4 Simple and Easy Homemade Spritz Recipes

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By Chinwe of Hair and Health

The moisturizing spritz is ideal for those with fine hair or those who prefer a lighter alternative to thick butters.  Additionally, it may be used to revive twists or another style that has gotten dry over time.  Below are a couple of quick, easy recipes.  Feel free to tweak to your own liking!

The H2O Spritz
– water
– few drops of essential oil (your favorite)

– 4 parts rosewater
– 1-2 parts glycerin

The LEAVE-IN Spritz
– 5 parts water
– 1 part conditioner (your favorite)

The WORKS Spritz
– 3-4 parts water
– 2 parts aloe vera juice
– 2 parts glycerin
– 1 part coconut oil
– 1 part olive oil
– few drops essential oil (your favorite)

NOTE: Some of these spritzes have a short shelf life (few days to a few weeks), so be sure not to create too much in one sitting.  Refrigeration may extend the shelf life a bit.

Ladies, have you tried any of these spritz combos? Share your spritz recipes below!



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43 thoughts on “4 Simple and Easy Homemade Spritz Recipes

  1. I have tried a couple of the above before. What I actually bought recently to try was the Body Butter Company’s Moist On The Go(distilled water,coconut oil, castor oil, glycerince and tea tree oil. I use it with extra water added, though.)A few years ago tried Dark& Lovely’s Beutiful Beginnings Leave-in Conditioner and detangler.I also have a spritz that I’m working to get infused with more aloe vera and or glycerin(it already has glycerin but not enough for me);it pretty much resembles ‘the works’Spritz above but with different ratios and I love it(contains shea,smells awesome feels great on the hair and tingles pleasantly due to the tea tree in there!)

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  4. I had some nice, fresh rosemary growing in a pot. (It smells wonderful!) Put a sprig in my spritzer bottle along with 20 drops of Bergamot essential oil, 2 tablespoons of oil and tap water. I will use this as my liquid moisturizer on my locs before sealing it with oil and creamy moisturerizer.

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