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Not all Type 4B/4C nat­u­rals have the same head of hair, but we do have many sim­i­lar­i­ties, includ­ing sus­cep­ti­bil­i­ty to knots, prone to dry­ness, and detan­gling woes.  When it comes to find­ing prod­ucts to care for our kinks, it can be a dif­fi­cult task.  If you are just start­ing your hair care jour­ney or you are still search­ing for that sta­ple pro­duct, the­se four rec­om­men­da­tions may be a good place to begin:

1. Eco Styler Gel – for slick edges


Not every Type 4B/4C nat­u­ral is going to like this pro­duct, but many may find it an essen­tial addi­tion to their pro­duct col­lec­tion.  How is this gel dif­fer­ent from most oth­er ones?  Well, it is super heavy and thick mak­ing it able to tame our edges with min­i­mal effort.  It is also non-dry­ing and pro­vides excel­lent hold.  Just apply a gen­er­ous amount to your hair­line and nape, wrap with a scarf until dry, and remove the scarf for slicked down edges.

2. Shea But­ter – for enhanced detan­gling


Because this but­ter is a great emol­lient, it can be a use­ful addi­tion for many Type 4B/4C nat­u­rals when it comes to lubri­ca­tion and detan­gling.  Use it alone or mix it with oils to increase slip for dry, fin­ger detan­gling.  If you prefer to comb detan­gle on damp hair, melt a lit­tle shea but­ter and mix with some con­di­tion­er for more slip.  Either way, you will more than like­ly notice a smoother detan­gling ses­sion than usu­al.

3. Herbal Essences Hel­lo Hydra­tion – for quick con­di­tion­ing


A lot of Type 4B/4C nat­u­rals rave about this pro­duct for man­age­able strands after wash­ing.  Oth­er inex­pen­sive instant con­di­tion­ers do not com­pare in terms of pop­u­lar­i­ty.  The pro­duct does con­tain sil­i­cones, so be sure to mon­i­tor for buildup or use a sham­poo that will ade­quate­ly pre­vent such buildup.

4. Cas­tor Oil – for increased sheen 


Due to our kinky strands, our hair has very lit­tle nat­u­ral sheen.  If you want to enhance your hair’s lus­ter, you may want to try cas­tor oil.  Accord­ing to a study pub­lished in the Jour­nal of Cos­met­ic Sci­ence, cas­tor oil was shown to increase the lus­ter of hair.

For my Type 4B/4C ladies, what are your sta­ple prod­ucts?



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Hi! Love all the info. Just found this site and with so much infor­ma­tion out there, it is hard to know what to do. So, please help! I have 4 daugh­ters, one is tran­si­tion­ing and has medi­um-sized braids. She is 13. Right now, I just put coconut oil mixed with olive oil on her scalp every Fri­day night. Is this enough to mois­tur­ize her scalp until the braids come out and help with dry­ness? Sec­ond­ly, I have one daugh­ter who is 4a (10) 4c (8) and 3b (6) I can­not keep their hair mois­tur­ized and it’s dri­ving me crazy. I… Read more »
Noticed you didn’t include a pic of your daugh­ter that looks “bald” hair. It sad­dens me to hear you stereo-type your kids hair with such harsh­ness. If you hadn’t real­ized yet, “black folks” don’t call daugh­ter #3s hair “good hair”. What rock have you been liv­ing under? Daugh­ter #1s hair is just as gor­geous as #3s hair, even if it does turn to a fro. We’re try­ing to over­come past said stereo­types, and make all brown skinned ladies more aware that ALL HAIR IS GOOD HAIR. My hair type is a 3C, mixed with a lit­tle 4A. To answer your… Read more »
Lov­ing all this infor­ma­tion.… Has any­body got any ideas for oils that are real­ly absorbent my hair 4b — 4c doesn’t like oils much — but i feel it needs it! i just have to find the right one!! I want to try — Neem oil, or hemp oil? Has any­one tried the­se oils and what did u think about them? Some­one here men­tioned avo­cado oil — so will try that! Coconut oil does noth­ing for me — cas­tor oil is hor­rid far too thick and only good to lift a sca­ly dry scalp! It works won­ders here! But noth­ing… Read more »

Try jojoba oil! It is super light and pen­e­trat­ing. Also olive oil is sup­posed to be real­ly good. If you find that your hair needs more mois­ture with the pen­e­trat­ing oils, try mix­ing aloe vera gel/ juice, dis­tilled water, and jojoba oil in a spray bot­tle and use this to light­ly mist your hair before cov­er­ing with a silk scarf/ bon­net / con­di­tion­ing cap for bed. Your hair may like this and respond with healthy fluffy boun­cy hair. It works real­ly well on my 4c hair.


Mor­ro­can argan oil may not be too heavy. Good luck!


I love the DR. Mir­a­cle curl care line for my hair. And I use the Cre­me of Nature Argan Oil Deep Treat­ment con­di­tion­er as my deep con­di­tion­er. I use water and coconut oil to rehy­drate my hair dai­ly and I also use a rose­mary spritz


I love the Won­der Curl But­ter whipped for my hair. It’s the only pro­duct that keeps my hair mois­tur­ized and soft.


When I want to get my edges to look smooth, I my spray cas­tor oil,lemongrass oil and water mix along with aloe vera gel. Then i wrap my hair in my scarf for about 20 min­utes and voila…it’s all good.

First I’d like to say thank you to the author for think­ing of ME, if you know what I mean. Sec­ond­ly, I have to give Eco Styler a sec­ond chance, since I re-chopped, before I can say its just not my friend, but I did devel­op a dis­like for it from past use. The only pro­duct on this list I haven’t tried is cas­tor oil so I’m excit­ed to see what it does for my hair. This arti­cle was on point–Shea But­ter and Herbal Essence are my friends, but I’ve given up on wear­ing my hair in a pony­tail with­out… Read more »
Kaye I agree with you, my hair nev­er took to eco styler gel, too dry, but most 4 types live for it, as for me I went back to ole’ faith­ful, ampro pro style gel or as we call it in the hood “black gel”. I twist my hair, apply black gel to my edges, smooth light­ly with a soft bristle tooth­brush, tie down with a scarf and I’m good to go! It doesn’t dry my hair out the way eco styler did, I think I still have a big tub of it sit­ting in my clos­et bare­ly touched from… Read more »

Good luck Kaye! I am going to try the cas­tor oil, too. And may­be you can try dou­ble strand twist­ing, let­ting them loose and NOT try­ing to make it lie down? One of the things I love about nat­u­ral hair is how it defies grav­i­ty to make awe­some­ly cre­ative shapes. Now if you work in a bank, that may be anoth­er sto­ry all toge­hter!


Wen Cleans­ing Con­di­tion­er — the price is steep but the results are so worth it. I joined the club online so I get dis­counts Either The Gener­ic Paul Mitchell Leave-in Con­di­tion­er car­ried at Sally’s (it seems to have more water than the real one and pro­vides bet­ter slip!) Or Kinky Kurly Knot Today when I can find it. Infu­sium 23 leave-in in a spray bot­tle for twist sets and also to re-hydrate for styling when I don’t want to wet my whole head. I do use Ecostyler but spar­ing­ly. I like the fin­ish it gives but overuse can be rough on the… Read more »

Hi dance­sis­tah. I nev­er thought about keep­ing the prod­ucts I used on my relaxed hair once I went nat­u­ral. I used to live by Infu­sium and Pan­tene when I relaxed.


I love Infu­sium 23! I pour some in a spray bot­tle with a lit­tle bit of Kinky Curly Knot Today, Aloe Vera juice, jojoba oil and the rest is water, about 80% water 20% every­thing else, and that’s what I use in between wash­es when I need to hit the reset but­ton on my hair for mois­ture. I spray that on and add my shea mois­ture twist and set. My hair feels soft and man­age­able in the morn­ing.
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Thanks Nikki!

Can’t wait to try your recipe, like I said, try­ing out new prod­ucts and new tech­niques has become a pas­sion. More­over, I find every­one in the nat­u­ral forums to be so very gen­er­ous with their hair-wis­dom!


Me too!! I hap­pened to find a big old bot­tle under the sink at my mom’s house and start­ed using it.


I LOVE Camille Rose Nat­u­rals Algae Deep Con­di­tion­er! Its thick and deliv­ers extreme mois­ture! My hair is left soft and mois­tur­ized for days!!!!

I have nev­er tried Hel­lo hydra­tion. I recent­ly pur­chased Eco styler argan oil gel and I have only used a small amount when I put my hair up in a bun for the first time. I’m par­tic­i­pat­ing in a chal­lenge for pro­tec­tive styling. I love shea but­ter, but nev­er used it as a detan­gler. I have used shea but­ter as mois­tur­iz­er for my hair and skin. I recent­ly whipped up my own shea but­ter cream adding coconut oil, olive oil, vit­a­m­in e, and few drops of pep­per­mint and rose­mary essen­tial oil. Also I have used cas­tor oil and mixed it… Read more »

Hi Ladies!

I’m new­ly nat­u­ral with 4C hair and I could REALLY use some advice on how to keep my hair mois­tur­ized! It is seri­ous­ly always dry and I don’t know what to do. I don’t know many oth­er nat­u­rals and def­i­nite­ly no one who has 4C hair. Can some­one share some tips about their dai­ly rou­tine may­be?

I would sin­cere­ly appre­ci­ate any help!

Much love!

A cou­ple of things worth con­sid­er­ing: .Hor­mones .Lack of iron or oth­er sup­ple­ments .Not drink­ing enough flu­id .Any oth­er med­ical com­plaint .Side effects of any med­ica­tion tak­en. I would also con­sid­er the weath­er, if its cold, we may­be spend­ing too much time wrap­ping our heads and in the cen­tral heat­ing. If the weath­er is hot, remem­ber we need to pro­tect our hair again­st the fiery heat of the sun. Anoth­er cou­ple of things to try along with every­body else’s excel­lent sug­ges­tions: .Try wash­ing your hair with­out sham­poo and using con­di­tion­er for a cou­ple of weeks or so to get that con­di­tion­er deep.… Read more »
Kera, Nicole, Caramel and JustLeav­in­ga­Com­ment, ladies thank you so much for your advice thus far I tru­ly appre­ci­ate it and any fur­ther tips you have def­i­nite­ly keep them com­ing! It def­i­nite­ly sounds like I have a lot of prod­ucts to try out. I see a lot of advice about washing/conditioning. How often do you ladies wash your hair and how do you know when it’s time? Also, is it just me, or have you ever felt like a lot of the gen­er­al advice for man­age­ment and prod­ucts regard­ing nat­u­ral hair does not exact­ly work for your 4c hair, as if 4c is… Read more »
Hi Sidel­lis! Hope­ful­ly the sug­ges­tions you were given are help­ing you. Regard­ing your last ques­tion, it seems to be a nat­u­ral hair in gen­er­al, not 4c hair specif­i­cal­ly, issue with regard to advice. You have to keep in mind that the sug­ges­tions peo­ple give that work for their hair are based on how they style their hair, climate/weather where they live, and pref­er­ences in how they expect their hair to look & feel. I am 4c, tran­si­tioned for 13 months before cut­ting off my relaxed ends, and have been ‘ful­ly nat­u­ral’ for 3 months. Thank the good Lord that I… Read more »

The Green House Effect works won­ders for dry­ness, espe­cial­ly dur­ing the harsh win­ter months. Google the method and give it a go!

Hi Sidel­lis, I have com­bi­na­tion hair that includes 4C hair. I use the trusty LOC method (leave-in, oil, cream/butter). This works real­ly well. As I men­tioned in an ear­lier post, you can try deep con­di­tion­ing your hair overnight. This make my hair real­ly soft and it’s been moi­tur­iz­ing all night so it should help with the dryness.I use karen’s Body beau­ti­ful leave-in (smells heav­en­ly), a mix­ture of jamaican black cas­tor oil, coconut oil, rose­mary, vit. e and sweet orange-to cut the smell of the cas­tor oil and then as my cream I use either Shea Mois­tures Cul ehanc­ing smooth­ie or… Read more »

World of Curls — Curl Acti­va­tor. It’s a gel curl acti­va­tor, con­di­tion­er, and oil-sheen all in one for extra dry hair — A LIFE SAVER


I hate # 1 and #2 but I can­not live with­out #3 and #4!!!


I am still exper­i­ment­ing with dif­fer­ent prod­ucts. What I have dis­cov­ered is that Shea but­ter mixed with coconut oil works well for me. The mix also adds amaz­ing shine to my hair. my sis­ter and i call it “mir­a­cle cream”. lol. i have nev­er thought to use it as an aid to detang,e tho, iv always just smoth­ered my hAir with leave-in con­di­tion­er. shall have to try that. I realise impor­tance of mois­ture, but to me adding mois­ture via water-based con­di­tion­ers just seems to shrink my hair right up. Any­one know how to com­bat this ?


aphogeee has a won­der­ful bal­anc­ing mois­ture con­di­tion­er. i use it for deep con­di­tion­ing and i also use the aphogee pro­tein treat­ments when­ev­er i start to see an increase in shed­ding.

i use all of the afore­men­tioned prod­ucts. love, love cas­tor oil. it is a must for all type 4 nat­u­rals. trust.
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For DC, I either use a cheap con­di­tion­er and add hon­ey + olive oil OR I use organ­ic greek yogury, hon­ey, and olive oil. This works won­ders. Also, doing cas­tor oil hot oil treat­ments makes my hair feel like silk. Many peo­ple don’t like it but the Can­tu Shea But­ter works well for my hair and all Shea Mois­ture Prod­ucts. You don’t need an arse­nal of prod­ucts to have gor­geous hair.


Nev­er thought to add hon­ey and olive oil to con­di­tion­er. I will try this idea to use old con­di­tion­ers that I have and no longer want but I’m too cheap to throw away. Thanks!


any pro­tein sen­si­tive nat­u­rals here (as in coconut, avo­cado and even aloe vera makes your hair dry and brit­tle)?

My hair can­not han­dle heavy but­ters either. It’s been extreme­ly hard find­ing prod­ucts that work for my hair and I’m real­ly jeal­ous of peo­ple that have found sta­ple prod­ucts or can try 500 prod­ucts with their hair soak­ing it up. I’ve almost given up on being nat­u­ral. Real­ly con­tem­plat­ing going back to relax­ing.

I’m pro­tein sen­si­tive so I use cer­tain prod­ucts spar­ing­ly, if at all. I’ve found that I can han­dle pro­teins depend­ing on how I use it. Shea but­ter by itself is too waxy for my hair and it just sits on top of the hair shaft still dry so I mix it with cas­tor, jojoba oil and table­spoon of raw hon­ey and that makes it eas­ier to apply. I only use coconut and avo­cado oil when I’m doing a hot oil treat­ment because it is known to be some of the only oils to pen­e­trate the hair shaft. Try doing deep con­di­tions… Read more »
I can relate to alot of peo­ple com­ments. I live in Lon­don and my hair also has the same issue with coconut oil and Aloe Vera. What I will reit­er­ate, is what I’ve told alot of peo­ple before, see if you can get to a Whole Foods, they have a large range of nat­u­ral sham­poos and conditioners.They have lots of sam­ples and knowl­edge­able staff. This is what I did when I first went nat­u­ral. I also looked on web­sites and youtube for recipes etc. I have type 3 hair, so I’m not sure whether any of my sug­ges­tions can help… Read more »

oops i mixed up my replies! the first para­graph is a reply to you and the sec­ond para­graph is to “Nikki” below. I need sleep gah…


I know what my hair likes but it’s been impos­si­ble to find a leave in that doesn’t have what my hair hates. That’s the dilem­ma. Luck­i­ly, I’ve found some­thing I believe works and it has parabens and sil­i­cones which I hoped to avoid but I’m very des­per­ate at this point. I actu­al­ly got it from a local BSS.

Thanks for your rec­om­men­da­tions. I’ve also tried most of the things in your reg­i­men and tried coconut oil/avocado oil in hot oil treat­ments and got the same dry, brit­tle hair with SSK’s.


Have you tried a whipped shea but­ter? It’s a bit lighter than reg­u­lar shea and you can make it yur­self with oils that agree with your hair. You can also make it lighter by lav­ing out the heav­ier oils. I use whipped shea and it gives my hair real­ly good defin­tion and seals it well along a shine all day long. HTH.


I’m pro­tein sen­si­tive but my hair loves Coconut oil. Unfor­tu­nate­ly most of the prod­ucts aimed at the nat­u­ral hair com­mu­ni­ty con­tain pro­tein. I might try Jane Carter because most of their prod­ucts are pro­tein free. I’m doing well with mud wash­es, Kinky Curly knot today leave in, coconut oil and shea but­ter on my ends.

I under­stand how you feel, I’ve almost given up on being nat­u­ral myself sev­er­al times because of how dif­fi­cult it is to find good prod­ucts to mois­tur­ize my hair. Per­haps a good pro­duct for you, although rather expen­sive, is Jane Carter Solu­tions Nour­ish Shine pomade. As far as I know, it doesn’t have any coconut, avo­cado oils, etc., and although it’s a but­ter, it is a very light but­ter but is longer last­ing than just using an oil. I thought that I was rather pro­tein sen­si­tive too and can’t use coconut oil because it makes my hair hard and crunchy,… Read more »
My hair loves shea but­ter mixed with coconut oil as a cre­me and I use cas­tor oil for extra care on my ends. I don’t use any gel because I’m on an “edges chal­lenge” and I try to be extra soft on them and Herbal Essence prod­ucts because it’s hard to find them in France but I’ve made major dis­cov­er­ies for my hair last year: 1) jojoba oil works won­ders on my low poros­i­ty hair as a sealant 2) rhas­soul and shikakai pow­der as an alter­na­tive to sham­poos mean less break­age, less SSKs and mois­tur­ized hair 3) apple cider vine­gar mixed with… Read more »

What are you doing for your Edge Chal­lenge? Right now I am mas­sag­ing every night with Jamaican Cas­tor, Jojoba n a tiny bit of Neem oil.


Hi DeeRose,
I still haven’t tried Neem oil but I mas­sage my scalp with Coconut oil right after my wash­ing ses­sion and Cas­tor and Jojoba oils every oth­er day. Most­ly, for the chal­lenge, I avoid puffs (which I love) and keep my hair in medi­um twists pinned-up updos for the week. On week­ends, I would rock a twist out for a change. I plan to keep doing this until sum­mer.

Awe­some! I’m a nat­u­ral mov­ing to Paris for the sum­mer and I was so wor­ried about what I was going to do with my hair while there but if I can find Hel­lo Hydra­tion and shea but­ter then I can make it work. My sta­ples are: 1. VO5 con­di­tion­er — I have a lot of 4 type hair so I can go through bot­tles of con­di­tion­er like nobody’s busi­ness and this is a great and cheap con­di­tion­er that gives a lot of slip when try­ing to detan­gle 2. Hel­lo Hydra­tion — Of course! 3. Shea Mois­ture Curl and Style Milk — Absolute… Read more »

I total­ly get what you mean about not being able to get cer­tain prod­ucts. I hear about all the­se won­der­ful prod­ucts i would love to try but can i find them in this coun­try?! I’m in Eng­land btw. And you can order cer­tain things of eBay and what not mais c’est dif­fi­cile to know whether they are kosher. Let me just exper­i­ment with what I do have :)


I total­ly agree. And at the same time, it saves us from being pro­duct junkies right?! :) I only order online what I can­not find near­by. If you’re look­ing for kosher prod­ucts, I can imag­ine it’s even more dif­fi­cult. Home­made prod­ucts could be a great solu­tion for you then.

Hi ladies, I live in Lon­don and although there are a lot of Afro beau­ty shops I can’t always find the prod­ucts I want, which is why I buy online. My favourite sites are: Gidore — I buy the As I Am range; the co-wash, leave-in, clar­i­ty sham­poo and when I’m feel­ing rich the Hydra­tion Ela­tion Deep Con­di­tion­er. Mari­po­saim­port — This is the Euro­pean sup­pli­er for the Qhemet Bio­log­ics range. At the moment I’m using the Moringa Tree Con­di­tion­ing Ghee and the Bur­dock Root But­ter Cream and I have to say that the­se prod­ucts are the truth! They’re expen­sive but as… Read more »
LuLu reply, but thank you =)


Love that every­one is help­ing each oth­er out <3

Could I ask what peo­ple are using as a good DC?

My hair does not go for coconut oil and I tend not to add oils to DC any­way as it always turns out crunchy. TIA.

Jade K. Clark

I just recent­ly start­ed using Aussie Moist 3-min­ute Mir­a­cle mixed with Coconut oil, but you can always sub­sti­tute Coconut oil for olive oil, cas­tor oil, etc.


I use the Olive Oil Replin­ish­ing Pak by Organ­ic Root Stim­u­la­tor works well for me. It is inex­pen­sive and an effec­tive fol­low up mois­tur­iz­ing con­di­tion­er after my Hen­na treat­ments.


Hi Jen­ny, I love the Herbal Essence the blue one.…uggh its amaz­ing or VO5. I doubt I’ll ever buy the expen­sive brand con­di­tion­ers again. They’ve been work­ing so well that my hair is actu­al­ly get­ting to soft so now I don’t get curl def­i­n­i­tion when I do twist outs. 

Any­body know any good curl defin­ers?

Hi Jen­ny, I just recent­ly used B.A.S.K Cacao Deep treat­ment overnight andI must say that I am a fan!!! My hair was sooo soft the next morn­ing and I have a nor­mal­ly dry TWA. Even after I use the LOC method, my can get get dry towards the mid­dle of the day. Not with B.A.S.K., my hair was soft and stayed that way for days. Lit­er­al­ly, I’m not kid­ding and not I don’t work for them nor am I affil­i­at­ed with them in any way. It smells and looks like choco­late ice cream. It worked for me. I also found… Read more »

My favorite DCs are 1) Bee Mine BeeU­ti­ful Deep Con­di­tion­er (i think coconut oil is in this), expen­sive but worth every pen­ny, 2) Shea Mois­ture Deep Treat­ment Masque (its inex­pen­sive & I can buy at my local Tar­get!!), or Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tin­gle Condish with added olive and cas­tor oil!!!


I also like Trader Joe’s Nour­ish Spa Con­di­tion­er as well (and is real­ly cheap too), it gives good slip and is very mois­tur­iz­ing, and I tend to have real­ly dry hair. Also, I real­ly like avo­cado oil, actu­al­ly bet­ter than olive oil or cas­tor oil. Cas­tor oil doesn’t do a lot for me and olive oil is a lit­tle too greasy for me. Mizani Botan­i­fy sham­poo is also good well.


I thought I post­ed this for a sec­ond @stephanieb. Both of the­se are great for my hair. I also like Aussie con­di­tion­er and Shea Curl enhanc­ing smooth­ie. I need to try that Qhemet pro­duct. I also like the Trader Joe tea tree sham­poo.

The Aussie Most 3 Min­ute Mir­a­cle con­di­tion­er is my absolute favorite. It makes the detan­gling of my 4A/4B hair so easy. Plus it’s not that expen­sive and can be found just about any­where. Qhemet Bio­log­ics does have great prod­ucts. How­ev­er, I live in DC and there is only one store in the area that sells it and you have to call before you go because they are ALWAYS sold out. It’s super thick and real­ly add mois­ture to my twist outs. It’s good stuff for those of you who want to give it a whirl. When my hair needs extra love… Read more »
All of the afore­men­tioned prod­ucts are STAPLES of mine! But I am cur­rent­ly obsessed with the fol­low­ing: 1) Lore­al Ever­cre­me Intense Nour­ish­ing Sham­poo — this pro­duct is SERIOUS! This is the best sham­poo I’ve tried to date! It doesn’t strip your hair at all and on the con­trary it actu­al­ly makes it feel soft! The price is great too. 2) Qhemet Bio­log­ics Amla & Olive Heavy Cream– this pro­duct will instant­ly mois­tur­ize your hair and makes it feel like but­ter for days. A lit­tle goes a long way! It is kind of expen­sive but it’s worth it in my opin­ion. 3)… Read more »

First, I want to say…I love being nat­u­ral. Our hair demands atten­tion which takes time. It takes patience and time to adhere to a rou­tine of co-wash, mois­tur­iz­ing and con­di­tion­ing to keep our hair healthy enough to pro­mote growth.
I agree with #3, 5 & 6.
I’m game to try Qhemet Bio­log­ics after some inves­ti­gat­ing. It sounds like a good pro­duct.
I don’t pur­chase ANY L’Oreal prod­ucts bcz I think they are per­pet­u­at­ing a false sense of style/beauty in regards to African Amer­i­can wom­en. Out beau­ty comes in all col­ors not just “light bright”.


YES! The Amla and Olive Heavy Cream is the bomb! I buy 10 at a time because I’m always afraid I won’t be able to get it any­more. LOL! And for my ends, the Extra Dark Black Jamaican cas­tor oil.


Is there any dif­fer­ence between extra dark cas­tor oil & sun­ny isle cas­tor in terms of growth etc?


Where can I buy this pro­duct at ?


If your ques­tion refers to the qhemet bio­log­ics prducts, you can buy it on their web­site or on


No to any type of gel. Pud­dings and souf­flés give me sim­i­lar results with­out the flakes and hard hair.
No to cheap con­di­tion­ers, they are okay to use as a last resort, but not on a long term basis. The pro­duct build up is hor­ri­ble and they don’t give enough hydra­tion for me.
Yes to shea but­ter, my hair loves it and stays shiny and smooth.
Haven’t tried cas­tor oil, but my ends love the coconut oil/ olive oil mix­ture that I use.


I am in love with Herbal Essences Hel­lo Hydra­tion. It had sped up my week­ly detan­gling. I am a firm believ­er in Can­tu Shea But­ter, coconut oil & olive oil but I also have four dif­fer­ent “TYPES” of curls.


my hair LOVES coconut oil .. my secret mix­ture in a spray bot­tle: water, raw Jamaican coconut oil (liq­uid at room temp), and Jamaican “Man­go Lime” spray (which has a mate­ri­al blend of jojoba / tea tree / car­rot / olive oils) … my hair loves it, esp w/ twists or braids. On dry win­ter days I also add Can­tu Shea leave in root to ends .. keeps hair soft and mois­tur­ized.


I’ve just realised the won­ders of cas­tor oil. I used to use coconut oil (some­times olive) to seal in mois­ture, think­ing that cas­tor oil was too think and heavy (and I don’t like the smell). But recent­ly I switched to cas­tor oil on my ends, and it has made such a dif­fer­ence in terms of lock­ing in mois­ture and keep­ing my hair soft and sup­ple for an extend­ed peri­od. And in a pinch, it’s thick enough to use for smooth­ing my edges too.


I scent my cas­tor oil with pep­per­mint essen­tial oil.


I add rose­mary and euca­lyp­tus oils to my cas­tor oil for my edges. Both are growth & strength­en­ing aids, the rose­mary staves off gray hairs, and the euca­lyp­tus con­tains ceramides.


Bril­liant idea! I nev­er thought of using a scent­ed oil to improve the scent — thanks for the tip.


I use Eco Styler Krys­tal Styling Gel for slick styles (buns, puffs & updos). I use it over a lay­er of cas­tor oil for soft hold with lots of sheen.

I use cas­tor oil to deep con­di­tion (via DIY Aloe-Cas­tor Hair Mask), to seal my ends and under gel.

My sta­ple hair care prod­ucts are — DIY Aloe-Cas­tor Hair Mask, Shea Mois­ture Purifi­ca­tion Masque, Shea Mois­ture Mois­ture Reten­tion Sham­poo, Alba Botan­i­ca Leave-In Con­di­tion­er, Shea Mois­ture Curl & Style Milk, Shea Mois­ture Curl Enhanc­ing Smooth­ie, Para­chute Coconut Oil, Now Solu­tions Cas­tor Oil and DIY Flax Seed Gel.


I will have to try the Herbal Essences con­di­tion­er. I do like Ecostyler though.

As a 4B/C, low-poros­i­ty nat­u­ral­is­ta, I’ve only had suc­cess with 1 of the items list­ed and that’s the HE Hel­lo Hydra­tion Conditioner…I keep a bot­tle on hand at all times! My hair hates Eco-Styler Gel with a passion…It made my hair so crispy and dry, smh! Shea but­ter and cas­tor oil are both way too thick/heavy and will only sit on top of my hair. I found that Elas­ta QP Feels Like Silk Liq­uid Gel (much thin­ner than most hair gels) and liq­uid oils (Avo­cado, Olive, Grape­seed, and Almond) work much bet­ter on my hair. I also agree with Isake… Read more »
4b/c fine but dense head here and I’ve tried so many brands and the­se are the things that have worked to keep my hair mois­turised. Some are prod­ucts and some are meth­ods… 1. Oil rins­ing pre wash — helps with dry­ness as long as I rin­se it out prop­er­ly. 2. Silk scarf and pil­low­case. 3. Clar­i­fy­ing poo — any good nat­u­ral one for get­ting rid of build up with cer­tain but­tery oily prod­ucts. 4. Any Oyin Juice — a must for mois­ture and the best of the many sprays I’ve tried includ­ing Komaza Care Cal­i­fia, Tal­i­ah Waa­jid etc. I real­ly… Read more »

Have you tried Kinky Curly Knot Today as a leave-in? I’m sur­prised this wasn’t on the list, but I don’t know a per­son who doesn’t like this stuff…


I am an Type 4 girl, and I die for ecostyler! When found it, is was like the heav­ens opened up and I am agnos­tic :) In order to get rid of flakes or not get them, you need have a enough moisture/oil in order to absorb the pro­duct.


umm…my hair is always mois­tur­ized and oiled and that gel turns flaky and crispy. This may not be your intent, I repeat this may not be your intent, but it sounds as if you’re say­ing that the peo­ple who have voiced their dis­dain for the lack of effec­tive­ness of gel on this feed are mois­tur­ing and oil­ing their hair incor­rect­ly.


Not try­ing to be offen­sive. I got the info from a nat­u­ral styl­ist . I didn’t say you know to mois­tur­ize your hair, it just means you have to much pro­duct in your hair, either you will wash or bal­ance it w/the cor­rect moisture/oil com­bo.


For my hair: Gio­van­ni direct leave in con­di­tion­er, any nat­u­ral oil (they all work for my hair coconut, almond, olive etc my hair ain’t picky lol), pure hon­ey, and Suave’s almond shea but­ter sham­poo dilut­ed with a bit of water. One a side note I still to this day can­not be con­vinced that 4b/c hair needs gel. Our hair has its own nat­u­ral hold. Slick edges and nap­py hair just looks odd.water and a scarf is just as effec­tive.


Where is the coconut oil?! In my opinoin, Eco Styler Gel is HORRIBLE, I only use it if I want to see crispy flakes in my 4b/4c hair.…


Coconut oil and a VO5 kiwi clar­i­fy­ing con­di­tion­er as a detan­gler.
Organix Tea Tree Mint Sham­poo is great with­out strip­ping hair
I have used the hel­lo hydra­tion noth­ing again­st it but I would rather use Tre­sem­me Mois­ture Rich my hair is in love with it!
Cas­tor oil and Argan oil is defi­nat­ly great for seal­ing in mois­ture


I use 2/4 so far so im doin okay! :D


I love Shea but­ter but only when FULLY melt­ed. I add grape­seed and olive oil and use it as my sealant after mois­tur­iz­ing.

Shea Mois­ture Curl Enhanc­ing Smooth­ie is an AWESOME mois­tur­iz­er.

I agree with most of what’s on the list except for the eco styler. I just feel like its too harsh for our hair and can lead to break­age if not han­dled prop­er­ly.

I have to dis­agree with the first two named. Eco styler is the WORST and the ingre­di­ents aren’t great. I dis­cov­ered ear­ly that Cheap is NOT best, I like nat­u­ral flax or aloe gels. I found a nice gel by Won­der Curl (Get Set Jel­ly) leaves shine, no flakes or crunch. I also like Curls gel for slick­ing the edges. Shea But­ter no way! My 4C hair said no back in the ear­ly Ms. Jessie’s days. It’s to heavy for me and I have super thick hair. I don’t like the dull look and it get dirty very quick­ly. I like… Read more »

Ecostyler used to work fine for me for keep­ing my edges neat, but since I switched to a xan­than-based gel with lots of mois­tur­iz­ing prop­er­ties (Earth­tones Nat­u­rals Curl Gel­ly), I real­ized that my edges are retain­ing more length and are in bet­ter con­di­tion. But until I tried the Gel­ly, Ecostyler was the best thing I’d tried, and def­i­nite­ly the best thing at that price point.


I agree with u about the Eco styler! My beau­ti­cian said the olive oil one was dry­ing my hair out so I switched to the argan oil ver­sion and noticed after a few weeks that my hair was super dry. So stu­pid­ly I decid­ed to just use a lit­tle bit on my edges and soon became baby booty bald in those spots! Threw that crap in the trash and switched back to old faith­ful kccc and my edges are full again. 

Shea but­ter just sits on top of my hair as well.


tre­sem­me nat­u­rals nour­ish­ing con­di­tion­er mixed with grape­seed or olive oil for a pre­poo
tre­sem­me nat­u­rals nour­ish­ing con­di­tion­er as a leave in, a cas­tor oil, grapeseed,and olive oil mix on top to seal in the mois­ture
Suau­ve nat­u­rals as a detan­gler and leave in as well
shea but­ter as a pomade
drink­ing lots of water
and tak­ing biot­in pills :)

Chicago Chica

I have low poros­i­ty hair, and cas­tor oil just sits on top of it. I use grape seed or jojoba oil.


Shea Mois­ture Curl Enchanc­ing Smooth­ie & Milk.
Coconut Oil mixed with Grape­seed Oil or Olive Oil and a lil Vit­a­m­in E.
Paul Mithchell “The Con­di­tion­er”

Miss T

I’m 4b/4c and I’m obsessed with coconut oil! But my hair doesn’t like olive oil for some rea­son, makes it way too crunchy.


My daugh­ter has 4 type hair and I just recent­ly dis­cov­ered Jane Carter’s Nour­ish­ing spray for her. It did noth­ing for me, but very, very well for her! Also, Carol’s Daughter’s Mar­garite Hair Mag­ic works well on her hair.