5 Quick and Easy Styles for Short to Medium Length Natural Hair

Kim.Loves.Beauty shows us how to get 5 gorgeous, easy-to-do looks on short and medium length hair. Check it out:

Simple, chic and cute! I love it!

What do you think ladies? Would you try these looks?

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Black Girl With Long Hair

Black Girl With Long Hair

Leila, founder of Black Girl with Long Hair (April 2008). Social media, pop culture and black beauty enthusiast.

  • Irene

    These are beautiful!I will definately be trying some of these!I wanted to share with you my fun updo using just Tresseme Naturals Conditioner as my leave in.It really made my curls pop!Please connect with me on YouTube for natural hair styling ideas, here is my link:


  • Jj

    So cute!!

  • Eve

    Finally a feature on styles for short to medium length hair! Very cute styles!

  • Tricia

    I’ve seen this in the past and have tried two of the styles. Easy and fun.

  • Yaasha

    My hair is somewhere between medium and long (about 1-2 inches past collarbone when straight), but I love the braided headband and the first style – gonna try them!

  • Finally!!!! I have watched this before and I really love it.it has really help me styling my hair as short, thumbs up for short hair !!!

  • I like the lady liberty style best. She has such a great smile! She’s just gorgeous! I wonder if she colored her hair with chalk (people seem to be doing that a lot lately) it doesn’t look like it went very well, or maybe the video quality doesn’t do it justice. I like the color itself, though.

  • Tiff Dizzle

    I just saw this on YT yesterday and did one of the styles today…. Im trying to come out my shell and try new natural styles without weave. I bookmarked this one

  • Sumthinvicious87

    I never comment, but I had to start with this! Thanks for the styles– really cute and match my personality. I don’t really like the mo hawk and etc.

  • Jennifer

    Love these styles! !! Will be trying the braided headband styles! !!!

  • Cute Hairstyles!!

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    • Junez Delorenzo

      How infuriating that you thought to spam that here. Also, consider rethinking your flier. ‘Hair Tamers’? You really thought that would go over well here? Some people here might like weaves as a protective style but you do NOT seem like the type that would gaf about the under hair care of your clientelle, given what I’m seeing your your pictures. In short, gtfo >:(

      New wandering to BGLH. Sorry if I am too angry…

      • WRONG JUNEZ!!!! We do offer natural hair styles and natural hair services as well. We not only do weves but we also focus on the health and growth of the clients natural hair underneath as well.SOOO IDOGAF. Hair is what WE do Healthy hair natural hair and weaves. Either you rolling with it or you not.Everyone has their opinion. Have A blessed day boo. hairtamersstudio.com

  • CurlyJan2009

    Really appreciated this tutorial! Was really easy to follow and it helped that her hair was the same length as mine! Rocked a fro-hawk last weekend and everyone loved it!

  • Gorgeous, especially the braided headband! Off to practice my braiding. :)

  • Black American Princess

    Thanks for this!!!! Might I add that I find it so hilarious that the banner ads feature the very weaved-out Braxton family on this, a natural hair care website LOLLL…..

  • DJ J

    you look like Nicki Minaj.



  • Like medium length natural hair, easy and interesting!

  • natchural tee

    love all the styles. I just shampooed my hair and am now going to attempt something new….wish me luck. btw….you are such a beautiful young lady with a gorgeous smile!

  • tee

    These styles are easy to do. Thank you for sharing