Bey­on­ce and Jay-Z have been real­ly strict about reveal­ing their famous off­spring to the media. But they do tease us here and there with lit­tle glimpses. Both Bey­on­ce and Jay-Z post­ed recent pho­tos of Blue — who turned a year old on Jan­u­ary 7 — that show her curls. We’re excit­ed to see how Mama Bey (or Aun­tie Solange) will style Baby Blue’s hair as the child grows. 

And side note, is that Beyonce’s real hair in the pic­ture above? Inter­est­ing…


Black Girl With Long Hair

Leila Noel­lis­te, founder of Black Girl with Long Hair (April 2008). Social media, pop cul­ture and black beau­ty enthu­si­ast. bell hooks’ hair twin…

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I think the rea­son so many ask “is that our real hair” includ­ing this BGLH blog is because most black wom­en have not been taught to embrace our REAL nat­u­ral hair.
Adver­tis­ing media does not show­case the brown skin kinky, curly or nap­py girl as a thing of beau­ty. So we’ve been trained to believe our nat­u­ral hair is not attrac­tive. And unfor­tu­nate­ly it’s not get­ting bet­ter.
I would love to see Bey­on­ces real hair…if she has any after all that weav­ing and wig­ing. Lol


i got­ta say though. if i had weave that was as laid as beyonce’s is, i would nev­er wear my real hair out either. imag­ine that. hair that when it gets raggedy and the ends get split and break­ing you can just throw away and pay for some more. and have the rest of the world drool­ing over it on the one hand, while rack­ing their brains try­na fig­ure out if its yours or not on the oth­er. i wish i could afford me some weave lol
for the record i’ve nev­er worn a weave, but the idea sounds nice.


Yes we C AN grow hair that long…but seriously,do we not know the extent of her weaves n wigs col­lec­tion? Blk girls can and do have long hair but I doubt its hers .not cause I’m a hater but bc based on ear­ly pho­tos of her from back in the day when I was her biggest fan,its not. Her hair always looks great but ppl have been drink­ing the bey­on­ce weave koolaid for over a decade! Its not her hair ppl!


They’re only ask­ing if that’s Beyonce’s real hair because we nev­er see it out. So of course we want to know what her hair looks like under the weaves and wigs. Nobody’s doubt­ing that she can’t have long hair. Calm down.


I know they are going ham over an inquiry.


Dang she didn’t ask Bey­on­ce per­son­al­ly if that was her real hair. You know you can just say yes or no to the ques­tion.


I would love to see the face of their lit­tle bump­kin. I bet she is sooooooooo adorable!!!!! But if they choose to hide her, believe me, I under­stand, some peo­ple are so cru­el and will say any­thing, so I get it! But I just know she is a cutie!!!!!!!

Shaqueena Allen

Y ppl always ask­in that ques­tion is that ur real hair? is that none of there busi­ness and even if it is or if it is nt hw is that going to ben­nifit them they all need to grow up and act like nor­mal civiliance.

Laurie A.

As much as I agree with you there are instances where I don’t mind. I’ve been approached by oth­er females who will com­pli­ment and say they can’t wait for theirs to look like mine or they wish they had the courage to go nat­u­ral. I’ve also had instances where I was told that “that hair doesn’t look good” on me before I even got a chance to say its mine.

Of course the ques­tion is annoy­ing but I think in most cas­es (that I’ve dealt with) its fueled by inse­cu­ri­ties.


For­get Blue’s hair .….LOOK at Beyonce’s ABS!!! (run­ning for the gym)


i think it is great that she is still nat­u­ral but because she is a baby i high­ly doubt they will be putting weave or chem­i­cals in her hair any time soon. any­one else find it annoy­ing that they don’t ever show Blue Ivy’s face? i mean if you wan­na show it, show it, don’t tease me.


“And side note, is that Beyonce’s real hair in the pic­ture above? Inter­est­ing…”

If we want peo­ple to stop ask­ing us if our hair is real and deny­ing us that we can have hair that looks like that then we need to stop doing the same. She looks great whether its a wig, relaxed, exten­sions, or pho­to­shopped (haha). Bey­on­ce looks good! I swear that wom­en does not and will not age.

I used to be all pre­oc­cu­pied with who was wear­ing real hair or not when I was younger. Who cares? It doesn’t affect my life. If I don’t want to wear hair addi­tions I don’t have to AND I don’t have to won­der out loud who is and who isn’t wear­ing them. Some men (of all nation­al­i­ties) do a thor­ough enough job of get­ting in pub­lic forums and mak­ing fun of Black wom­en wear­ing weaves and pieces. I’ve heard them. Why add fuel to the fire? The fin­ished result (weave, exten­sions, etc.) makes that wom­an hap­py, often looks attrac­tive, and… Read more »
And right­ful­ly so! Black wom­en should be clowned for wear­ing all that asian hair. It looks absolute­ly ridic! You peo­ple keep on try­ing to jus­ti­fy it, but any which way you spin it, it is ridic!  And no it is not just hair. Not when it comes to black wom­en. You have black wom­en sac­ri­ficing their own nat­u­ral hair, suf­fer­ing from trac­tion alope­cia, with hair­li­nes start­ing behind their ears and STILL they keep on glu­ing and sow­ing asian hair onto their scalp.  Isn’t it strange that we have NEVER seen Beyonce’s real unchem­i­cal­ly treat­ed hair? She’s been in the pub­lic eye for… Read more »
Non-black enter­tain­ers wear weave too not to men­tion 60% of the WORLDS pop­u­la­tion has tex­tured hair. Do we see that direct­ly reflect­ed in the enter­tain­ment indus­try? I’d say 90%-95% regard­less of race wear their hair straight. Not to men­tion that sci­en­tific stud­ies have shown that only 2% of the entire worlds pop­u­la­tion is NATURALLY blonde!! Does that sta­tis­tic reflect in the media either? So non-black wom­en aren’t off the hook nor do they think of their “nat­u­ral” hair as ide­al. Wom­en in GENERAL (some more dras­tic than oth­ers) try to con­form to idi­otic “pre­scribed” ide­als that are real­ly just stu­pid.… Read more »

No what’s ridicu­lous is the genar­al­iza­tions you are mak­ing about one race of wom­en. It actu­al­ly is bor­der­ing on racist (you peo­ple? real­ly?). Here’s a clue into why wom­en (not just black)where weaves in the enter­tain­ment industry..As a pro­tec­tive mea­sure for the hair that is grow­ing out of their scalp. Wow right? How dare they want to keep their real hair from as much dam­a­gae as pos­si­ble with the dif­fer­ent styles they have to wear depend­ing on the job they get paid for? Peo­ple like you need to sweep your own front door before look­ing at oth­er people’s. js

You’re mak­ing good points. I think that’s a sep­a­rate con­ver­sa­tion, though. We can go on for days about Black wom­en who are tak­ing rent mon­ey and mon­ey they should be used for their children’s needs and buy­ing weaves or wom­en who have hair­li­nes crawl­ing back from their scalp because of weaves. Bey­on­ce has worn her nat­u­ral hair some­times in pub­lic and she cer­tain­ly doesn’t have any of the afore­men­tioned issues. Also, there are plen­ty of oth­er Black wom­en who don’t have those issues and they have the right to do what they want with their hair. I per­son­al­ly would prefer… Read more »

Did they reveal their nation­al­i­ties while post­ing online?
How did you come up with “of all nation­al­i­ties”?

While post­ing online? No! Try in per­son! I’ve been at work, at con­fer­ences, on pub­lic trans­porta­tion, in a mall and heard a few — not all obvi­ous­ly — Asian men, His­pan­ic men, Indi­an men, and White men snick­er or gig­gle at a Black wom­en wear­ing weaves (where it was obvi­ous that it was a weave) and say, “She thinks she’s looks so good with that horse on her head, man.” Direct quote from an Asian guy. Or “Looks like some­one dumped a bot­tle of Crisco on that Black lady’s weave. Ha, ha.” His­pan­ic guy. “All the­se Black wom­en wear weaves.”… Read more »

Wow, some­one who is caught up more in gram­mar and seman­tics than the point you’re mak­ing. Hate to be stuck in an ele­va­tor with you.


Well said..Ignore igno­rant peo­ple who like to split hairs..


Asian,hispanic and white are not nation­al­i­ties!

That was my point, no need for a nov­el.


Make­up makes every­one look young when done right


100% agreed! We can’t get upset at oth­er peo­ple ask­ing “is that your hair?” if we turn around and do it to each oth­er. :)

Alexandrea J

I LOVE your respon­se cause i hate the ques­tion, “is that your real hair?” it’s like ask­ing a per­son­al ques­tion about lady prod­ucts. It’s per­son­al. And if we want peo­ple to show us prop­er respect, we have to exhibit it our­selves. :)
Oh anoth­er note, I’m excit­ed to see how they con­tin­ue to raise Blue Ivy and to watch their fam­i­ly grow. :)