One of our favorite celeb naturalistas is at it again! Tracee Ellis Ross attended Elle Magazine’s Women In Television celebration rocking a curly high bun. One of our other favorite naturals, actress Danai Gurira from Walking Dead, was also in attended rocking her fierce TWA. What do you think of the looks ladies? All photos courtesy of






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18 Comments on "Tracee Ellis Ross Rocks High Bun for Elle Magazine Event"

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tracee could have done a better job on that bun her hair is beautiful
she might need a little baking soda on those teeth
and what’s wrong with her right eye; i never noticed that before


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Kaila P

Has anyoen realized that Tracee’s right eye has a slant to it , so when you look at the picture one eye seems much bigger than the other. I hope it’s not a health problem


Absolutely love Danai’s look. From head to toe it’s like POW! I’m usually a fan of Tracee’s dress/hairstyle choices…but not really agreeing with this one.


I think both ladies look hot and their hairstyles just intensify their ‘hotness’…sorry I know it’s not proper English 😛


I’m not feeling this look either and I usually like the natural make-up look, as wells as buns. But there seems to be a disconnect between her hair and make-up (or maybe lack of)and the fancy dress. I don’t think this is Tracey’s best look.


The dress is not at all flattering to Tracee. What was she thinking? And the girlish dress topped by the school-marmish mum looks odd.
Danai is gorgeous and well put together.


the buns a little over simplified to me, looks like maybe she did it herself. I wouldve liked it to a little bit more elegantly messy and the bun a little fuller. but i love her to pieces so I cant say too much against her. I dont like the dress much bc I’m not of fan of the shirely temple baby doll type dress on any grown woman but if i had to see anyone wearing it, id rather see it on a younger pixey-type woman like tika sumpter,raven symone,zooey deschanel,etc.


Danai looks great her skin is smooth as silk!
Tracee needs teeth whitening, the dress is too matronly looking the bun is ok, not a fan of buns sitting on top of the head…I like the ones that sit further to the back of the head


I love Tracee’s dress. Very little girlish, but elegant at the same time. She likes to push the envelope. It’s something else that bothers me, but maybe it’s the lighting or something. And I love high buns; her hair style is not too structured and neat and looks effortless.


Danai makes me miss The Walking Dead. lol.

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Tracee’s dress looks a bit odd on her, I would have rather seen her in that outfit that dark skinned lady below has on, now that’s stunning! BTW, who is that lady? She’s gorgeous. Never the less, I love the nude face and effortless high bun look on Tracee.

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The dress really brings out Danai Gurira’s flawless, toned shape! Wonderful.


The second actress in the article is Danai Gurira.


Love wearing the high bun!