3 Amazing Protein Conditioners for Natural Hair

By Chinwe of Hair and Health

Protein conditioners are not exactly a necessity for most naturals, but some of us do need them, especially if we color, manipulate, or flat iron our hair regularly. The challenge that is then faced is finding the right protein conditioner, and those that are recommended for relaxed hair may be too harsh for our natural strands.  If you are searching for the right protein conditioner, perhaps you will find it here:

1. ApHogee Keratin 2-Minute Reconstructor – for mild breakage and/or color-treated hair


WHAT’S IN IT:  Hydrolyzed hair keratin (protein) and hydrolyzed mucopolysaccharides (may form complexes with proteins) are among the top ingredients. The combination of these substances with the remainder of the reconstructor will help to temporarily reinforce the hair strand without making it too hard.

WHY APHOGEE: This particular reconstructor is a favorite of some naturals who have color treated their hair and/or are experiencing mild breakage.  While the ApHogee 2-step Protein Treatment is too harsh for these naturals, the ApHogee 2-Minute Keratin Reconstructor is just right due to the product formulation.

2. Tresemme Split Remedy Conditioner – for damp detangling and/or heat styling


WHAT’S IN IT:  Amodimethicone (silicone), cyclopentasiloxane (silicone), and hydrolyzed keratin (protein) are in the top seven ingredients.  The silicones make detangling easier while helping to reduce breakage.  The hydrolyzed keratin can help to strengthen the hair shaft until the next wash.

WHY TRESEMME: If you are purchasing this conditioner to “fix” your split ends then you may be disappointed. However, if you are looking for a light protein conditioner to reduce breakage during manipulation then this one may be for you.  The inclusion of silicones and hydrolyzed keratin make Tresemme Split Remedy an ideal conditioner for naturals who detangle on damp hair or regularly straighten their hair with heat.

3. Organic Root Stimulator Replenishing Pak – for strength without moisture loss


WHAT’S IN IT:  Hydrolyzed collagen (protein) is the fifth ingredient in this product and helps with elasticity.  Glycerine (i.e., glycerin, a humectant) and olive oil are also among the top five ingredients.

WHY ORGANIC ROOT STIMULATOR: This conditioner imparts moisture and strength via the formulation of ingredients.  It is ideal for naturals who want to reinforce their strands but also want to retain their moisture and suppleness.

Ladies, what protein conditioners do you use?  Share your favorites!

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  • kayon k powell

    I have a problem my hair keeps falling can i get some advise as to what is causing that & what can be done to stop & correct the problem

    • http://YouTube.com/user/soleilkiss Soleilkiss@ YT

      Hi Kayon, I’m not sure why you’re experiencing hair breakage, but a few common practices that can lead to excess breakage/shedding are rough detangling (i.e raking through dry hair, popping noise), excess heat, or a lot of manipulation (“playing” in your hair a lot). It could also be due to stress or not moisturizing it adequately. I’m not an expert on all natural hair, but I know these are common practices that can lead to a ton of hair loss. Hope this helps :)

  • Melanie

    I use the pro naturals conditioner and it is seriously good at moisturizing my hair and leaving it manageable and soft. It doesn’t tangle and it looks great!

  • http://www.naturalhaircarenews.com/popular-products/curl-defining-cremes/ Mary

    Interesting! Thank you for suggesting those products. Have a nice day! :)

  • Rashonda

    Nutress Hair Protein Pack Conditioner is also a great one to use. Many people overlook this brand but don’t sleep on Nutress! Actually I think its the best out of all of these products. And its cheap :)

  • Vida

    My hair is natural and I’m allergic to hair colour is there any I can use that can not a affect me?

    • Toni

      Vida, Maybe henna would work for you? Henna gives my hair a reddish tint. It can also be combined with indigo for a dark color. Now, there are variety of henna hair dyes sold on the market in whole food stores as well, but I have never tried them. If mixing your own henna then you will need to do research to find hennas which are suitable for hair and are not full of chemicals. My go to is Jamila henna.

  • Christinia

    I use the Apogee on my natural hair when I blow it out and flat iron my hair. I only use it maybe twice a year. Its all about making sure not to pull on the hair while its in there and rinsing it completely out. All the products I have tried forcept the Treseme