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By Chinwe of Hair and Health

The moisturizing spritz is ideal for those with fine hair or those who prefer a lighter alternative to thick butters.  Additionally, it may be used to revive twists or another style that has gotten dry over time.  Below are a couple of quick, easy recipes.  Feel free to tweak to your own liking!

The H2O Spritz
– water
– few drops of essential oil (your favorite)

– 4 parts rosewater
– 1-2 parts glycerin

The LEAVE-IN Spritz
– 5 parts water
– 1 part conditioner (your favorite)

The WORKS Spritz
– 3-4 parts water
– 2 parts aloe vera juice
– 2 parts glycerin
– 1 part coconut oil
– 1 part olive oil
– few drops essential oil (your favorite)

NOTE: Some of these spritzes have a short shelf life (few days to a few weeks), so be sure not to create too much in one sitting.  Refrigeration may extend the shelf life a bit.

Ladies, have you tried any of these spritz combos? Share your spritz recipes below!


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Batches Of Beauty

Honestly I just put unrefined coconut oil and water in one of those travel size spray bottles since they are better for misting and spray it on each section, twist or braid my hair then style once dry. Works beautifully for my hair!

Jo Anna

Hello wonderful ladies…
I have a.?
Should I apply these spritz on the scalp or just on the hair?

Comfort Food

I use purified water, glycerin, peppermint oil, tea tree oil, and two drops of Creme of Nature leave in conditioner. I slip on a plastic shower cap letting the spritz sit for about an hour. The hair is usually very damp, so I use it at night before going to bed. Get up early to allow the hair to air dry completely. When I take the cap off and comb my hair it is so cottony soft and moisturized!!!


I had some nice, fresh rosemary growing in a pot. (It smells wonderful!) Put a sprig in my spritzer bottle along with 20 drops of Bergamot essential oil, 2 tablespoons of oil and tap water. I will use this as my liquid moisturizer on my locs before sealing it with oil and creamy moisturerizer.


How long until “The Works” spritz expires, does anyone know?


[…] Many thanks to BLACK GIRL LONG HAIR who posted this recipe, link to their recipe can be found here girls  […]



Does anyone know if “The Body Butter Company” has a distributor in the UK?

Thank you very much


I usually use straight AVJ as the base for my spritzes.


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Can I use “the works spritz” like a setting lotion? What is the glycerin used for? Do you have to include it in the recipe?


Glycerin is a humectant and it attracts water from the air to your hair.
So it helps to keep your hair moisturized.


Correction: the product is Moisture On The Go. Pardon the earlier typo.

I have tried a couple of the above before. What I actually bought recently to try was the Body Butter Company’s Moist On The Go(distilled water,coconut oil, castor oil, glycerince and tea tree oil. I use it with extra water added, though.)A few years ago tried Dark& Lovely’s Beutiful Beginnings Leave-in Conditioner and detangler.I also have a spritz that I’m working to get infused with more aloe vera and or glycerin(it already has glycerin but not enough for me);it pretty much resembles ‘the works’Spritz above but with different ratios and I love it(contains shea,smells awesome feels great on the hair… Read more »

What brand of rosewater do you use and where do you purchase it?

Ru st Vincent

The leavin method was making my hair feel funny. It would work for a short time.

Ru st Vincent

I just discovered this about a week ago to do this but it worked instantaneous. I had oils around the house but never tried anything other than jojoba or evol but this grapeseed, sweet almond oil and water mix is giving me LIFE. Better late than ever.
Day 1 of using the mix:
[imgcomment image[/img]


For my daughter I use water, JBCO, and EVOO.

Hi everyone, this sight has help me out in so many ways I love all the enthusiasm of embracing our natural selves. We are such a beautiful people. I’m new to the natural world and it is some work, but worth it. April 3 2013 will make 7 months since my BC. For my spritz I use, approximately. -2 cups water -1/2 cup carefree curl activator (has glycerine in it) -1/2 Shea moisture coconut growth milk -1 teaspoon of argon oil -about 5 or so drops of rosemary oil. I spritz at night before bantu knotting and in the morning… Read more »

Didn’t know spritz had a shelf life, either. I feel like a dunce!


I am currently using a light conditioner suave), distilled water, and olive oil in 6oz spray bottle. I have been spritzing hair daily and using this as a daily moisturizer.


I use water and a few drops of oil..I don’t like a lot of mixes because they rot or develop mold if I don’t use them in a week..so thanks for the tips about making a little and storing in a cool place.

Yaminah Stribling

I have tried water and EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive oil)

rosemary oil 5 drops
coconut oil 5 drops
lavender oil 5 drops
extra virgin olive oil


i like to just use cooled boiled water. the impurities have been boiled out so i like to use that better 😀


My first time posting here… My spritz is a mixture of Carols’s Daughter Black Vanilla leave in conditioner, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, and a water.


Hi, this a really nice post. I dind’t know that the spritz a shelf life! I’ve been using the same spritz since january, because the bottle I use supports 500 ml and.
By the way my sprit recipe contains: water, glycerin, extra virgin olive oil and moisturizer.

Lillian Mae

I see you BGLH! You’ve changed the article since I commented yesterday on the contradictory information in this article versus the ‘How to Balance & Moisture’. I see you also removed my comment pointing out the contradiction 🙂
It’s all good!
I use a simple 1 to 1 concoction of water and aloe vera juice on my ends nightly to moisturize, and seal with a butter. I then add about 6-8 large loose braids. Yields extremely soft hair in the morning!

Lillian Mae

I apologize BGLH! I posted this to the wrong article.
Is there a way to delete a comment?


Hi all this info has been great and I look forward to trying these, but what is glycerin and where can I buy it?


Vegetable glycerin oil.

Glycerin is a humectant that (when added to a water-based solution) moisturizes and strengthens* your hair. You can find it at almost any large, multipurpose grocery and/or pharmacy; I live in the Midwest region of the U.S., and HyVee has a 20 oz bottle of glycerin for about $20, while Wal-mart has 3oz bottles for $4. My hair (type 4, multitexture) LOVES glycerin, but depending on your regimen (and hair type), yours may not. If you decide to try it, make sure your hair is wet or the mixture you add it to is water-based…if glycerin can’t bind to water… Read more »

Great Thanks so much! I’m fairly new to being natural (less than a year) How do I find out my hair type? I’ll have to check our local walmart thanks again!


I got my hair braided with synthetic hair last year that irritated the hell outta my scalp. My naturalista roommate whipped up a concoction for me that’s nearly identical to the Works. Worked wonders!


Almost every night I put water and oil on my hair (avoiding my scalp to prevent clogging) and then I spritz my hair/scalp with roobios tea. My head loves it!!!


roobios tea? what’s the benefit of it for the hair?
I love that tea but never thought I could use it on my hair


Roobios tea contains a lot of antioxidants/nutrients that are GREAT for the hair! I use it to “feed” my scalp. My daily spritz has made my hair stronger and shiny! 🙂 Google “roobios tea for hair” and you can find some useful info. 🙂


gotta look that up thanks.


ok thanks for the info =)


Water is not a “recipe.”


I just mailed your cookie to you.


Which ones have the short shelf lives? That would be helpful to know. Thanks!! I’m just assuming the one labeled “The Works” because of the aloe vera juice.
[imgcomment image[/img]


Hi a question ; what the conditioner should I use for the leave in spritz (the one u use after shampooing or the one u use as conditioning)


Leave in conditioner.


Oh, jojoba, argan and avocodo oils are good for the hair too. Tamara


I’m definitely a fan of the works.
My recipe:
leave in conditioner
vitamin E oil/ Cocount oil

Put it in a spray bottle and shake…

I never make more than 2 to 3 ounces at a time and I always use it all!
…happy hair, lol 🙂


Hi, yes, I’ve made a hair spritz (that I also use as a body spritzer) made of Petitgrain essential oil, Lavender essential oil, and Cedarwood essential oil. I also added Lavender Hydrosol and distilled water. It smells excellent! When you use essential oils (which are my passion 🙂 there are so many varieties that you can use. Tamara 🙂