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Just like many of you, I have had both relaxed hair and nat­u­ral hair.  Pri­or to big chop­ping five years ago, no one could have con­vinced me that my nat­u­ral hair was man­age­able.

You see, in my relax­er days, my new growth became unbear­able after about four weeks and real­ly annoy­ing at six weeks.  I had to make sure my hair was “laid”, or per­fect­ly straight down to the roots in order to get a comb through it.  Only then – when my hair was super straight – was my hair “man­age­able”, and this became more obvi­ous as I began to tran­si­tion to nat­u­ral years ago.  There was no way that my stick straight ends com­bined with my kinky new growth were any more man­age­able than a fresh relax­er.  How­ev­er, relax­ers were dam­ag­ing my hair and I was will­ing to go nat­u­ral even it took more work.  But would it real­ly take more work?

After my big chop, I was tak­en aback at how man­age­able my nat­u­ral hair was, espe­cial­ly with the right prod­ucts.  It was no longer stiff, dry, and hard but soft and pli­able.  I could go out­side in the rain with my TWA (teeny weeny afro) and not be afraid of the weath­er ruin­ing my style.  I could quick­ly trans­form a bad hair day into a good one by wear­ing a puff and spritz­ing with some water.  I could even retain a lot more length than when I had a relax­er.  I was now con­vinced that my nat­u­ral hair was very man­age­able.

As my nat­u­ral hair has got­ten longer, I am not going to lie and say that this jour­ney is as easy as it was for me right after the big chop.  I do have my days, par­tic­u­lar­ly when it comes to detan­gling, when my nat­u­ral hair is a bit of a chal­lenge.  How­ev­er, I cer­tain­ly do not miss stand­ing in the bath­room apply­ing a relax­er to my head, then rins­ing, then neu­tral­iz­ing, then con­di­tion­ing reli­gious­ly every sev­er­al weeks.  I do not miss try­ing to make my new growth more “man­age­able” by relax­ing it bone straight.

Is MY nat­u­ral hair less man­age­able than my relaxed hair was?  No.  The fact that I let my strands just be “nat­u­ral” from the roots to the tips makes it all the more “man­age­able” for me.

Ladies, is nat­u­ral hair less man­age­able than relaxed hair?  Share your thoughts!


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Chicago Chica

I think that it’s a trade-off. When I was relaxed, I had to wash, con­di­tion, and style it. Because I pre­ferred roller­sets, there were hours spent rolling it, and sit­ting under a dry­er. With my nat­u­ral tress­es, I spend time detan­gling it, but it saves time in the long run. I no longer have to wor­ry about being active and mess­ing up my hair. I prefer my hair in its nat­u­ral state. It makes me the unique per­son that God intend­ed me to be, and that’s beau­ti­ful.

My nat­u­ral hair is more man­age­able than when its was relaxed more so because now I’m able to han­dle my hair with­out wor­ry­ing that I’m break­ing it. My relaxed hair used to be so brit­te and snap in half at the motion of a comb. I could nev­er get it to retain mois­ture after two days from a salon deep con­di­tion­ing treat­ment. It caused frus­tra­tion when I did the wash & go. It’d crin­kle and become so dry. I avoid­ed water any­where need my head. I real­ized how super­fi­cial my ways were con­cern­ing my hair — I wasn’t deal­ing with… Read more »

Straight is a PAIN. Kinks are WAY eas­ier to care for. I’ve been nat­u­ral for almost 10 years and I will nev­er go back to relax­ers! Not hav­ing to wear show­er caps, swim caps, or the hor­ri­ble, ugly water-proof bon­nets (when it rains) is lib­er­at­ing! My ‘fro loves the rain — hel­lo, mois­ture!
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I love your hair!!!

My nat­u­ral hair is so easy to man­age. I lit­er­al­ly spend about 15 min­utes every night styling it…and if I don’t feel like retwist­ing it, I can just pineap­ple it (which takes approx­i­mate­ly 30 sec­onds) and my hair will still look good the next day. Some­times detan­gling takes a while, but not if I’m using a good con­di­tion­er. Styling on wash days is just as quick as styling any oth­er day (when I was relaxed, it took me two hours to style my hair after wash­ing it). The won­der­ful thing is that if my hair is ever look­ing bad, I… Read more »

When my hair is short then the nat­u­ral look is hor­ri­ble so I prefer my hair relaxed, but when it grows out almost to shoul­der length its just as easy to take care of nat­u­ral and relaxed.


I don’t want to con­trol my hair. My hair is a reflec­tion of my own per­son­al­i­ty: qui­et resis­tance and non­con­for­mi­ty. I detan­gle it, I wash it, I do all kinds of stuff, and then I let it be. If I let it do what it wants, it tends to be hap­pier, and then I tend to be hap­pier.

As for Sir­ius Moore, that com­ment was stu­pid. Stu­pid is as stu­pid does, sure, but that com­ment was stu­pid.

No, it’s not. I had a perm for as long as I’ve been nat­u­ral (about 12 years for both) and I say that they’re equal­ly chal­leng­ing! With a chem­i­cal process, wash­ing and styling required a lot of time and a lot of prod­ucts. Water was a no no. Break­age was an ever-present threat. I need­ed reg­u­lar trims to get rid of split ends. After I went nat­u­ral, all of the­se were still true EXCEPT I don’t use as much pro­duct nat­u­ral as I did per­med. I don’t know why nat­u­rals are spend­ing small for­tunes on the­se prod­ucts. I have my… Read more »
Same Chic Different Day

I think my nat­u­ral hair is more man­age­able. It’s cer­tain­ly way more versatile…I can roller set/blow it out, or wear it curly. Ini­tial­ly, I was at a loss regard­ing what to do with my tex­ture, but I’ve learned to keep it sim­ple in terms of prod­ucts and manip­u­la­tion. Straight­en­ing def­i­nite­ly takes more work than it did when my hair was relaxed, but it’s worth it. I was always com­bat­ting break­age and dry­ing when it was relaxed, and my life revolved around my retouch sched­ule!

Sirius Moore

nat­u­ral hair is great unless its a nap­py afro. You can’t do any messy buns or any­thing sexy with kinky hair. Nat­u­ral is only easy if you’re puer­to rican. beau­ty is in the eye of the behold­er, sure, but afros are ugly. a cloud of hair that can’t fit into a pony tail, hair that grows upwards like the earth has no grav­i­ty, is ugly and dif­fi­cult.

Ms LiLi

Don’t feed the troll. Some peo­ple just post for atten­tion and shock val­ue.


Sounds like you real­l­l­l­lyyyy hate your­self and your hair. I feel bad for you because you have to put oth­er peo­ple down to feel bet­ter. Hon­ey, you should look on this site and the many oth­er nat­u­ral hair sites and you will see many heads of beau­ti­ful afro tex­tured hair. 


Actu­al­ly, straighter hair tends to grow ver­ti­cal­ly. The cylin­dri­cal hair shaft of per­sons with straight hair nat­u­ral­ly grows upward/downward; it takes heat (and chem­i­cals like in hair­spray) to manip­u­late those pro­teins into hold­ing a shape. Nat­u­ral hair in con­text of this arti­cle and your post has a flat hair shaft–this is why the hair is curly or kinky, because it is more sus­cep­ti­ble to bend­ing in mul­ti­ple direc­tions. Nat­u­ral­ly curly, kinky,twisty, coil­ing, ser­pen­tine hair grows radi­al­ly from the head–both ver­ti­cal­ly and hor­i­zon­tal­ly in accor­dance with your growth pat­tern. No one style is any better/more beau­ti­ful than the oth­er; the best style… Read more »

Troll hard­er tho


Dude, you came to the wrong web­site.


@sirius moore


some posts should just be delet­ed. i mean, i don’t think a per­son should be allowed to cru­el­ly attack the rea­son for this site’s exis­tence.





May I sug­gest you peruse the MANY nat­u­ral blog­gers and vlog­gers with “hair that grows upwards”…perhaps see­ing how they love and style their hair may change your opin­ions on what con­sti­tutes beau­ti­ful, sexy hair.

I’m gonna have to dis­agree with you on that one, hon. Nat­u­ral hair is very sexy, regard­less of the hair type. Nat­u­ral hair is as unique as the per­son­al­i­ty of the head from which it grows. The wide vari­ety of col­ors, tex­tures, lengths, and thick­ness­es of all of the dif­fer­ent heads of hair in the world is astound­ing. The way that nat­u­ral hair com­ple­ments a person’s fea­tures is always amaz­ing, too. “One hair type fits all” is not and can nev­er be a real­i­ty. I love it when I can look at a person’s hair and think, “Her hair is… Read more »

Com­plete­ly dis­agree. I have a 4B/4C and my hair stays look­ing right. My hair is in a bun right now as a mat­ter of fact! It’s com­ments like yours that encour­age self hate and dis­like of nat­u­ral hair and afro tex­tured hair. I real­ly hope you learn to under­stand how prob­lem­at­ic a state­ment like the one you shared is.


For me, yes.
I prefer that my hair always be styled and the styles I like only last until my hair gets wet. So, yes. My nat­u­ral hair is less man­age­able than relaxed hair. When relaxed, I had the length to swoop it up into a bun. I don’t, yet, have that luxury…but I am patient­ly await­ing the day because I enjoy styling my nat­u­ral hair and noth­ing about straight hair appeals to me.