Naptural85 shows us how to achieve wild, stretched curls with NO HEAT! How awesome is that?? Check it out:

What do you think ladies? Would you rock this look?

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This girl’s hair is amazing. I’m relaxed with no plans to go natural but i’d do it in a heart beat if I thought my hair would look like hers


Napptural85 is truly my hair guru! I love that she is so simplistic with her routine but creates the best styles and options for natural hair.

I have her length of hair and have a hard time coming up with something new to do other than twist, /raidouts and buns. This style is awesome and this weekend I’m headed to Sally’s for curlformers. Thanks for the inspiration (again) Napptural85!


how does she come up with these style techniques? i’m so impressed by her 🙂


For someone who bigchopped to practically zero hair almost a month ago, this may be stupidly ambitious… But I want my hair to do THAT!!! Soon, lol.

I agree la*belle, for many of us this type of hair is not attainable. I for one, have 4b hair that is short and tends to be very dry. I had to trim quite a bit off my ends too and my hair has always had trouble getting length. Naptural85’s hair doesn’t even look that kinky at all when wet, so you know that it is much easier to style than someone with much kinkier hair, which helps explain why she was able to get such length. Some us can go our whole lives and won’t have hair like that… Read more »

Your hair may not look the same as her’s due to the texture, but trust me the length is possible with protective styling, gentle handling, patience, etc. my hair type is 4b, and i’ve gone from barely collarbone length my entire life, including when others took care if my hair, to nearly waist length. It took about 2 years following the above principles, even though i have been natural for 6 years. However, If you do not believe, you will not try, and you will not have. It’s your choice.


Theres always one, isnt there?


In all fairness, Whitney has type 4 hair; the difference between you and her is that she has trained her hair by keeping it in a stretched state the majority of the time and she has an excellent regimen.

I get being realistic about hair growth and length retention, but don’t downplay her hardwork because you still haven’t found what works for you. I’m sure 4 years ago if you would have asked her if she thought she would be where she is today she would have said no, but with hard work and dedication, here she is.


Hey stephanieb, i hear you. Before i bc’d i imagined, for some strange reason, that my hair would look like Nap85’s hair. I cut my hair and discovered super-fine corkscrews that threaten to tangle when i look at them. But i liked Mahoganycurls’ video about accepting your hair type. I love being natural, i just wish my hair were thicker. We’ll just have to go ahead and make our own hair look gorgeous 🙂


Me too la*belle, I just wish that my hair was thicker too, that’s my real problem and length too 🙂 but I know that everyone is different and their hair grows at different rates. My dad is Nigerian, so I have his hair, versus my mom’s, who has amazing, thick hair that grows like weeds.


my dad is nigerian too and like you i also have his fine, low density hair unlike my moms lush hair. ugh. ive accepted it though and am keeping it moving. glad to know that im not the only one out there.

I feel like saying it is “easier to style” is not an accurate statement. She said that it took her 3 hours to install this style. I am not sure how that would be considered easy? If you look at her journey over the years her curls have progressively gotten looser because they have gotten longer and heavier. By her own admission she has indicated that her hair is very thick. Just because it is plentiful and not as tightly curled, but in my opinion still 4a, doesn’t mean it isn’t difficult to manage or style. Clearly, genetics play a… Read more »

yeah, you can long hair but it might not always flow and that’s fine. It doesn’t make any hair type less beautiful or desirable. Just different and unique.


Just GawJusss!!


Hell yeah I’d rock that style! I have finally learned to appreciate big hair. During my permed years, if it didnt lay flat I felt unkempt and even when permed if I encountered humidity and my perm wasnt fresh, I’d swell up. I’d want to slap it back in a ponytail to hide it. Now? love me some big hair! She looks great!

Mia Eubanks

Wow, thank you so much for the help!! Your hair is absolutely beautiful. Where do you find curl formers?


Sally’s and have them.

Jenni Lovette

Gorgeous curls! Thanks for sharing, this is a must try 🙂


How to get stretched curls with no heat but empty pocket, sorry nope. I need someone to make a video on how to stretch hair with no heat and no costly styling aids.


i actually ordered the generic versions on ebay, for my niece, sister and myself. they ran about $7 for each pack of 16. we all have a lot of hair and there was no way i could/would be willing to shell out Curlformer money for all my hair much less the family’s curls…

Just as I am

I’d been thinking about searching for generic Curlformers!
What are they called? Are you satisfied with the results?


She has a video on her channel where she does heatless curls using flexi rods. Those are typically a couple dollars per pack of 4-6 rollers at the beauty supply store. If you go to her channel you will see it.

Ugonna Wosu

use straws. I’m serious, you can curl your hair with drinking straws. I’ve seen it done with beautiful results.


She has the best personality. I could seriously watch her talk about paint drying and be entertained. I can’t wait until I have enough hair to try this style!

Renee Drummond

I love the fact that I can do that without heat. I love her hair! I can’t wait until my hair reaches this length!


love the fact that you can get this look without heat…people love the blowdryer and flatiron too much


I truly enjoy her videos–she’s so personable!


It came out soooo nice.


Ummm, I don’t know about sleeping with THAT MANY curlformers. lol! However, the end result is absolutely GORGEOUS! So yeah, it may be worth it. 😉


I’m tender-headed so I am going to go along with Caramelcurls. Plus, I’ve heard that curlformers are very uncomfortable to sleep in based on the Amazon reviews. However, to each their own, and Nap’s hair turned out beautiful.

Joan B. in S. C.

Considering how many years I spent as a relaxed head and sleeping in plastic rollers, sleeping with all those curlformers shouldn’t be a problem.


So lovely! Thanks Whitney!


Whitney’s hair is so awesome! I can’t wait until I get to this length.