Is This Taraji P Henson’s Real Hair?

*UPDATE* After reading through the comments we’ve retitled this post as a question instead of a statement. While we truly believe that black women are capable of growing a full head of healthy hair, the fact is we don’t know for sure if this is Taraji’s real hair. We are prone to believe that it is, but we just don’t know, so we’re leaving room for doubt. Below is the post as it was originally written.


Taraji P Henson has some impressive hair! The actress revealed her unstraightened tresses on Instagram with the caption:

Peekaboo!!!! This is a lot of hair @danteblandshaw!!!!! Now gotta straitened it ALL!!!

What do you think ladies?

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Black Girl With Long Hair

Black Girl With Long Hair

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  • Tiarra

    When was this picture taken? When she was in “Think Like A Man”, she had a bob. Very luxurous, thick, and naturally shiny. I believe that was her real hair. If this was taken recently, that is quite a bit of growth in about 1-2 years but maybe her hair grows THAT much (im jealous if so! lol). I have had weaves that look real once blown out, more real than I would have imagined (cost me about 400.00) so I know she can get her hands on some weave that’s pretty darn expensive and more natural appearing. I’m stuck; it could be her hair because she’s always had beautiful hair since Baby Boy; however, weave does wonders. Remember that.

  • Simona Lynne

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  • Simona Lynne

  • http://blackgirlonghair lottie b!

    It is possible that Taraji has this length of hair! I recall an old Essence cover photo of her and the article where she stated that she wears weave to protect her natural hair. Yup, a REALLY GOOD weave can give the same results but, look at the ends of her hair. My own hair gets frizzy at the ends like her’s when I do an inadequate blow out prior to a protective style job. So yeah, I think ol’ gurl has some hair on her head.

  • tiffani

    Sorry to say but this is not Taraji’s hair! She’s giving a shout out to her stylist who obviously installed the hair that still needs to be flat ironed. Her natural hair is really lovely with good length but this ain’t it. If u look closely u can actually see where her straight hair ends and lays on top of the naturally kinky weave. (sorry but I am queen of weaves lol) that’s just some good old expensive hair right there

    • Shana

      You are so right. I scrolled down to the comments section to see if anyone see what I saw:)

    • KEishia

      Yeah thats definitely her hair your just STUPID if you dont know what real hair looks like her weaves are just her bobs

      • Tiffani

        Really KEishia? How would you like it if someone called you stupid because you didn’t use the appropriate form of YOU’RE in YOUR comment! Let’s not get ignorant here over something that neither of us know as fact. And again my opinion that it is not her hair. If her hair was that long you would see a line of demarcation where she would have obviously had to cut the top layer to leave out over top of her short Bob weave is that not true? To wear a short weave with your natural part showing you have to leave a section of your hair out to cover the tracks and therefore you would have to cut you own hair to make it even with the weave! If her hair was that long the layer that would have been cut would be pretty much evenly trimmed somewhere around chin length, it would not taper off as the top layer of her own hair clearly does in this photo KEisha, with two capitals lol! So get your life and stop calling people names this early in the morning!

        • Naomi

          When you get a bob that is a weave you do not have to cut ANY of hair just because it is long. I know that for a fact because I get bobs and I do have a good length of hair underneath. The way her natural hair is the top is already short because her real hair has a bang. If you’ve seen all of her types of bobs you would notice that. And you can see that in the picture. And if your stylist knows what they are doing they will simply leave a small portion of hair just to cover the top track. And sometimes she gets full sew in where NONE of her real hair is out

          • Tiffani

            Ok so like you said her real hair has a bang! There is no bang here correct? And again my hair is past my shoulders and when I went to get a short Bob weave the stylist said she would have to cut the very top layer of my hair (only a very small chunk left out to cover the tracks) because for it to look totally real you gotta leave out edges and the side part should be longer than 2 inches (just like Taraji’s was in the movie!) And in the pic her hair is super long all the way around soooo? But think whatever you want. Like I said before, none of us know for a fact I’m only stating my opinion from believing what I see not what people say. I’m done. Enjoy your day.

    • EmpireK

      Lol I was gonna say the same thing you can see the different textures

  • ms Gonzalez

    seriously, people believe everything they see a celebrity post! Taraji has already said it’s not her hair….. her bobs are done by her stylist. She said pn wendy Williams that in her movies, she wears WEAVES …

  • Nic E

    This is definitely not her natural hair. The upper part is straight as if it was straighted with a flat iron – or relaxed. The rest of the hair doesn’t have the same texture and hair color as the upper part. It’s probably a partial sew-in, a properly done sew-in to be honest

  • Elain A

    I’m mad that she can’t spell straighten. But it could be her hair and that the various textures are due to her numerous partial sew-ins. If she leaves out the top part of her hair all of the time then it will be straighter and shorter than the natural hair that is always braided up.

  • DT

    As another post mentioned on here, Taraji stated even on the Wendy Williams show, during her 2012 appearance I believe (well her last one), that her hair was mixed with Brazilian weaves. Per Taraji, upon Wendy’s inquiry, she prefers weaves closer to her hair texture. She uses them while working to protect her hair. She does may have a perm, or presses it; however, if you look at her younger pictures she does have long thick hair. her hair was just beyond her shoulders during the interview; ironically, earlier in the year on George Lopez’s show she had a neck length, pretty bob. Her hair was all one texture.

    NOTE: It is possible for black people to have multiple, natural hair textures on their head, without chemicals, and at the same time, given some of our ethnic mixtures. This is regardless of complexions.

  • http://shaysworld shay

    Its not her hair youcan see her real hair thats on top of the weave it doesmt nlend she has permed or straighten hair and hIr doesnt look likethat when blown out thats pretty hair but doesnt look natural

  • tricia


  • Ugonna Wosu

    that her hair, it looks like mine, thick as hell, lol.

  • Jasmine Pipkins

    beautiful hair! You go girl!

  • Kay

    Why all caps though? I feel you screaming at me through the computer…