I think we can safe­ly say that “celebri­ties show­ing pic­tures of nat­u­ral hair under weave” is offi­cial­ly a trend. Ange­la Sim­mons’ styl­ist Nikk Nel­son took to Insta­gram a few days ago to show a pic­ture of her client’s nat­u­ral hair straight­ened and hit­ting waist length.

(By the way, for the skep­tics, we know for a fact that Ange­la Sim­mons is nat­u­ral. She spoke to us about it a cou­ple years back.)


Her styl­ist includ­ed the cap­tion:

OK so peo­ple and the blogs are real­ly going in on my client #ange­lasim­mons real hair pic that I took today! The one we post­ed was pressed out…this is one of it just blown out no heat. Please black wom­en can have long hair with­out weave. She wears a weave to pro­tect her nat­u­ral hair. We keep it nat­u­ral and healthy! #get­pressed #getaweave #wegrowhair

This is the pressed out pic her styl­ist was refer­ring to:


While we can appre­ci­ate, to a degree, what the styl­ist is say­ing, she must real­ize that hav­ing a styl­ist who can apply and man­age a non-cheap look­ing weave, while gen­tly car­ing for the hair under­neath is a lux­u­ry that most black wom­en just can­not afford. And, while Ange­la seems to have been blessed with very strong hair, the fragili­ty of many black women’s hair (includ­ing mine!) pre­vents them from attempt­ing weaves with­out caus­ing sig­nif­i­cant dam­age to edges and ends.

The big­ger ques­tion (for us, any­way) is if Ange­la Sim­mons, and the many celebri­ties who are flaunt­ing their real hair the­se days, have such strong and long nat­u­ral hair, why nat­u­ral styles are nev­er an option? 

We appre­ci­ate and applaud that celebri­ties (from Toya Carter to Keke Palmer to Lil Mama to Christi­na Mil­ian) are reveal­ing healthy nat­u­ral hair beneath their weaves, but we also won­der why it’s only good enough for a quick Insta­gram pho­to here or there, and not to rock on the red car­pet like our girl Tey­on­ah Par­ris:



What do you think ladies?

Black Girl With Long Hair

Leila, founder of Black Girl with Long Hair (April 2008). Social media, pop cul­ture and black beau­ty enthu­si­ast. bell hooks’ hair twin…

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I don’t think it’s any­thing wrong with celebri­ties wear­ing weave & their nat­u­ral hair is “long & strong”. It’s their choice, their pref­er­ence. Nat­u­ral hair styles aren’t for every­one. Yes, most peo­ple don’t get relax­ers any­more. But that doesn’t mean they want wear their nat­u­ral curl pat­tern all the time. I’m nat­u­ral & have been that way way before it was a trend & don’t like the nat­u­ral look on me. On oth­ers it’s beau­ti­ful, but it’s does­nt give me much life on myself.


That is not Ange­la Sim­mons in that picu­ture


pic­ture, sor­ry


Why wear weaves all the time if you have nice healthy hair? What’s the point of grow­ing it out if you’re not going to enjoy it? Nev­er under­stood that.smh

tasha jones

I always won­dered the same thing! its like see look i have nice, thick, long hair ok put my weave back in! I did wear weaves for a long time & once my hair was where I want­ed it to be, I start­ed rock­ing it. How­ev­er its a per­son­al deci­sion & I respect their right to do as they please!


I think it is about pro­tect­ing your real hair. Celebri­ties are con­stant­ly in the spot­light and main­tain an image. I don’t know about you but I can look like a com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent per­son when I have a weave ver­sus my real hair.


she very pret­ty ..her new boyfriend con­cha brice is hot!!!! i wan to go back in paris !!!! now
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yes he cute!i found his site ; I think he s from New york

Patrick Gallagher

Inde­pen­dent movie pro­duc­ers are prov­ing the major stu­dios no more are the exclu­sive judges of the things the pop­u­lace want. If you hap­pen to add to that dis­tri­b­u­tion inter­net and, news reports, sites, from chat to entire videos. This is a com­plete­ly new envi­ron­ment. A lot of it very good, some not.


i feel like the pic­ture is her, but not sure, which celebs would show a mir­ror shot or hold a mir­ror so we can see the length plus the face. Oth­er­wise, if your hair is that long, wouldn’t a weave feel like wear­ing a hat? So much hair to braid up just to sew some on top. Why?


No wom­en wants or should have to explain her style choic­es. Ange­la Sim­mons, as well as any oth­er wom­an who choos­es to not wear her nat­u­ral hair out, is an adult capa­ble of mak­ing choic­es that are best for them. The CHOICE to go nat­u­ral is NOT a move­ment it is a per­son­al deci­sion. I believe it is Ange­la in the pic. Her hair is gor­geous and so is she. Stop going in on the girl. ‘Do’ you and let her ‘do’ her.


That actu­al­ly is her hair. I went to school with her and her hair was armpit length then.

Mama bear

I have long hair but wear a weave because my hair is thin.

Dominique H

I know that I don’t always wear my nat­u­ral hair out, and that’s because I like to change my hair­styles often. It doesn’t mean that she’s ashamed to wear her nat­u­ral hair, but that’s how she keeps it healthy and able to grow it waist-length, by pro­tec­tive styling. There’s no shame in what she’s doing. I see noth­ing wrong with it.


I have to believe that most wom­en in the enter­tain­ment indus­try wear weaves because of the media. Although we have come a long way, most producer/directors have not. They will prob­a­bly hire a wom­an with long, straight hair before they hire one with nat­u­ral curls and coils.


Her hair looks sparse but that’s impres­sive length. Mod­els and actress­es often need to change their hair often to sat­is­fy their roles, as far as out­side of jobs I wish they would wear their nat­u­ral tex­tures more often (as we’re start­ing to see).


not all black wom­en have the desire to rock nat­u­ral hair­styles. not or they under any oblig­a­tion to do so. i have nat­u­ral hair, & in the mil­i­tary, most of the time i choose pro­tec­tive styles such as weaves (which can be prop­er­ly installed with­out caus­es dam­aged by any­one who actu­al­ly knows what they are doing) sim­ply for con­ve­nience rea­sons, plus i like the option of not always wear­ing my hair out & manip­u­lat­ing it dai­ly.

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