5 Medical Reasons For Slow/No Hair Growth


Hair products and good management techniques are the two main factors that most naturals look at to gain length. We do often talk to about having a healthy diet and exercising too but less attention is paid to reasons why hair may genuinely be growing slower than normal or shedding faster than it should. Here are 5 medical causes that could cause perturb hair growth cycles.

1. Taking Supplements that you do not need
There is a school of thought that if you take certain vitamin or mineral supplements, you can promote hair growth or thicken hair. Some people self prescribe larger than normal doses of these supplements. In actual fact, taking supplements in excess or those that you do not need may lead to hair loss (Clin Exp Dermatol, pp 396-404, 2002). If you truly believe you are lacking in vital minerals or vitamins, it is definitely worth having some blood work done before you start on a course of supplements.

2. Thyroid Check
If your thyroid is underactive, you are likely to suffer from increased hair shedding as the balance between the hair which should be growing (anagen phase) and hair that should be shedding (telogen phase) is disturbed (Arch Dermatol, pp 349-352, 1972). In essence, hair that should still be in the growth phase somehow switches to the shedding phase. It is not known scientifically why this happens. The observations, however, so far are that hair follicles do have attachment areas for thyroid hormones and for people with an underactive thyroid, supplementing with synthetic hormones leads to a rebalancing of the hairs’ anagen and telogen phase. So if you suspect an underactive thyroid, do have it checked out, it could improve your hair.

3. Iron Check

This is yet another case where there are more observations than explanations. The observation is that women who either have low iron but not anemia as well as those with anemia can experience increased hair loss. Similar to the underactive thyroid, this is due to hair that should be in the growth phase switching to the shedding phase (Clin Exp Dermatol, pp 396-404, 2002). Supplementing with iron allows restoration of the balance. However, hair loss in women with low iron or anemia is not universal, some women do not experience this. Additionally in some cases supplementation does not necessarily change the balance. Although the evidence is unclear, there is a link of a kind to iron supplementation improving hair quality for some women.

4. Hormone Check
Women produce a small amount of testosterone in addition to making larger quantities of estrogen. The balance between these two hormones can affect hair growth. Estrogens are known to play a role in hair growth and are part of the reason why in pregnancy the growth cycle of hair is elongated. For women, testosterone in higher than normal quantities can cause scalp hair to become thinner and shed more as well as promote thicker hair growth in typically male areas such as the chin and chest. If you have any problems with your menstrual cycle or if you notice that your hair is thinning and shedding more, do have a hormone check.

5. Eating Disorders
The primary reason hair grows is because we consume food. A diet that is low in protein will generally still allow your hair to grow although it may be more brittle. A diet that excludes protein can lead to hair breakage, hair loss and slow/no hair growth (Am J Clin Nutr, pp 1158-1165, 1967). There is a cultural stereotype that black women in general do not really suffer from eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia but this is just a stereotype. If either of these conditions affect you, do seek medical help.

Ladies have you dealt with any of these issues? Please share.

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51 thoughts on “5 Medical Reasons For Slow/No Hair Growth

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  3. yes, i have dealt with all of them, caused by an underactive thyroid. Although i’m on medication i still have shedding, struggle with anemia (lack of iron) and hormonal imbalance. Hypothyroidism is a real struggle as it affects every cell in your body. I’m even suffering with acne which i’ve never had trouble with.

  4. Two of the journal reference sited are over 40+ (42 and 47 ) years old! Surely you could find current research to support your hypothesis. As someone with a scientific background, confirm with a medline search and quote current (within the last 7years preferably) research to support your hypothesis. You will be providing information that is more clinically relevant to your readers.

  5. “Taking Supplements that you do not need” This is not necessarily true. Especially if you take water soluble supplements. Any excess would be flushed out of your system. It’s a very smart move to drink tons of water when taking various supplements to move the process along. Being in my late-50’s I know this for a fact.

  6. Please help me here I don’t know what is the cause of my hair staying at the same length near my neck a little past my shoulders I don’t like this length I prefer longer hair hate short my hair falls out some times I have been struggling trying to grow my hair every 6 to 8 weeks I get my trim what in the world does it take for my hair to grow either it stopped growing or grows slowly dont know what it takes for my hair to grow

    • Stop getting trims! Your hair grows from the root not tip so trims aren’t necessary for hair growth. Your hair will grow regardless of trims!

  7. Ok interesting article, but where is the ‘sound’ advice to some of the questions? Anyone can post an article, but having some back up answers would be nice.

  8. Hello ladies,
    I am not a medical expert, Ive been suffering from
    alopecia areata for 8 years now and for the past 6 months i’ve seen
    results i havent seen since my first patch…I want to share my story
    and experience and what I did that ended up working for me in the end to
    give me the results i have now.
    First, anyone reading this is probably does alot of online research and looking for what works for others.


    means that this is an internal problem. Topical treatments will only
    take you so far, but they cannot correct your insides…I’ve tried
    numerous remedies and had my hair grow back but after several weeks,
    months and even a year break it began to fall out again. I was too
    stubborn to even accept the fact that I had developed a food allergy
    that affected my immune system, and rather than breaking out or getting rashes, it actually
    contributed to my hair loss. Hair loss is always a symptom of an
    underlying problem that is connected to something going on inside your

    I am mostly speaking to the women who have been going
    through this for years, having your hair grow back and thin out/fall out
    and grow back and fall again. I highly suggest you visit a doctor and
    ask for blood work to be done to check your iron levels, any vitamin
    deficiencies ( vitamin B and D in particular) or even ask what type of
    test should be done to determine why your immune system is attacking
    your body, it may even by a food allergy that was developed over the
    years or at least since your hair loss began.

    My experience
    am allergic to gluten and that allergy was the main cause of my hair loss. I since then did a 7 day detox plan just to cleanse out my
    body (my own decision) I did research to search for the foods ranking
    the highest in iron, vitamin a, b(6 n 12), c d, take a spoonful of cod
    liver oil every morning or other morning when i can. I replaced pastas
    and white rice with green veggies, kale and broccoli as fillers for
    example, and have chosen to eat sockeye salmon and mackerel, pork liver
    (it contains the highest level of iron in foods) and turkey and chicken
    for protein. My favourite meal is sheppards pie with sweet potato and
    ground beef. (no more white potatoes) I mainly drink carrot juice which i
    blend and add oranges for flavor. I eat sunflower and pumpkin seeds as
    snacks and drink ginger tea a few times a week.

    I highly
    recommend that when you are searching remedies for hair loss treatments,
    please look for diets and check with your national dietitian sites as
    well since they will provide you with a guide of what foods contain what
    vitamins and how much to consume daily. It took a lot of work to change
    my diet but its worth it after 8 years. I personally love my natural
    hair its almost at shoulder length now since i cut it all off back in
    April 2015.

  9. My hair has always been my pride and joy. I figured since it is pretty damn healthy, it could deal with some bleach damage. And I figured the master stylist who did all the color-corrections would know how much would be too much. I was wrong, and now I want to burst into tears every time I look at my hair or touch it. I just don’t know what to do. my hair has also NEVER been shorter than this and it breaks and falls out. What should i do to regrow hair?

  10. I’m trying to grow my dughters hair .I tried everything. She wants her hair hip length but now it is mid back length. All her friend hair is butt length. Help

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