4 Amazing Products for Type 4B/4C Natural Hair


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By Chinwe of Hair and Health

Not all Type 4B/4C naturals have the same head of hair, but we do have many similarities, including susceptibility to knots, prone to dryness, and detangling woes.  When it comes to finding products to care for our kinks, it can be a difficult task.  If you are just starting your hair care journey or you are still searching for that staple product, these four recommendations may be a good place to begin:

1. Eco Styler Gel – for slick edges


Not every Type 4B/4C natural is going to like this product, but many may find it an essential addition to their product collection.  How is this gel different from most other ones?  Well, it is super heavy and thick making it able to tame our edges with minimal effort.  It is also non-drying and provides excellent hold.  Just apply a generous amount to your hairline and nape, wrap with a scarf until dry, and remove the scarf for slicked down edges.

2. Shea Butter – for enhanced detangling


Because this butter is a great emollient, it can be a useful addition for many Type 4B/4C naturals when it comes to lubrication and detangling.  Use it alone or mix it with oils to increase slip for dry, finger detangling.  If you prefer to comb detangle on damp hair, melt a little shea butter and mix with some conditioner for more slip.  Either way, you will more than likely notice a smoother detangling session than usual.

3. Herbal Essences Hello Hydration – for quick conditioning


A lot of Type 4B/4C naturals rave about this product for manageable strands after washing.  Other inexpensive instant conditioners do not compare in terms of popularity.  The product does contain silicones, so be sure to monitor for buildup or use a shampoo that will adequately prevent such buildup.

4. Castor Oil – for increased sheen        


Due to our kinky strands, our hair has very little natural sheen.  If you want to enhance your hair’s luster, you may want to try castor oil.  According to a study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Science, castor oil was shown to increase the luster of hair.

For my Type 4B/4C ladies, what are your staple products?




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147 thoughts on “4 Amazing Products for Type 4B/4C Natural Hair

  1. Each 4b/4c hair is different and particular. These products do not do anything for my natural hair. Again what is recommended does not always work for anyone….

  2. I use 3 out of the 4 listed products on my 4B/4C hair. The Hello Hydration is not sold in stores in Germany. But I love me some castor oil and shea butter. The Eco Styler gel was my go to for finger coils when I was in my TWA stage and it lasted for days. For Shea butter I never use it in alone. I always mix it with oils. I never tried mixing it with conditioner for a better slip but will definitely try it out.

  3. I use the dark brown eco gel, but not often. I use organic coconut oil and Cantu shea leave in normally. Occasionally use black castor oil, aloe Vera juice. Been trying Aussie moist shampoo and a natural African black soap+ shampoo as well. My conditioner is currently v05. I’m likely to swap aussi shampoo for L’Oreal as my hair loved that expensive moisture goodness and try a different conditioner. Otherwise all other products are great. The very back of my hair is 3b while the rest of my head is 4a &b.

  4. I use all these products 4c type hair and they are great i made a mix for my shea butter tho, castor oil and olive oil with natural shea butter and i have to say i have seen miracles on my ends, together with the conditioner they went from crisp dry to smooth… we thank God.

    • YES, totally agreed! I had to purchase it since a lot of people raved about it, but my hair hated it! I love castor oil, Shea butter (I make my own mixture) and EcoStyler Gel though. Thanks for this!

  5. I have tried everything for my 4b/4c type hair. I have found products from Original Moxie and Qhemet Biologics that keep the hair hydrated especially for protective styles and less breakage. Google these and try. Qhemet Biologics sell out quickly and does not use any silicones and parabens all natural for our natural hair.

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  7. To everyone that stated these products does nothing for their hair; I would like to share H20 helps to lubricate the inside while these products work on the outside. Try 30-days intake of 32oz of water per day while using your products, you will find that your skin will hydrate as well as your hair. My daughter whose suffers migraine state her flair up has decrease drastically and her hair has more life.

  8. Shea butter, castor oil, Tresemme Hydration conditioner, and a spray bottle filled with aloe vera and water are my go to products. I also rinse with apple cider vinegar (organic) on wash day. Gel drys my hair and leaves it feeling sticky and stiff.

  9. strange enough, i can only use oils (castor and shea) after a good soaked-in water spritz and I must use with a creamy product otherwise my hair is oily and dry. Eco styler does not work for me. I can’t wash and go with the fro and gel is a no-no.

  10. Been using Keracare edge tamer for my edges for a while now and I can only say good things about it, not only because it keeps my edges in place but also because it does not smell like most products, it leaves no smell at all, which for me is the best!

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