Janet Jack­son in Poet­ic Jus­tice, cir­ca 1993

How things come full cir­cle! 20 years after debut­ing her sig­na­ture box braid exten­sions in the 1993 film Poet­ic Jus­tice, Janet Jack­son is rock­ing them again while in Milan for Fash­ion Week!

Many celebri­ties, includ­ing Bey­on­ce, Solange and Christi­na Mil­ian, have recent­ly rocked box braid exten­sions. What do you think of Janet’s “new” look? 

All pho­tos cour­tesy of Zimbio.com

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Janet did not bring this style back SOLANGE gets this cred­it! JUST SAYIN!!

Nicole B

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Just did my havana twists and I’m feel­ing extra #poet­icjus­tice right now!


I love poet­ic jus­tice braids um rock­ing them now thanks janet„ for brang­ing them back..! Be dif­fer­ent


I love janet and i think she looks great in her braids.


i have the same braids in my hair and i love them

Amma Mama

She might as well have done Kendrick Lamar’s video :-/
He real­ly want­ed her in it, that would’ve been per­fect.


I could bare­ly walk when poet­ic jus­tice braids were in style. But so many old­er wom­en have raved about them, and I got­ta admit they look good!! Janet’s cur­rent braids look a lit­tle weird in the hair­line area, oth­er than that…does the wom­an ever age?…she looks good.


This style was done by Duafe in Philly (The lone nat­u­ral salon in Philly you guys have list­ed on here:)) I remem­ber the own­er post­ing about when she did it a few days ago on face­book.


I love the braids its nice2c her wear her cul­tured sytles. she still looks the same 2me just as beau­ti­ful as b4.im wear­ing my long braids also


Janet still got it going on! She looks beau­ti­ful!


I rocked the poet­ic jus­tice braids in mid­dle school. That’s great that she is wear­ing them again. I think her face is fine. She’s not Joan Rivers, so I don’t have any issues with her face.


I can hard­ly believe my eyes. No, it is not work­ing for her in 2013 with that plas­tic face and cheek-fillers. It’s sad to see she couldn’t just leave well enough alone. SMH — I guess for those who don’t remem­ber her ‘less’ altered self in Poet­ic Jus­tice — they actu­al­ly con­sid­er this nice-look­ing. She has pro­gressed into the Madame Tus­sauds ver­sion of her­self.


I tend to agree with you. She prob­a­bly would look love­ly if she’d have just left her face alone — I bet she’d have aged grace­ful­ly, and very lit­tle, to boot. (Ya’ll know black don’t crack). But the pulled back face look is kind of fright­en­ing. She doesn’t real­ly look human. What a shame to do that to such a nat­u­ral­ly beau­ti­ful face.

Now. Cue the out­raged replies swear­ing that I’m a hater and how hor­ri­ble it is that black wom­en are AAAALLLLWWAAAAYYYYS tear­ing each oth­er down, blah blah blah in 3.…2.….1.….


omg love them, ive done them recent­ly as well, love you janet!! you rock!!!
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i like your braids i won­der who did dhem cus dey is cute n how much dey charge


Off topic…is Janet real­ly mar­ried?? To the bil­lion­aire fel­la…
Any way…I think she can pull off most hair­styles…


you’re gor­geous!


Very NICE!!!!!

I don’t know what Poet­ic Jus­tice is so when I saw the main pic­ture my first thought was, “Janet had a face lift and pulled out her velour ‘90s hat in an attempt to look 20 again”. Then I read the para­graph and looked at the pic­tures and real­ized that it was an old pic­ture haha. How con­fus­ing! Janet is gor­geous and will always be gor­geous. The braids she has now are def­i­nite­ly more mod­ern and done up to make her look classy and old­er, which gives her a much bet­ter image than what orig­i­nal­ly went through my mind when… Read more »

I love the braids she’s rock­ing now. They look nat­u­ral. Takes a girl back to days when I was wear­ing my dook­ie braids! Tempt­ed to give it anoth­er try!


LOVE Janet! She’s great and I don’t think the braids look bad on her even with her being much old­er now.