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Nat­ur­al hair is not some­thing that is mas­tered in a few days. It is gen­er­al­ly the case that you need to take a few baby steps to grad­u­al­ly change habit of a pre­vi­ous life­time. This is espe­cial­ly true when it comes to detan­gling, things that work when hair is relaxed and straight will gen­er­al­ly nev­er real­ly work with nat­ur­al hair. Here are 3 lit­tle changes that can help both reduce the time you spend detan­gling and any break­age asso­ci­at­ed with it.

1. Stop chang­ing hair­styles 3–4 times in a week

Day 1–2 — pinned up twists, day 3 — twist out, day 4–5 — bun old twist out, day 6 — comb out to afro or nat­ur­al curls, day 7 — wash hair and start all over again. If you are doing some­thing to your hair every sin­gle day of the week, you may be doing too much. Hair that is very kinky or has tiny curls/coils is sus­cep­ti­ble to tan­gling every time it is manip­u­lat­ed. This will be exac­er­bat­ed if the hair is also fine in thick­ness. If your hair ticks these box­es, you need to reduce the amount of times you are chang­ing hair­styles. You can start for exam­ple by wear­ing the pinned up twists for 5 days and change to a twist out for one day. Length­en­ing the time you spend in a style where it is not nec­es­sary to sep­a­rate strands or fluff your hair up will dra­mat­i­cal­ly reduce tan­gling and this means that detan­gling too will be eas­i­er. The few­er hair­styles you have with­in a week, the low­er the over­all manip­u­la­tion of the hair and the low­er the break­age.

2. Pre­pare in advance, for the weath­er and exer­cise

It real­ly is a big myth that nat­u­rals do not need to wor­ry about the rain. If you hap­pen to have a lot of shrink­age and have cho­sen to wear your hair in a free style (curly, afro, braid out, knot out or twist out), then rain water will not only ruin your twist out but it can also cause uncon­trolled shrink­age and seri­ous tan­gling. It is a good idea to car­ry a hair tie with you so that if you get caught in the rain, you can change your open style into a bun and con­trol the shrink­age induced by the water. Equal­ly too if your hair is nat­u­ral­ly curly and you nor­mal­ly wear it out, hav­ing sim­i­lar equip­ment is good if humid­i­ty changes and your spi­rals begin to sep­a­rate and form frizz. If you intend to exer­cise, pre­pare in advance for that and select a hair­style that will be easy to han­dle while sweat­ing, in high­er humid­i­ty and that can cope with a rinse of water or full wash post-exer­cise.

3. Scared of trim­ming?

If the idea of trim­ming is not some­thing you par­tic­u­lar­ly enjoy, try dust­ing. An eighth of an inch will gen­er­al­ly not impact how you style your hair and for most lengths is a vir­tu­al­ly invis­i­ble cut. Cut­ting the same amount every oth­er month or so will be use­ful for main­tain­ing trimmed ends. Hair that is fresh­ly trimmed is gen­er­al­ly much eas­i­er to detan­gle as there is less ten­den­cy for fin­gers, combs or brush­es to get stuck and there is the added ben­e­fit of get­ting rid of any old knots, tan­gles or dam­age. If your hair thrives with­out trim­ming, then you nat­u­ral­ly will not need to do this. How­ev­er, if you notice that your hair is get­ting hard­er to sep­a­rate espe­cial­ly towards the ends, try a mini trim or dust­ing.

Ladies, have you tried any of these tips? How do you cut down on your detan­gling time?

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kendra smith

Nat­ur­al hair is hard to main­tain, how­ev­er it can be achieved. If black women would stop fal­si­fy­ing their nat­ur­al styles and keep it real then it’s pos­si­ble to accom­plish and main­tain. India said it best I am not my hair.

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Michelle@Radiant Brown Beauty
I def­i­nite­ly agree on the trim­ming part. While I don’t think it’s nec­es­sary to trim every 6 weeks, if you notice that your hair is get­ting SSKs and tan­gles more often, it may be time to trim. I do how­ev­er think that change your style every 3 days or so can help with keep­ing tan­gling to a min­i­mum for wash day. Only because let’s say you have pinned up twists then you take them down after a few days to stretch in a bun. You wouldn’t just throw it in a bun. You’d light­ly fin­ger detan­gle (or how­ev­er you do it)… Read more »
Grey Poupon

Pro­tec­tive styling all the way! I’ve nev­er done a twist out. My hair can’t be out. Tan­gles galore.


when I wash my hair I ALWAYS have it in chunky 2 strand twist so they dont get too tan­gled up as I wash- espe­cial­ly when I sham­poo! de-tan­gle­ing is also eas­i­er since they are in sec­tions.


I became a bit of a com­pul­sive styler, and that has GOT to change. After trim­ming my hair YET AGAIN after putting them in twists and wit­ness­ing the rav­aged ends, I need to go back to more pro­tec­tive styling. My hair is super-coily AND fine, so con­stant change is a no-no.

kim sayles

im hap­py that some­one has more advise for my thick coil hair it tan­gles alot when i comb it my hair come out and it gets so dry my scalp itchs .


I still can­not com­mit to advice # 1. I just like to change my style every 2–3 days and I real­ly love to wear my hair out. I also find that the more I wear it out, the more my for is stretched and the eas­i­er the detan­gling.


Ifeel the same about #1. I actu­al­ly feel that my hair gets MORE tan­gled if I don’t wash it every 3 days or so. Pro­tec­tive styles seem to do the trick though..

Thick Nigerian Hair

#2. I’ve always won­dered who these nat­u­rals are that don’t run from the rain. I prob­a­bly run more now than I did when I was relaxed. My shrink­age is a…hectic prob­lem. I’m not say­ing I don’t like it, I’m say­ing it gets in the way of every­thing (detan­gling, wash­ing, con­di­tion­ing, styling, etc.). It’s actu­al­ly the rea­son I’ve sig­nif­i­cant­ly reduced my use of the mod­i­fied “den­man” brush. Let’s add to shrink­age the time it takes to dry my hair (air dry or hair dry­er).


ha, i love that pic­ture!


I try to not manip­u­late my hair much, but I have to comb my hair every day, if I don’t — the shed­ding will be off the chain the next time I detan­gle.
*i wear a bun every­day, so it’s the same style, but come the end of the day I just detan­gle and mois­tur­ize in order to pre­pare my hair for the fol­low­ing day. Maybe in the sum­mer­time I will adopt a once-a-week style..


Awe­some arti­cle! I typ­i­cal­ly wear my hair in a low manip­u­la­tion style (mini-twists for almost two weeks) and then I might do a twist-out before wash day. Very rare. But, I’ve been work­ing on trim­ming knots and split ends on a more fre­quent basis to min­i­mize tan­gles and oth­er asso­ci­at­ed issues that may occur with detan­gling my tight coils. So far so good.

Jennifer Kennedy

Pro­tec­tive Styles — hands down has been #1 in help­ing me avoid tan­gles.

The times when I wear my hair out for days in a row — I’ve had a SUPER hard time detan­gling my hair. How­ev­er, if I choose to wear a 2strand twist out, I always put my hair in big fat twists before going to bed. This pre­vents major night time mat­ting.

I dust instead of trim­ming even­ly — but I haven’t noticed that help­ing lessen the tan­gles.


I hav recent­ly been using this prod­uct from Liq­uid Gold. I used the sham­poo for Co wash­ing and I was so sur­prised that my over­ly thick and kinky hair was snarl free even before I put in a leave in con­di­tion­er from Enjoy and then my hair was real­ly kink free I could comb straight through it.


Is there a rea­son why we have nev­er seen JC hair?
its not even on her blog.well at least not in the last year

Ubah Uma Luar

Nev­er tought about that. Come to think of it it kind of Reminds me of MA.AD from Inspec­tor Gadged…


Yeah me too. I always won­der why we nev­er see JC’s hair until I stopped read­ing her blog, not offen­sive­ly, but its great to see the hair like youtu­bers and oth­er blogs.

Its like hav­ing a teacher teach out­side the door because they are too shy to get in class..

The Natural Haven

Thanks for link­ing that post Bri­anne! I was real­ly nice back in 2009 lol, right now I am think­ing, I am seri­ous­ly beyond bored of that ques­tion. I must try to be nice and patient again :)

There are over 60,000 peo­ple who read my blog every month, they go there for science.…..If that is not your cup of tea and your pref­er­ence is to see pic­tures and styles that is real­ly ok with me!