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There are many arti­cles on nat­u­ral hair sites about what you can do with or to your hair. While wad­ing through this infor­ma­tion and try­ing new things or retry­ing old exper­i­ments with new prod­ucts or tech­niques, you should always bear in mind that some things we do, can cause dam­age that will even­tu­al­ly break hair or stunt hair at a par­tic­u­lar length. Here are thoughts that I know were cru­cial fac­tors that kept my hair at less than neck length. If you were taught or had the­se ideas as I did, you should chal­lenge them.

1. Think­ing your nat­u­ral hair is thick when it real­ly is not

Nat­u­ral hair tends to have a lot of vol­ume and tex­ture which leads many of us to make the con­clu­sion that our hair is thick. You may not real­ly have thick hair at all. Your hair may actu­al­ly be quite fine if you looked at an indi­vid­u­al strand rather than the full head of hair. Do not auto­mat­i­cal­ly class your hair as thick or coarse. There are many ten­der lit­tle kinks that have end­ed up on the floor as the result of too much force applied while comb­ing. This is because the per­son manip­u­lat­ing the hair thinks that the hair should be able to han­dle that force as it is thick. Com­pare your indi­vid­u­al strand hair thick­ness to mem­bers of your fam­i­ly or to your friends and make a judge­ment as to whether it real­ly is thick or fine or some­thing in between.

Side note: I have nev­er real­ly under­stood the term coarse but some do use it to describe tex­ture (as in hair with small coils and mul­ti­ple kinks) while oth­ers use it to describe hair strand thick­ness.

2. Think­ing your hair SHOULD be able to do a par­tic­u­lar style or tech­nique when it can­not

The ver­sa­til­i­ty of nat­u­ral hair is talked about fre­quent­ly. We can wear our hair in an afro, in curls or straight.….….or can we real­ly? There are cer­tain things that some hair can sim­ply not do. Some­one with nat­u­ral curls may be doing unnec­es­sary dam­age to their hair by dry brush­ing it to get an afro tex­ture. Some­one with many beau­ti­ful kinks may nev­er be able to shin­gle their hair into curls. Some­one with fine hair may nev­er be able to use high heat to get a per­fect­ly straight style with­out caus­ing imme­di­ate break­age and dam­age. This does not mean that you should fear try­ing new styles or tech­niques, it does how­ev­er mean that you should trust the reac­tion of your hair and deter­mine whether you should go on or stop based on whether that reac­tion is good or bad.

3. Think­ing that EVERYONE can do a wash and go

Wash and go’s are the main stay of nat­u­rals who have done the big chop. When hair is short, they are fast, easy and one of the least dam­ag­ing styles. How­ev­er,  as hair grows, a sec­ond fac­tor, shrink­age, can crop with some nat­u­rals. After a wash, if your hair shrinks to the point where strands start to inter­twine or form knots, requir­ing you to detan­gle hair yet again, you are prob­a­bly not suit­ed to wear­ing a wash and go, at least not if your aim is to get longer hair. My sug­ges­tion is to mod­i­fy the wash and go by stretch­ing hair out in large braids or twists which can be pinned up and allow your hair to dry with­out the added shrink­age that free wet hair will pro­duce. If your hair does not shrink much or if your hair forms order­ly pro­tec­tive spi­rals, then a wash and go is for you.

Ladies, have you ever made one of the­se assump­tions? How did you come around and “see the light?”

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This is a great thing to know. I was talk­ing to a lady the oth­er day, who men­tioned how “thick and curly” my hair was! I thought my hair was thick too for so long. But it turns out I just have a big head :-)

My moth­er always calls my hair course and thick, but its not. I have fine strands and not that many of them. My hair don’t do have the styles I like even though I have been nat­u­ral for 10 years. Seems like I can­not retain length and have tried all meth­ods. My twist look like lit­tle twigs stick­ing up every­where. I look like Fred­er­ick Dou­glass with a wash and go. My puff shrink to non exsi­tance by the end of the day. Been wear­ing Havana twist late­ly, but I just want to be tru­ely hap­py with my own hair. May­be… Read more »
Sharen Foster

I am enjoy­ing the accu­rate and detailed info and instruc­tions on how to care for, grow and main­tain healthy Natural/Afro-Centric hair. Thank you!


I’m with you until no. 3. Just my opin­ion.


I have thick hair, but my actu­al strands of hair are fine…basically I have a pounds of fine hair on my head.

Basi­cal­ly hav­ing fine hair doesn’t negate hav­ing thick hair. Just like hav­ing course strands doesn’t make your hair thick.


I don’t think going a mon­th with­out wash­ing your hair is bad, you should go for it if you think that will help, sounds like you need to build a bet­ter hair regime also, my sug­ges­tion would be with or with­out heat keep your hair in low manip­u­la­tion styles and also check out nap­tural85 YouTube chan­nel she is very knowl­edge­able about hair are