I think we can safe­ly say that “celebri­ties show­ing pic­tures of nat­u­ral hair under weave” is offi­cial­ly a trend. Ange­la Sim­mons’ styl­ist Nikk Nel­son took to Insta­gram a few days ago to show a pic­ture of her client’s nat­u­ral hair straight­ened and hit­ting waist length.

(By the way, for the skep­tics, we know for a fact that Ange­la Sim­mons is nat­u­ral. She spoke to us about it a cou­ple years back.)


Her styl­ist includ­ed the cap­tion:

OK so peo­ple and the blogs are real­ly going in on my client #ange­lasim­mons real hair pic that I took today! The one we post­ed was pressed out…this is one of it just blown out no heat. Please black wom­en can have long hair with­out weave. She wears a weave to pro­tect her nat­u­ral hair. We keep it nat­u­ral and healthy! #get­pressed #getaweave #wegrowhair

This is the pressed out pic her styl­ist was refer­ring to:


While we can appre­ci­ate, to a degree, what the styl­ist is say­ing, she must real­ize that hav­ing a styl­ist who can apply and man­age a non-cheap look­ing weave, while gen­tly car­ing for the hair under­neath is a lux­u­ry that most black wom­en just can­not afford. And, while Ange­la seems to have been blessed with very strong hair, the fragili­ty of many black women’s hair (includ­ing mine!) pre­vents them from attempt­ing weaves with­out caus­ing sig­nif­i­cant dam­age to edges and ends.

The big­ger ques­tion (for us, any­way) is if Ange­la Sim­mons, and the many celebri­ties who are flaunt­ing their real hair the­se days, have such strong and long nat­u­ral hair, why nat­u­ral styles are nev­er an option? 

We appre­ci­ate and applaud that celebri­ties (from Toya Carter to Keke Palmer to Lil Mama to Christi­na Mil­ian) are reveal­ing healthy nat­u­ral hair beneath their weaves, but we also won­der why it’s only good enough for a quick Insta­gram pho­to here or there, and not to rock on the red car­pet like our girl Tey­on­ah Par­ris:



What do you think ladies?

Black Girl With Long Hair

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Not every crit­ic is hater . Nobody is say­ing that one can’t do w/their hair as they please and I do think her hair is real­ly pret­ty but I real­ly don’t get just show­ing pics on insta­gram and nev­er being pho­tographed pub­licly. Is it to say I wear weaves but I’m not bald head­ed? Aren’t we beyond that? If you were real­ly proud of being nat­u­ral you would wear it out once in awhile.

Although some won’t admit it and they’ll preach ’till the cows come home that they keep it hid­den 27/7, 365 to “pro­tect” it, many black wom­en, even nat­u­rals, STILL think our nat­u­ral hair is ugly or that noth­ing “can be done” with it besides straightening/weaves/braids/extensions. I’ve been “nat­u­ral” for about 3 years now but I didn’t know how to style my hair until recent­ly and thought it nev­er looked good with­out braids. Thank­ful­ly, with some effort and the help of YouTube I learned how to style my hair and have it look­ing nice…without braids/weaves. I embraced my hair tex­ture and… Read more »
Final­ly! The first com­ment that has some real truth to it. “I will nev­er feel dread,shame or dis­com­fort in leav­ing the house with my nat­u­ral hair tex­ture.” and “I’m not afraid to admit the deep down, under­neath all the denial I felt that way too. It was root­ed in me from child­hood and was very hard to break out of. I still strug­gle with it at times.” If all BLACK/AFRICAN/BROWN/MOCHA and oth­er wom­en (Indi­an, Native Aus­tralian & Jew­ish wom­en includ­ed) could just admit this, the world would change. All the­se wom­en who are so pro-weave on this site (who I sus­pect are… Read more »
@ God Made Me Perfect from lilkunta
@ God Made Me Perfect from lilkunta

shutup. most of this sites view­ers are in the USA.

for you to say that those who are pro weave are most­ly nige­ri­an and car­ribbean shows your stu­pid­i­ty.

please change your name bc god def­i­nite­ly did not make you per­fect.

the god you serves is alright with you post­ing this bull­sht and think­ing as you do.


Wow! That’s mean and hate­ful. You need to beef up your vocab. Now I’m almost CERTAIN you’re Nige­ri­an. The sec­ond sen­tence gave you away. Nige­ri­ans do live in Amer­i­ca you know. Yeah, you know — 9ja girl. lol 

And God made all of us per­fect. He doesn’t make mis­takes. That’s where the “per­fect” comes from. So if you’re call­ing any­one stu­pid for how I/we phys­i­cal­ly came to be, it’s HIM.

*applause* THANK YOU for say­ing this. I tru­ly under­stand the basic ratio­nale behind celebri­ties’ wear­ing weave but I guess I don’t under­stand the point of the­se real hair “reveal” pho­tos. Con­trary to what some have said above, pro­tec­tive styles, includ­ing weave, do NOT grow hair…they just keep you (or your styl­ist) from doing what­ev­er it is you (or your styl­ist) are doing to keep it from retain­ing length. Assum­ing they can afford to have good weaves put in, it would seem to make sense that they can also afford to have their own hair tak­en care of prop­er­ly or pay some­one… Read more »

@ l bell: weaves dont make hair grow, weaves are a pro­tec­tive
style. what makes the hair grow is that it is washed con­di­tioned oiled sealed and pro­tect­ed from sun rain wind etc bc it is under a net and asian hair.


@lilkunta: Hair growth is an INTERNAL BIOLOGICAL PROCESS that starts from with­in the scalp. Unless you’re in real­ly bad phys­i­cal shape, your hair will grow even if you nev­er wash, con­di­tion, oil, seal, or pro­tect it from the ele­ments using nets, Asian hair (???) or any­thing else.

Human hair has been around as long as HUMANS have been around. And both humans and their hair came before sham­poo, con­di­tion­er, oil, etc.


Sigh, you guys real­ize that per­form­ers must go through sev­er­al dif­fer­ent hair­styles and events in a given week right? All that manip­u­la­tion is TRAGIC on the ends. It’s not so much hid­ing as it is a ver­sa­til­i­ty mea­sure. And remem­ber not all styl­ists know how to han­dle nat­u­ral hair…


Truth is, no one has to explain their hair choic­es. May­be she has to pro­tect her hair from her­self. I know I do because when I’m stressed I pull. No one knows what she’s doing from day to day. For some­one who works out a lot, like myself, I feel the need to do the same be it braids, tucked away, weaves, etc. We all have choic­es. get over it. Geez. Shut the blood clot cry­ing. Folks don’t need to sign a per­mis­sion slip to live and do them.

I tru­ly under­stand why black wom­en wear weaves and braids. Black hair is not easy to main­tain. Whether you wear it nat­u­ral, chem­i­cal­ly relaxed, pressed, braid­ed, it takes a lot to main­tain. Weaves if done prop­er­ly, should grow your nat­u­ral hair under­neath the weave, but remem­ber this hair is use to being left alone. That is why it grows so eas­i­ly. It is hard to main­tain once you start try­ing to wear it and start mess­ing with it. Every­one does not want to rock a twist out, afros, or locs. We don’t have to either. Peo­ple have their right to… Read more »
Oh ok, in her past inter­views she says that its too much with trav­el­ing and work to deal with her nat­u­ral hair so she just weaves it up and goes to a styl­ist all the time. A lot of nat­u­rals now are more hands on with their hair even if they wear weaves most peo­ple take breaks and flaunt their pro­gress from time to time. But she stays weaved up and has some­one else man­age her hair. Thats cool good for her that she found a reg­i­men that allows for reten­tion. Per­son­al­ly, my hair would not go for being braid­ed… Read more »
Her hair looks beau­ti­ful! Not just long but looks healthy, for the per­son that says that her hair looks thin, it just looks flat ironed bone straight, not everyone’s hair straight­ens thick, I know mine doesn’t and it is very healthy I just have find strands. Ange­la does lots of mod­el­ing, appear­ances, etc. and if she wants to wear it straight it makes more sense to wear weaves. All that heat would destroy her hair. Of course she could do nat­u­ral styles but I think she wants a guar­an­teed look every­day and although I love my hair some days it… Read more »

@ mar­ci : is this ange­la ?
she dont mod­el ot appear for ish.

Run’s House was her claim to fame.
pas­try was hot for a min­ute.

ange­la fans the flames by doing the­se tweets.
she was­nt the attn /press .

steph u
but to be hon­est, if you can have your hair look­ing as good as pos­si­ble every­day of the week, why not? you make ref­er­ence to what ange­la sim­mons does to pro­tect her hair, most wom­en can’t afford.. but if we could have some­one con­stant­ly help­ing with our hair, lord knows we would! i hon­est­ly think its safer to just bring the hair out for spe­cial occa­sions, if it’s look­ing that good. i dont per­son­al­ly wear weave but, i under­stand why peo­ple rely on it. you only have one head of hair and why should the­se celebri­ties risk dam­ag­ing it when… Read more »
How about show­ing some love for the girl (Ange­la Sim­mons)? I thought it was okay for a per­son to wear their hair in any way that they desire. True, she COULD wear her nat­u­ral hair out more often, but then peo­ple would have some­thing to say about that as well. Ms. Sim­mons, just like the rest of us, wears her hair the way she wants to wear it–not to please oth­er peo­ple. I applaud the fact that she has long, beau­ti­ful hair. I love that it’s being tak­en care of–whether by her or her styl­ist. Too much time is being… Read more »

some folks will nev­er have THICK hair any­way so I love both pic­tures and their are some folks with waist hair and THICK hair that do press /flat iron once or twice a year, learn what works for YOU and don’t wor­ry about what works for OTHERS or how they want to wear THEIR hair


I love this arti­cle and the nat­u­ral­is­tas who rock their curls on the red car­pet!!


i won­der the same thing! if it’s so long and strong and gor­geous why do you con­tin­ue to hide it! show the world that your REAL hair is just as fierce (and in my opin­ion fiere­cer) than somebody’s dis­card­ed and chem­i­cal­ly treat­ed hair?!?!? to each his/her own but flaunt­ing being nat­u­ral while you rock some­one ele’s hair is .… you fill in the blank.

I had a weave my Junior year of High School and I HATED IT! It just wasn’t for me. Unfor­tu­nate­ly I am just too much of a Tom-Boy for the main­te­nance, so I kept it for a mon­th and nev­er did it again. But love some corn­rows though. It is a lot simpi­lar for celebri­ties to do the­se weaves when they have the cash for it, but I’m not going to hate on the fact that they got bank and I don’t. To each its own about why they don’t wear their nat­u­ral hair out and its not for me… Read more »

you all seem kin­da bit­ter… whether she straight­ens her hair or not, it looks great. And I wear weaves and braids all the time because 1.) I like change, and 2.) it DOES help my hair grow. Not every­one wants to “rock the nat­u­ral” all the time, and that’s their choice. And.… her hair isn’t even see-through.


yes! Com­ments on the­se sites tend to get real­ly neg­a­tive real­ly quick­ly. Aren’t nat­u­ral hair sites sup­posed to be a source of sup­port and pos­i­tiv­i­ty?

J. Nicole of UrbanExpressive

If some­one was neg­a­tive & cat­ty before going nat­u­ral, they’ll still be the same with­out the perm. I real­ized some peo­ple may not have chem­i­cal­ly treat­ed hair, but their mind is!

As far as Ange­la Sim­mons, if she wants to wear a weave, big deal. I think that yes, it would be great if since she’s in the pub­lic eye, she’d show her true self, but ulti­mate­ly its her choice. We, not just as Black wom­en, but wom­en in gen­er­al need to stop hat­ing on the next & just focus on improv­ing our­selves.


isn’t it won­der­ful to see oth­er black wom­en tare some­one down for THEIR hair choic­es LOL that you for post­ing some­thing with some com­mon sense.…bitter and cat­ty smh


We are real­ly hard on eachother and nev­er real­ly under­stood why?


Willy Lynch did an excel­lent JOB on blacks smh I’m about 3 inch­es from waist length and I wear it any way I want some years no weave oth­er years weave and wigs, some­times straight some­times just in twists I do what I want with MY hair,

leah james

thank you ambi. its hair, if you want to grow it down to your toe„ and wear it in a knot on top of your head for 30 years thats your pre­rog­a­tive, IT’S YOUR HAIR.


It’s called being Amer­i­can. The land of the hyper­crit­i­cal and hyp­o­crit­i­cal.

Curly Queen

What’s the point of grow­ing hair that’s nev­er seen? Plus since they’re in the pub­lic eye it would set a good exam­ple to show their hair for younger girls com­ing up who think you have to have “good hair” for your hair to grow.

leah james

u dnt go nat­u­ral for oth­er peo­ple. u do it for your­self. she dosent have to show her hair to any­one if she does­nt want to, its her hair.


I agree. It’s almost like what’s the point in show­ing it off if that’s prob the only time it gets seen. Lol. I agree that it would be nice if more black wom­en in the pub­lic eye would rock their nat­u­ral hair more often, rather than just ran­dom­ly post­ing a quick pic of it on Insta­gram or Twit­ter. How­ev­er, I do feel that every­one does have the right to wear their hair as they please. It would just be nice.


What on earth is Ange­la Sim­mons doing that would require her to “pro­tect” her hair so often? Not like she’s per­form­ing under bright lights or doing inten­sive sports.…why not just rock the nat­u­ral??

Lisa Holiday
All nat­u­ral haired girls need to think about pro­tec­tive styles. Hair is pro­tect­ed from con­stant styling with a comb and brush, blow dry­ing, relax­ing, tex­tur­iz­ing and what­evr “fad” seems to be out at any given time that would cause the hair to break. Even as it grows pas the shoul­ders, (african amer­i­can) hair has to be treat­ed dif­fer­ent­ly. if you try to comb it or brush it from the roots, you will prob­a­bly get a knt at the end where the only solu­tion is to cut it. I’m so sur­prised you’re even ask­ing a ques­tion like this.  Unless Ange­la should wear Ban­tu… Read more »
You’re mak­ing a lot of gen­er­al­iza­tions. First of all not “all nat­u­ral haired girls” need pro­tec­tive styling. It depends on that person’s head of hair; every­one is dif­fer­ent. Some peo­ple need pro­tec­tive styling, oth­ers don’t. Per­son­al­ly, I am able to wear braid outs, twist outs, and flexi rod sets most of the time. Also, I made it to WL with­out an Andre or any oth­er styl­ist for that mat­ter, and my hair is still­ing grow­ing and I have only a few more months til my ulti­mate goal of HL. I and many oth­er nat­u­rals learned every­thing we need­ed to take… Read more »
Curly Queen

Excel­lent point!




LOL. It WAAAY looked bet­ter in the pic before it was flat ironed.


that…#get pressed… #see through hair… #not impressed has me rolling. too too fun­ny.


IMHO it just looks like she needs a trim. Every­one doesn’t have thick hair, I know I don’t :)


if i had thin hair, the last thing i would be doing is blow dry­ing it and flat iron­ing it. id rather have it shoul­der length with as much fluff and vol­ume as i could muster, than long with­out any vol­ume. her hair looks long but flat and unhealthy (and oily). the­se girls so attached to length do not under­stand that length with­out vol­ume is not pret­ty. no bueno.


That hair is on HER head, not yours. I do like the thick­ness in the first pic but the sec­ond is not bad. “Length with­out vol­ume is not pret­ty?” Some of her hair is dark­er than oth­er parts, you prob­a­bly can’t see all of it but it’s there. It looks great.


@shelikes, that what YOU would do. I do agree she needs a cut may­be a style but I don’t think her hair looks unhealthy.

Cece Danielle

Lmao same thing i said!