Homemade Creamy and Fluffy Shea Butter Creme Recipe

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Naptural85 shows us how to produce a nutrient rich (shea butter, castor oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil) hair creme in two different textures — creamy and fluffy! A simple and easy way to make world-class products from the comfort of your home! Check it out:

What do you think ladies? Would you try this?

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Black Girl With Long Hair

Black Girl With Long Hair

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27 thoughts on “Homemade Creamy and Fluffy Shea Butter Creme Recipe

  1. I just made a creme with shea, almond oil, evoo, coconut oil, lavendar oil, peppermint oil, tea tree oil and rosemary oil. This was my first time trying shea butter and my hair and skin are in love! <3

  2. I made this when I first went natural! It took everything inside of me not to lick the bowl/beaters because it looked too much like cookie dough (& didn’t smell bad, either).

  3. Can I get it as fluffy without coconut oil and essential oils?

    My skin isn’t too fond of coconut oil and I am eczema prone so If I can reduce the recipe down to basic would be better.

  4. Would Cocoa-Butter work for this recipe in place of Shea-butter? What other butter solids would work if not? Shea makes my scalp itch all the time! Also, where do you by these natural products other than on-line?

    • Mango butter is a great replacement for shea butter. I use it to seal my ends, same results without the maddening scalp itch caused by shea butter.

    • Natural products can be purchased at food co-ops or herb stores, but the variety of products they carry is usually limited. If you live in or near NYC, Madina located in Brooklyn, is the Mecca of oils and butters.

  5. I live in the UK and we don’t have a wide range of natural products available to us.
    Making my own shea butter concoction has really made a difference. It leaves the hair moisturised but not greasy and heavy. I mix my shea butter with coconut and olive oil. Its a messy process but so worth it and cheaper than importing products from the US.
    Mango butter is a good alternative to shea butter. You can get these at http://www.naturallythinking.com/categories/Ingredients/Butters/

    • @Nia You didn’t have anything interesting or useful to contribute to this discussion, yet you still thought it would be OK to use this space to publicise your own blog. How incredibly self-centred – Shame on you!!

  6. I make this all of the time. Except I use almond oil instead of coconut oil and when I want the batch to be a little creamier, I add a little (very little) aloe plant.
    @Marilyn I have family that use whipped shea to retwist their locks. They all say that the key thing to remember is to use more oil than Shea. I hope that helps.

    • What aloe product do you use?? I want to make my own natural products so bad, but I like creamier moisturizers versus oily ones.

    • Most of the ingredients have a shelf life of one to two years when stored in an airtight container in a cool dark place like an enclosed pantry. Refrigeration can extend their shelf life, but unless you’re making a batch for a small army, it shouldn’t be necessary. :) Heating the shea butter or coconut oil however can possibly turn the mixture rancid more quickly.

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  8. If you do melt, to save time, and to thoroughly get all the butters and oils blended without little bits of hard butter left in your finished cream or butter, do consider melting: then blend, freeze, blend, freeze, blend until you get the consistency you want. Also, spatula your cream into the jar, whack the jar on the counter-top or palm of hand, use a stir stick to pack it all in. Less plastic used, no air pockets in jar. Been making body & bath stuff for over 10yrs. Just my humble opinion!

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