Teyonah Parris SAG Awards Updo Tutorial!


Vlogger MsVaughn does a simple recreation of actress Teyonah Parris’ SAG Awards look! Check it out:

Gorgeous! What do you think of the look ladies? Would you rock this?

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Black Girl With Long Hair

Black Girl With Long Hair

Leila, founder of Black Girl with Long Hair (April 2008). Social media, pop culture and black beauty enthusiast.

  • Vonnie

    That style, and her interpretation, is GORGEOUS! I sent this link to someone as a suggested style and they said it wasn’t for them! *gasp* how could it NOT be??????

    • Sue

      Wow! That was easy! I thought you needed very long hair to achieve this but MsVaughn’s interpretation is great. I’ve seen something similar done with extensions for those whose hair is not long enough. As for the person who didn’t like it, I guess some people just don’t like updos? Or maybe she doesn’t think it will look good on her…Either way, awesome style!

  • cb

    beautiful, good job!

  • oooh didnt know it was a simple twist – wow!! gotta try this!

  • YesYesDesi

    Love this style! But if your hair is too short to do this (like mine) here is an almost identical style using marley braid hair.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADHVVCUQEBc

  • caribbeancurl

    hello…as soon as I am done with this “protect your hair ends challenge”…..Lord help me!!!!

    • Pastiche

      Why not try it out now? I bet you could do it and still keep your ends tucked and protective. You know you wanna rock this hair!! lol

  • Anonymous

    Awesome I am going to a wedding next week might try it for that!

  • Ugonna Wosu

    that was AWESOME!!!!

  • nina

    really lovely. .i will try it

  • Steph

    When my hair gets a little longer…. Sigh

  • tisha

    Cant wait to try this when my hair gets longer ! All i meed is about 2 more inches and im good(:

  • Toy

    This hairstyle is beautiful.

  • NaturalKisha

    I did a variation of this style using Marley hair. Everyone drooled over it! It was such a big hit. Love the fact that I don’t let my thin, Arm Pit Length hair stop me from looking trendy. I can achieve styles meant for those with longer, thicker by simply adding hair…that actually looks like mine!