Keke Palmer - 2011 NAACP Image Awards

Actress Keke Palmer is an under­cov­er nat­ur­al! The 19-year-old actress and singer, known for her lead­ing roles in Akee­lah and the Bee and Madea’s Fam­i­ly Reunion took to Twit­ter yes­ter­day to reveal the fro she’s been hid­ing beneath some slick weaves. Keke post­ed the pho­to with the cap­tion “My hair!”, and was met with gen­er­al­ly pos­i­tive com­ments from her fans!


Angela Sim­mons and Rap­per Lil Mama did the same thing in 2011 and 2012 respec­tive­ly, but weren’t met with such pos­i­tive feed­back.

Ladies, what do you think?

Black Girl With Long Hair

Leila Noel­liste, founder of Black Girl with Long Hair (April 2008). Social media, pop cul­ture and black beau­ty enthu­si­ast. bell hooks’ hair twin…

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I can’t believe some peo­ple are real­ly over-ana­lyz­ing her facial expres­sion… Wow.


have they not seen how some young ppl take pic­tures now. we all make exag­ger­at­ed faces, whether its duck face or a stank face.
she’s try­ing to look cute. (she always


Just chill. I think she’s just being sil­ly. It’s not that big of a deal lol.


Man, peo­ple analyse this nat­ur­al hair thing so much now that it is beyond scary. Keke, con­tin­ue to do your thing, it’s your hair and your facial expres­sion!


How do we know she’s mak­ing that face because of her hair? Did she say some­thing in her cap­tion or are we assum­ing? She’s hold­ing her neck how do we know it’s not a sore throat? Ijs.


Her hair looks good. Nice and full.


I under­stand your state­ment Tama­ra, about hav­ing good and bad hair days. How­ev­er, if I know that oth­er young girls who may decide to wear their hair nat­ur­al sees this pic­ture, it might deter them from doing so. There is a dif­fer­ence when Keke has her hair all done up and this look of OMG Argh!!! on this pic­ture with her hair not trimmed, con­di­tioned, oiled and styled. I too have good and bad hair days, I would be more care­ful of the pics I post if I was a celebri­ty such as her.


Her hair just needs trim­ming, like mine’s does right now. Cut off the dead ends! It could be healthy. Mine’s ALWAYS looks and feels greater after I get a much need­ed trim.


I got thumbs down for WHAT? Get­ting your hair trimmed does not stunt hair growth.
I guess some peo­ple are mis­in­formed. It’s very ben­e­fi­cial as long as you don’t take off too much.
Or maybe it’s because my pic­ture has me with straight hair but believe me, my hair cur­rent­ly is in afro form. Braid­ed in plaits under my scarf. And I don’t get it straight­ened too often.


Don’t feel like you have to explain your­self to peo­ple for why you have your hair straight. It is your hair and you can wear it any way you like. Some peo­ple are too judg­men­tal. It is JUST hair peo­ple!


Thank you! Unfor­tu­nate­ly, you’re right!


You can take off less than to just an inch if hair. I know I need mine’s. Keep split ends from com­plet­ing.


If she would take care of her real hair and keep it con­di­tioned she wouldn’t have that facial expres­sion. She is like­ly caught up in the weave game.


I don’t like the face she is mak­ing in reac­tion to her Nat­ur­al hair, what is she think­ing? If she doesn’t like her own hair that grows out of her head that way, how can any­body else have a pos­i­tive view on Nat­u­ral­ly Curly hair?


Me thinks you are assum­ing a lot.


Per­fect exam­ple of how every­one views things dif­fer­ent­ly. Her facial expres­sion made me think she did­nt like her hair as well.


I was think­ing the same thing Tasha. The look on her face seemed liked “Yikes, my hair is a mess.” I still say, I see noth­ing wrong with wear­ing wigs and weaves as pro­tec­tive styling, but to do it ALL OF THE TIME, makes me won­der if the per­son is too lazy to do their own hair or some­how ashamed of it.

Shawna H

You are right for exam­ple I have an aunt who has indi­an hair we are black but she was for­tu­nate to have indi­an roots. Well she only goes out­side with wigs because she doesn’t know how to do her own hair. So I would say lazi­ness plus just not hav­ing a clue is why some peo­ple would rather where wigs and weaves 100%.


there is noth­ing wrong with the face she is mak­ing. ive made that same face many times when I’m try­ing to fig­ure out what to do or what the works its going in with my hair. its com­ments like that makes peo­ple like her and Lil Mama and Ash­ley Sim­mons use the weave. they are human just like we are they have bad hair days and good hair days too!


She looks hor­ri­fied!


So let me get this straight…for the long, straight Euro­pean look, she smiles and appears con­fi­dent but for HER OWN NATURAL hair look…she frowns. Wow! Where’s the self-love in that?!


So stu­pid you are the one that have low self esteem why the hell would she take a pic if she was ashamed or sad about her hair she was just being sil­ly, stop rely­ing on oth­er black women wear­ing their hair to YOUR pref­er­ence to make YOU feel good


Harfeffde.…wasn’t about ME.…but I do rec­om­mend that you take your head out of the sand for a minute and see what’s real­ly going on here…WAG THE DOG (look it up)!

Black men have it so much eas­i­er than we do. Most Black male actors wear their hair in a short nat­ur­al and call it a day.  While I think it’s great that Keke’s hair is nat­ur­al why can’t a Black actress with hair like Esper­an­za Spalding’s, Kim Wayan’s and Tem­pest Bledsoe’s get con­sid­ered for as many roles in film and tele­vi­sion with their nat­ur­al hair styled as Zoe Sal­dana and Megan Good (whom I love)? Why do we Black actress­es have to don wigs, exten­sions, weaves while many (not all) White actress­es don’t have to do that? I know the hair… Read more »

Not that seri­ous Hun, they can do what they want its their hair


Part of the weave/wig thing for movies and tele­vi­sion is that you can guar­an­tee a con­sis­tent look. This is impor­tant because film­ing is not done sequen­tial­ly, and also you have to remem­ber the nature of our hair — which is nature -( humid­i­ty, espe­cial­ly) can impact how our looks dur­ing the course of the day.


I love every­thing about this pic­ture. She looks her age. That’s the exact face I make when it’s time to do my hair. Not that I hate my hair, but “good gra­cious. this is going to be a process.”

Word.… Idk maybe it’s a younger ppl thing because I’m around the same age as Keke ( I’m 18) and on my ins­ta I have me mak­ing faces like this when my hair is styled and I look on point and when I look bust­ed just to be sil­ly. I doubt she’s sit­ting there like let me “smize” for insta­gram in my paja­mas after get­ting my weave removed! Like sheesh like every­one has their opin­ion but let’s be real if she hat­ed her hair would she of put it on insta­gram? And if she hat­ed her hair wouldn’t it of… Read more »

I wish some of these ladies would incor­po­rate some nat­ur­al hair­styles into their rota­tion even if they’re still going to wear weaves for work! I agree that it kind of makes nat­ur­al hair seem like some­thing to be hid­den when it’s only asso­ci­at­ed with being in your sweats at home, but it’s also nice that peo­ple are admit­ting that weave doesn’t grow out of their head and they aren’t afraid to show what their hair looks like “undone”

Amma Mama

Her hair is beau­ti­ful and so is she! I love Keke.


…love it…


I knew this would be on bglh. Keke is a beau­ti­ful, well-spo­ken girl, and one thing I have always noticed is that her hair always looks good! I could care less whether or not she’s con­fi­dent wear­ing her nat­ur­al hair; espe­cial­ly since it appears that she uses weaves to pro­tect it. The indus­try is dif­fer­ent from our day to day expe­ri­ence I sup­pose. Any­way, I would have to say that there are few women whose weaves look as great as hers! I would love the hook-up :)


I thought the same, I hon­est­ly feel this is like a vent­ing site this site ener­gy is so neg­a­tive and self right­eous, live n freakin let live..done with this site


that face reminds me of the Dr. Mir­a­cle com­mer­cials for relaxed straight hair. She is nat­ur­al, noth­ing new as there are plen­ty of celebrity’s who are, but I pre­fer women who have enough con­fi­dence to actu­al­ly rock the nat­ur­al look at a major pub­lic event like Tey­on­ah Har­ris at the SAG awards.

Amma Mama

Tey­on­ah Par­ris*



So, there’s going to be a post when any black female “celeb” posts a pic­ture of their nat­ur­al hair on insta­gram? What else are we sup­posed to say about it after the first 7 times?


Peo­ple make faces like that on Insta­gram all the time. *shrugs*

I feel her pain cause when I get my hair tak­en out of braids I make the same face. I’m not dis­gust­ed by my hair its because i know the long process ahead of me with the wash­ing and the detan­gling. My hair is at a short stage so I also light­ly blow dry and that can take some time too, but once its done I’m all SMILES. I don’t think she is dis­gust­ed by her hair, butI’m sure she is thingk­ing, “Good Gra­cious Lordy, Lordy”!! Besides its just a pic­ture and we don’t know what she was think­ing about… Read more »
CoCo the Sweet One

I wish her hair was bet­ter styled in her pho­to. Most peo­ple have the incor­rect per­cep­tion that nat­ur­al hair is unkempt and unat­trac­tive. This pho­to per­pet­u­ates that stereo­type of nat­ur­al hair.


I dont think so. black hair can be sleek and straight or it can stretch to all direc­tions. that’s the beau­ty of our hair.


Her face is hilar­i­ous in this and it’s mak­ing me smile! But why should she care about what oth­er peo­ple say or think about nat­ur­al hair? It’s HER hair! Let her present it how­ev­er she wants. If peo­ple want to assume that nat­ur­al hair is “unkempt” or “unat­trac­tive”, then let them. If they do their own research, they’ll fig­ure it out for them­selves. If not? Oh well. I wouldn’t let some­one else’s igno­rance keep­ing me from being myself. I hon­est­ly think her hair doesn’t look bad here. Wild? Sure, but not “unkempt” or “unat­trac­tive”.


I think it’s great that she’s nat­ur­al. How­ev­er, the face she’s mak­ing doesn’t indi­cate she’s hap­py about it. If any­thing, it looks like she’s dis­gust­ed. Maybe she likes being nat­ur­al, but is just try­ing to com­mu­ni­cate in the pic­ture that she knows she needs to wash her hair/condition it, etc. It would have been bet­ter if it was a pic­ture of her show­ing off her nat­ur­al hair AND she had a smile on her face!

Real­ly Eri­ca, what the hell, she can make the face she wants, if she smiles does that make u feel bet­ter about your hair, and to see all the likes con­firm what ppl say about black women, always find­ing some neg­a­tive just like y’all did with solange, toya and every oth­er black women that don’t live up to how u feel they should be, live n let live so the f what she is mak­ing a sil­ly face she is young if she wasn’t hap­py about her hair why the HELL woul she tweet the pic, we are our own… Read more »
you should real­ly stop with com­ments like “it’s true what peo­ple say about black women always find neg­a­tive things to say” i’m grow­ing tired of read­ing this. i have wit­nessed oth­er women being mean to each oth­er and going on enforc­ing the oth­ers’ stereo­types on you (us) won’t help any­one. i have nev­er heard oth­er women or men no mat­ter how mean and crit­i­cal they can be to each oth­er link­ing their behav­iour to the colour of their skin and using the oth­ers’ opin­ions on them to make their point espe­cial­ly not black women opin­ions on them. many oth­er women… Read more »

She’s a teen peo­ple, that’s what kind of pic they take nowa­days for fun.lighten up and stop over ana­lyz­ing every­thing!!!! She looks beau­ti­ful!!!!


Wow and she’s not even afraid to show her face, cool. Real­ly beau­ti­ful hair.


Why is she mak­ing that face? Also her skin looks real­ly pale. Her hair is beau­ti­ful though.


Would like to see more nat­ur­al pics of her. She have real­ly healthy head of hair.

Jane T

Ha! I was just watch­ing Aki­lah n the bee today-for the 52nd time. I think it was met with pos­i­tive com­ments because she’s uni­ver­sal­ly well liked.. I love it, although I think celebs should get out of being nat­ur­al under­cov­ers. Its the best time to come out! Every­one is cel­e­brat­ing being dif­fer­ent and unique, red hair, pink hair etc


I think its long and thick.


This is not the most flat­ter­ing pic,but its good to see some­one in hol­ly­wood who is going nat­ur­al.

Ubah Uma Luar

now i know her. Last unday my lit­tle cousin was telling me how much of a fan she is of Keke.
It’s good to see her with nat­ur­al hair also

I real­ly admire this young lady nat­ur­al or not. I don’t see any­thing wrong with keep­ing nat­ur­al hair under wigs or weaves, espe­cial­ly when your in the enter­tain­ment indus­try which requires a lot of dif­fer­ent looks often. My thing is this: just because we’ve decid­ed to embrace a nat­ur­al lifestyle doesn’t mean that we should go around judg­ing those with relaxed, weave or any­thing oth­er than nat­ur­al. That’s like the pot call­ing the ket­tle black. Most of us, at one time or anoth­er we’re there too, so what gives? That’s like the ex alco­holic talk­ing about the drug addict and… Read more »