Keke Palmer - 2011 NAACP Image Awards

Actress Keke Palmer is an undercover natural! The 19-year-old actress and singer, known for her leading roles in Akeelah and the Bee and Madea’s Family Reunion took to Twitter yesterday to reveal the fro she’s been hiding beneath some slick weaves. Keke posted the photo with the caption “My hair!”, and was met with generally positive comments from her fans!


Angela Simmons and Rapper Lil Mama did the same thing in 2011 and 2012 respectively, but weren’t met with such positive feedback.

Ladies, what do you think?

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I can’t believe some people are really over-analyzing her facial expression… Wow.


have they not seen how some young ppl take pictures now. we all make exaggerated faces, whether its duck face or a stank face.
she’s trying to look cute. (she always


Just chill. I think she’s just being silly. It’s not that big of a deal lol.


Man, people analyse this natural hair thing so much now that it is beyond scary. Keke, continue to do your thing, it’s your hair and your facial expression!


How do we know she’s making that face because of her hair? Did she say something in her caption or are we assuming? She’s holding her neck how do we know it’s not a sore throat? Ijs.


Her hair looks good. Nice and full.


I understand your statement Tamara, about having good and bad hair days. However, if I know that other young girls who may decide to wear their hair natural sees this picture, it might deter them from doing so. There is a difference when Keke has her hair all done up and this look of OMG Argh!!! on this picture with her hair not trimmed, conditioned, oiled and styled. I too have good and bad hair days, I would be more careful of the pics I post if I was a celebrity such as her.


Her hair just needs trimming, like mine’s does right now. Cut off the dead ends! It could be healthy. Mine’s ALWAYS looks and feels greater after I get a much needed trim.


I got thumbs down for WHAT? Getting your hair trimmed does not stunt hair growth.
I guess some people are misinformed. It’s very beneficial as long as you don’t take off too much.
Or maybe it’s because my picture has me with straight hair but believe me, my hair currently is in afro form. Braided in plaits under my scarf. And I don’t get it straightened too often.


Don’t feel like you have to explain yourself to people for why you have your hair straight. It is your hair and you can wear it any way you like. Some people are too judgmental. It is JUST hair people!


Thank you! Unfortunately, you’re right!


You can take off less than to just an inch if hair. I know I need mine’s. Keep split ends from completing.


If she would take care of her real hair and keep it conditioned she wouldn’t have that facial expression. She is likely caught up in the weave game.


I don’t like the face she is making in reaction to her Natural hair, what is she thinking? If she doesn’t like her own hair that grows out of her head that way, how can anybody else have a positive view on Naturally Curly hair?


Me thinks you are assuming a lot.


Perfect example of how everyone views things differently. Her facial expression made me think she didnt like her hair as well.


I was thinking the same thing Tasha. The look on her face seemed liked “Yikes, my hair is a mess.” I still say, I see nothing wrong with wearing wigs and weaves as protective styling, but to do it ALL OF THE TIME, makes me wonder if the person is too lazy to do their own hair or somehow ashamed of it.

Shawna H

You are right for example I have an aunt who has indian hair we are black but she was fortunate to have indian roots. Well she only goes outside with wigs because she doesn’t know how to do her own hair. So I would say laziness plus just not having a clue is why some people would rather where wigs and weaves 100%.


there is nothing wrong with the face she is making. ive made that same face many times when I’m trying to figure out what to do or what the works its going in with my hair. its comments like that makes people like her and Lil Mama and Ashley Simmons use the weave. they are human just like we are they have bad hair days and good hair days too!


She looks horrified!


So let me get this straight…for the long, straight European look, she smiles and appears confident but for HER OWN NATURAL hair look…she frowns. Wow! Where’s the self-love in that?!


So stupid you are the one that have low self esteem why the hell would she take a pic if she was ashamed or sad about her hair she was just being silly, stop relying on other black women wearing their hair to YOUR preference to make YOU feel good


Harfeffde….wasn’t about ME….but I do recommend that you take your head out of the sand for a minute and see what’s really going on here…WAG THE DOG (look it up)!

Black men have it so much easier than we do. Most Black male actors wear their hair in a short natural and call it a day. While I think it’s great that Keke’s hair is natural why can’t a Black actress with hair like Esperanza Spalding’s, Kim Wayan’s and Tempest Bledsoe’s get considered for as many roles in film and television with their natural hair styled as Zoe Saldana and Megan Good (whom I love)? Why do we Black actresses have to don wigs, extensions, weaves while many (not all) White actresses don’t have to do that? I know the… Read more »

Not that serious Hun, they can do what they want its their hair


Part of the weave/wig thing for movies and television is that you can guarantee a consistent look. This is important because filming is not done sequentially, and also you have to remember the nature of our hair – which is nature -( humidity, especially) can impact how our looks during the course of the day.


I love everything about this picture. She looks her age. That’s the exact face I make when it’s time to do my hair. Not that I hate my hair, but “good gracious. this is going to be a process.”

Word…. Idk maybe it’s a younger ppl thing because I’m around the same age as Keke ( I’m 18) and on my insta I have me making faces like this when my hair is styled and I look on point and when I look busted just to be silly. I doubt she’s sitting there like let me “smize” for instagram in my pajamas after getting my weave removed! Like sheesh like everyone has their opinion but let’s be real if she hated her hair would she of put it on instagram? And if she hated her hair wouldn’t it of… Read more »

I wish some of these ladies would incorporate some natural hairstyles into their rotation even if they’re still going to wear weaves for work! I agree that it kind of makes natural hair seem like something to be hidden when it’s only associated with being in your sweats at home, but it’s also nice that people are admitting that weave doesn’t grow out of their head and they aren’t afraid to show what their hair looks like “undone”

Amma Mama

Her hair is beautiful and so is she! I love Keke.


…love it…


I knew this would be on bglh. Keke is a beautiful, well-spoken girl, and one thing I have always noticed is that her hair always looks good! I could care less whether or not she’s confident wearing her natural hair; especially since it appears that she uses weaves to protect it. The industry is different from our day to day experience I suppose. Anyway, I would have to say that there are few women whose weaves look as great as hers! I would love the hook-up πŸ™‚


I thought the same, I honestly feel this is like a venting site this site energy is so negative and self righteous, live n freakin let live..done with this site


that face reminds me of the Dr. Miracle commercials for relaxed straight hair. She is natural, nothing new as there are plenty of celebrity’s who are, but I prefer women who have enough confidence to actually rock the natural look at a major public event like Teyonah Harris at the SAG awards.

Amma Mama

Teyonah Parris*



So, there’s going to be a post when any black female “celeb” posts a picture of their natural hair on instagram? What else are we supposed to say about it after the first 7 times?


People make faces like that on Instagram all the time. *shrugs*

I feel her pain cause when I get my hair taken out of braids I make the same face. I’m not disgusted by my hair its because i know the long process ahead of me with the washing and the detangling. My hair is at a short stage so I also lightly blow dry and that can take some time too, but once its done I’m all SMILES. I don’t think she is disgusted by her hair, butI’m sure she is thingking, “Good Gracious Lordy, Lordy”!! Besides its just a picture and we don’t know what she was thinking about… Read more »
CoCo the Sweet One

I wish her hair was better styled in her photo. Most people have the incorrect perception that natural hair is unkempt and unattractive. This photo perpetuates that stereotype of natural hair.


I dont think so. black hair can be sleek and straight or it can stretch to all directions. that’s the beauty of our hair.


Her face is hilarious in this and it’s making me smile! But why should she care about what other people say or think about natural hair? It’s HER hair! Let her present it however she wants. If people want to assume that natural hair is “unkempt” or “unattractive”, then let them. If they do their own research, they’ll figure it out for themselves. If not? Oh well. I wouldn’t let someone else’s ignorance keeping me from being myself. I honestly think her hair doesn’t look bad here. Wild? Sure, but not “unkempt” or “unattractive”.


I think it’s great that she’s natural. However, the face she’s making doesn’t indicate she’s happy about it. If anything, it looks like she’s disgusted. Maybe she likes being natural, but is just trying to communicate in the picture that she knows she needs to wash her hair/condition it, etc. It would have been better if it was a picture of her showing off her natural hair AND she had a smile on her face!

Really Erica, what the hell, she can make the face she wants, if she smiles does that make u feel better about your hair, and to see all the likes confirm what ppl say about black women, always finding some negative just like y’all did with solange, toya and every other black women that don’t live up to how u feel they should be, live n let live so the f what she is making a silly face she is young if she wasn’t happy about her hair why the HELL woul she tweet the pic, we are our own… Read more »
you should really stop with comments like “it’s true what people say about black women always find negative things to say” i’m growing tired of reading this. i have witnessed other women being mean to each other and going on enforcing the others’ stereotypes on you (us) won’t help anyone. i have never heard other women or men no matter how mean and critical they can be to each other linking their behaviour to the colour of their skin and using the others’ opinions on them to make their point especially not black women opinions on them. many other women… Read more »

She’s a teen people, that’s what kind of pic they take nowadays for fun.lighten up and stop over analyzing everything!!!! She looks beautiful!!!!


Wow and she’s not even afraid to show her face, cool. Really beautiful hair.


Why is she making that face? Also her skin looks really pale. Her hair is beautiful though.


Would like to see more natural pics of her. She have really healthy head of hair.

Jane T

Ha! I was just watching Akilah n the bee today-for the 52nd time. I think it was met with positive comments because she’s universally well liked.. I love it, although I think celebs should get out of being natural undercovers. Its the best time to come out! Everyone is celebrating being different and unique, red hair, pink hair etc


I think its long and thick.


This is not the most flattering pic,but its good to see someone in hollywood who is going natural.

Ubah Uma Luar

now i know her. Last unday my little cousin was telling me how much of a fan she is of Keke.
It’s good to see her with natural hair also

I really admire this young lady natural or not. I don’t see anything wrong with keeping natural hair under wigs or weaves, especially when your in the entertainment industry which requires a lot of different looks often. My thing is this: just because we’ve decided to embrace a natural lifestyle doesn’t mean that we should go around judging those with relaxed, weave or anything other than natural. That’s like the pot calling the kettle black. Most of us, at one time or another we’re there too, so what gives? That’s like the ex alcoholic talking about the drug addict and… Read more »