Homemade Hair Grease, Curl Cream and Hair Gel Recipes!


By Chinwe of Hair and Health

Are you interested in mixing your own styling aid? Do you want an inexpensive alternative to commercial pomades and gels? Then check out the following recipes:

1. Natural Hair Grease – without the mineral oil

This recipe originates from Lolazabeth.com.

-2oz lanolin oil
-1 oz raw, unrefined shea butter
-1/4 oz extra virgin olive oil
-1/2 tsp apple pie spice (optional)

Heat and melt the shea butter using a double boiler, or improvised double boiler method. Stir in remaining ingredients, pour into container and allow to cool. Add fragrance when mixture is reasonably cool and begins to thicken and solidify (optional).  NOTE: Please perform a patch test as some individuals are allergic to lanolin.

2. Curling Pudding or Twisting Cream – for definition and shine

Ingredients (large batch):
-1 tbsp castor oil
-1/4 cup shea butter
-1 1/4 cup your favorite gel

Whip the shea butter with the castor oil using a hand mixer (ideal) or a fork. Then mix in the gel thoroughly. Use to define curls or apply before twisting for hold or a defined twist-out.

3. Flaxseed Gel – with honey for more hold

– 2 cups water
– ¼ cup whole flaxseeds
– 1 to 2 tsp of pure honey
– ½ tsp of vitamin E oil
– few drops of essential oil (your favorite)

Bring the flaxseeds and water to a boil in a pot. Stir continuously until slightly watery and not too thick (about 5-10 minutes). Sieve the mixture with a panty hose into a container to separate the gel from the flaxseeds. (See Naptural85’s video tutorial for this sieving method.) Mix your oils and honey into the gel. Store the gel in a refrigerator after each use.

Ladies, do you have any homemade recipes? Please share!



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33 thoughts on “Homemade Hair Grease, Curl Cream and Hair Gel Recipes!

  1. This is great! I just have one question: I’ve heard that homemade flaxseed gel only keeps for about 3 days, even in the refrigerator. Can anyone confirm this? I’ve been meaning to make some, but I know that I’ll NEVER be able to blow through a batch in less than 3 days.

    • Flax seed gel lasts for 2-3 weeks in the fridge. I make it in 3 oz batches. I store it in a little plastic spout top bottle I got from Rite Aid.

    • I kept mine for a couple weeks or so. I’ll admit it started smelling a little funky after about a week, but it wasn’t molded so I kept using it. I can’t be wasting money lol

      • I hear that Candace. I made flaxseed gel and it was awesome in my hair. I did add some oils but could not put it in the refrigerator cause I share the fridge with someone and they are not to keen with me putting homemade hair recipes in the fridge with food. I have put it in the bathroom in a cabinet with no light. But I like the recipe for the hair gel.

    • I have made flaxseed gel that has been fresh for several weeks & could have gone longer but I used it up. I make a tea with herbs, distilled water & a few other things. I use the strained tea in place of water to boil my flaxseeds. The tea mix includes whole cloves & honey to help preserve & add humectant properties & a squeeze of fresh lemon juice to lower the pH. The herbs in the tea are lavender & linden. Herbs are optional but for me the lemon, cloves & honey are ESSENTIAL.

  2. Another recipe for a curling cream is mix a heavy moisturizer with a light oil and gel. I like to use elasta qp olive oil n mango butter or cantu shea butter leave inwith african pride olive miracle growth oil or coconut oil with eco styler argan oil gel.

  3. Flaxseed gel (homemade) lasts 3 weeks in the fridge. I have used this method for 6 months and love the way my hair feels and the healthy look of my hair. Good Luck!

  4. Homemade skin and hair moisturizer
    4oz rosewater or aloe vera juice
    1oz glycerin or NaPCA (sodium lactate)
    3-10 drops of a fragrance or essential oil

    I love this simple moisturizer for my face when I want something light. THis also serves as my braid spray and post-conditioner leave-in, prior to applying my whipped butters. for oily skin, or itchy scalp or blemishes, I may add 1oz of apple cider vinegar or witch hazel to this combo, along with a bit of mint or lemon. spearmint and lavender are my fav EOs at the moment. Blessings! Lina

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    • Did you try with substitute to lanolin?
      It is the oil that’s found in sheep’s wool, I would rather going with a vegetable option…

      (curiosity: in portuguese – the latin language I speak – wool is called “lã”. Pronounces almost like “Lan”. Probably that’s the origin of “Lanolin” name!)

  6. RE: Recipe #1 containing lanolin oil

    I just read the article on Balancing Protein and Moisture; it states that “Good moisturizers will not contain cheap, filler ingredients like petrolatum, mineral oil, or lanolin”.
    I am not sure of the significance of lanolin oil in this recipe, but I’m sure it can be replaced with a different oil, that can penetrate the hair strands…say, coconut oil?

    • Hi Lillian Mae! The main significance of the lanolin oil is that it is a natural alternative to mineral oil. The other significance is that it will give the mixture the “grease” or “pomade” characteristics one may desire (e.g., water resistance, heavy lifting). Coconut oil will not do that, probably because it penetrates the strands. Lanolin will sit on the hair (like a grease). However, you can certainly give it a try and see how it works!

      I hope that helps!

      While lanolin usually gets a bad rep (because it is not necessarily moisturizing), it does have its uses for some naturals.

      • Thanks for your response Chinwe but it still appears to be contradictory, as the article clearly stated that lanolin is in the category of “cheap, filler ingredients like petrolatum, mineral oil”. You stated that the lanolin gives the recipe the greasy consistency but once the recipe solidifies, would it not be the combo of shea butter and any oil that contributes to the solid, greasy consistency? I think I’ll substitute coconut oil for lanolin since the jury, in my mind, is still out on that one.

        • It is considered a “cheap, filler ingredient” in moisturizing products because it is not moisturizing. However, when it comes to the hair grease recipe above, it is an important ingredient for giving that water-resistant property.

          An analogy is water listed as an ingredient in juice. Water would be considered a “cheap, filler ingredient”. However, when it comes to moisturizers, water is an important ingredient.

          I hope this further clarifies it as there is no contradiction between this article and the other one. Moisturizers and hair greases are two different things. Lanolin in a moisturizer = cheap, filler ingredient. Lanolin in a hair grease = important water-resistant, heavy lifting ingredient.


          • RE: it is an important ingredient for giving that water-resistant, lifting property.

            Can you explain what you mean by ‘lifting property’?

            Also if you’re suggesting this as an alternative to grease, should this be used on the scalp as well as the strands?

      • Of all the bad rap I have ever seen for lanolin, it has all been because some people are allergic to it. That has been the only reason I have ever heard of that it was removed as a staple ingredient from hair and beauty products. It is all natural, derived from sheep wool, and is part of the reason wool has its desirable qualities for garments. If you are not allergic to lanolin (test it on your arm as a patch test and wait 48 hours, just as you would a hair color), give it a try, it supposedly has properties similar to oils our skin produces naturally but is heavier than jojoba, which possesses the similar properties as well.

    • Hey Lillian. Lanolin is not at all cheap. It cost about $30 a pound. Its is a very very thick butter. It helps with hold. Coconut oil would not have the same effect as the lanolin.

    • Did you try with replacing the lanolin?
      It is the oil that’s found in sheep’s wool, I would rather going with a vegetable option…

      (curiosity: in portuguese – the latin language I speak – wool is called “lã”. Pronounces almost like “Lan”. Probably that’s the origin of “Lanolin” name!)

  7. Hi Lillian. Lanolin (particularly the wax) is very sticky, thick, heavy, and water resistant. This makes it a “heavy lifting” ingredient when it comes to hair grease. By “heavy lifting”, I mean an ingredient that does the bulk of the work in making the product what it is. (I didn’t mean to type “lifting property,” so I’ll edit that out.)

    To answer your other question, I personally would not use grease on my scalp. For me, this grease would just be used to slick down my edges and nape area or to impart shine.

    I really appreciate your questions, and hope this helps!

  8. I’ve been using flax seed for over a year, and it’s wonderful. The recipe I generally use is:

    2 c water
    1 c flax seed
    1 tsp glycerin
    1 tsp marshmallow root
    1 tsp stinging nettles
    5 drp rosemary essential oil

    It really makes my waves and curls pop!

    • Hi Angelic. Where can I get the marshmallow root and stinging nettles. What is that anyway? I live in NYC and am not sure where to purchase those things. Is it okay to not put flaxseed in the fridge daily after use to keep it from spoiling? What can happen if that happens and what oils can I use to prevent that from happening.

  9. I’m recently started going natural and I love all the suggestions here (thank you) but I don’t know where to purchase these items. Can I find these ingredients in a health food store?

  10. Sppot on with this write-up, I truly believe this website needs much more attention.
    I’ll probably be returning to read through more, thanks for the advice!

    • Hi..not aware of any classes, but check out YOuTube for DIY recipes for natural hair. Hope this helps. Please share what you find out.

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