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Intro­duce your­self!
I’m Samio and I’m from Eng­land.

Why did you make the deci­sion to go nat­ur­al?
I’ve been nat­ur­al all my life, but I haven’t always loved my hair. I want­ed to get my hair relaxed when I was in high school but my Moth­er wouldn’t let me. She said I had to wait until I was old­er, because she knew if I made the deci­sion then, I’d lat­er regret it. Moth­ers are always right.

When I got old­er and start­ed to appre­ci­ate my hair I was glad I’d kept it nat­ur­al, but I did go through a process along the way before I ful­ly appre­ci­at­ed it. I exper­i­ment­ed with my hair a lot. I went through two years of com­plete­ly bleach­ing my hair and also dye­ing it some out­ra­geous colours (includ­ing bright orange and green). After a while the bleach­ing real­ly start­ed to take its toll on my hair and in the end I had no choice but to go for the big chop. I start­ed again, dye free. That was about two and a half years ago now and my hair is the best it’s ever been, now that I final­ly appre­ci­ate it enough to take care of it prop­er­ly.

How would you describe your tex­ture?
I think my hair is 3c. I’m not too sure as I’ve nev­er real­ly looked into my hair type until right now. But my curls seem to change over the years any­way. Nat­u­ral­ly they usu­al­ly fall into tight coils.

Describe your styling reg­i­men over the course of the month.
I often do a braid out just as a time sav­ing process, as in the morn­ings I find it easy to take my braids out and go through my hair with an afro comb and then I’m good to go. Oth­er days when I haven’t done a braid out I like to use the Twist­ed Sista Curl Acti­vat­ed Cream. I find it great for run­ning through my curls in the morn­ing to help give them their life back. I’m always exper­i­ment­ing with my hair; I like to do updos, add acces­sories, wear head­scarfs. Some­times the way I do my hair is pure­ly for aes­thet­ic rea­sons and oth­er times it’s because it also works as a pro­tec­tive style.


What does wash day look like for you?
A wash day for me con­sists of using coconut sham­poo and I always use Aussie Moist 3 Minute Mir­a­cle Con­di­tion­er. Aussie con­di­tion­er is my must have prod­uct. I con­di­tion my hair with it as well as leav­ing some in after wash­ing. It’s a prod­uct I’ve found works real­ly good for my hair. After wash­ing I usu­al­ly let my hair dry nat­u­ral­ly, so I’ll usu­al­ly do this at night when I’m not like­ly to be going any­where. Then when my hair is almost dry, but still holds some mois­ture I usu­al­ly add either some coconut oil spray or some Twist­ed Sista Hair Serum. I then put my hair into a few braids, wrap on a head scarf and keep it like that until I’m ready to let the fro out again.

Describe your favorite go-to hair­style for days when you don’t have a lot of time to style.
For days when I don’t have much time, putting my hair up into a puff is always an easy one. I always add a bow because I love bows and I often make them too. Some­times when my hair is in braids I’ll just put on a head scarf and tie it in a bow at the front. And if I’m feel­ing in the mood for some­thing com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent I’ll leave my hair in braids and put a wig on.

How do you com­bat shrink­age?
For me a braid out real­ly helps me com­bat shrink­age, as it makes my curls a lot loos­er. Peo­ple often notice my hair growth more when I’ve had my hair in a braid out style.

What are some of your prob­lem areas (if any) that require spe­cial care and atten­tion?
My ends get dry quite a lot so I find myself get­ting trims to com­bat dead ends quite often. That’s a rea­son why I start­ed let­ting my hair dry nat­u­ral­ly, as using a hair dry­er over time dries out my ends. I’ve found since let­ting my hair dry nat­u­ral­ly (as much as pos­si­ble), my hair has been a lot health­i­er at the ends. So it means I’m able to go much longer with­out hav­ing trims. Which results in greater hair growth results, yay!

What are 2 do’s for your tex­ture?
Do put mois­ture rich prod­ucts in your hair. If your hair is any­thing like mine it will love mois­ture, so oily prod­ucts are often very good for it. Argan oil or Moroc­can oil, serums and coconut oil spray all work well at keep­ing our type of hair hydrat­ed. On pro­tec­tive style days I like to use more than usu­al. Do get a hair­dress­er who knows you and your hair! I spent too many years going to hair­dressers who didn’t have a clue what they were doing with my type of hair. Now one of my close friends (who pre­vi­ous­ly trained to cut hair) trims my hair and she is used to its tex­ture and knows how to work with it. I also have a third do, which is love your hair, because it is just as fab­u­lous as oth­er hair types. The more you love it, the bet­ter you will look after it and the greater it will become.

What are 2 don’ts for your tex­ture?
Don’t over use styling tools — straight­en­ers, hair dry­ers and curl­ing tongs will real­ly dry out our hair tex­ture over time so avoid using them when pos­si­ble and opt for no heat styling meth­ods instead. Some­times I find it hard to avoid and on shoots they some­times like to straight­en my hair. Luck­i­ly it doesn’t hap­pen often, but when it does I make sure I give my hair a rest day after it and do a treat­ment. Don’t use bleach — our hair hates chem­i­cals; the bonds are a lot weak­er than in loos­er hair types and strong chem­i­cals will weak­en and over time result in dry, unhap­py curls. I under­stand that it’s fash­ion­able right now, so if you have dark hair and do plan on going blonde I would sug­gest you opt for grad­ual high­lights and build up the colour slow­ly. A mix of high­lights will allow for roots bet­ter, as it won’t look as harsh when the hair grows out and it won’t need to be dyed as often. ALWAYS go to pro­fes­sion­al hair­dress­er who knows your hair type and can help you to keep your hair in a healthy con­di­tion. Don’t D.I.Y. with bleach.

Is there a blog/webpage where we can find you?
Twit­ter and Insta­gram: @samiorenelda
And on my web­site you can find my blog: www.samio.co.uk


Just anoth­er lover of nat­ur­al hair and expres­sion.
— Style Icon Coor­di­na­tor for BGLH

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Hey, I just want­ed to say how beau­ti­ful you and your hair is. I wish my curls were like that, then I’d wear my hair ‘down’ more often. I have close, they are also 3c nat­ur­al curls, but I think some of it is a dif­fer­ent type, maybe some­thing inbe­tween 3c and 4a. Plus it’s long and thick, hair­dressers hate me and used to tell me as a child I have enough hair to fill three heads…brushing was a night­mare then. It still is. Late­ly I’ve want­ed to just give up the hope that my hair would change and hang… Read more »

SMILE girl ur gor­geous!


You’re so pret­ty and your hair is love­ly!


Eu apren­do muito com vocês meni­nas!


Samio’s just gor­geous, whether her hair is straight or nat­ur­al. But, when she wears her nat­ur­al hair she is at her most stun­ning.


I absolute­ly have to get my hair like this. I went nat­ur­al around this time last year and my hair is about half the length of Samio’s, but I real­ly don’t want to give it the big chop. I’m so torn. :(


Girl, your FACE is absolute­ly GORGEOUS! Seri­ous­ly, it looks like it was sculpt­ed by an angel. Beau­ti­ful hair as well. :)


Oh my good­ness!!! This girl is gor­geous!!! I love her hair. There is no way I would ever straight­en this. The fro brings out her stun­ning beau­ty. I have the same exact rou­tine for my hair. It gets con­sis­tent results: air dry then braids.


Love the Hair and Lips!!!


Okay, so I had to go through the pic­tures twice because the first time around I real­ized I didn’t even look at her hair. I was so cap­ti­vat­ed by her lips. Those lips! They are like movie star lips. They make me want to go out and buy every col­or lip­stick I’ve ever want­ed and some I nev­er thought I would. Love the hair too!


Oh my god, this girl. /fans self


Sim­ply a stun­ning Sista!


gor­geous hair and lady!

Gayle Allen

Beau­ti­ful, hair and all !!!How is your hair styled in the pic­ture with the pink-strap­less dress?


Samio, you are freakin’ beau­ti­ful! And your hair, too. Absolute­ly stun­ning.


She has a blog up above — I like her lip­stick choic­es, very com­pli­men­ta­ry. A pret­ty lady!


gor­geous hair and all


Love­ly hair!!!

Bridget J.

I absolute­ly love her hair and style!


Wow! That is all.


This could not poblssiy have been more help­ful!


Her hair is fiyah!! love. gor­geous. inspi­ra­tion for my own hair care.


She seri­ous­ly could not be any more beau­ti­ful!! I love her hair also.

Lady Ray

@Mcdee Iam a les­bian and I would! She is beau­ti­ful and so is her hair. I got­ta get to Eng­land!


Wow! That’s one stun­ning look­ing woman, If I was a les­bian I would, LOL!!!

Amma Mama

She is real­ly beau­ti­ful.


Her hair is absolute­ly beau­ti­ful and so is she. I am so glad that we are final­ly real­iz­ing the beau­ty of our own hair!


shes gor­geous


Oh my gosh, she’s beau­ti­ful!! Hair, face and every­thing ^_^. I agree com­plete­ly with Brown­gurl


Absolute­ly Beau­ti­ful face, hair and style!