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Pro­tein con­di­tion­ers are not exact­ly a neces­si­ty for most nat­u­rals, but some of us do need them, espe­cial­ly if we col­or, manip­u­late, or flat iron our hair reg­u­lar­ly. The chal­lenge that is then faced is find­ing the right pro­tein con­di­tion­er, and those that are rec­om­mend­ed for relaxed hair may be too harsh for our nat­ur­al strands.  If you are search­ing for the right pro­tein con­di­tion­er, per­haps you will find it here:

1. ApHogee Ker­atin 2-Minute Recon­struc­tor – for mild break­age and/or col­or-treat­ed hair


WHAT’S IN IT:  Hydrolyzed hair ker­atin (pro­tein) and hydrolyzed mucopolysac­cha­rides (may form com­plex­es with pro­teins) are among the top ingre­di­ents. The com­bi­na­tion of these sub­stances with the remain­der of the recon­struc­tor will help to tem­porar­i­ly rein­force the hair strand with­out mak­ing it too hard.

WHY APHOGEE: This par­tic­u­lar recon­struc­tor is a favorite of some nat­u­rals who have col­or treat­ed their hair and/or are expe­ri­enc­ing mild break­age.  While the ApHogee 2-step Pro­tein Treat­ment is too harsh for these nat­u­rals, the ApHogee 2-Minute Ker­atin Recon­struc­tor is just right due to the prod­uct for­mu­la­tion.

2. Tre­semme Split Rem­e­dy Con­di­tion­er – for damp detan­gling and/or heat styling


WHAT’S IN IT:  Amodime­thicone (sil­i­cone), cyclopen­tasilox­ane (sil­i­cone), and hydrolyzed ker­atin (pro­tein) are in the top sev­en ingre­di­ents.  The sil­i­cones make detan­gling eas­i­er while help­ing to reduce break­age.  The hydrolyzed ker­atin can help to strength­en the hair shaft until the next wash.

WHY TRESEMME: If you are pur­chas­ing this con­di­tion­er to “fix” your split ends then you may be dis­ap­point­ed. How­ev­er, if you are look­ing for a light pro­tein con­di­tion­er to reduce break­age dur­ing manip­u­la­tion then this one may be for you.  The inclu­sion of sil­i­cones and hydrolyzed ker­atin make Tre­semme Split Rem­e­dy an ide­al con­di­tion­er for nat­u­rals who detan­gle on damp hair or reg­u­lar­ly straight­en their hair with heat.

3. Organ­ic Root Stim­u­la­tor Replen­ish­ing Pak – for strength with­out mois­ture loss


WHAT’S IN IT:  Hydrolyzed col­la­gen (pro­tein) is the fifth ingre­di­ent in this prod­uct and helps with elas­tic­i­ty.  Glyc­er­ine (i.e., glyc­erin, a humec­tant) and olive oil are also among the top five ingre­di­ents.

WHY ORGANIC ROOT STIMULATOR: This con­di­tion­er imparts mois­ture and strength via the for­mu­la­tion of ingre­di­ents.  It is ide­al for nat­u­rals who want to rein­force their strands but also want to retain their mois­ture and sup­ple­ness.

Ladies, what pro­tein con­di­tion­ers do you use?  Share your favorites!


Empow­er­ing women of col­or to break bar­ri­ers. Cherish.Thy.Melanin.

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After wash­ing and reg­u­lar con­di­tion­ing, 1. I apply warm olive & avo­ca­do oil to tow­el dry but still wet hair 2. add hydrolyzed silk amino acid (apprx. 2 tbsp) to my deep con­di­tion­er, mix it in the blender 3., apply to hair, plas­tic cap hair and sit under the dry­er for 30–40 min­utes and rinse thor­ough­ly. The hydrolyzed silk amino acid (HSAA) helped my hair become super hydrat­ed, super soft, shiny and man­age­able, my ends still feel super hydrat­ed. I have 3b long hair. I high­ly rec­om­mend adding HSAA to their deep con­di­tion­er. The hydra­tion was very impres­sive, notice­able elas­tic­i­ty and… Read more »

Pro­tein Con­di­tion­ers work won­ders on my hair! My favorite is from Nutress. They have the best pro­tein treat­ment ever! My hair feels so soft, less dam­aged, and health­i­er, after using it. Plus their prod­ucts don’t smell or have a ton of harsh ingre­di­ents like Aphogee. Nutress for­mu­las are effec­tive but very gen­tle, which is per­fect for nat­ur­al hair. Those who are look­ing for a real­ly good pro­tein con­di­tion­er should def­i­nite­ly try this brand!


I use the Apogee on my nat­ur­al hair when I blow it out and flat iron my hair. I only use it maybe twice a year. Its all about mak­ing sure not to pull on the hair while its in there and rins­ing it com­plete­ly out. All the prod­ucts I have tried for­cept the Treseme


my hair is fan­tas­tic cauz of olive oil con­di­tion­er


My hair is nat­ur­al and I’m aller­gic to hair colour is there any I can use that can not a affect me?


Vida, Maybe hen­na would work for you? Hen­na gives my hair a red­dish tint. It can also be com­bined with indi­go for a dark col­or. Now, there are vari­ety of hen­na hair dyes sold on the mar­ket in whole food stores as well, but I have nev­er tried them. If mix­ing your own hen­na then you will need to do research to find hen­nas which are suit­able for hair and are not full of chem­i­cals. My go to is Jami­la hen­na.


Nutress Hair Pro­tein Pack Con­di­tion­er is also a great one to use. Many peo­ple over­look this brand but don’t sleep on Nutress! Actu­al­ly I think its the best out of all of these prod­ucts. And its cheap :)


Inter­est­ing! Thank you for sug­gest­ing those prod­ucts. Have a nice day! :)


I use the pro nat­u­rals con­di­tion­er and it is seri­ous­ly good at mois­tur­iz­ing my hair and leav­ing it man­age­able and soft. It doesn’t tan­gle and it looks great!

kayon k powell

I have a prob­lem my hair keeps falling can i get some advise as to what is caus­ing that & what can be done to stop & cor­rect the prob­lem

Soleilkiss@ YT

Hi Kay­on, I’m not sure why you’re expe­ri­enc­ing hair break­age, but a few com­mon prac­tices that can lead to excess breakage/shedding are rough detan­gling (i.e rak­ing through dry hair, pop­ping noise), excess heat, or a lot of manip­u­la­tion (“play­ing” in your hair a lot). It could also be due to stress or not mois­tur­iz­ing it ade­quate­ly. I’m not an expert on all nat­ur­al hair, but I know these are com­mon prac­tices that can lead to a ton of hair loss. Hope this helps :)


Aubrey Organ­ic GPB con­di­tion­er is my go to pro­tein treat. Mix with coconut oil it is THE TRUTH!!


Each time I sue a sil­i­cone free con­di­tion­er it leaves my hair veryyy hard and dry*confused…and I always use pro­teins con­di­tion­er because they leave my hair soft which is strange because they say they need to be min­imised because they make the hair too firm..


I agree with the oth­ers. There is no clear cut def­i­n­i­tion of which is the best con­di­tion­er. Some­times, it is a mat­ter of tri­al and error. You have to find what works for your hair type and play it by ear.


[…] get fried or dried out. In humid regions where the hair becomes over­whelmed with mois­ture, pro­tein con­di­tion­ers are more ben­e­fi­cial to bal­ance the hair and in dry arid regions mois­tur­iz­ing con­di­tion­ers are most […]


Joico KPAK Recon­struct­ing Con­di­tion­er. Leave it on for just 1 minute, hands down best pro­tein con­di­tion­er. No 30 minute marathon ses­sions. Ain’t nobody got time for that.


I’ve done egg yolks + Vati­ka oil AND [not togeth­er LOL] Aubrey Organ­ics GPB con­di­tion­er to strength­en. Honestly…I have way less break­age with both…and have had sim­i­lar results try­ing both. The choice is up to you. Your mileage may vary, I’m afraid. BTW: I rinsed with cool water after the egg treatment…didn’t have any issues with cooked yolk.


sor­ry but #1 is too hard for my hair…during my perm days Aphogee was won­der­ful


I dont use eggs and mayo togeth­er be ause mayo already con­tain eggs. Any­way, I apply mayo to dry hair and Let it sit for 30 mins under a cap then rinde and apply organ­ic root stim­u­la­tor and sit under the dry­er for about 10 min­utes. My hair is grow­ing like crazy! The results is strong hair that is moister­ized and soft too.


It’s cool that eggs work for some peo­ple and all, but I per­son­al­ly will stick with only hydrolyzed pro­teins that can fit into the hair strand. Amino acids are too small. Egg and unhy­drolyzed pro­tein is too big. Plus, I hat­ed wash­ing out egg from my hair! Such a mess! Are there any oth­er pro­tein con­di­tion­ers that are sil­i­cone free besides the Aphogee? I use Aphogee every 6 weeks but would like to use some­thing like the Mois­tur­iz­ing Pak (with mois­ture and pro­tein) but with­out cones.


Egg pro­tein are too big to pen­e­trate the strand unlike hydrolyzed pro­tein.


Curl Junky’s “Repair Me” is my favorite pro­tein treat­ment, and it has no sil­i­cones in it. It’s pret­ty expen­sive, but it lasts a long time, see­ing as how one shouldn’t do pro­tein treat­ments much more than once every eight weeks.

I also used to use Nexxus Emer­gencee. It worked pret­ty well, I don’t remem­ber if it had sil­i­cones though.

nappy headed black girl

The ORS con­di­tion­er takes me back to my relax­er days haha

I don’t use a pro­tein con­di­tion­er but need to start. I thought (like many dreads do) that I didn’t need pro­tein because I have dreads. Turns out dreads can break, too. You still have to keep the indi­vid­ual strands strong. 

I’m just par­tic­u­lar about using non-oil/watery prod­ucts for fear of build-up and pos­si­ble dam­age from left­over prod­uct.


I had a ton of buildup from over­con­di­tion­ing my locs. After reli­gious­ly sham­poo­ing most of it out, I used the Aphogee 2-Minute Recon­struc­tor treat­ment again. Hair felt bet­ter after all that pun­ish­ment I put it through. Just be sure to rinse it out thor­ough­ly. I mean thor­ough­ly. :) Good luck.


I use Shea Mois­ture Yuc­ca and Baobab Anti-Break­age Masque, which has real­ly been help­ing the break­age. I just got Aubrey Organ­ice GPB Bal­anc­ing Con­di­tion­er. I real­ly like the smell and my hair felt strong and mois­tur­ized but not over­ly in either direc­tion.


I use Aubrey Organ­ics GPB as well…with a twist. I always use this as my DC AND mix w/Vatika oil. Won­der­ful.


I use the aphogee two-step pro­tein treat­ment. It stinks and it is kin­da messy/ time con­sum­ing but the results are amaz­ing and incom­pa­ra­ble imo!!!!

I use # 1 and # 3 for light and fast treat­ments.


#3 Organ­ic Root Stim­u­la­tor is AWESOME!!


aphogee 2 minute was a game chang­er for me. I use it once a week, some­times twice. Cou­pled with pro­tec­tive styling its helped me retain length so much eas­i­er

Michelle@Radiant Brown Beauty

Aubrey Organ­ics Glyco­gen Pro­tein Bal­anc­ing Con­di­tion­er. This is the #TRUTH


I love aphogee! It works real­ly well!


Aphogee is great, I love it too. I absolute­ly hate ORS con­di­tion­er though. My for­mer styl­ist loved that stuff and I swear that it broke my hair off because my hair was doing fine until she start­ed using it. I nev­er under­stood why peo­ple love it so much because it made my hair real­ly mat­ted and dry.


I love mane and tail con­di­tion­er and elas­ta QP break­age serum.


I’ve been using the Aphoghee once a month, late­ly. I may try the Treseme when I fin­ish off the Aphoghee.


Aubrey Organ­ics GPB works won­ders as well.


This is my go to pro­tein treat­ment when I need a pro­tein treat­ment which is rare


@ Tanya I may try this…thanks!


Aubrey GPB is def­i­nite­ly my go to! I like the ApHogee 2 Minute Recon­struc­tor too. I have one of those Olive Oil Replen­ish­ing Packs under my sink, but I nev­er tried it!! I must have bought it a good 1 1/2 years ago!! DOH!! PJ Prob­lems ;). LOL!


This is what I use as well.


That’s my deep con­di­tion­er with EVOO and hon­ey. Love it.


For my pro­tein treat­ment: eggs, mayo, and honey…mix well.leave on for 30 mins wash it out.


Yes, use a non-pro­tein con­di­tion­er afterward…you don’t want to over pro­tein your hair.


I tried this mix­ture a while back and the egg was hard to remove from hair. How do you get all the egg out?


if it was hard to rinse out maybe you cooked the egg. I pre­fer to use cold water when rins­ing my hair but warm will do to.. if it’s too hot the egg will cook and you’ll end up with white stuff in your hair ( egg whites I guess)


i am almost tired of buy­ing prod­ucts that promise this and that and then don’t!Rinse well…You don’t have to use eggs just YouTube it…do your own research on what works well for you…if you don’t try it how do you know? All the best to you.


I’m scared that eggs would be hard to get out of my hair, so I use a mix of mayo, hon­ey and olive or coconut oil. Some­times I add liq­uid aminos for an added pro­tein kick. Made a huge dif­fer­ence to my hair after just one con­di­tion­ing ses­sion — I hadn’t real­ized how much my hair was in need of pro­tein treat­ment.


You have to rinse the egg out with cool water. If not, it’ll “cook” and be impos­si­ble to remove.


Rinse the egg out with cool water. If not, it’ll “cook” and be impos­si­ble to remove.


I rinse it out well in the show­er first and fol­low it with my reg­u­lar con­di­tion­er.


I love this one too!!! I got my par­tic­u­lar recipe from Nap­tural85 and it was amaz­ing even after the first use.