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While extra vir­gin coconut oil is a favorite of many nat­u­rals, it is not quite liked by oth­ers.  After all, no two heads of hair are exact­ly the same.  That being said, what is a woman to do when she wants some of the ben­e­fits of extra vir­gin coconut oil but with­out the oil?  Well, here are three alter­na­tives that might be worth try­ing:

1. Vati­ka enriched coconut oil


Dabur Vati­ka enriched coconut oil is a blend of pure coconut oil, amla, hen­na, lemon, neem, and oth­er nat­ur­al ingre­di­ents.  For those whose strands dis­like coconut oil alone, you may be sur­prised to find that your hair loves Vati­ka oil.  (It is some­what anal­o­gous to how shea but­ter alone is dis­liked by some nat­u­rals but when mixed with oth­er sub­stances is an instant favorite.)  Some ladies use Vati­ka oil for seal­ing as well as overnight pre-poos and receive the ben­e­fit of soft­er, more mois­tur­ized hair.

2. Babas­su oil


Like coconut oil, babas­su oil is extract­ed from a ker­nel of the palm tree fam­i­ly – the babas­su tree, to be exact.  More impor­tant­ly, it has sim­i­lar pro­por­tions and com­po­si­tion of fat­ty acids as coconut oil.  (The fat­ty acids include lau­ric, myris­tic, palmitic, stearic, and ole­ic.)  Some women love using babas­su oil in place of coconut oil because it is less come­do­genic (i.e., it does not clog the pores as much) and lacks a greasy feel after appli­ca­tion.  Some nat­u­rals also feel that babas­su oil is more pen­e­trat­ing.

3. Qual­i­ty refined coconut oil


Maybe you love every­thing about extra vir­gin coconut oil except the smell.  Then you might want to try refined coconut oil, which is gen­er­al­ly odor­less.  Beware, how­ev­er, that not all refined coconut oils are of good qual­i­ty.  Look for those that have not under­gone a chem­i­cal-based clean­ing process and hydro­gena­tion.

Ladies, have you tried any of these alter­na­tives?  Share your expe­ri­ences!


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Coconut oil is the #1 oil for my hair.
Cas­tor oil is good for scalp for too thick on my fine strands.
Jojo­ba and grapseed oil are cool but kin­da run­ny.
Olive oil and avo­ca­do oil are great but just feel like a greasy coat­ing on my hair.
Coconut oil is the only oil that gives my hair sheen and pen­e­trates my hair strands.
Appar­ent­ly my hair loves pro­tein because I’ve nev­er had a prob­lem with it.


I tried using coconut oil, I real­ly did but my hair is too thin and it took like 5 sham­poos to get all the greasi­ness out! Not to men­tion the coconut SMELL. If any­one else had the same prob­lem then use argan oil instead, its much lighter and not oily at all. Plus if you get the one by the Pro Nat­u­rals brand then you just leave it in your hair after a show­er and let it to all the work.

Glad I found this because Vati­ka has a few things in it I would love to try, so it is def­i­nite­ly going to be on my to try list. I have to say though I don’t know what it is but my low poros­i­ty hair actu­al­ly loves coconut oil, I have nev­er found it dry­ing at all. It is just the right con­sis­ten­cy for me because as loose as my curls are, (appar­ent­ly loose­ness or tight­ness does not have much to do with dry­ness) my hair is so so dry it’s like a sponge. Coconut oil costs my hair while… Read more »

Thanks for the arti­cle! I tried Coconut Oil and it didn’t do well on my hair. I had the same results…itch scalp and dry hair; how­ev­er when it’s mixed with some­thing else I it works well on my hair. I still don’t us it on my scalp.


Coconut oil is actu­al­ly pret­ty good for the hair and the body.


But how do you know when the coconut oil have not under­gone a chem­i­cal-based clean­ing process and hydro­gena­tion.
I bought this one last time which is odor­less because I dont like the smell of coconut. Are you ladies famil­iar with this brand? is it good?
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My hair HATES coconut oil although I love it as a body mois­tur­iz­er. Will try the Vati­ka and the babas­su. I just love exper­i­ment­ing with oils!


Is Vati­ka oil 100% nat­ur­al? Do you know?


My hair loves coconut oil. I use the pure one that i bought in my home­land Suri­name.
It gives my curls 3c/4a shine and high def­i­n­i­tion


my hair lovessssssss vati­ka oil and i do too


Qual­i­ty grade palm oil would be an even bet­ter sun­nier for coconut oil. That over priced. “Oj on ” brand has been get­ting by on pack­ag­ing it up fan­cy for years now.


start­ed using extra vir­gin Coconut oil and espe­cial­ly through the win­ter, it has been awe­some! So far I don’t hav ean issue with it, but I may switch to a dif­fer­ent oil come sum­mer. I’m not sure I’m still think­ing about it.


Does babas­sau oil mim­ic pro­tein in pro­tein sen­si­tive hair like coconut oil does? It’s inter­est­ing to hear that it pen­e­trates the hair strand…

Joan B. in S. C.

The Indi­an mar­ket where I now buy hen­na also sells the Dabur Vati­ka enriched coconut oil, so I might give it a try.

When I first used coconut oil it made my scalp itchy and I felt like my scalp was burn­ing up and I had to use a sul­fate sham­poo to wash it out. The next time I tried it I made sure to only apply it on my strands and not my scalp and it made my hair brit­tle and hard. That’s when I learnt that what may work for oth­ers, even so-called “holy grails” of nat­ur­al hair, may not work for you and that’s total­ly okay because everyone’s hair is unique! I use pure aloe vera on my hair now… Read more »

It doesn’t work for me either. It made my nat­u­ral­ly soft hair hard and crunchy. I pan­icked the one time I tried it. Thank God it didn’t per­ma­nent­ly dam­age it. I’m a skep­tic when I hear rec­om­men­da­tions some­times because of me wast­ing mon­ey in the past. Pro­duct­wise I’m down to olive oil from my kitchen and shea but­ter. If they have SAMPLES for this oil I will try oth­er­wise I might have to miss out on what could’ve been…


LOL! Me, too. Not to men­tion, I got lit­tle itchy hives all over my scalp, the back of my neck and side of my face…basically every­where the oil touched my skin.

I hap­pened to use Spec­trum as pic­tured above. I assume I got a bad batch because most of my prod­ucts list coconut oil in the top 5. Had no idea I was aller­gic.


I had no idea I was aller­gic either. At the time I just thought I’d applied it wrong lol. 

It could be that you’re aller­gic to pure coconut oil but when it’s mixed with oth­er ingre­di­ents it’s dilut­ed so you don’t get the same itchy reac­tion? I pre­fer to avoid prod­ucts with coconut oil just to be on the safe side!