The 2013 BGLH Protect Ya Ends Challenge!

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On January 1, 2012, we did our first ever group BGLH challenge! More than 100 of you joined the effort to stay accountable in keeping our ends tucked and moisturized to ensure length retention. Well, we’re doing it again!! And we’d love for you to join us on this 3 month journey, from today, February 1 to April 30. Click here if you’re interested in joining, and/or want to see participation rules and requirements.

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48 thoughts on “The 2013 BGLH Protect Ya Ends Challenge!

  1. Hi Gals,
    I finally have my beginning pics, but the file size is over 2MB! Here’s a link to my youtube video with pics. Over the last couple days, I’ve been wearing a bun. I cowashed and applied KBB Hair Butter to seal the ends. I’ll probably do a braid out on Friday night and try different styles through out the week. My hair hasn’t been this short since transitioning 3 years ago, and it’s a bit of a challenge.

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  2. Hey girls, my hair is about nape of the neck length, after my big chop three weeks ago. My goals are to reach shoulder length by the beginning of the summer. I plan to keep my hair in braids, tuck and roll styles, and my fav go to french braids and up dos. images posted below…ttyl


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  3. Ok so I’ve been away for a minute but I’m back now my hair has been in the same hairstyle washed and dried of course but the same hairstyle. Now I’m getting ready for a hair expo in Harrisburg, Pa tomorrow at the Radison. I’m so excited because it’s my first hairshow!!!
    Anywho deep condition tonight, wash, air dry, rockin the ‘fro tomorrow.

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  4. Hey gals! Sorry I’m reporting in so late. I had some growth, nothing noticeable when it’s not stretched. I was sick for about 60 days of this challenge, including a couple ER visits and surgery, so occasion, I could care less about my hair. I really got into my YT videos and now that the challenge is over, I can’t wear to try different WnG styles. I’m definitely going to roll back into protective styles this fall, but until then, it’s going to be OUT OUT OUT! :)

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