*UPDATE* After reading through the comments we’ve retitled this post as a question instead of a statement. While we truly believe that black women are capable of growing a full head of healthy hair, the fact is we don’t know for sure if this is Taraji’s real hair. We are prone to believe that it is, but we just don’t know, so we’re leaving room for doubt. Below is the post as it was originally written.


Taraji P Henson has some impressive hair! The actress revealed her unstraightened tresses on Instagram with the caption:

Peekaboo!!!! This is a lot of hair @danteblandshaw!!!!! Now gotta straitened it ALL!!!

What do you think ladies?

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All her hair or not I think its fabulous!


That is not all her hair. Y’all are too gullible. How does, “This is a lot of hair” translate to it’s all hers? That’s a big weave. Let it go.


i dont think this is her real at all. she just said a lot of hair not have to straighten it. if u go back and watch baby boy u will see her real hair. she wore her real hair for most of the movie. completely two different textures. it looks like a weave that u can wash. but this doesn’t mean her real isn’t long. Her real hair is shoulder length. but this is not hers


Her hair is so full and lovely!


I don’t know where the writter of this article gets the info (Taraji sure didn’t claim this to b her hair). She’s one of our best..But this is definetly not all her hair. You can clearly see where her hair ends and the weave begins.
[imgcomment image[/img]


Not that it matters either way, but what part of her statement makes everyone think this is her natural hair?


black woman’s hate to see someone else hair longer then theirs


Idiots! Lol
She never said it was all hers
And if ts not..who cares
If it is…who cares
Must we continue to micro dissect every single thing. I promise black women and they hair us always a fierce topic. It’s up there with religion and politics! Get over it, either grow it, cut it, perm it, dred it, rid it or braid it…but shut up talking about it fir Christ sakes,


um you do realize that you’re on a site dedicated to hair right?


Omg…that’s EXACTLY what I was thinking just before I scrolled down to see your comments. Some people are so weird. lol!


….and then she has the audacity to call everybody else “idiots”. LOL!


I follow her on IG too and if you look chronologically you’ll see it’s a weave. Looks good done though!


Its beautiful. My hair looks like that before straightening so what if its real or fake. I believe its real! How about that. No matter what people do its haters everywhere. Why do people make it a point to critize others. LOL Im laughing at em.

C Marie
I am with you sis, most of the haters are African American woman who are the first ones to say negitive things. We have always had long beautiful hair way before the (lye) relaxer stuff came along. I think now a days most of us are afraid to wear our hair unrelaxed. The looks and the whispers that will start soon as you leave your house those looks, and whispers will be from mostly Black Woman. A Black Woman news person just lost her job because she stopped relaxing her hair, and she refused to wear a wig The producer… Read more »

The straight hair at the top/root of her head is her hair, and the un-straightened hair underneath is weave. She explained on the Wendy Williams Show that she was tired of burning her edges out trying to match the texture of the weave, so she asked her stylist to use hair that matched her texture instead of the Indian and Malaysian hair that was being used.

Ugonna Wosu

really? Why has she been hiding all of THAT??? lol. Its gorgeous. Even if kinky/curly doesn’t work for Hollywood actresses, she could have at least worn it straightened. If you have great real hair, WEAR IT.


I think her words were probably misinterpreted. She didn’t say it was all hers, she just said this is a lot of hair and I have to agree with the above poster… Look closely!

Wow. It seems that we are conditioned to assume that a black woman’s hair is always fake if it passes her collarbone. To those of you who are concerned that she never said that this is her real hair, why would she post this picture of a weave before it is flat ironed??? The intent of the picture is obviously to show her real hair, and I think it is safe to assume that it is. As others have said, longer natural hair (and possibly relaxed hair, but I do not remember) tends to look “fried” at the ends after… Read more »

U r soo right!! I have natural below the shoulder lenght hair but I wear a weave when I want straight hair or want to add a lil color and I leave hair out at the top for a ‘natural’ part. And when I take my weave out, my hair in the front doesnt have the same texture as the rest of my head bc of me strightening my leave out. Anyhoo she has beautiful hair!


I luv her, but I don’t think that’s all of her hair. The texture and fullness is inconsistent from the front vs the rest of her hair. I have natural hair and “natural looking” extensions in now and my hair+weave looks just like hers.

i love blackgirlwithlong hair
i love blackgirlwithlong hair
Hatred is a hell of a thing. Instead of saying that is not all her hair, congratulate her on being natural. By the way it is not uncommon for a woman who has worn weave a lot to have long natural hair beneath her weaves. The fact is that hair grows best when left alone and not excessively manipulated. PS as woman who myself have natural Tariji length and volume hair, I can tell you that is how your hair looks flat ironed. The different texture on the top can be a result of her excessive heat that is sometimes… Read more »



It might just be my phone, but a post may say “34 comments” yet only 6 are shown. Is it just me?


Nope, it’s not just you. : )


if you scroll to the top or down click OLDER COMMENTS, BUT IM ON A LAPTOP


If I wear my hair in braids for 2-3 months it takes about 3 relaxer cycles for my hair to get straight and it NEVER gets bone striaght so I can always wet & wear slightly wavy.
AA hair has a natural wave and your hair “learns” based on how you style it especially over extended periods as MyClutchedPearl attested.


Thanks MyCluthcedPearl. :o)

My hair looks just like that after blow drying and I don’t have weave, don’t have any split ends and have healthy hair. I don’t allow anyone to relax me to the ends (damaging)and I only relax my new growth once every 9 weeks (5 times a year). It dries out fast so I have to keep it moisturized but that’s just my texture. My sister’s hair is natural and it looks like this before she gets it pressed and it’s so thick it takes almost 3 hours to press. My niece has natural unprocessed hair to her butt…looks just… Read more »
Have you all thought that maybe the top looks relaxed because that is the area of her hair which is ALWAYS straight? Natural hair will have a different texture if the top is always left out when they wear weaves and has to be straightened to maintain the style while the rest of the hair isnt bothered and is braided up in a sew in? If you constantly straighten natural hair then it will be trained and it will be straight. When Taraji wears her weaves her real hair is ALWAYS out in the front for a more natural look… Read more »
steph g.

It could still be hers…i have about four textures in my head an the part in the top could have been chemically straightened because thata the part left out in some of her weaves


I wish she would have said whether or not this is her real hair or not so people can stop bugging out on the comments lol


Exactly!! LOL


Folks, Taraji has a short, bob haircut. This is likely Yaki textured extensions (which looks awesome, so no shade). Probably just had them sewn in and now about to get it flat ironed.


You could be right notice she didnt say my real hair BGLH is assuming its her hair


Do you ladies not know what real hair looks like anymore? That’s all her hair. It’s not overprocessed/overpressed so she has some of her natural wave pattern coming though and her ends are not “fried” as someone suggested.


Lmao there are style icons tht have 3 or 4 different textures in their hair.. I know for a fact I have at least 3..


Let stop tearing down this sister. At the end of the day she is doing her thing to represent black females so I am proud. I would rather see hero sting pictures ofnhernhairnthan something that would hurt her career. Go Taraji! We don’t go natural..we go back to Natural!


Looks like her hair on the top over perhaps something extra at the bottom 🙂


That’s not all her hair. You can see the different textures. Her hairs stops right at the chin and is laying on top of the natural textured weave. Still cute though.


the different textures comes from constantly flat ironing the leave out. She wears weaves all of the time and when she get’s her sew in’s she leaves her own natural hair out in the front for a more natural look. The different textures comes from the front always being flat ironed and the back is always braided up in a sew in so it is not touched by heat.


I was about to thumbs down those who were at the assumption that this isn’t her hair. However, like Nicole mentioned,it looks like her real hair is laying over totally different textured hair. It looks like a relaxer at the top and what a blow out would look like underneath that. Whatever the case, its cute!


You’re right. I took a closer look. She’s still a great actress, and her hair always looks good!


I see different lengths not textures!


My hair has 3 different textures in it lol


Glad I’m not the only one that didnt see it. I thought everyone’s ends look like this in a blow out

Victoria Kennedy

That’s often how natural hair looks when it’s been blow-dried as straight as possible. I think her ends are fine. The next step is the real heat which will smoothe those bushy ends.
Her hair is AWESOME!!!

Sameya Horton

Looks like a natural weave because of the difference…. I’ve seen textured weaves look like that and need flatiron


you could be right…..she didnt say it was her hair….and it does have very different length, who knows….


Seen it on MTO, it looks great she should wear it out sometimes….


Her ends are fine, its just the picture. I’m sure she takes excellent care of her hair, that’s why its so long. Otherwise the split ends would cause it to break out and be all different lengths. I would love to know her regimen!!


Nice length but her ends look a bit rough…just saying


I presume to keep that much length her must be healthy, but her ends look fried to me. Not trying to hate, just saying.


I was thinking the same thing. Trim those damaged ends then show us a pic of the healthy hair.

Sidebar: why is long “natural” hair the holy grail? Why is taking pics like these necessary? What are we proving??


Regarding your sidebar comment, whether we are natural or relaxed it seems the goal is long hair!! And now the trend is with social media is to show off your long hair, thats why the “style icon” feature on this site exist and just think this page is Black Girl LONG hair….
We as a people have always been chasing long hair with we call it bra strap lenght…lol

Love JAH

And just because you state, ‘I’m just saying’, doesn’t mean your statement is not full of hate…her hair is not completely straightened so her ends look fine…especially or a blow out!!!


LOVE it! Just shows what protective styling through weaves can do!


For some not everyone who wears will end up with this much hair its all about caring for that hair and how the weave is done


Well of course I didn’t mean all. There is no all cure for anything. But for those that say there are no benefit to wearing weaves as many do, this among other pictures we see that if used correctly can be a great protective style


Yes there is benefits if done correctly….by a professional

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