More Glimpses of Blue Ivy’s Curls… (But None of Her Face)


Beyonce and Jay-Z have been really strict about revealing their famous offspring to the media. But they do tease us here and there with little glimpses. Both Beyonce and Jay-Z posted recent photos of Blue — who turned a year old on January 7 — that show her curls. We’re excited to see how Mama Bey (or Auntie Solange) will style Baby Blue’s hair as the child grows.

And side note, is that Beyonce’s real hair in the picture above? Interesting…


Black Girl With Long Hair

Black Girl With Long Hair

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25 thoughts on “More Glimpses of Blue Ivy’s Curls… (But None of Her Face)

  1. “And side note, is that Beyonce’s real hair in the picture above? Interesting…”

    If we want people to stop asking us if our hair is real and denying us that we can have hair that looks like that then we need to stop doing the same. She looks great whether its a wig, relaxed, extensions, or photoshopped (haha). Beyonce looks good! I swear that women does not and will not age.

    • I LOVE your response cause i hate the question, “is that your real hair?” it’s like asking a personal question about lady products. It’s personal. And if we want people to show us proper respect, we have to exhibit it ourselves. :)
      Oh another note, I’m excited to see how they continue to raise Blue Ivy and to watch their family grow. :)

    • 100% agreed! We can’t get upset at other people asking “is that your hair?” if we turn around and do it to each other. :)

    • I used to be all preoccupied with who was wearing real hair or not when I was younger. Who cares? It doesn’t affect my life. If I don’t want to wear hair additions I don’t have to AND I don’t have to wonder out loud who is and who isn’t wearing them. Some men (of all nationalities) do a thorough enough job of getting in public forums and making fun of Black women wearing weaves and pieces. I’ve heard them. Why add fuel to the fire? The finished result (weave, extensions, etc.) makes that woman happy, often looks attractive, and that woman feels the finished result is suitable for her.

        • While posting online? No! Try in person! I’ve been at work, at conferences, on public transportation, in a mall and heard a few – not all obviously – Asian men, Hispanic men, Indian men, and White men snicker or giggle at a Black women wearing weaves (where it was obvious that it was a weave) and say, “She thinks she’s looks so good with that horse on her head, man.” Direct quote from an Asian guy. Or “Looks like someone dumped a bottle of Crisco on that Black lady’s weave. Ha, ha.” Hispanic guy. “All these Black women wear weaves.” East Indian guy. “Do all Black women have short hair?” White guy. Again, direct quotes. One of these non-Black men, I knew and I told him off. My husband is one of three Black men at his job all the others are White and you should hear some of the comments he’s told me they make about Black women and weaves. He’s always correcting them. Horrible! I’ve heard some Black men say they prefer women who are not Black just so they can run their fingers through their hair and not feel tracks or weave glue. Don’t get me started on all the Black male comics over the decades that have had a field day using Black women’s weaves as comic material on television and on tour – not online. I’m sorry, Sqal, but open your eyes and ears. I wish the comments were simply posted just online by men of different ethnic backgrounds or men pretending to be of different backgrounds. Sadly, too many men are bold and nasty. I don’t know why they care so much but my point is I don’t think Black women should add fuel to the fire.

      • And rightfully so! Black women should be clowned for wearing all that asian hair. It looks absolutely ridic! You people keep on trying to justify it, but any which way you spin it, it is ridic!

        And no it is not just hair. Not when it comes to black women. You have black women sacrificing their own natural hair, suffering from traction alopecia, with hairlines starting behind their ears and STILL they keep on gluing and sowing asian hair onto their scalp.

        Isn’t it strange that we have NEVER seen Beyonce’s real unchemically treated hair? She’s been in the public eye for so long, but she’s never worn her hair the way it grows out of her scalp? Instead she keeps on wearing asian hair. This goes for pretty much all black women in the entertainment business. How is it that people do not find that strange? Can you imagine if it were the other way around? Can you name 1 white or asian woman in the entertainment industry that has worn anything but her natural hair for so many years and instead wears nothing but kinky/curly weaves and wigs? No right? See how ridiculous it is?

        • You’re making good points. I think that’s a separate conversation, though. We can go on for days about Black women who are taking rent money and money they should be used for their children’s needs and buying weaves or women who have hairlines crawling back from their scalp because of weaves. Beyonce has worn her natural hair sometimes in public and she certainly doesn’t have any of the aforementioned issues. Also, there are plenty of other Black women who don’t have those issues and they have the right to do what they want with their hair. I personally would prefer not to wear a weave but I don’t have any desire to berate someone else for their aesthetic or preference.

        • No what’s ridiculous is the genaralizations you are making about one race of women. It actually is bordering on racist (you people? really?). Here’s a clue into why women (not just black)where weaves in the entertainment industry..As a protective measure for the hair that is growing out of their scalp. Wow right? How dare they want to keep their real hair from as much damagae as possible with the different styles they have to wear depending on the job they get paid for? People like you need to sweep your own front door before looking at other people’s. js

        • Non-black entertainers wear weave too not to mention 60% of the WORLDS population has textured hair. Do we see that directly reflected in the entertainment industry? I’d say 90%-95% regardless of race wear their hair straight.

          Not to mention that scientific studies have shown that only 2% of the entire worlds population is NATURALLY blonde!! Does that statistic reflect in the media either? So non-black women aren’t off the hook nor do they think of their “natural” hair as ideal. Women in GENERAL (some more drastic than others) try to conform to idiotic “prescribed” ideals that are really just stupid. It’s not uniquely black. Western women and women in post-colonial countries suffer from the same bullish*$.

  2. i think it is great that she is still natural but because she is a baby i highly doubt they will be putting weave or chemicals in her hair any time soon. anyone else find it annoying that they don’t ever show Blue Ivy’s face? i mean if you wanna show it, show it, don’t tease me.

  3. Y ppl always askin that question is that ur real hair? is that none of there business and even if it is or if it is nt hw is that going to bennifit them they all need to grow up and act like normal civiliance.

    • As much as I agree with you there are instances where I don’t mind. I’ve been approached by other females who will compliment and say they can’t wait for theirs to look like mine or they wish they had the courage to go natural. I’ve also had instances where I was told that “that hair doesn’t look good” on me before I even got a chance to say its mine.

      Of course the question is annoying but I think in most cases (that I’ve dealt with) its fueled by insecurities.

  4. I would love to see the face of their little bumpkin. I bet she is sooooooooo adorable!!!!! But if they choose to hide her, believe me, I understand, some people are so cruel and will say anything, so I get it! But I just know she is a cutie!!!!!!!

  5. Dang she didn’t ask Beyonce personally if that was her real hair. You know you can just say yes or no to the question.

  6. They’re only asking if that’s Beyonce’s real hair because we never see it out. So of course we want to know what her hair looks like under the weaves and wigs. Nobody’s doubting that she can’t have long hair. Calm down.

  7. Yes we C AN grow hair that long…but seriously,do we not know the extent of her weaves n wigs collection? Blk girls can and do have long hair but I doubt its hers .not cause I’m a hater but bc based on early photos of her from back in the day when I was her biggest fan,its not. Her hair always looks great but ppl have been drinking the beyonce weave koolaid for over a decade! Its not her hair ppl!

  8. i gotta say though. if i had weave that was as laid as beyonce’s is, i would never wear my real hair out either. imagine that. hair that when it gets raggedy and the ends get split and breaking you can just throw away and pay for some more. and have the rest of the world drooling over it on the one hand, while racking their brains tryna figure out if its yours or not on the other. i wish i could afford me some weave lol
    for the record i’ve never worn a weave, but the idea sounds nice.

  9. I think the reason so many ask “is that our real hair” including this BGLH blog is because most black women have not been taught to embrace our REAL natural hair.
    Advertising media does not showcase the brown skin kinky, curly or nappy girl as a thing of beauty. So we’ve been trained to believe our natural hair is not attractive. And unfortunately it’s not getting better.
    I would love to see Beyonces real hair…if she has any after all that weaving and wiging. Lol

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