One of our favorite celeb nat­u­ral­is­tas is at it again! Tracee Ellis Ross attend­ed Elle Magazine’s Wom­en In Tele­vi­sion cel­e­bra­tion rock­ing a curly high bun. One of our oth­er favorite nat­u­rals, actress Danai Guri­ra from Walk­ing Dead, was also in attend­ed rock­ing her fierce TWA. What do you think of the looks ladies? All pho­tos cour­tesy of






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18 Comments on "Tracee Ellis Ross Rocks High Bun for Elle Magazine Event"

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tracee could have done a bet­ter job on that bun her hair is beau­ti­ful
she might need a lit­tle bak­ing soda on those teeth
and what’s wrong with her right eye; i nev­er noticed that before


this site has real­ly help me with grow­ing my nat­u­ral hair.


this site has real­ly help me grow­ing my hair nat­u­ral

Kaila P

Has any­oen real­ized that Tracee’s right eye has a slant to it , so when you look at the pic­ture one eye seems much big­ger than the oth­er. I hope it’s not a health prob­lem


Absolute­ly love Danai’s look. From head to toe it’s like POW! I’m usu­al­ly a fan of Tracee’s dress/hairstyle choices…but not real­ly agree­ing with this one.


I think both ladies look hot and their hair­styles just inten­si­fy their ‘hotness’…sorry I know it’s not prop­er Eng­lish :P


I’m not feel­ing this look either and I usu­al­ly like the nat­u­ral make-up look, as wells as buns. But there seems to be a dis­con­nect between her hair and make-up (or may­be lack of)and the fan­cy dress. I don’t think this is Tracey’s best look.


The dress is not at all flat­ter­ing to Tracee. What was she think­ing? And the girl­ish dress topped by the school-marmish mum looks odd.
Danai is gor­geous and well put togeth­er.


the buns a lit­tle over sim­pli­fied to me, looks like may­be she did it her­self. I would­ve liked it to a lit­tle bit more ele­gant­ly messy and the bun a lit­tle fuller. but i love her to pieces so I cant say too much again­st her. I dont like the dress much bc I’m not of fan of the shire­ly tem­ple baby doll type dress on any grown wom­an but if i had to see any­one wear­ing it, id rather see it on a younger pix­ey-type wom­an like tika sumpter,raven symone,zooey deschanel,etc.


Danai looks great her skin is smooth as silk!
Tracee needs teeth whiten­ing, the dress is too matron­ly look­ing the bun is ok, not a fan of buns sit­ting on top of the head…I like the ones that sit fur­ther to the back of the head


I love Tracee’s dress. Very lit­tle girl­ish, but ele­gant at the same time. She likes to push the envelope. It’s some­thing else that both­ers me, but may­be it’s the light­ing or some­thing. And I love high buns; her hair style is not too struc­tured and neat and looks effort­less.


Danai makes me miss The Walk­ing Dead. lol.

hey sis­tas!! I just wanetd to let you all know that I am grow­ing my hair out nat­u­ral again. Last time I had an afro it was in the 7th and 8th grade thn I per­med it because I was going to high school. Wish I didn’t. But I’ll be glad when this perm does grow out. I have so many ideas and styles I want to try. Because not I wont have to buy all the­se chem­i­cals for my hair. I real­ized that I love my nat­u­ral hair. I know how that one girl feels about wear­ing her afro… Read more »

Tracee’s dress looks a bit odd on her, I would have rather seen her in that out­fit that dark skinned lady below has on, now that’s stun­ning! BTW, who is that lady? She’s gor­geous. Nev­er the less, I love the nude face and effort­less high bun look on Tracee.

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The dress real­ly brings out Danai Gurira’s flaw­less, toned shape! Won­der­ful.


The sec­ond actress in the arti­cle is Danai Guri­ra.


Love wear­ing the high bun!