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When did you and your hus­band meet?
I first saw Ander­son in Octo­ber, 2010. He is part of a local band and I hap­pened to win tick­ets to go to one of their con­certs. I saw him on stage and thought he was cool, knew how to get the crowd hyped, and just rapped quite well. But that was pret­ty much it. So, a few days after the con­cert I went on Face­book and tried to find him, which I did. But real­ly I had noth­ing to say, didn’t real­ly wan­na sound like a groupie or any­thing lol. It wasn’t until Eric Benet released his “Lost In Time” CD that Ander­son post­ed a sta­tus com­ment­ing on it… That was my oppor­tu­ni­ty to just go on and break the ice. We start­ed talk­ing and real­ized how much we had in com­mon. How­ev­er, I was real­ly reluc­tant to just go on a date with him. I don’t know I fig­ured he’d be this cocky rap­per guy!

So, in March, 2011 his band was play­ing at a place close by my house and he invit­ed me to go, which I did and took one of my girls with me. After the show, we met up with every­body by the bar and I was blown away! He was so polite to my girl and I and we spent about an hour togeth­er before they had to go. So we went home and that was pret­ty much it. I was kin­da hop­ing for a “Hey, you wan­na meet up tomor­row or some­thing?”, but no. The next day I sent him a text ask­ing if he had plans that night. Yup, I invit­ed him on a date lol. Well it was amaz­ing and ever since we just kept see­ing each oth­er almost every day. Then in Sep­tem­ber, 2011 we took a trip off to a beach and on our first morn­ing there I woke up and he said he want­ed to talk to me. He had a lit­tle black box in his hand and when he opened it there was a spool of thread inside. I was so con­fused that I didn’t even hear any­thing he said! Then he tied one of the ends to my ring fin­ger and asked “Will you mar­ry me?” and the ring came slid­ing towards my fin­ger. I start­ed squeak­ing and scream­ing YES! He told me he had seen this pro­pos­al on “Step­mom” with Julia Roberts and thought it would be per­fect. He was right, sure caught me off guard.

When did you get mar­ried?
We got mar­ried at a site by the Para­noá Lake in Brasil­ia, Brazil on Sep­tem­ber 2nd,2012 at 4:45 p.m.


How was your big day?
I hon­est­ly want­ed to get mar­ried ever since I was five when I first saw Ariel on Lit­tle Mer­maid dressed in white, so you can imag­ine how much I want­ed this day to go per­fect. Well, our big day was MUCH more than what we had expect­ed. We planned out every sin­gle detail and it just felt amaz­ing to see every­thing come togeth­er. Love, dreams, fam­i­ly and friends, all at the same time. But as in almost every wed­ding, there was a lit­tle set­back… My wed­ding was sched­uled to start at 4 p.m. and when it was 3:40 p.m. I was get­ting ready to leave and Ander­son called say­ing my Dad had for­got his col­lared shirt at home! Note that his house was 30 min­utes away and they were get­ting dressed right next to our loca­tion. So, I arrived at 4:10 at our loca­tion and my Dad and Ander­son didn’t arrive until 4:35 when my wed­ding plan­ner came run­ning to tell me we were start­ing because they had just arrived. I con­fess I’m always a dra­ma queen, but I was just so hap­py and anx­ious that I told myself I wouldn’t let that get to me. We all laugh about how they ran into a mall and bought a new one.

So when it final­ly began we had a band play with vio­lins and a key­board all of our favorites dur­ing the cer­e­mony, such as “If I ain’t got you” and “What you won’t do for love”. I walked down the aisle with my Dad to “ Close to you” by The Car­pen­ters and it was just mag­i­cal. As I walked up to Ander­son he just burst into tears and so did I, which got a lot of our friends and fam­i­ly to do the same. After the cer­e­mony we were intro­duced as Mr. and Mrs. Rodrigues and danced to “Rock with you” by Michael Jack­son. Ahhh it was amaz­ing, hands down the best day of my life. I wish that day would’ve nev­er end­ed.

How did you wear your hair?
My hair­dresser asked me to wash my hair in the morn­ing and con­di­tion it as I usu­al­ly would when I do a wash and go, and let it air dry before going over to her apart­ment. She used a curling iron to do a bit looser curls on my nat­u­ral hair, and then took a bunch of bob­by pins and start­ed push­ing up the curls towards the front. Pret­ty much that was it! Then she pinned the 3 silk flow­ers I had cho­sen for the wed­ding.

What was your process of decid­ing how to style you hair?
My hair style was a quest since day one! I knew I want­ed to be ME and still look like I had been to a salon. Thing is 90% of hair­dressers here just don’t know what to do with nat­u­ral hair. They just sug­gest you straight­en it and do some­thing ordi­nary like a bun or what­ev­er! So, when I final­ly found a wom­an who told me she could have me, be me, but just fancier, I knew she was the one. I want­ed to have offi­cial por­trait pic­tures tak­en a mon­th before the wed­ding so I knew exact­ly what I’d look like because I knew I want­ed to feel fab about my hair. Plus, as dumb as it may sound I want­ed to prove to every­body that you can look spec­tac­u­lar in curls in any occa­sion. So, we did!

How did your family/husband/guests receive your hair at the wed­ding?
My hus­band and some fam­i­ly mem­bers were my main con­cern. My hus­band had joked that if I showed up not look­ing like myself he’d whistle and a boat would get him out through the lake, but he said he was stunned by how per­fect and unique I looked. As for my fam­i­ly, a great part of them were nev­er too sup­port­ive of the whole “afro” look, but when they saw me they all said I looked gor­geous! The lady who worked with the video com­pa­ny told me I looked stun­ning and so nat­u­ral at the same time, so I guess that went as planned!

Is there a blog/webpage where we can find you?
On Insta­gram @Pollycol
Ah! You guys can take a peek at how the wed­ding was :) The part where I speak in Por­tugue­se I’m say­ing “Dude, my Dad for­got his shirt at home.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TicQWJAzjrQ. And on this video it’s our save the date video done 6 months before the wed­ding, you can see how short my hair was! I had big chopped 4 months before they shot it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzS-DgGfO2Q.


Just anoth­er lover of nat­u­ral hair and expres­sion.
— Style Icon Coor­di­na­tor for BGLH

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Salomey Doku

Oh my gosh! This is sooo beau­ti­ful :) What a love­ly wed­ding & such a beau­ti­ful bride and hap­py groom :D


Congratulations!,I’m so hap­py for you! and i real­ly love your gown and your hair looked so fan­cy and beau­ti­ful.


You are sooo beau­ti­ful! Your love is writ­ten all over your inter­view. CONGRATULATIONS

active momma
So beau­ti­ful, and I’m hap­py you stayed true to your­self. I’m nat­u­ral now, but my hair was straight­ened years ago when I mar­ried. How­ev­er, my hus­band said the same thing, he didn’t want me at the alter all glammed out with heavy make­up. I think it’s love­ly and refresh­ing that our men want us to be who we, the best ver­sions of our­selves on that spe­cial day. Your pho­tos are a true tes­ta­ment to the self love you have and how for­tu­nate you are to have met and mar­ried a man who loves and respects you for it. Stay hap­py… Read more »

Love love love your hair and the video. It was so beau­ti­ful! I’m get­ting mar­ried in June and I’ve been dri­ving myself crazy try­ing to fig­ure how to wear my hair for my big day. you just gave me some inspi­ra­tion.


Sim­ply gor­geous she looked great. I’m get­ting mar­ried in Octo­ber and i have NO idea what to do with my hair, the fiancé wants me to wear a fro and would hate it if I straight­ened, so I have been search­ing for inspi­ra­tion online but can’t. Please beau­ti­ful curlies if you know links
or have pic­tures please please help me out. I’m get­ting pres­sure from friends and fam­i­ly to straight­ened since I’m the only nat­u­ral they know in their lives so they hate (sad I know)

PS: is it me or does she look like Rihan­na on that first pro­file pic­ture


Reneé, remem­ber it’s your big day! Do what­ev­er you feel like would look good on your hair. My entire fam­i­ly want­ed me to straight­en it, but I chose not to because it wouldn’t be me! As for my hus­band he said that if I showed up with my hair straight he’d whistle for a jet ski or some­thing and leave lol. I feel like you got­ta do what you and your hus­band would feel hap­py about :)


Gor­geous! I also real­ly like that he took a page out of a roman­tic dra­ma for his pro­pos­al haha.

jenna marie christian



watch­ing the video i see that her hair­dresser use a hot curling iron on her hair with­out flat iron­ing her hair first— wow! i am total­ly try­ing this tech­nique. it nev­er occurred to me to just curl.


Yup! She just asked me to wash it in the morn­ing and let it air dry before going over to see her.


Beau­ti­ful bride! cute sto­ry and pics. Bless­ings to your and your fam­i­ly :)


pret­ty bride and that hair­style real­ly was bang­ing!


beau­ti­ful bride and hair! loved the pho­tos!


I watched the wed­ding video. That wed­ding was one of the most beau­ti­ful and pos­i­tive events that I have seen in a very long time. I could total­ly tell you are real­ly and tru­ly in love. Even made me believe again that love like this still exists :-) I wish you both all the best!


It does!!! Keep believ­ing in love ;)


*Blown away!* Such won­der­ful ener­gy on your wed­ding day! It real­ly shi­nes through your pho­tos! Con­grats on all your hap­pi­ness!!!


Very beau­ti­ful wed­ding, bride, pic­tures, every­thing! Con­grat­u­la­tions again. My wed­ding is offi­cial­ly 4 months from now! Aaah! Wish me luck!

Coley Cole

I was smil­ing the entire time while read­ing your sto­ry and watch­ing the videos. You two are such a love­ly cou­ple. Con­grats! Your hair looked awe­some too, gonna have to try that — a light curling iron on con­di­tioned hair.


Beau­ti­ful!! You def­i­nite­ly have the glow! Love, Love, Love the hair!


I have tears in my eyes.….


Tried to reply every sin­gle com­ment, but this iPhone is act­ing fun­ny. So, “Thank you girls!!!”


Gor­geous bride!! I can feel the love flow­ing thru the­se shots, and you hair is AWESOME :)


BEAUTIFUL every­thing!!!!!


I LOVE this!! Awe­some pho­tos, and their wed­ding seemed like so much fun!! :)


Thank you much!!! It was real­ly fun!


Beau­ti­ful pho­tos! You looked gor­geous and your hair was per­fect!


Real­ly pret­ty.… thanks for shar­ing!


Con­grats on the mar­riage and loved your hair :)


She looks beau­ti­ful!


Beau­ti­ful Bride, may God bless your mar­riage!


Amen! We’re very thank­ful to God!!!


pret­ty bride, pret­ty hair. :)


Awwwww thanks!