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If you are keen to lengthen your hair but do not have the time or patience for heatless methods such as African threading or curlformers, then blow drying will be your go to method. There are a few rules that you should follow when blow drying and these include:

– Never blow dry dripping wet hair, this water can cause bubbles to form inside your hair shaft. Damp or towel dried hair that is not dripping is fine.
– Always use a heat protectant of your choice
– To maximise movement and body of the hair, aim to use as little product as possible and focus instead on spreading thin and even layers on all the hair
– Work in sections and avoid very high heat
– Find a method of blow drying that gives you the least breakage or damage.

For this final tip, here are 4 methods of blow drying that you can study and decide which best suits your hair.

1. The Tension Method

This is the most gentle method of all the blow dry methods requiring just the dryer and your hands to create tension. If you primarily finger detangle your hair and rarely use a comb, this method is for you. In this video a concentrating nozzle was not used but do use it if you have it as it will help to focus the heat better especially if you want a lengthening effect.

2. The Modified Tension Method

In principle, this technique is nearly identical to the tension method, the only addition is using a brush to smooth the ends of the natural hair further out. Most people will use either a paddle brush or a denman brush to do this. The advantage of this method is simply a smoother result. Do not use this method, however, if your hair in general does not like brushes.

3. The Comb Attachment Method

This method involves using a comb attachment for your hair dryer and the advantage is that a much straighter result can be obtained. Again, if your hair is not happy with combing, this method is not one you should use. Your hair should be well detangled before using the comb attachment.

4. The Round Brush Method

Using a round brush takes some practice and skill to master. If your hair however is able to withstand medium to high heat, this method will be able to give you the straightest result with quite an amount of volume.

If you’re looking for a good quality blow dryer, try the Chi Rocket Hair Dryer, the BaByliss Pro Porcelain Ceramic Dryer and the Andis Ceramic Ionic Dryer.

Ladies, how do you blow dry your hair? What method do you use and how frequently do you do it?

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Wow, is that hair stuck in the round brush??? That can’t all be shed hair I’m guessing. I’m just not convinced that people can use heat and not damage their hair. I might be wrong, but I would just hate to risk my curls just to have straight hair for a day. If I didn’t workout seven days a week, I might consider it.


I would have to say, that at least in my case, it can be done! I almost always go to a professional who was previously natural and has AMAZING knowledge on hair, to do my blowouts and straightenings. (3 times so far) and my curls always bounce back amazingly well. You just really have to make sure when you do it, you are aware of your hair and what it can handle. No heat damage! But this is also something I don’t do often, I love my curlz!!

The Natural Haven
No I did not see any hair stuck in the round brush. At 4:37 she holds up the brush to her hair and you can see that there are short black bristles on the brush. All this said, some hair simply does not take brushing or heat. My hair for example is in this category. However, many naturals can use heat with no visible damage to the hair provided they are responsible about it. For a seven day exerciser, I would say, you really cannot use heat because that would be a daily thing and that would be terrible abuse… Read more »

I don’t think it was hair in the brush. I know often brushes like that have longer bristles(the white ones) and more bristles that are shorter and usually black. I still don’t really feel comfortable with that method and because I am working out more right now, I agree with what you said about not going through all that to have it straight for that day


I am with you Candice. I have worked to hard to get my hair healthy again, the risk of heat damage outweighs everything, imo.