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Intro­duce your­self!
Hey! My name is Tia Bural and I cur­rent­ly reside in Vir­ginia. I work for an adver­tis­ing com­pa­ny, how­ev­er I am cul­ti­vat­ing my own busi­ness as we speak. 

How long have you been nat­u­ral?
Woooo I had to think for a min­ute, I for­got how long I’ve been nat­u­ral lol. I have been nat­u­ral for 2 ½ years.

How and why did you tran­si­tion into nat­u­ral hair?
The way I tran­si­tioned to nat­u­ral hair was rather impromp­tu. I recent­ly had braids, and as I was tak­ing them out, I noticed a lot of hair com­ing out with it. That was enough! I was fed up, so I stormed over to my best friend’s house (who also is nat­u­ral) and demand­ed her to cut it off IMMEDIATELY! She acqui­esced, and there I was with a TWA, with no knowl­edge on how to main­tain it. With time, I found the prod­ucts my hair loved.

What are your must-have prod­ucts for sham­poo­ing, con­di­tion­ing and styling your hair?
I am still exper­i­ment­ing due to my ever chang­ing hair, and the dif­fer­ent tex­tures in my coif. So right now, I co-wash once a week with TRE­Sem­mé Nat­u­rals Nour­ish­ing Mois­ture Con­di­tion­er. After co-wash­ing I apply Gio­van­ni Direct Leave-In, then style my hair in twists with Shea Mois­ture Curl Enhanc­ing Smooth­ie and a mix­ture of oils (jojoba, grape­seed, sweet almond, soy­bean). I sleep with those twists and take them out in the morn­ing because I like stretched hair. Then I do a pro­tec­tive style. Oh and I hen­na once a mon­th as well.


What is your sig­na­ture hair­style?
I don’t have a sig­na­ture style, how­ev­er I do have a go to style, the afro puff! I love how easy and care free it is.

Did going nat­u­ral affect your style choic­es at all?
Going nat­u­ral did not affect my style choic­es as far as clothes are con­cerned, that was grad­u­al with me grow­ing up. How­ev­er, when my hair was very short I did wear big­ger ear­rings. It made me feel more lady­like.

How would you describe your per­son­al style?
I describe my style best as a melt­ing pot. My style is a fusion of eclec­tic, urban chic with a twist! I love mix­ing pat­terns, tex­tures and sil­hou­ettes.

What are the three favorite things in your clos­et?
What are my favorite three things in my clos­et? That has got to be the hard­est ques­tion yet! I’m a thrifter so that is very dif­fi­cult because I love all my gems. Although if I had to choose they would be some Tar­get brand jeans that I found thrift­ing. They are way too big and make my butt look sag­gy and unat­trac­tive, con­se­quent­ly they are the com­fi­est pair I own! A J.Crew coat, that I also found thrift­ing. This coat has been my ride or die! It’s cozy and chic and the price was even bet­ter. My leather boots, although I didn’t get the­se thrift­ing. They are so com­fy and beat up. They ooze char­ac­ter. That’s why I love them.

Is there a blog/webpage where we can find you?
You can find me on my blog: Thethriftingconnoisseur.blogspot.com or on Insta­gram: Thrift­ing­con­nois­seur.


Just anoth­er lover of nat­u­ral hair and expres­sion.
— Style Icon Coor­di­na­tor for BGLH

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VA girls stand up!

Just had to get that out of my sys­tem first :) … So yeah, from one Tia in VA to anoth­er Tia in VA (LOL!): your style- awe­some. Your hair: gorg. Your face: so pret­ty. You’re rep­ping us well :)


[…] Tia // Nat­u­ral Hair Style Icon […]


Guu­u­u­u­u­u­u­u­ur­rrrl, you are work­in those out­fits! And your hair is fab!


Gur­rrrl­l­ll thank you lol I try!


Fel­low thrifter here! I like your style, it is unique, nat­u­ral, classy, and ade­quate­ly cov­ered. Many use young girls seem to think going nat­u­ral is a rea­son to pierce every­thing, tat­too every­thing, and strip down to near noth­ing. Your look is fresh, lady-like, and cen­tered. Refresh­ing!


Hi fel­low thrifter, well said! Thank you so much!


This is going to sound weird, but your nose is so cute! :D Also, I love your hair and sense of style!


lol! all I could do was laugh! Thank you! Thank you so much :)


Love­ly hair and won­der­ful style of fash­ion


Thank you Jacky!!!

Amma Mama

I saw the pic with the orange dress awhile back on Tum­blr and I instant­ly reblogged it. You’re fab from head to toe :-)


Awe­some! Thank you so much!


Nice hair… It looks so health and pret­ty. You have tru­ly inspired me to con­tin­ue to go nat­u­ral… But I’m still unsure about the BIG CHOP!!!!


YAY!!!! Im so hap­py for your jour­ney!!! Thank you!! Yea, I big chopped! I couldn’t take it any longer lol, how­ev­er its not for every­one. Good luck! :)


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Your style def­i­nite­ly goes with your hair, gor­geous!! :)


Thanks so much! I appre­ci­ate your kind words! :)


Will be fol­low­ing this post.


ADORE that dress. Where is it from?


Thank you, I love it as well!!! I got if from the thrift store!! I was only like $2!!!! :)


I love your hair AND your style!! That orange dress is my favorite!! I’d love some tips on how to wear a scarf/wrap on only the back of the head how you have it in a few pics. What do you anchor it on??


Awwww thank you hon­ey! In ref­er­ence to the head wrap, I just start­ed with a plain scarf prefer­ably medium/long length wise. I then start­ed at the back of my head, then wrap upwards twist­ing the remain­der of the scarf into a cinnabun lol. I secured the sides with bob­by pins! I hope this helps :)


Thanks! I’ll give it a try ;o)


Great hair and amaz­ing sense of style. It’s awe­some nat­u­rals like this that make me appre­ci­ate our nat­u­ral and non con­form­ing style.


Ayyy­eeee thats what I’m talk­ing about! Thank you, chi­ca!


You and and ur sense of style are so refresh­ing! Much low and respect:)


Awwww thank you so much Lame­sa!


Gor­geous hair and great sense of style! I need that orange dress in my life.


Thank you so much! At first I was like “orange dress”? I do how­ev­er see how it looks orange in this pic­ture, but its vibrant red! lol But yes girl, I love the dress as well!


She has a nat­u­ral sense of col­or and style.