type 4b/4c hair after deep con­di­tion­ing and also what is the cor­rect way to use ACV to remove dan­druff?


Also, for your dan­druff (sor­ry I just saw that part). Gin­ger oil is very good, (bet­ter) although it is strong; it is a non irri­tat­ing oil. How­ev­er, it shouldn’t be used in high con­cen­tra­tions. It’s very good for dan­druff. What you do is, apply Gin­ger oil in mod­er­a­tion on your scalp and mas­sage well. Leave it overnight. In the morn­ing, you wash with tepid water.


Ang, I’m 4c. I just stumpled on this post so you might not nec­es­sar­i­ly need this reply.
You can use a blow dry­er on your hair, but not too often, because as we all know; too much heat dam­ages all hair types. How­ev­er, when you want to use a blow dry­er (try not to use it too often, please), after wash­ing your hair and before dry­ing it; apply a gen­er­ous amount of unre­fined Shea but­ter. After than you can blowdry.


My com­ment sounds super sim­ple com­pared to every­one else. I just spray Car­ols Daugh­ter BLACK VANILLA or TUI (MOISTURIZING) leave-in con­di­tion­er. When I wear my hair in Twist-Style Indi­vid­u­als with syn­thet­ic hair. I have a cou­ple of pics on Insta­gram. Just look up Meekhills.

I use a mix of water, oil (almond or olive) and aloe vera gel. Last time I used 1 part oil, one part aloe vera and 5 parts water. I put it in a spray bot­tle and spray my roots and edges every day. I also clean my scalp with dilute ACV on a cot­ton ball once a week or when­ev­er it starts itch­ing. For the 1st time in years, I nev­er get dan­druff any­more. My hair is also grow­ing very fast latey. After cleans­ing my scalp, I’ve been using warm shea butter/coconut oil on my scalp. My hair loves… Read more »

I use a Rose­wa­ter and glyc­er­in water spray I bought at Whole Foods then I use coconut oil every oth­er day at night. If you live in a cold cli­mate do NOT put pure coconut oil on before you leave the house because it will solid­i­fy and be white chunks in your hair.

Using Glyc­er­ine on braids exten­sions can be a lit­tle tricky. Even with­out braids, using glyc­er­ine more than once a week can leave quite a bit of build-up on hair and attract dust (espe­cial­ly in hot cli­mates). There would have to be very lit­tle glyc­er­ine added to the water-based mix.  I have been using only water and a light oil (like coconut oil) to mois­turise my braids and now that I am actu­al­ly in the process of remov­ing my braids after 6 weeks, my hair is incred­i­bly mois­turised and strong. May­be it is because the oil is great at help­ing hair… Read more »

Great Post I’m glad to see that I have been doing the right things with extensions/kinky twists


I’ve used Tal­i­ah Waajid’s Pro­tec­tive Mist Bod­i­fier for years. It’s cheap, it doesn’t build up, and the smell doesn’t “turn,” if you know what I mean (If you used African Pride, you def­i­nite­ly know LOL)


Nor­mal­ly I use almond oil. I heard that it was incred­i­bly good for hair health and it seems to be work­ing well. I do think some­times it depends on the per­son though, because friend’s rec­om­men­da­tions don’t always come through.


When i were braids my hair scrach me so bad i want to buy top brass for the dan­druff, but what to buy to keep it soft and shin­ing?
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Some­one else may be able to inform you on a bet­ter pro­duct, but I use ORS braid/oil sheen to keep them soft/shiny. No need to use it every­day, and be care­ful with it, it can be extreme­ly oily! Some­times if I don’t want to be both­ered with that, I just mix my oils togeth­er that I use to mois­tur­ize my scalp (JCBO, coconut oil, tea tree oil, olive oil, etc.) and just rub it on the twists/braids. Also, if the hair you’re using is a bit coarse, you may want to soak it in apple cider vine­gar first, to get that… Read more »

I use Oyin Frank Juice when wear­ing my kinky twists and found that to do won­ders. When I took my twists down my hair was incred­i­bly mois­tur­iz­ered and I didn’t even seal! I would spray some oil sheen mix for shine pur­pos­es but that’s it.

I am tran­si­tion­ing and I am wear­ing my third set of Sene­gale­se twists. So far I have man­aged to not suf­fer any major dam­age to my hair by incor­po­rat­ing the fol­low­ing: leav­ing my hair uncov­ered while show­er­ing, spritz­ing with Pan­tene detan­gling spray about 3–4 times per week, seal­ing with either sweet almond, olive, or Eden Body Works pep­per­mint jojoba oil mix, and wrap­ping my hair in sat­in scarf at bed­time. The pan­tene spray has cas­tor oil in it. I’m not sure if the creamy prod­ucts attrib­ut­ed to mat­ting for me, but they def­i­nite­ly caused icky buildup which is why I… Read more »

Pan­tene detan­gling spray??? This is very inter­est­ing. Does it help with keep­ing your hair from lock­ing up?


Thanks for this post bglh! I just got yarn braids so this is right on time! :) I just mix water and grape­seed oil togeth­er in a bot­tle, shake it up, and then spritz.. My only con­cern is my scalp, because I get dan­druff pret­ty bad. It also starts to itch, so I know I need tea tree oil, but any sug­ges­tions for the dan­druff?


Grape­seed oil is actu­al­ly great for the scalp if mas­saged in the scalp it works won­ders for dan­druff


It helps me when I use dilut­ed apple cider vine­gar on my scalp before I sham­poo. Not only does it help with flaky scalp, but it also helps with pro­duct buildup that can attrib­ute to itchy scalp and odor. I just spray it on and mas­sage it as if I am sham­poo­ing my hair then let it sit for about ten min­utes. Then I sham­poo nor­mal­ly.


Thank you! I will try this Wednes­day!

Awe­some post! And per­fect tim­ing. I am cur­rent­ly wear­ing kinky twists and I mois­tur­ize every few days with the Infu­sium 23 Pro-vit­a­m­in Leave-in Hair Treat­ment Mois­tur­iz­ing For­mu­la. It has glyc­er­in and amino acids, leav­ing my hair soft with a pro­tein boost for strength.  I don’t seal with oil because I have acne-prone skin. I’m in the mid­dle of research­ing oils and but­ters that won’t break me out. My kinky hair loves Shea but­ter, but my skin HATES it. I also get bad reac­tions from coconut oil. No more Shea Mois­ture Curl Enhanc­ing Smooth­ie or Can­tu Leave- in for me :(… Read more »

I agree with Mya. My HAIR and scalp love cer­tain prod­ucts, but my skin, on the oth­er hand, has a FIT. Case in point: pure extra vir­gin olive oil. I only use it on my scalp when I notice it’s irri­tat­ed or dry, but if just a DROP falls onto my face, it’s a done deal. My face becomes extreme­ly irri­tat­ed and dry. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, pure coconut does the same thing. So an arti­cle, or two, on this would be very help­ful.


Nev­er rocked exten­sions before but I’m plan­ning on get­ting some Patra/Janet Jack­son ‘Poet­ic Jus­tice’ braids this win­ter.
My hair gets greasy eas­i­ly so I was think­ing some aloe vera juice/ water mix at night OR the Shea Mois­ture curl & shine mist.


If your hair gets greasy eas­i­ly you might want to try just plain water spritzes out first, to see if that’s enough. If your hair gets greasy eas­i­ly, it can be more time con­sum­ing prop­er­ly clean­ing it on wash day when you add oth­er prod­ucts to it while in exten­sions, par­tic­u­lar­ly because greasy hair attracts lint and debris. That plus exten­sions could be a major aggra­va­tion for you and I wouldn’t want a neg­a­tive first time expe­ri­ence with exten­sions to deter you from exper­i­ment­ing more with them. Hope that helps! :)




I use aro­mather­a­py oil like cas­tor oil,lavender oil,castor oil and tea tree oil on my hair when I have cane row exten­sions in it makes hair smells good ‚loosen tight­ness and stops itch­ing

I wear havana twists in the win­ter as my pro­tec­tive style. After exper­i­ment­ing with a few spritz recipes and reg­i­mens, I’ve found my ide­al reg­i­men. Every night before bed, I light­ly spritz my hair with plain water, focus­ing on the roots. I let it dry till its only slight­ly damp, and then spray on my mix of water, glyc­er­in, jojoba oil, olive oil, and sev­er­al drops of rose­mary E.O. I add 3–4 drops of tea tree oil to the mix a few days before my wash day, to alle­vi­ate any itch­ing. I focus spray­ing this onto my scalp. After it’s… Read more »

i cur­rent­ly have in havana twists. when you took em up, did your seem as if locked ?

There are so many braid sprays out there that I nev­er know what to get.They all claim the same thing. This was intrest­ing. When I wa sin High School I used African Pride braid spray and it was not good for my hair, it dried my hair out real­ly quick, so my cous­in made me a mix­ture of Some oil I can’t remem­ber what kind and a lit­tle water and a leave in con­di­tion­er and that worked a lit­tle bet­ter for me. But I nev­er used oil to seal, so that is new for me. I have to keep it… Read more »

For my part I only use oils: cas­tor oil, jas­mine oil and almond oil. Uusal­ly not at the same time. I used cas­tor oil for the edges (cause my hair­line is dry), almond oil to keep my hair healthy and mois­tur­ize. Jas­mine oil scent is won­der­ful there­fore I use it only one a week to avoir build up!
What do you think?
I don’t use spritzes!!