Nap­tural85 shows us how to pro­duce a nutri­ent rich (shea but­ter, cas­tor oil, coconut oil, jojo­ba oil) hair creme in two dif­fer­ent tex­tures — creamy and fluffy! A sim­ple and easy way to make world-class prod­ucts from the com­fort of your home! Check it out:

What do you think ladies? Would you try this?

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Thank you so much for the creamy shea but­ter recipe.


If you do melt, to save time, and to thor­ough­ly get all the but­ters and oils blend­ed with­out lit­tle bits of hard but­ter left in your fin­ished cream or but­ter, do con­sid­er melt­ing: then blend, freeze, blend, freeze, blend until you get the con­sis­ten­cy you want. Also, spat­u­la your cream into the jar, whack the jar on the counter-top or palm of hand, use a stir stick to pack it all in. Less plas­tic used, no air pock­ets in jar. Been mak­ing body & bath stuff for over 10yrs. Just my hum­ble opin­ion!


Just made mines I’m in love so far :)


Thanks for the great video Nap­tural85, can u tell me how long the hair cremes last for inside or out­side the fridge??


Most of the ingre­di­ents have a shelf life of one to two years when stored in an air­tight con­tain­er in a cool dark place like an enclosed pantry. Refrig­er­a­tion can extend their shelf life, but unless you’re mak­ing a batch for a small army, it shouldn’t be nec­es­sary. :) Heat­ing the shea but­ter or coconut oil how­ev­er can pos­si­bly turn the mix­ture ran­cid more quick­ly.


I make this all of the time. Except I use almond oil instead of coconut oil and when I want the batch to be a lit­tle creami­er, I add a lit­tle (very lit­tle) aloe plant.
@Marilyn I have fam­i­ly that use whipped shea to retwist their locks. They all say that the key thing to remem­ber is to use more oil than Shea. I hope that helps.


What aloe prod­uct do you use?? I want to make my own nat­ur­al prod­ucts so bad, but I like creami­er mois­tur­iz­ers ver­sus oily ones.


can i use this to main­tain my dread­locks


Can you use this to retwist dread­locks as well? How does it hold the locs if so


@Nia You didn’t have any­thing inter­est­ing or use­ful to con­tribute to this dis­cus­sion, yet you still thought it would be OK to use this space to pub­li­cise your own blog. How incred­i­bly self-cen­tred — Shame on you!!


fol­low my blog i have lots of infor­ma­tion.


fol­low my blog i have lots of infor­ma­tion on nat­ur­al hair news


I live in the UK and we don’t have a wide range of nat­ur­al prod­ucts avail­able to us.
Mak­ing my own shea but­ter con­coc­tion has real­ly made a dif­fer­ence. It leaves the hair mois­turised but not greasy and heavy. I mix my shea but­ter with coconut and olive oil. Its a messy process but so worth it and cheap­er than import­ing prod­ucts from the US.
Man­go but­ter is a good alter­na­tive to shea but­ter. You can get these at


Would Cocoa-But­ter work for this recipe in place of Shea-but­ter? What oth­er but­ter solids would work if not? Shea makes my scalp itch all the time! Also, where do you by these nat­ur­al prod­ucts oth­er than on-line?


Nat­ur­al prod­ucts can be pur­chased at food co-ops or herb stores, but the vari­ety of prod­ucts they car­ry is usu­al­ly lim­it­ed. If you live in or near NYC, Mad­i­na locat­ed in Brook­lyn, is the Mec­ca of oils and but­ters.


Man­go but­ter is a great replace­ment for shea but­ter. I use it to seal my ends, same results with­out the mad­den­ing scalp itch caused by shea but­ter.


Can I get it as fluffy with­out coconut oil and essen­tial oils? 

My skin isn’t too fond of coconut oil and I am eczema prone so If I can reduce the recipe down to basic would be bet­ter.


You can get it fluffy with­out using coconut oil or essen­tial oils. Just use the oils you like or have on hand.


I made this when I first went nat­ur­al! It took every­thing inside of me not to lick the bowl/beaters because it looked too much like cook­ie dough (& didn’t smell bad, either).


I just made a creme with shea, almond oil, evoo, coconut oil, laven­dar oil, pep­per­mint oil, tea tree oil and rose­mary oil. This was my first time try­ing shea but­ter and my hair and skin are in love! <3


please i need to make my own cream where can i get almond oil, evoo, coconut oil, laven­dar oil, pep­per­mint oil, tea tree oil and rose­mary oil.
thank you

Diane GREAT prices!!


i tried mak­ing whipped shea but­ter but it hard­end­ed after­wards any­one knw why it did tht ??


You need to add more oils or whip it longer.


Maybe you didn’t add enough coconut oil?


This is exact­ly how I make mine, w/o the jojo­ba oil I’m aller­gic to that.