Solange Rocks Afro Wig for Saks Fifth Avenue Event: Are You Feeling It?

Saks Fifth Avenue hosts a private cocktail to celebrate SaksFirst, New York, America - 31 Jan 2013

Solange Knowles attended the Saksfirst Opening event in NYC rocking a voluminous afro wig. What do you think of the look ladies?

Saks Fifth Avenue hosts a private cocktail to celebrate SaksFirst

Saks Fifth Avenue hosts a private cocktail to celebrate SaksFirst

Black Girl With Long Hair

Black Girl With Long Hair

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65 thoughts on “Solange Rocks Afro Wig for Saks Fifth Avenue Event: Are You Feeling It?

  1. It’s just hair come on! If she had worn a long straight weave you would of criticised her for trying to be white. Now that she has a fake afro ya’ll crticising her for wearing hair that isn’t hers. I remember being told why don’t black women wear fake natural hair, why do they wear fake caucasian looking hair. Now that she has done something like that it’s still an issue. Ya’ll need to stop and realise that AT THE END OF THE DAY it’s a hairstyle.
    Shoot maybe I would want to wear a wig like that while waiting for my natural hair to grow. Look how big and majestic it is!! It’s a HAIRSTYLE not a way of life! A wig is just that, a hairstyle you can wear when you feel like it without the pain of a sew in and without having to take risks with your hair. I’m so sick of the negativity which surrounds black hair ALL THE TIME.
    PS: To the natural nazis, there is no such think as “natural” hair. Natural hair would mean no products, no styling, no brushing, just letting your hair BE completely! Bantu knots, twist outs, braid outs… are all manipulating and altering your hair.
    Being “natural” is a choice, NOT a way of life, it’s choosing to wear your hair “naturally”.

    • The moment you tell another black woman that you don’t care for fake hair they get so upset! WHY IS THAT????? Black women act like you cursed out they ma ma lol. Nothing wrong with wigs and weaves but to me they are played out and done to death. Its become some weird new normal for black hair care and style. Heck many of us substitute wigs and weave for hair care and style. That is unfortunate because it does say something about US. And its not positive believe me. Also the ugly side of wigs and weaves in our community is that we suffer from so much hair loss and thinning because of these style choices. Its not about putting weave and wig wearers down but a call for some balance. Wear them with confidence but don’t act like its normal to wear them 24/7. I don’t like wigs or weaves and don’t feel bad for saying so. Its a personal choice people.

      • I hear you! No one is getting upset about not caring for fake hair, well for me at least. It just seems to me that no matter what, there is this negative cloud which surrounds black women and their hair. I think THAT is played out. To me it’s a hairstyle and does not define you as a person or your morals. I simply believe it is unecessay (sometimes) to read too much in a person’s choice in wearing their hair.
        But yeah I hear you, I understand not being hyped about fake hair because it’s.. well, fake (lol). I agree, caring for your hair shouldn’t be neglected because of a hairstyle. It is sad that some women use this as a substitute for hair caring, that I do not condone.
        Peace x

      • I’m glad someone is honest enough to admit she hates fake hair because I do too! Fake hair usually looks fake and not every woman sporting a weave looks good in it. Wearing fake hair tells me how insecure that woman is about her hair and that she believes the only way to look good or feel good about herself is to pretend to have what she doesn’t have: long hair. And in the end, that only makes her seem pathetic.

        • I’d just like to offer a harsh reality check. I love Solange’s fierce look but not everyone else does. I was just on a more mainstream website a couple of days ago – mainstream meaning there were men and women, Blacks and non-Blacks posting comments as judged by photos attached to their screen names under a news article. The article was about Solange’s red carpet Grammy look: emerald green gown, matching emerald ring, and her “big Afro or tight curls,” as the reporter described her hair. The article seemed positive and like this article does, the writer invited public opinion. I thought, “Oh no, I’ve seen this movie before.” I read the comments out of curiosity. There were many comments posted – a few positive. But most of the comments were negative. “She looks like the bride of Frankenstein. 70 thumbs up.”
          “Looks like she stuck her finger in an electric socket. 55 thumbs up.” “Looks like a member of Rupaul’s drag race.” “Who would want to look like THAT?1?” This website is not perfect but overall it’s refreshing and needed because naturals can (for the most part) share experiences, insight, and techniques in a safe encouraging, positive environment . . . and simply be themselves. Unfortunately, whether it’s an Afro wig, bantu knot out, or TWA it’s not just hair to too many people. It took courage for Solange to wear her hair in a big Afro wig, real hair or not, instead of straight or in a straight weave at a high profile event in light of huge clusters of unenlightenedignorance.

        • @Toria
          In reference to this statement: “Wearing fake hair tells me how insecure that woman is about her hair and that she believes the only way to look good or feel good about herself is to pretend to have what she doesn’t have: long hair. And in the end, that only makes her seem pathetic.”

          Don’t you think natural black women who color their hair are also insecure and pathetic? The color isn’t their real natural hair color. Where do we draw the line on what a black woman should do to her hair and what she shouldn’t? I have noticed a lot of you on this website shower praises on women with fake colored hair but you all get so critical on women like Solange who rock their real natural hair with no fake colors underneath but choose to wear wig to certain events.
          A natural haired woman with fake colors is no different from a natural haired woman with weaves or wigs.

          • So a black woman with colored hair is pathetic and insecure but Caucasian women color their hair all the time so are they pathetic and insecure and are denying their ”natural” hair?! I’m sorry but there’s a time where you have to realize that at the end of the day like Stacy said above, it’s just hair and it’s not that serious really.

        • Actually you’re are so off the bandwagon. Not every black woman that wears fake hair is bald headed some just like it for the look. I would never color my real hair it’d damage it nor would I ever cut my hair to have bangs but I can do both with weave and change it up a bit. My hair is 16 inches long naturally and comes to the middle of my back. It’s thick and healthy not damaged and I wear sew-ins 10-11 months out of the year. It’s convenient. So before you talk please know what you’re talking about. Thanks.

  2. @stacy,couldn have said it better myself…in the end,its all just hair,and the world would be a much happier place if we all just stopped criticising others over what they decide to do with it

  3. She has a very unique look and it’s OBVIOUS she sees hair as just another accessory. I think it’s cool and it’s Solange changing up her style and doing her own thing but she has just really refined it. I’m around hipsters, black alt kids, artists, so this is nothing outrageous to me. It’s just someone expressing themselves through their style from head to toe.

    She doesn’t have a narrow scope of “acceptable” hair styles like most women do.

    • She wants to protect it, I have seen plenty of pics with her real hair further more if she never wants to show her real hair it’s her purgative. Why should u care u rock ur hair so u should be happy, why does she need to rock her real hair for u, is it to make u feel better, she can do what she wants she grown for heaven sake

    I would do this wig if I could find one.
    Hair has always been an accessory but I agree with both JenniD and Stacy. Yes I think wigs and weaves are a little played out BUT people have been wearing wigs forEVER. If it looks good, it looks good. However, some people just don’t like them. It is a preference.
    Also the term “natural nazi” is also played out. The word Nazi is way too intense to be used so flippantly IMHO. We all know what people mean when they say natural. It means without chemicals or straightening, esp. on sites like these. Let’s not act new.

    • I take that back, comments above prompted me to use the term “natural nazis” but I realise how disrespectful that term is. I read it somewhere and re-used it stupidly. Nazi has such a deep historical connotation that it shouldn’t be used in such manner. Apologies.

  5. That’s cool. I wonder why she didn’t use her own? I’m not bagging on her its just a question. Either way it looks great on her.

    • Well I don’t blame her for not having her real hair out. I remember a while ago some people in the natural hair community gave her h*ll for not having moist defined curls. Its hard to be yourself when people judge you harshly.

  6. Solange has never disappointed me yet. She is young and fresh and I love that she’s repping natural hair, whether it is a wig or her own hair.

  7. I absolutely love Solange and anything she “decides” to wear. In America we are very harsh in our idea of “Black Beauty”, whether wearing wigs or extensions it is hard on Black women. I think because we really are the epitome of what Beauty is and when we walk into the room, we Must be that Black Beauty. Solange is a woman forcibly through her music, art and “hair”, we should always embrace positivity.

  8. Cool to see a black woman wearing an afro wig instead of silky, straight weave! A lot of bw wouldn’t even wear this texture wig, which resembles most of our natural texture, yet you guys criticize her. She wears her own afro many times. What? A woman can’t switch things up sometimes? Damned if you do, damned if ya damn don’t. Some of you are too critical. smh

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