When did you and your husband meet?
N: I meet my husband through a friend/colleague in 2010. She had invited me for a concert at her church. But since I did not have a means to go there and get back home (the venue was far from my place), she called a friend who lived in my neighborhood and who also went to her church to kindly pick me from home and take me back after the concert that day. The friend/church member picked me up and we hit it from there. We became good friends and by 2011 we dated. In July 2012 he proposed.

When and where did you get married?
N: Dec 21st, 2012. Got married in Lagos, Nigeria.

How was your big day?
N: It was a weekday wedding, the Friday before the Christmas week. We had three events to do that day: traditional wedding, church wedding & the wedding reception, so it was a very busy day. I thank God it went well. Though it was a work day loads of people showed up and brightened the day for us. It was a simple, energetic & colorful wedding.


What was your process of deciding how to style your hair?
N: I wanted something different from the “normal bridal look”. I wanted a creative but simple & classy look. So I thought it would be great to go natural for my wedding day. Kept the ‘secret’ from a lot of people because I knew they’d try to discourage me. However, my biggest fans and moral supporters were my husband (who LOVES my natural hair), my sister (who was my beautiful MOH) and my very good friend/sister, Chiwunma aka Chewy (who was my natural hair dresser). I didn’t have an idea of what I’d do that day but I trusted Chewy to do a good job, which she did!

How did you wear your hair?
N: The night before the wedding, Chewy conditioned my hair with mayonnaise hair conditioner, braided the side of my hair then twisted the remaining part. Then she added original coconut oil (real coconut oil extracted from coconut. No additives) and left my hair to air dry over the night. The next day she loosened the twists and just packed it in a nice simple style.

How did your family/husband/guests receive your hair at the wedding?
N: Well, when I hinted my mum about it she was a bit skeptical. But knowing her daughter, she just let me do my thing. Till date, I get people saying they loved my hair and that they had not seen any bride do something like that. At the end of the day my family and guests received it with positive “oohs” and “ahhhs”. Best of all, my husband LOVED it!

Is there a blog/webpage where we can find you?
N: Check out my blog: peridotlady.blogspot.com

Photo Credit: Godwin Abulele of  D-Xtreme Studio

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You look great in short hair! I get the urge every couple of years to go short then hate my life for like a year. I just don’t have the fereuats for it. My faves are Feb, May (cute shot) and now. You look great as a blonde and a redhead. It’s no fair!


Up Naija! I absolutely love your style! I’m also going to style my natural hair for my wedding and I want it huge…. as in step back…a little back…there kind of massive! LOL!
I admire your courage to leave out your natural hair. Nigerians believe natural hair should not be seen but can be talked about…. when all topics has been exhausted… smh!

Jo Somebody

Ok! Woah there with your gorgeousness! I love the mirror pic and the lady with the braided high bun doing your hair, man, I love that bun!


I”m getting married soon and I don’t want to wear twists but that’s because I’m in the military and ALWAYS wear twists so I want to wear it out for once! LOL but anyways, my point is that’s what Nnennaya chose to wear for HER wedding day and might I say that she wore it beautifully! Beautiful couple, I love the hair, the colors, everything! Hell, AND I don’t think your husband has any problems with his eyesight, ya’ll look so happy. Stay blessed!


You look absolutely gorgeous, I am wearing my hair natural, I flat iron often to keep it conditioned, but go back to my natural hair. I want to wear my hair natural when I marry. I love the corals and blue schemed colors, beautiful. May God bless you and your husband for life!


What a beautiful hairstyle! I also love the turquoise & orange color scheme!


LOVELY!!! and you have a wonderful personality,you go girl!


[imgcomment image[/img]

You looked good girl. Its inspirational aha especially since I just did my big chop and am going natural . Love Love Love your style


Oh, I want to see pictures of the traditional wedding and attire please. 🙂


Beautiful! Blessings to the new couple.


Beautiful Bride and you have beautiful skin. May God bless you both and your union!


THE WHOLE WEDDING PARTY WAS JUST BEAUTIFUL! I really like seeing all those beautiful naturals! Her hair is just beautiful and elegant. So many ways to dress up natural hair and show off its versatility!
@vero77 your comments speak to your own limited view of beauty. IF this is not for you then fine, but don’t put someone down because you can’t see the beauty in this simply elegant style. You really should have kept that one to yourself!


yikes!! nah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont like it!! i have natural hair – but doing twists for my wedding!! is a no no – no way…

not a flattering look….. its horrid – luckily her husband didnt mind!! but his probably blind!!

mmmm ouch!!

just wanna let everyone know do not copy this!!


Crawl back to where ever you are from. I have never worn weaves before and have been considering what to do when the “D” day comes. And I am absolutely doing this! I maybe be seventeen but this is my choice of what to do and you cannot condemn someone else’s choice. Keep your mouth shut if you do not like it. No artificial hair is better than a real African hair


you realize you come across as a complete asshole, right? But at least you got to share completely useless and nonconstructive comment anonymously on the internet!


Shut up lulu…

This is MY constructive criticism – this is my view – Last time I looked I was entitled to give my own opinion now that includes my criticism should I feel it necessary. Now if you don’t like it – that’s your business – yeh. You also are hiding – trolling without your pic on the internet. Don’t come here and call me an arse hole – or I’m gonna find and you can kiss my arse- Aright!


No, this is not criticism. It is the bitterness of someone that has never been married. How can you call a newly wed’s husband blind. You are either psycho, suffering from extreme jealousy or simply a bored and frustrated hater. take your bitterness else where she is not the cause of your sorrows. . . maybe your attitude is mtcheeeew


this post was feb…??

i have moved on…

I dare u call me a psycho to my face … u little shit..
i’m gonna knock you out it wont be beauty in your eyes its gonna be stars!!


Hah. Tell me, if you were face to face with this woman and you were a caring friend, would you saw what you say EXACTLY what you said in your original comment? That it’s horrid hairsyle, that her husband’s probably blind..etc? What if someone said that to you when you were showing them your wedding pictures? See how you earned the a-hole title? Well, you probably don’t want to because you think you can spout your opinions anyhow without it not revealing the type of spirit you have and without having people react negatively. Welcome to reality.


Obviously a troller. Let’s do what everyone else is continuing to do…..IGNORE…..


Beautiful!!! You’ve inspired me to have an Sierra Leonean/Nigerian wedding! God bless you and your husband on your union!


Beautiful couple and great hair!


pretty style! i wish you all the best


Wow, it’s very good to see a fellow Nigerian showing off her natural hair! Very beautiful!




You look absolutely beautiful and have a certain glow


Let me be the first…
…Beautiful! 🙂
[imgcomment image[/img]