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Just like many of you, I have had both relaxed hair and natural hair.  Prior to big chopping five years ago, no one could have convinced me that my natural hair was manageable.

You see, in my relaxer days, my new growth became unbearable after about four weeks and really annoying at six weeks.  I had to make sure my hair was “laid”, or perfectly straight down to the roots in order to get a comb through it.  Only then – when my hair was super straight – was my hair “manageable”, and this became more obvious as I began to transition to natural years ago.  There was no way that my stick straight ends combined with my kinky new growth were any more manageable than a fresh relaxer.  However, relaxers were damaging my hair and I was willing to go natural even it took more work.  But would it really take more work?

After my big chop, I was taken aback at how manageable my natural hair was, especially with the right products.  It was no longer stiff, dry, and hard but soft and pliable.  I could go outside in the rain with my TWA (teeny weeny afro) and not be afraid of the weather ruining my style.  I could quickly transform a bad hair day into a good one by wearing a puff and spritzing with some water.  I could even retain a lot more length than when I had a relaxer.  I was now convinced that my natural hair was very manageable.

As my natural hair has gotten longer, I am not going to lie and say that this journey is as easy as it was for me right after the big chop.  I do have my days, particularly when it comes to detangling, when my natural hair is a bit of a challenge.  However, I certainly do not miss standing in the bathroom applying a relaxer to my head, then rinsing, then neutralizing, then conditioning religiously every several weeks.  I do not miss trying to make my new growth more “manageable” by relaxing it bone straight.

Is MY natural hair less manageable than my relaxed hair was?  No.  The fact that I let my strands just be “natural” from the roots to the tips makes it all the more “manageable” for me.

Ladies, is natural hair less manageable than relaxed hair?  Share your thoughts!


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Chicago Chica

I think that it’s a trade-off. When I was relaxed, I had to wash, condition, and style it. Because I preferred rollersets, there were hours spent rolling it, and sitting under a dryer. With my natural tresses, I spend time detangling it, but it saves time in the long run. I no longer have to worry about being active and messing up my hair. I prefer my hair in its natural state. It makes me the unique person that God intended me to be, and that’s beautiful.

My natural hair is more manageable than when its was relaxed more so because now I’m able to handle my hair without worrying that I’m breaking it. My relaxed hair used to be so britte and snap in half at the motion of a comb. I could never get it to retain moisture after two days from a salon deep conditioning treatment. It caused frustration when I did the wash & go. It’d crinkle and become so dry. I avoided water anywhere need my head. I realized how superficial my ways were concerning my hair – I wasn’t dealing with… Read more »

Straight is a PAIN. Kinks are WAY easier to care for. I’ve been natural for almost 10 years and I will never go back to relaxers! Not having to wear shower caps, swim caps, or the horrible, ugly water-proof bonnets (when it rains) is liberating! My ‘fro loves the rain – hello, moisture!
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I love your hair!!!

My natural hair is so easy to manage. I literally spend about 15 minutes every night styling it…and if I don’t feel like retwisting it, I can just pineapple it (which takes approximately 30 seconds) and my hair will still look good the next day. Sometimes detangling takes a while, but not if I’m using a good conditioner. Styling on wash days is just as quick as styling any other day (when I was relaxed, it took me two hours to style my hair after washing it). The wonderful thing is that if my hair is ever looking bad, I… Read more »

When my hair is short then the natural look is horrible so I prefer my hair relaxed, but when it grows out almost to shoulder length its just as easy to take care of natural and relaxed.


I don’t want to control my hair. My hair is a reflection of my own personality: quiet resistance and nonconformity. I detangle it, I wash it, I do all kinds of stuff, and then I let it be. If I let it do what it wants, it tends to be happier, and then I tend to be happier.

As for Sirius Moore, that comment was stupid. Stupid is as stupid does, sure, but that comment was stupid.

No, it’s not. I had a perm for as long as I’ve been natural (about 12 years for both) and I say that they’re equally challenging! With a chemical process, washing and styling required a lot of time and a lot of products. Water was a no no. Breakage was an ever-present threat. I needed regular trims to get rid of split ends. After I went natural, all of these were still true EXCEPT I don’t use as much product natural as I did permed. I don’t know why naturals are spending small fortunes on these products. I have my… Read more »
Same Chic Different Day

I think my natural hair is more manageable. It’s certainly way more versatile…I can roller set/blow it out, or wear it curly. Initially, I was at a loss regarding what to do with my texture, but I’ve learned to keep it simple in terms of products and manipulation. Straightening definitely takes more work than it did when my hair was relaxed, but it’s worth it. I was always combatting breakage and drying when it was relaxed, and my life revolved around my retouch schedule!

Sirius Moore

natural hair is great unless its a nappy afro. You can’t do any messy buns or anything sexy with kinky hair. Natural is only easy if you’re puerto rican. beauty is in the eye of the beholder, sure, but afros are ugly. a cloud of hair that can’t fit into a pony tail, hair that grows upwards like the earth has no gravity, is ugly and difficult.

Ms LiLi

Don’t feed the troll. Some people just post for attention and shock value.


Sounds like you realllllyyyy hate yourself and your hair. I feel bad for you because you have to put other people down to feel better. Honey, you should look on this site and the many other natural hair sites and you will see many heads of beautiful afro textured hair.


Actually, straighter hair tends to grow vertically. The cylindrical hair shaft of persons with straight hair naturally grows upward/downward; it takes heat (and chemicals like in hairspray) to manipulate those proteins into holding a shape. Natural hair in context of this article and your post has a flat hair shaft–this is why the hair is curly or kinky, because it is more susceptible to bending in multiple directions. Naturally curly, kinky,twisty, coiling, serpentine hair grows radially from the head–both vertically and horizontally in accordance with your growth pattern. No one style is any better/more beautiful than the other; the best… Read more »

Troll harder tho


Dude, you came to the wrong website.


@sirius moore


some posts should just be deleted. i mean, i don’t think a person should be allowed to cruelly attack the reason for this site’s existence.





May I suggest you peruse the MANY natural bloggers and vloggers with “hair that grows upwards”…perhaps seeing how they love and style their hair may change your opinions on what constitutes beautiful, sexy hair.

I’m gonna have to disagree with you on that one, hon. Natural hair is very sexy, regardless of the hair type. Natural hair is as unique as the personality of the head from which it grows. The wide variety of colors, textures, lengths, and thicknesses of all of the different heads of hair in the world is astounding. The way that natural hair complements a person’s features is always amazing, too. “One hair type fits all” is not and can never be a reality. I love it when I can look at a person’s hair and think, “Her hair is… Read more »

Completely disagree. I have a 4B/4C and my hair stays looking right. My hair is in a bun right now as a matter of fact! It’s comments like yours that encourage self hate and dislike of natural hair and afro textured hair. I really hope you learn to understand how problematic a statement like the one you shared is.


For me, yes.
I prefer that my hair always be styled and the styles I like only last until my hair gets wet. So, yes. My natural hair is less manageable than relaxed hair. When relaxed, I had the length to swoop it up into a bun. I don’t, yet, have that luxury…but I am patiently awaiting the day because I enjoy styling my natural hair and nothing about straight hair appeals to me.