4 More Ways to Style Twists on Natural Hair


By Chinwe of Hair and Health

Do you want to change up your current set of twists?  Well, here are a few more styles on two-strand twists:

1. Glamorous side bun: medium to long twists

In this tutorial, Ambrosia demonstrates how to achieve this simple yet glamorous look in just a few minutes.

2. & 3. Two funky updos: medium to long twists

During this “Style Swap” with CharyJay, Laila shows how to get two funky hairstyles from one combination of twists, flat twists, and loose hair.  Just watch!

4. Vintage pin up on short twists!

Who said you had to have medium to long hair to have fun? Here is a really elegant, vintage pin up demonstrated by Iknowlee on short twists:

Gorgeous! Ladies, which of these styles would you rock?

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  • Tisha

    love style #1, I will def try it. The second option is a little too complicated for an incompetent flat twister like myself lol

    • Candice

      LOL! I was just thinking the same thing! 1 & 4 are definitely more my speed.

  • msboogee

    Can’t stand laila

    • mangomadness

      You mad?

      • Hilda


  • rachelle

    In love with all of these! Can’t wait to try them!

  • I would try the last style, since my twists are not that long. I love her accent and the commentary (and her sister coming in at the end–just adds to the charm :)

  • I love Iknowlee’s twists… beautiful!

  • Jacky


  • Natasha

    I love #4!

  • Shamelle