4 Amazing Products for Type 4B/4C Natural Hair

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By Chinwe of Hair and Health

Not all Type 4B/4C naturals have the same head of hair, but we do have many similarities, including susceptibility to knots, prone to dryness, and detangling woes.  When it comes to finding products to care for our kinks, it can be a difficult task.  If you are just starting your hair care journey or you are still searching for that staple product, these four recommendations may be a good place to begin:

1. Eco Styler Gel – for slick edges


Not every Type 4B/4C natural is going to like this product, but many may find it an essential addition to their product collection.  How is this gel different from most other ones?  Well, it is super heavy and thick making it able to tame our edges with minimal effort.  It is also non-drying and provides excellent hold.  Just apply a generous amount to your hairline and nape, wrap with a scarf until dry, and remove the scarf for slicked down edges.

2. Shea Butter – for enhanced detangling


Because this butter is a great emollient, it can be a useful addition for many Type 4B/4C naturals when it comes to lubrication and detangling.  Use it alone or mix it with oils to increase slip for dry, finger detangling.  If you prefer to comb detangle on damp hair, melt a little shea butter and mix with some conditioner for more slip.  Either way, you will more than likely notice a smoother detangling session than usual.

3. Herbal Essences Hello Hydration – for quick conditioning


A lot of Type 4B/4C naturals rave about this product for manageable strands after washing.  Other inexpensive instant conditioners do not compare in terms of popularity.  The product does contain silicones, so be sure to monitor for buildup or use a shampoo that will adequately prevent such buildup.

4. Castor Oil – for increased sheen        


Due to our kinky strands, our hair has very little natural sheen.  If you want to enhance your hair’s luster, you may want to try castor oil.  According to a study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Science, castor oil was shown to increase the luster of hair.

For my Type 4B/4C ladies, what are your staple products?


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126 thoughts on “4 Amazing Products for Type 4B/4C Natural Hair

  1. All I have to say is that I love my natural hair and thank you all so much for commentting about your staple products as well as where you get it from… SO HELPFUL!!!

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  2. This is helpful for women just starting out. I am a 4b/4c and I have recently added acv apple cider vinegar to my routine as a dentangler with my conditioner. I’m singing its praises. For the ladies who say certain products aren’t for them, an experienced… Celebrity… Professional stylist told me with her own mouth that we must try something for more than 4 months before we decide that it isn’t for us b/c once or twice isn’t long enuf to notice certain effects. Also, the reactions our hair has to certain types of oils etc. could also be due to diet or atmosphere and we blame the product when its really not. We just need to learn how to use it on our hair; use more or less, mix it w/ something or use it straight. And keep a journal of how it makes u hair feel over time as well. All things I wish someone had told me many years ago. Plz excuuse any typos.

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  3. I just tried out castor oil. Although it hasn’t been in my regimen very long I seen no sheen yet. Hopefully I will see some result after a while.

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    • Try EVOO instead, it’ll give your more sheen when applied as an oil rinse. Also ACV rinses add shine when used in your hair care regimen.

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  4. Good info. Personally, shea butter is better as a sealant for my hair, not a detangler. Olive or coconut oil are better for detangling. And Eco styler does absolutely nothing for my edges…it’s like my edges just laugh at the gel..LOL. My 4c+++ plus hair is so coily, it takes an act of congress to get my hair/edges to lay down.

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    • Yes my hair is 4c and I know exactly what you mean about those edges lol. What I do recommend which works for me a great deal is to add an oil based product on your edges first. I go for Olive oil and I apply it throughout my hair anyway as a sealant but I am extra generous to my edges. Then ill add the eco styling gel and once that is applied I wrap my head ‘I use a wig cap’ so that my edges stay flat for about 15 mins. It works for me I hope it does for you too.

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    • I was having the same issue during the peak of the summer. Eco Styler gel just did not work. So I would dampen my edges with a little water and use castor oil . The thickness of this oil would actually moisturize my kinky edges and with a little brushing would give me a result just like I used gel.

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      • Hey yall i just wanted to let yall know im also 4c and the only gel that holds my edges down is the old school dark brown prostyl protein gel in the black jar with the white cap. Plus its only $1.

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    • I can’t lay my edges. I’ve tried olive oil edge, eco styler, got2b glued, hicks, murrays, etc. I am 4c and need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      • My edges lay well when wet. Especially when I do wash and go’s. Even when my hair is dry, I spray my edges lightly with water then use Eco styler or Obia’s custard to lay my edges. Works like magic!

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  5. Already in absolute love with Eco Styler Gel..Had I not discovered it, I was on my way back to braids. Shea butter is my head to toe infatuation. I can’t wait to try the castor oil. I’ve been using Cantu Shea Butter shampoo/conditioner for the last couple of months and so far, so good. Thanks for the tips! Love your site.

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  6. I never knew there are alphanumeric distinctions for natural hair. That Eco gel is a $5 miracle! I absolutely love it!:)

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  7. The ecostyler gel does nothing to my edges, Nothing but mold and hold wax is the business for my 4xyz hair providing super hold and shiny silk tamed edges without build up. My hair loves shea oil more than the butter for sealing and oil rinsing so shea butter is only for hot oil treatment by itself or mixed with grapeseed oil, hemp seed oil, castor oil ( a must because of its heaviness it provides super slip ). I’ve also used coconut oil, avocado oil,palm kernel oil, red palm oil,jojoba oil, sesame oil, mustard oil and unfiltered evoo. I found that my hair loves light oils that absorb really fast like apricot, grapeseed,macadamia nut and palm kernel oil. Shea oil absorbs faster than coconut oil on my hair so I usually mix them. HEHH did nothing to my hair but U r curly quinoa conditioner is the bomb along with Aussie deep conditioner. Because of my out of this world hair type ( 4xyz hair with fairy knots, single strands knots,tangle galore as soon as I leave my hair out. I can literally see my ends knotting up when I detangle because they love each other too much) I must have a conditioner with lot of slip that can melt my knots. I found out that doing an acv rinse before conditioning (rinse out or deep) is the key for my hair along with oil rinsing and cholesterol treatment ( this old school product gives instant detangled and elongated curls. It stretched out my hair like no other products I’ve used. Mixed with castor oil it becomes “the knots killer” and I’ve used it in every way possible a natural head can imagine ( prepoo, cowash, deep conditioner, leave in, styler… You name it,I’ve done it with cholesterol). Also beer rinses help with volume and shine but does nothing for detangling. I also find out that because my hair type has a shine issue I can use oils only as sealant but not to add shine because my hair absorbes them so I top with a tiny bit of pomade like old school Blue magic ( no offense to anyone here). No build up and no clogged pores because again I put the pomade on my hair not my scalp, ACV is my best friend and I always shampoo and deep condition. Since I found out what works for my hair, I don’t use the Ouidad conditioning process anymore and I saved lot of time on my wash days. Also 2 other keys for my hair are keeping it stretched out as much as possible and protective styles no longer than 2-4 weeks or else my hair is locking with fly aways. I know it sounds difficult to tame my head (that’s why I had a relaxer on and off for 15 years, the only years I didn’t experience any type of knots in my hair, the easiest hair routine I ever had) but I love my big head of curls more and once you found out what works for your hair it becomes easy breezy. Sorry for the super extra long post. I hope it will help. Enjoy your hair journey and love and rock those curls.

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  8. I use Moroccan Oil Hydrating Styling Cream for detangling and coconut oil for sheen but will try castor oil. Creme of Nature with Argan Oil Perfect Edges works pretty well on my edges. Haven’t tried the Eco Styler Gel yet.

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  9. Well, instead of castor oil, I use coconut oil from the body shop, it also works perfectly. However, if I feel like my hair really needs hydration, I use ‘Hair Food’ by Gaea, but I do not know where to get it from, as it was a present.

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  10. I simply love the Design Essentials Edge Control. It is amazing how well it will hold down your edges. You only have to use a small amount to get great results.

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  11. Eco Styler Gel does nothing for my edges! Castor oil is to heavy for my fine 4c strands, and Shea Butter is ok provided it is mixed with a light oil like coconut. Herbal Essence is my favorite conditioner, but I don’t use it for a deep conditioning. Olive oil replenishing pack works great for deep conditioning. AVC rinses are a must for my scalp to remove product and healthy scalp.

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  13. I am in month 7 of my natural hair journey. I have many days where I am ready to give up. I am glad I found this site because this is making me think that this is possible. I have really unruly 4c hair that is difficult to tame.

    I see the ladies here make their own hair products too, so I am on the right track. I have had my braids out for 2 weeks and I am ready to run back to the shop for braids. I haven’t made the big chop yet so my ends are still straight. What is a girl to do?

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    • If you are 7 months in, you must have 3-4 inches of solid natural hair. That’s a lot hair more than it sounds in terms of being able to style it – I am 4C and that’s what I have right now. You don’t HAVE to do a big chop, just slowly trim off your relaxed ends. If you are a serial braider, twists are a good transition. Mine last about 2 weeks (could probably go longer, but I take them down and wash my hair at first sign of an itch). Taking a few hours to watch a movie and gently do my twists is THERAPEUTIC compared to the masochistic process that getting braids used to be, lol. Stay blessed and love your hair, I’m addicted to mine…

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    • Here’s a helpful link. Also, look up google images using “4C hair” to get a clearer picture. You’ll also see some FIERCE 4C hairstyles to inspire you that way. 4C is super tight little coils, typical of many afro-textured hair. 4B is also super tight, but they are zig zags instead of coils. My hair is mostly 4C coils, but I also have some 4B zig zags spread throughout.


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  14. I watched a video on you tube on how to lay your edges down. I am a 4C++++ myself LOL. You have to use any edge control gel (ORS, Cream of Nature Argan oil, Hicks etc.) In the video she uses ORS (organic root stimulator). Then use Gorilla Snot (this is sold everywhere now, Target, Walmart, Walgreens and BSS) Get the one in the yellow jar or tube it is the strongest hold. Yes the name sounds disgusting but it works! You smooth the edges down with the edge control, then use a very small amount of the Gorilla Snot to hold the hair in place. My edges stay in place the entire day. When I use a scarf I can get an extra day from it. Hope this helps!

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  15. Three out of 4 of these items are already in my rotation. I actually use the Hello Hydration conditioning shampoo for wash days. Works very well. I use Trader Joe’s Nourish conditioner as an basic conditioner and detangler. It’s the truth.

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  16. I will have to respectfully disagree with 2 items on this list. I have 4b hair I believe, but I also have thin hair and low density. Shea butter and Castor oil are too heavy for my hair. Both kind of just sit on top of my hair when applied. Literally just sit there it never gets absorbed. I use coconut oil instead and I love it. Just my 2$.00

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