Angela Simmons’ Stylist Shares Waist-Length Photo of Her Hair

I think we can safely say that “celebrities showing pictures of natural hair under weave” is officially a trend. Angela Simmons’ stylist Nikk Nelson took to Instagram a few days ago to show a picture of her client’s natural hair straightened and hitting waist length.

(By the way, for the skeptics, we know for a fact that Angela Simmons is natural. She spoke to us about it a couple years back.)


Her stylist included the caption:

OK so people and the blogs are really going in on my client #angelasimmons real hair pic that I took today! The one we posted was pressed out…this is one of it just blown out no heat. Please black women can have long hair without weave. She wears a weave to protect her natural hair. We keep it natural and healthy! #getpressed #getaweave #wegrowhair

This is the pressed out pic her stylist was referring to:


While we can appreciate, to a degree, what the stylist is saying, she must realize that having a stylist who can apply and manage a non-cheap looking weave, while gently caring for the hair underneath is a luxury that most black women just cannot afford. And, while Angela seems to have been blessed with very strong hair, the fragility of many black women’s hair (including mine!) prevents them from attempting weaves without causing significant damage to edges and ends.

The bigger question (for us, anyway) is if Angela Simmons, and the many celebrities who are flaunting their real hair these days, have such strong and long natural hair, why natural styles are never an option?

We appreciate and applaud that celebrities (from Toya Carter to Keke Palmer to Lil Mama to Christina Milian) are revealing healthy natural hair beneath their weaves, but we also wonder why it’s only good enough for a quick Instagram photo here or there, and not to rock on the red carpet like our girl Teyonah Parris:



What do you think ladies?

Black Girl With Long Hair

Black Girl With Long Hair

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198 thoughts on “Angela Simmons’ Stylist Shares Waist-Length Photo of Her Hair

  1. Sallie comment was my train of thought. People spend too much time worrying, judging, gossiping, demeaning, putting down others and just mindless gossip. Focus on yourself not others and you will be in a much better person.

  2. I don’t think it’s anything wrong with celebrities wearing weave & their natural hair is “long & strong”. It’s their choice, their preference. Natural hair styles aren’t for everyone. Yes, most people don’t get relaxers anymore. But that doesn’t mean they want wear their natural curl pattern all the time. I’m natural & have been that way way before it was a trend & don’t like the natural look on me. On others it’s beautiful, but it’s doesnt give me much life on myself.

  3. Why wear weaves all the time if you have nice healthy hair? What’s the point of growing it out if you’re not going to enjoy it? Never understood that.smh

    • I always wondered the same thing! its like see look i have nice, thick, long hair ok put my weave back in! I did wear weaves for a long time & once my hair was where I wanted it to be, I started rocking it. However its a personal decision & I respect their right to do as they please!

    • I think it is about protecting your real hair. Celebrities are constantly in the spotlight and maintain an image. I don’t know about you but I can look like a completely different person when I have a weave versus my real hair.

  4. she very pretty ..her new boyfriend concha brice is hot!!!! i wan to go back in paris !!!! now

  5. Independent movie producers are proving the major studios no more are the exclusive judges of the things the populace want. If you happen to add to that distribution internet and, news reports, sites, from chat to entire videos. This is a completely new environment. A lot of it very good, some not.

  6. i feel like the picture is her, but not sure, which celebs would show a mirror shot or hold a mirror so we can see the length plus the face. Otherwise, if your hair is that long, wouldn’t a weave feel like wearing a hat? So much hair to braid up just to sew some on top. Why?

  7. No women wants or should have to explain her style choices. Angela Simmons, as well as any other woman who chooses to not wear her natural hair out, is an adult capable of making choices that are best for them. The CHOICE to go natural is NOT a movement it is a personal decision. I believe it is Angela in the pic. Her hair is gorgeous and so is she. Stop going in on the girl. ‘Do’ you and let her ‘do’ her.

  8. I know that I don’t always wear my natural hair out, and that’s because I like to change my hairstyles often. It doesn’t mean that she’s ashamed to wear her natural hair, but that’s how she keeps it healthy and able to grow it waist-length, by protective styling. There’s no shame in what she’s doing. I see nothing wrong with it.

  9. I have to believe that most women in the entertainment industry wear weaves because of the media. Although we have come a long way, most producer/directors have not. They will probably hire a woman with long, straight hair before they hire one with natural curls and coils.

  10. Her hair looks sparse but that’s impressive length. Models and actresses often need to change their hair often to satisfy their roles, as far as outside of jobs I wish they would wear their natural textures more often (as we’re starting to see).

  11. not all black women have the desire to rock natural hairstyles. not or they under any obligation to do so. i have natural hair, & in the military, most of the time i choose protective styles such as weaves (which can be properly installed without causes damaged by anyone who actually knows what they are doing) simply for convenience reasons, plus i like the option of not always wearing my hair out & manipulating it daily.

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