Saks Fifth Avenue hosts a private cocktail to celebrate SaksFirst, New York, America - 31 Jan 2013

Solange Knowles attend­ed the Saks­first Open­ing event in NYC rock­ing a volu­mi­nous afro wig. What do you think of the look ladies?

Saks Fifth Avenue hosts a private cocktail to celebrate SaksFirst

Saks Fifth Avenue hosts a private cocktail to celebrate SaksFirst

Black Girl With Long Hair

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Cool to see a black wom­an wear­ing an afro wig instead of silky, straight weave! A lot of bw wouldn’t even wear this tex­ture wig, which resem­bles most of our nat­u­ral tex­ture, yet you guys crit­i­cize her. She wears her own afro many times. What? A wom­an can’t switch things up some­times? Damned if you do, damned if ya damn don’t. Some of you are too crit­i­cal. smh


I absolute­ly love Solange and any­thing she “decides” to wear. In Amer­i­ca we are very harsh in our idea of “Black Beau­ty”, whether wear­ing wigs or exten­sions it is hard on Black wom­en. I think because we real­ly are the epit­o­me of what Beau­ty is and when we walk into the room, we Must be that Black Beau­ty. Solange is a wom­an forcibly through her music, art and “hair”, we should always embrace pos­i­tiv­i­ty.
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I love it and Solange! I think it is so cool that she did not fade in Beyonce’s shad­ow. She is unique and her per­son­al style shows just that!


Solange has nev­er dis­ap­point­ed me yet. She is young and fresh and I love that she’s rep­ping nat­u­ral hair, whether it is a wig or her own hair.


For­get the wig, her legs and fig­ure look great! Makes me want to dust off my exer­cise DVD’s.


I real­ly don’t con­sid­er that an afro; just poofy hair. Ange­la Davis had an Afro.


Solange can do no wrong in my eyes. Fake nat­u­ral hair or not, she’s total­ly own­ing the look and that’s all that mat­ters


love, love, love the hair. She looks very beau­ti­ful.


That’s cool. I won­der why she didn’t use her own? I’m not bag­ging on her its just a ques­tion. Either way it looks great on her.


Well I don’t blame her for not hav­ing her real hair out. I remem­ber a while ago some peo­ple in the nat­u­ral hair com­mu­ni­ty gave her h*ll for not hav­ing moist defined curls. Its hard to be your­self when peo­ple judge you harsh­ly.


She prob­a­bly just didn’t feel like it, like u don’t feel like wear­ing a wig, same thing just a per­son­al choice

I. LOVE. SOLANGE. I would do this wig if I could find one. Hair has always been an acces­so­ry but I agree with both Jen­niD and Sta­cy. Yes I think wigs and weaves are a lit­tle played out BUT peo­ple have been wear­ing wigs forEVER. If it looks good, it looks good. How­ev­er, some peo­ple just don’t like them. It is a pref­er­ence. Also the term “nat­u­ral nazi” is also played out. The word Nazi is way too intense to be used so flip­pant­ly IMHO. We all know what peo­ple mean when they say nat­u­ral. It means with­out chem­i­cals or straight­en­ing,… Read more »

I take that back, com­ments above prompt­ed me to use the term “nat­u­ral nazis” but I realise how dis­re­spect­ful that term is. I read it some­where and re-used it stu­pid­ly. Nazi has such a deep his­tor­i­cal con­no­ta­tion that it shouldn’t be used in such man­ner. Apolo­gies.

Ugonna Wosu

nice,I just don’t under­stand why we rarely see her own hair. Espe­cial­ly since its also nat­u­ral any­way


She wants to pro­tect it, I have seen plen­ty of pics with her real hair fur­ther more if she nev­er wants to show her real hair it’s her purga­tive. Why should u care u rock ur hair so u should be hap­py, why does she need to rock her real hair for u, is it to make u feel bet­ter, she can do what she wants she grown for heav­en sake

Miss Elisa K.

I LOVE it.


She has a very unique look and it’s OBVIOUS she sees hair as just anoth­er acces­so­ry. I think it’s cool and it’s Solange chang­ing up her style and doing her own thing but she has just real­ly refined it. I’m around hip­sters, black alt kids, artists, so this is noth­ing out­ra­geous to me. It’s just some­one express­ing them­selves through their style from head to toe.

She doesn’t have a nar­row scope of “accept­able” hair styles like most wom­en do.

Amma Mama

Solange could rock a pota­to sack and a buck­et on her head.
She can do no wrong.


@stacy,couldn have said it bet­ter myself…in the end,its all just hair,and the world would be a much hap­pier place if we all just stopped crit­i­cis­ing oth­ers over what they decide to do with it

It’s just hair come on! If she had worn a long straight weave you would of crit­i­cised her for try­ing to be white. Now that she has a fake afro ya’ll crti­cis­ing her for wear­ing hair that isn’t hers. I remem­ber being told why don’t black wom­en wear fake nat­u­ral hair, why do they wear fake cau­casian look­ing hair. Now that she has done some­thing like that it’s still an issue. Ya’ll need to stop and realise that AT THE END OF THE DAY it’s a hair­style. Shoot may­be I would want to wear a wig like that while wait­ing… Read more »
The moment you tell anoth­er black wom­an that you don’t care for fake hair they get so upset! WHY IS THAT????? Black wom­en act like you cursed out they ma ma lol. Noth­ing wrong with wigs and weaves but to me they are played out and done to death. Its become some weird new nor­mal for black hair care and style. Heck many of us sub­sti­tute wigs and weave for hair care and style. That is unfor­tu­nate because it does say some­thing about US. And its not pos­i­tive believe me. Also the ugly side of wigs and weaves in our… Read more »

I’m glad some­one is hon­est enough to admit she hates fake hair because I do too! Fake hair usu­al­ly looks fake and not every wom­an sport­ing a weave looks good in it. Wear­ing fake hair tells me how inse­cure that wom­an is about her hair and that she believes the only way to look good or feel good about her­self is to pre­tend to have what she doesn’t have: long hair. And in the end, that only makes her seem pathet­ic.

Actu­al­ly you’re are so off the band­wag­on. Not every black wom­an that wears fake hair is bald head­ed some just like it for the look. I would nev­er col­or my real hair it’d dam­age it nor would I ever cut my hair to have bangs but I can do both with weave and change it up a bit. My hair is 16 inch­es long nat­u­ral­ly and comes to the mid­dle of my back. It’s thick and healthy not dam­aged and I wear sew-ins 10–11 months out of the year. It’s con­ve­nient. So before you talk please know what you’re talk­ing… Read more »
@Toria In ref­er­ence to this state­ment: “Wear­ing fake hair tells me how inse­cure that wom­an is about her hair and that she believes the only way to look good or feel good about her­self is to pre­tend to have what she doesn’t have: long hair. And in the end, that only makes her seem pathet­ic.” Don’t you think nat­u­ral black wom­en who col­or their hair are also inse­cure and pathet­ic? The col­or isn’t their real nat­u­ral hair col­or. Where do we draw the line on what a black wom­an should do to her hair and what she shouldn’t? I have… Read more »

So a black wom­an with col­ored hair is pathet­ic and inse­cure but Cau­casian wom­en col­or their hair all the time so are they pathet­ic and inse­cure and are deny­ing their ”nat­u­ral” hair?! I’m sor­ry but there’s a time where you have to real­ize that at the end of the day like Sta­cy said above, it’s just hair and it’s not that seri­ous real­ly.

I’d just like to offer a harsh real­i­ty check. I love Solange’s fierce look but not every­one else does. I was just on a more main­stream web­site a cou­ple of days ago — main­stream mean­ing there were men and wom­en, Blacks and non-Blacks post­ing com­ments as judged by pho­tos attached to their screen names under a news arti­cle. The arti­cle was about Solange’s red car­pet Gram­my look: emer­ald green gown, match­ing emer­ald ring, and her “big Afro or tight curls,” as the reporter described her hair. The arti­cle seemed pos­i­tive and like this arti­cle does, the writer invit­ed pub­lic opin­ion.… Read more »
I hear you! No one is get­ting upset about not car­ing for fake hair, well for me at least. It just seems to me that no mat­ter what, there is this neg­a­tive cloud which sur­rounds black wom­en and their hair. I think THAT is played out. To me it’s a hair­style and does not define you as a per­son or your morals. I sim­ply believe it is unec­es­say (some­times) to read too much in a person’s choice in wear­ing their hair. But yeah I hear you, I under­stand not being hyped about fake hair because it’s.. well, fake (lol). I agree,… Read more »

Peo­ple can’t have an opin­ion on here now with­out the minus brigade show­ing up. No won­der there are a lot less peo­ple par­tic­i­pat­ing in the com­ments. I used to read this site all the time but since the change I just stop by occa­sion­al­ly to read the sto­ries of the style icons.


Love it Dominika!


Hi Lela it’s called la jaz half wig by vanes­sa I got it fro black


I total­ly agree there is noth­ing wrong whith wear­ing wigs. It seems like if you have nat­u­ral hair you must wear your hair as is peri­od or it means xyz. Your only on the earth once enjoy switch­ing it up while you still can.


I like fro wigs, but in Solanges case; idk, it looks a lit­tle fake. i have worn a fro wig before for a pho­to­shoot, i like them as long as they look real.


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I think we all exper­i­ment when we get a lit­tle bored with our hair, the wig looks good, and it looks like nat­u­ral hair so there real­ly are no rude com­ment nec­es­sary btw you aren’t allowed to tell any­body what to do with their hair and the wom­an is already ostra­cized in the for her beau­ti­ful­ly nat­u­ral locks let’s not do it on a nat­u­ral web­site


I’m pret­ty shocked at some of the small mind­ed com­ments. What some peo­ple fail to under­stand is that just because they hold a par­tic­u­lar opin­ion, that opin­ion isn’t nec­es­sar­i­ly the same opin­ion of every­one else.
My opin­ion: It’s. Just. Hair.


Wigs are sooooo much fun and she looks great! I didn’t want to col­or my nat­u­ral hair so I got a colou­ful half wig you can’t even can even deep con­di­tion under a wig. When I wan­na wear my hair long and curly or long and straight for my man I can, if I wan­na wear it short and sassy I can whogoncheck­me­boo ????? Wear­ing a wig is not sell­ing out! It’s hav­ing fun with style and beau­ty! Live a lit­tle you won’t always be young to wear out­ra­geous hair and miniskirts!
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Yes Please! First one!


Hey Thanky­ou! Curlies ..:) its called La Jaz half wig by vanes­sa got it from black hair­spray. it will show the col­or on the first pic.


Roshawn this is amaz­ing. I’ve been look­ing for a wig like the first one. Where did you find it? Please help a sis­ta out!!!



Absolute­ly love the looks! Where did you get the 1st one from?

Tiff Dizzle

I always thought the pur­pose of wear­ing wigs n weaves is to make it look like your nat­u­ral tex­ture? All that “blend­ing” we do as ladies to make our nat­u­ral hair blend into that yaki #5 why not have a piece were u don’t have to process ya hair to blend it in… I’ve been wear­ing tex­tured half wigs for years nev­er hav­ing to use heat to blend my hair in. Every­one knows I don’t have18in silky Brazil­ian hair so why get a hair piece like that? N e ways I like it… N I’d prob wear it to.


I’ve always always hat­ed the straight/wavy wigs per­son­al­ly and grav­i­tat­ed towards the real­ly curly ones. They frizz up too much and I’m sooo much more inter­est­ed in kinkier wigs. I’m about to try some of the fin­ger bomber wigs.


I don’t like it. She seems like a pho­ny, but she is famous so it doesn’t mat­ter what we think.




I like it:)


I will always love Solange, I think her hair looks great!

bint alshamsa

I LOVE IT! It looks great, regard­less of orig­in.


I love her hair, she’s own­ing it and the whole out­fit works well. There’s noth­ing wrong with wear­ing wigs, exten­sions, ect over nat­u­ral hair…people go nat­u­ral for var­i­ous reasons..many due to want­i­ng to go chem­i­cal free so to each his own!

Ugonna Wosu

I don’t think there’s any­thing “wrong” with it, I just feel like we almost nev­er see her own hair. Espe­cial­ly when its nat­u­ral like her wigs!


I total­ly agree there is noth­ing wrong whith wear­ing wigs. It seems like if you have nat­u­ral hair you must wear your hair as is peri­od or it means xyz. Your only on the earth once enjoy switch­ing it up while you still can.


It reminds me of that time on Soul Train when Don Cor­nelius says, “Nice wig,” and pats the young man’s fake afro.


I’m a fan of this look! I think it’s fine to add in exten­sions or rock a wig like Sol-angel did! Cute.


I like the fact that now she rocks some hair that mim­ic hers. Her wigs are fly and I approve it :-)


I love this. Blue looks good on her.


I’ll nev­er under­stand the point of being “nat­u­ral” if you’re just gonna wear hair that isn’t yours.

In Solange’s case, it’s good ol’ fash­ion exploita­tion. She is thor­ough­ly milk­ing the nat­u­ral hair movement/trend and play­ing the rebel in the media because this is her path­way to FAME. She suc­cess­ful­ly found a way to step out of her big sister’s shad­ow by find­ing a lane B won’t step into (i.e., nat­u­ral hair, out­spo­ken, Sap­phire with a Jeze­bel twist) They were writ­ten dif­fer­ent roles in the game. The enter­tain­ment indus­try = SMOKES & MIRRORS.  Cri­tique aside, it’s still great to see afro-tex­tured hair worn by her. We can enjoy hav­ing our curl pat­tern in the spot­light, no mat­ter what… Read more »
Ok, for one Solange has been nat­u­ral before it was a “move­ment” and she has already spo­ken out about being a “nat­u­ral hair guru” that’s been put on a pedestal by OTHERS. To her, like she has stat­ed, it’s just HAIR. Why do SOME black wom­en equate being nat­u­ral to being all see­ing and know­ing? It’s real­ly NOT that seri­ous. When peo­ple make com­ments about a WIG or weave that can eas­i­ly be removed it takes the joy out being nat­u­ral. Once again one is being told their not good enough or not com­plete­ly some­thing because of some­thing. Why all… Read more »
Grey Poupon

You mean dur­ing her and Bey’s soul sis­ta num­ber 1 days when neo R&B was hot? You mean before Bey and her camp real­ized peo­ple weren’t check­ing for her neo look any­more and got her­self a Brazil­ian lace­front? You talk­in’ ’bout that time, dearie?

Grey Poupon
Solange switched her style when Amy Wine­house popped. As for neo Bey, I’m going to have to refer you to her 2002 inter­view with Vibe mag where she was paint­ed as a hip­pie chick who had stopped relax­ing her hair and vowed to nev­er wear heavy make­up. Then she released one of my favorites “Work It Out” and it flopped. So what did they do? Went back to the drawl­ing board, got her a yaki and some booty shorts and the rest is his­to­ry. She orig­i­nal­ly want­ed her sound to be more soul than tra­di­tion­al R&B but Work It Out… Read more »

Lol you must not be a. Bey­on­ce fan cause Bey­on­ce was NEVER neo r&b. and Solange has hon­est­ly been doing the same kind of music since like 08. Peo­ple do have a right to switch they style or image up. The core point of my com­ment was… WHY DOES ANYONE CARE?

Grey Poupon

Girl, you bet­ter tes­ti­fy ear­ly this morn­ing! LOL!


I total­ly agree. But don’t even try mak­ing sense girl, some peo­ple on this site are obsessed with wear­ing some else’s hair and go to great lengths to jus­ti­fy it too. 

Didn’t you know, as long as white peo­ple do it too it’s all good. /sarcasm

OT: I’m not feel­ing the look at all. It’s fun­ny actu­al­ly that peo­ple can swoon over some­thing that is fake.


dif­fer­ent peo­ple have thier rea­sons for going “natural”..if she wants to wear a wig i dont think there is any­thing wrong..its the­same way white girls wear exten­sions


Can we stop with the whole ‘white girls do it too song and dance?’