Styling maven Kinky Island Girl shows you a sim­ple way to put in Sene­gale­se twists. Check it out:

What do you think of the look ladies? Would you rock this? 

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This is exact­ly how I do my sene­gale­se twists and I’m rock­ing this style right now. I use either mar­ley braid or kinky twist braid. The only dif­fer­ence is that I dont start my twist with a braid (plait); I start straight with a twist by divid­ing the sec­tion I want to twist in two then I wrap each sec­tion of hair around the exten­sion and dou­ble twist to the end. I usu­al­ly keep the style between 4-6weeks maximum,moisturizing on a dai­ly basis, clar­i­fy­ing with pure ACV and rins­ing the hair very well once a week. My hair has a… Read more »

I just checked the styles tuto­ri­al on you tube. She has some beau­ti­ful styles. The nefer­ti­ti and the water­fall are styles that I know and do with dif­fer­ent vari­a­tions. I do buns a lot because I work in a cor­po­rate envi­ron­ment. I didn’t know those styles were called nefer­ti­ti and waterfall,I learned some­thing today. Tks BGLH!


I absolute­ly love this! I’ve nev­er done my own hair like this but I won­der if may­be I can. It’s tempt­ing to try. :)

Grey Poupon

Very tempt­ing to try! But the exe­cu­tion is a whole oth­er sto­ry haha­ha.


Thank you for shar­ing! :)


where is the video etc


I did this to my own hair using this tuto­ri­al. It came out ok — she is cer­tain­ly more skilled than I am! I think I’ll get bet­ter at it the more I do it — but it will work for now. Took me 12 hours!

The way I do mine is with ras­ta hair. 2 packs. I cut them in half. Brush the ends out. Before i start i light pull the ends to thin out the bot­tom it makes the twist look light and nat­u­ral. Not big and heavy look­ing. Take one and take a small por­tion of the hair from it , to match the size of my hair. I also do a braid at base less slip as I wear them 2 months. When done I make about 5 large loose twist and dip in hot water. Then I say “$$$$$”. I just… Read more »

Awe­some video and style tuto­ri­al!


Beau­ti­ful girl and hair style it fits her per­fect­ly and inspired me to do it myself this week­end again I nor­mal­ly just twist the roots because the braid part seems to wreak hav­oc on my hair. With that being said this pret­ty lady should be more care­ful as her edges seem to be very thin and braid­ing with the Mar­ley hair or any hair takes its toll on our hair if none prop­er­ly.

Hi! Thank you for your kind words. I only wore the­se twists for about a mon­th. I’ve had thin edges for a while now because I used to wear tight corn rows when I was in school (even before then because my mom also has thin hair and very lit­tle eye­lash­es and brows). I went into a salon once to get rope twists and she twist­ed my roots. When I took them out I had no edges (this was in 2011 I think). I used cas­tor oil and my edges have grown back to how they were. Thank God for… Read more »

Hel­lo. what oth­er Brands of the Mar­ley Hair would you rec­om­mend?


I had Havana twists using mar­ley hair last mon­th and I cur­rent­ly have Sene­gale­se twists in. Going back to my Mar­leys though… Sene­gale­se Mar­leys are it!


Nice Job! One ques­tion though ‚How many packs of mar­ley braid hair did you use?
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Stephanie Anderson

i have long nice hair i don’t perms but i want Sene­gale­se Twist but i wan­na know…do it take out your and it do any dam­age to my hair like Brake off or take my hair out. This is real­ly my first time putting hair in my head and a Style like Sene­gale­se…


How many packs of the mar­ley hair do I need for my sen­gale­se twist?


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My braids :] mar­ley braids I love em ??


Thank you. Thanky­ouThanky­ouThanky­ou. Thank you. I didn’t under­stand how you got them to look so neat and now I see it was the gel this whole time. Thank you.


[…] they can last all week and give me big hair. And I love doing pro­tec­tive styles like Mar­ley Twists, Sene­gale­se Twists or Box Braids to pro­mote length reten­tion and give my hair a […]


#dem­toyabraids beau­ti­ful afford­able braids in the Philly area! My first Sene­gale­se twists!


I have short naps in the back after i got a bob not to long ago … Do you think I can still catch the hair to put it into that style?