3 Assumptions that Will Stunt Your Hair Growth


 By Jc of The Natural Haven Bloom

There are many articles on natural hair sites about what you can do with or to your hair. While wading through this information and trying new things or retrying old experiments with new products or techniques, you should always bear in mind that some things we do, can cause damage that will eventually break hair or stunt hair at a particular length. Here are thoughts that I know were crucial factors that kept my hair at less than neck length. If you were taught or had these ideas as I did, you should challenge them.

1. Thinking your natural hair is thick when it really is not

Natural hair tends to have a lot of volume and texture which leads many of us to make the conclusion that our hair is thick. You may not really have thick hair at all. Your hair may actually be quite fine if you looked at an individual strand rather than the full head of hair. Do not automatically class your hair as thick or coarse. There are many tender little kinks that have ended up on the floor as the result of too much force applied while combing. This is because the person manipulating the hair thinks that the hair should be able to handle that force as it is thick. Compare your individual strand hair thickness to members of your family or to your friends and make a judgement as to whether it really is thick or fine or something in between.

Side note: I have never really understood the term coarse but some do use it to describe texture (as in hair with small coils and multiple kinks) while others use it to describe hair strand thickness.

2. Thinking your hair SHOULD be able to do a particular style or technique when it cannot

The versatility of natural hair is talked about frequently. We can wear our hair in an afro, in curls or straight………or can we really? There are certain things that some hair can simply not do. Someone with natural curls may be doing unnecessary damage to their hair by dry brushing it to get an afro texture. Someone with many beautiful kinks may never be able to shingle their hair into curls. Someone with fine hair may never be able to use high heat to get a perfectly straight style without causing immediate breakage and damage. This does not mean that you should fear trying new styles or techniques, it does however mean that you should trust the reaction of your hair and determine whether you should go on or stop based on whether that reaction is good or bad.

3. Thinking that EVERYONE can do a wash and go

Wash and go’s are the main stay of naturals who have done the big chop. When hair is short, they are fast, easy and one of the least damaging styles. However,  as hair grows, a second factor, shrinkage, can crop with some naturals. After a wash, if your hair shrinks to the point where strands start to intertwine or form knots, requiring you to detangle hair yet again, you are probably not suited to wearing a wash and go, at least not if your aim is to get longer hair. My suggestion is to modify the wash and go by stretching hair out in large braids or twists which can be pinned up and allow your hair to dry without the added shrinkage that free wet hair will produce. If your hair does not shrink much or if your hair forms orderly protective spirals, then a wash and go is for you.

Ladies, have you ever made one of these assumptions? How did you come around and “see the light?”

The Natural Haven

The Natural Haven

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39 thoughts on “3 Assumptions that Will Stunt Your Hair Growth

  1. This is a great thing to know. I was talking to a lady the other day, who mentioned how “thick and curly” my hair was! I thought my hair was thick too for so long. But it turns out I just have a big head :-)

  2. My mother always calls my hair course and thick, but its not. I have fine strands and not that many of them. My hair don’t do have the styles I like even though I have been natural for 10 years. Seems like I cannot retain length and have tried all methods. My twist look like little twigs sticking up everywhere. I look like Frederick Douglass with a wash and go. My puff shrink to non exsitance by the end of the day. Been wearing Havana twist lately, but I just want to be truely happy with my own hair. Maybe i will just shave it off, no fuss no fight.

  3. I am enjoying the accurate and detailed info and instructions on how to care for, grow and maintain healthy Natural/Afro-Centric hair. Thank you!

  4. I have thick hair, but my actual strands of hair are fine…basically I have a pounds of fine hair on my head.

    Basically having fine hair doesn’t negate having thick hair. Just like having course strands doesn’t make your hair thick.

  5. I don’t think going a month without washing your hair is bad, you should go for it if you think that will help, sounds like you need to build a better hair regime also, my suggestion would be with or without heat keep your hair in low manipulation styles and also check out naptural85 YouTube channel she is very knowledgeable about hair are

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