I think we can safely say that “celebrities showing pictures of natural hair under weave” is officially a trend. Angela Simmons’ stylist Nikk Nelson took to Instagram a few days ago to show a picture of her client’s natural hair straightened and hitting waist length.

(By the way, for the skeptics, we know for a fact that Angela Simmons is natural. She spoke to us about it a couple years back.)


Her stylist included the caption:

OK so people and the blogs are really going in on my client #angelasimmons real hair pic that I took today! The one we posted was pressed out…this is one of it just blown out no heat. Please black women can have long hair without weave. She wears a weave to protect her natural hair. We keep it natural and healthy! #getpressed #getaweave #wegrowhair

This is the pressed out pic her stylist was referring to:


While we can appreciate, to a degree, what the stylist is saying, she must realize that having a stylist who can apply and manage a non-cheap looking weave, while gently caring for the hair underneath is a luxury that most black women just cannot afford. And, while Angela seems to have been blessed with very strong hair, the fragility of many black women’s hair (including mine!) prevents them from attempting weaves without causing significant damage to edges and ends.

The bigger question (for us, anyway) is if Angela Simmons, and the many celebrities who are flaunting their real hair these days, have such strong and long natural hair, why natural styles are never an option?

We appreciate and applaud that celebrities (from Toya Carter to Keke Palmer to Lil Mama to Christina Milian) are revealing healthy natural hair beneath their weaves, but we also wonder why it’s only good enough for a quick Instagram photo here or there, and not to rock on the red carpet like our girl Teyonah Parris:



What do you think ladies?

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Not every critic is hater . Nobody is saying that one can’t do w/their hair as they please and I do think her hair is really pretty but I really don’t get just showing pics on instagram and never being photographed publicly. Is it to say I wear weaves but I’m not bald headed? Aren’t we beyond that? If you were really proud of being natural you would wear it out once in awhile.

Although some won’t admit it and they’ll preach ’till the cows come home that they keep it hidden 27/7, 365 to “protect” it, many black women, even naturals, STILL think our natural hair is ugly or that nothing “can be done” with it besides straightening/weaves/braids/extensions. I’ve been “natural” for about 3 years now but I didn’t know how to style my hair until recently and thought it never looked good without braids. Thankfully, with some effort and the help of YouTube I learned how to style my hair and have it looking nice…without braids/weaves. I embraced my hair texture and… Read more »
Finally! The first comment that has some real truth to it. “I will never feel dread,shame or discomfort in leaving the house with my natural hair texture.” and “I’m not afraid to admit the deep down, underneath all the denial I felt that way too. It was rooted in me from childhood and was very hard to break out of. I still struggle with it at times.” If all BLACK/AFRICAN/BROWN/MOCHA and other women (Indian, Native Australian & Jewish women included) could just admit this, the world would change. All these women who are so pro-weave on this site (who I… Read more »
@ God Made Me Perfect from lilkunta
@ God Made Me Perfect from lilkunta

shutup. most of this sites viewers are in the USA.

for you to say that those who are pro weave are mostly nigerian and carribbean shows your stupidity.

please change your name bc god definitely did not make you perfect.

the god you serves is alright with you posting this bullsht and thinking as you do.


Wow! That’s mean and hateful. You need to beef up your vocab. Now I’m almost CERTAIN you’re Nigerian. The second sentence gave you away. Nigerians do live in America you know. Yeah, you know – 9ja girl. lol

And God made all of us perfect. He doesn’t make mistakes. That’s where the “perfect” comes from. So if you’re calling anyone stupid for how I/we physically came to be, it’s HIM.

*applause* THANK YOU for saying this. I truly understand the basic rationale behind celebrities’ wearing weave but I guess I don’t understand the point of these real hair “reveal” photos. Contrary to what some have said above, protective styles, including weave, do NOT grow hair…they just keep you (or your stylist) from doing whatever it is you (or your stylist) are doing to keep it from retaining length. Assuming they can afford to have good weaves put in, it would seem to make sense that they can also afford to have their own hair taken care of properly or pay… Read more »

@ l bell: weaves dont make hair grow, weaves are a protective
style. what makes the hair grow is that it is washed conditioned oiled sealed and protected from sun rain wind etc bc it is under a net and asian hair.


@lilkunta: Hair growth is an INTERNAL BIOLOGICAL PROCESS that starts from within the scalp. Unless you’re in really bad physical shape, your hair will grow even if you never wash, condition, oil, seal, or protect it from the elements using nets, Asian hair (???) or anything else.

Human hair has been around as long as HUMANS have been around. And both humans and their hair came before shampoo, conditioner, oil, etc.


Sigh, you guys realize that performers must go through several different hairstyles and events in a given week right? All that manipulation is TRAGIC on the ends. It’s not so much hiding as it is a versatility measure. And remember not all stylists know how to handle natural hair…


Truth is, no one has to explain their hair choices. Maybe she has to protect her hair from herself. I know I do because when I’m stressed I pull. No one knows what she’s doing from day to day. For someone who works out a lot, like myself, I feel the need to do the same be it braids, tucked away, weaves, etc. We all have choices. get over it. Geez. Shut the blood clot crying. Folks don’t need to sign a permission slip to live and do them.

I truly understand why black women wear weaves and braids. Black hair is not easy to maintain. Whether you wear it natural, chemically relaxed, pressed, braided, it takes a lot to maintain. Weaves if done properly, should grow your natural hair underneath the weave, but remember this hair is use to being left alone. That is why it grows so easily. It is hard to maintain once you start trying to wear it and start messing with it. Everyone does not want to rock a twist out, afros, or locs. We don’t have to either. People have their right to… Read more »
Oh ok, in her past interviews she says that its too much with traveling and work to deal with her natural hair so she just weaves it up and goes to a stylist all the time. A lot of naturals now are more hands on with their hair even if they wear weaves most people take breaks and flaunt their progress from time to time. But she stays weaved up and has someone else manage her hair. Thats cool good for her that she found a regimen that allows for retention. Personally, my hair would not go for being braided… Read more »
Her hair looks beautiful! Not just long but looks healthy, for the person that says that her hair looks thin, it just looks flat ironed bone straight, not everyone’s hair straightens thick, I know mine doesn’t and it is very healthy I just have find strands. Angela does lots of modeling, appearances, etc. and if she wants to wear it straight it makes more sense to wear weaves. All that heat would destroy her hair. Of course she could do natural styles but I think she wants a guaranteed look everyday and although I love my hair some days it… Read more »

@ marci : is this angela ?
she dont model ot appear for ish.

Run’s House was her claim to fame.
pastry was hot for a minute.

angela fans the flames by doing these tweets.
she wasnt the attn /press .

steph u
but to be honest, if you can have your hair looking as good as possible everyday of the week, why not? you make reference to what angela simmons does to protect her hair, most women can’t afford.. but if we could have someone constantly helping with our hair, lord knows we would! i honestly think its safer to just bring the hair out for special occasions, if it’s looking that good. i dont personally wear weave but, i understand why people rely on it. you only have one head of hair and why should these celebrities risk damaging it when… Read more »
How about showing some love for the girl (Angela Simmons)? I thought it was okay for a person to wear their hair in any way that they desire. True, she COULD wear her natural hair out more often, but then people would have something to say about that as well. Ms. Simmons, just like the rest of us, wears her hair the way she wants to wear it–not to please other people. I applaud the fact that she has long, beautiful hair. I love that it’s being taken care of–whether by her or her stylist. Too much time is being… Read more »

some folks will never have THICK hair anyway so I love both pictures and their are some folks with waist hair and THICK hair that do press /flat iron once or twice a year, learn what works for YOU and don’t worry about what works for OTHERS or how they want to wear THEIR hair


I love this article and the naturalistas who rock their curls on the red carpet!!


i wonder the same thing! if it’s so long and strong and gorgeous why do you continue to hide it! show the world that your REAL hair is just as fierce (and in my opinion fierecer) than somebody’s discarded and chemically treated hair?!?!? to each his/her own but flaunting being natural while you rock someone ele’s hair is …. you fill in the blank.

I had a weave my Junior year of High School and I HATED IT! It just wasn’t for me. Unfortunately I am just too much of a Tom-Boy for the maintenance, so I kept it for a month and never did it again. But love some cornrows though. It is a lot simpilar for celebrities to do these weaves when they have the cash for it, but I’m not going to hate on the fact that they got bank and I don’t. To each its own about why they don’t wear their natural hair out and its not for me… Read more »

you all seem kinda bitter… whether she straightens her hair or not, it looks great. And I wear weaves and braids all the time because 1.) I like change, and 2.) it DOES help my hair grow. Not everyone wants to “rock the natural” all the time, and that’s their choice. And…. her hair isn’t even see-through.


yes! Comments on these sites tend to get really negative really quickly. Aren’t natural hair sites supposed to be a source of support and positivity?

J. Nicole of UrbanExpressive

If someone was negative & catty before going natural, they’ll still be the same without the perm. I realized some people may not have chemically treated hair, but their mind is!

As far as Angela Simmons, if she wants to wear a weave, big deal. I think that yes, it would be great if since she’s in the public eye, she’d show her true self, but ultimately its her choice. We, not just as Black women, but women in general need to stop hating on the next & just focus on improving ourselves.


isn’t it wonderful to see other black women tare someone down for THEIR hair choices LOL that you for posting something with some common sense….bitter and catty smh


We are really hard on eachother and never really understood why?


Willy Lynch did an excellent JOB on blacks smh I’m about 3 inches from waist length and I wear it any way I want some years no weave other years weave and wigs, sometimes straight sometimes just in twists I do what I want with MY hair,

leah james

thank you ambi. its hair, if you want to grow it down to your toe,, and wear it in a knot on top of your head for 30 years thats your prerogative, IT’S YOUR HAIR.


It’s called being American. The land of the hypercritical and hypocritical.

Curly Queen

What’s the point of growing hair that’s never seen? Plus since they’re in the public eye it would set a good example to show their hair for younger girls coming up who think you have to have “good hair” for your hair to grow.

leah james

u dnt go natural for other people. u do it for yourself. she dosent have to show her hair to anyone if she doesnt want to, its her hair.


I agree. It’s almost like what’s the point in showing it off if that’s prob the only time it gets seen. Lol. I agree that it would be nice if more black women in the public eye would rock their natural hair more often, rather than just randomly posting a quick pic of it on Instagram or Twitter. However, I do feel that everyone does have the right to wear their hair as they please. It would just be nice.


What on earth is Angela Simmons doing that would require her to “protect” her hair so often? Not like she’s performing under bright lights or doing intensive sports….why not just rock the natural??

Lisa Holiday
All natural haired girls need to think about protective styles. Hair is protected from constant styling with a comb and brush, blow drying, relaxing, texturizing and whatevr “fad” seems to be out at any given time that would cause the hair to break. Even as it grows pas the shoulders, (african american) hair has to be treated differently. if you try to comb it or brush it from the roots, you will probably get a knt at the end where the only solution is to cut it. I’m so surprised you’re even asking a question like this. Unless Angela should… Read more »
You’re making a lot of generalizations. First of all not “all natural haired girls” need protective styling. It depends on that person’s head of hair; everyone is different. Some people need protective styling, others don’t. Personally, I am able to wear braid outs, twist outs, and flexi rod sets most of the time. Also, I made it to WL without an Andre or any other stylist for that matter, and my hair is stilling growing and I have only a few more months til my ultimate goal of HL. I and many other naturals learned everything we needed to take… Read more »
Curly Queen

Excellent point!




LOL. It WAAAY looked better in the pic before it was flat ironed.


that…#get pressed… #see through hair… #not impressed has me rolling. too too funny.


IMHO it just looks like she needs a trim. Everyone doesn’t have thick hair, I know I don’t 🙂


if i had thin hair, the last thing i would be doing is blow drying it and flat ironing it. id rather have it shoulder length with as much fluff and volume as i could muster, than long without any volume. her hair looks long but flat and unhealthy (and oily). these girls so attached to length do not understand that length without volume is not pretty. no bueno.


That hair is on HER head, not yours. I do like the thickness in the first pic but the second is not bad. “Length without volume is not pretty?” Some of her hair is darker than other parts, you probably can’t see all of it but it’s there. It looks great.


@shelikes, that what YOU would do. I do agree she needs a cut maybe a style but I don’t think her hair looks unhealthy.

Cece Danielle

Lmao same thing i said!