With an upcom­ing fore­cast of snow on-top of snow, it’s hard to break away from the bit­ter chill that win­ter brings. While stay­ing warm and shov­el­ing take top pri­or­i­ty, some wom­en may fall accus­tomed to putting beau­ty habits aside and mak­ing  some of the win­ter hair care mis­takes below.  Here are 4 win­ter hair mis­takes to avoid

Win­ter Hair Mistake #1: Over-Dry­ing Your Hair

Switch to air dry­ing your hair. Always use a heat pro­tec­tant on hair, such as Jane Carter Solu­tion Revi­tal­iz­ing Leave-In Con­di­tion­er pri­or to heat styling. And try pro­tec­tive, “heat­less” styles.

Win­ter Hair Mis­take #2: For­get­ting to Bundle Up

Reach for a scarf, hat, or cap to provide a bar­ri­er between your hair and the ele­ments

Win­ter Hair Mis­take #3: Wash­ing TOO Often

Try co-wash­ing instead

Win­ter Hair Mis­take #4:  Dry Scalp

It is very impor­tant to get rid of dry scalp. Dry scalp may lead to itch­i­ness and infec­tion. To pre­vent dry scalp one needs to mois­tur­ize the scalp, try Jane Carter Solu­tion Scalp Nour­ish­ing Serum.

Ladies, how do you keep your hair from get­ting dry and dam­aged in the win­ter? 

*This arti­cle is cour­tesy of Jane Carter Solu­tion!

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I have fine hair & baby fine nape issues. Last win­ter I got a Fin­ger­comber wig & wore it from Jan­u­ary to April & used Qhemet prod­ucts & S Curl. I retired from teach­ing in June & can now do what I please with no rush,work or hair dra­ma. Pam­per­ing is the rule ! This time I start­ed in Novem­ber because of recent cold snaps.Took my Fin­ger­comber to a salon & had it cut down into the exact same big afro I wore in the 70s. Even took a 70s pho­to of me to guide the styl­ist. Looks just like… Read more »
okay so I just start­ed my hair jour­ney. My hair is just past my shoul­ders and since I have been home from over­seas I have kept it up. I have four twists and pin them up and they stay that way until I feel my hair begin­ning to get dry. then I take them down and re mois­tur­ize them and put them back up off of the col­lar of my sweaters and every­thing else. I also start­ed using the method of dip­ping my ends in oil before I take them apart to re mois­tur­ize them. I will see how this… Read more »

I wear my 4B/4C hair down in a wash and go 100% of the time. I do chunky twists every night and seal the ends with either one of my favorite pomades, which is usu­al­ly home­made, or avo­cado but­ter. I use sat­in cap for bed. Dai­ly, I let the steam of the show­er pen­e­trate my hair in the morn­ing fol­lowed by my favorite moisturz­er (Oyin Hair Dew) and a lit­tle pomade to seal.
I have no prob­lem with SSKs and very lit­tle split ends


I wash my hair with sham­poo every oth­er day regard­less of the time of year and I nev­er wear hats or scarves even in the snow. I use the same hair care rou­tine year round.


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Good Arti­cle!

I’d like to add that putting a sat­in scarf on under your hat, if you wear wool hats in win­ter, is a hair saver. I’ve been wear­ing a pro­tec­tive style, a scarf, and a hat all win­ter and when I take the hat off indoors, my hair is smooth and shiny. No frizz, no dry­ness, and I retained more length. As for some of the com­pa­nies that make hats with a sat­in lin­ing, I have a cou­ple of those and the lin­ing came away after one win­ter. Oth­er peo­ple may have had bet­ter expe­ri­ences but that was mine. I paid… Read more »
Win­ter Hair Mis­take #2: For­get­ting to Bundle Up Reach for a scarf, hat, or cap to provide a bar­ri­er between your hair and the ele­ments I took this too far wear­ing a scarf at all times. I also had a prob­lem with dan­druff and an ever decreas­ing hair­line. We have very dry, cold win­ters here but I have to leave the head­scarf at home now and brave the ele­ments albeit with very well mois­turised hair (I wear a cap only when it’s unbear­ably cold). Now the dan­druff has gone and I’m hop­ing with the help of cas­tor oil my hair­line… Read more »
Angelic Messanger

To pro­tect my hair from the ele­ments, I wear a silk-lined and velour cap for casu­al and a silk-lined tam for dress. It’s super cute! (Kudos to my mom who always bought us girls lined caps.)

Any­way, my morn­ing win­ter rou­tine when my hair is damp or wet is either use a sat­in scarf or plas­tic cap under­neath my cap. I have a video. I’ll try to post to my web­site today. Hope you like it. Let me know what you think. :)

Olivia J.

I wash my hair once a week, wash with Miss Jessie’s Sudsy sham­poo and fol­low with a shea but­ter deep con­di­tion, and my hair loves it. I usu­al­ly straight­en it after (Air dry in large twists, then flat iron). This past week when I washed my hair, I was at a crunch for time so I just threw in a leave in con­di­tion­er and it wasn’t mois­tur­ized at all. So the coconut pre wash I do and shea but­ter con­di­tion are essen­tials.


I use the Hair May­on­naize once by week and I apply cas­tor oil on my scalp and olive oil on my hair almost every day


I only have one issue with this advice in this column…

If you are wear­ing a hat or scarf, it will not do you much good if it is wool. Wool will snag on your ends, same way wear­ing your hair down will. If you do wear a hat or beanie, hope you have a sat­in piece of cloth on there so your hair will not be los­ing mois­ture from the ele­ments AND the mate­ri­al of the scarf. Hope that helps.




Does the phrase “This arti­cle is cour­tesy of Jane Carter Solu­tion!” from the above arti­cle answer your ques­tion?


I live in Col­orado and the win­ters here just suck mois­ture from my hair and skin like no oth­er, le sigh. I stopped using sham­poo (I have 4c hair so that was a great choice regard­less), mois­tur­ize dai­ly with oil and shea but­ter, spritz my scalp with rooi­bos tea, added fish oil to my dai­ly sup­ple­ment, drink 10 glass­es of water each day, and keep my ends tucked most the time. I have hap­py, soft, mois­tur­ized hair most of the time now, yay!


I thought you weren’t sup­posed to leave the tea in past 30mins?any prob­lems with leav­ing it in you long?


Hmmm I have nev­er heard that, but I have no issues. In fact, rooi­bos tea keeps my scalp nice and healthy… my hair loves the nutri­ents! I do not spritz it on my ends tho, I just wrap my hair in 8 flexirods for the evening and spritz my scalp with the tea.


I am hav­ing seri­ous split end prob­lems this win­ter! Dust­ed my ends this week­end but I’m also see­ing splits fur­ther up. I didn’t have this prob­lem when my hair was short­er (top of bras­trap length now). I’m going into pro­tec­tive styling mode — been rev­el­ing in my length and wear­ing it down way too much for the win­ter. Any oth­er sug­ges­tions?


Yoco, your ends might be get­ting dried out. I was hav­ing sev­ere issues with split ends recent­ly, find­ing myself dust­ing sev­er­al times a week. To com­bat this issue I’ve start­ed mois­tur­iz­ing my ends thor­ough­ly every day or two. No need to be shy with prod­ucts. Since then I have only found a split end or two per week.


I’ve been deal­ing with this as well this win­ter. Thanks for the advice Alison, I will try that also.


Thanks Alison! Will def­i­nite­ly go into over­drive with the mois­tur­iz­er, along with amp­ing up my pro­tec­tive styling game


The girl in the main pho­to is beau­ti­ful


Muito boas dicas!
Abraço do Brasil!!


My hair has been in my scarf/bonnet and a bee­nie since it got cold out­side lol.…only on warm days (I live in GA) I may take it out but hard­ly.….

Joy Yummy

i put my hair in exten­sions in the weath­er and cream my scalp every two days . Don’t want to get the scalp too greasy !!

kim sayles

thanks for the advice keep up the advice and mes­sage thank you very much.


I don’t often see cold days; how­ev­er, when there’s a chill in the air, I use a thick­er shea-based hair but­ter to seal in mois­ture. When it’s not chilly, a liq­uid oil-based sealant will do.