A month ago or so, I was gift­ed an entire WEN Sys­tem — two bot­tles of Cleans­ing Con­di­tion­er, Inten­sive Hair Treat­ment, and Styling Creme. I was stoked, because I was utter­ly fas­ci­nat­ed by the Chaz Dean prod­uct line. But with the inflat­ed price tag, I couldn’t see myself com­mit­ted to sign­ing up for this month­ly reorder prod­uct. Not on my salary. Need­less to say, get­ting an entire sup­ply of prod­ucts to test dri­ve for free.99 was right up my alley.

If you have a pulse, I’m sure you’ve heard of WEN. For those of you who have nev­er seen (or won’t admit to see­ing) a WEN infomer­cial:

I know, I know. Some of you may be think­ing, okay, big deal. Con­di­tion­er wash­ing (or “co-wash­ing”) is noth­ing new — and you are absolute­ly cor­rect. It’s no secret that we can have or do some­thing for eons, and once it is “dis­cov­ered” by the main­stream, it is mar­ket­ed as some­thing new and rev­o­lu­tion­ary. With that said,  WEN is the first mass-mar­ket­ed main­stream (but not the only in exis­tence) hair­care sys­tem that is based on cleans­ing hair with a con­di­tion­er. Looks good, but is the sys­tem work the tick­et price? I dive head first (lit­er­al­ly) to try it out.

Chaz Dean’s WEN Sweet Almond Mint Cleans­ing Con­di­tion­er

Ingre­di­ents: Water, Glyc­erin, Cetyl Alco­hol, Cetearyl Alco­hol, Stear­ami­do­propyl Dimethy­lamine, Chamomil­la Recu­ti­ta (Matri­caria) Flower Extract, Prunus Seroti­na (Wild Cher­ry) Bark Extract, Ros­mar­i­nus Offic­i­nalis (Rose­mary) Leaf Extract, Prunus Amyg­dalus Dul­cis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Aloe Bar­baden­sis Leaf Juice, Hydrolyzed Wheat Pro­tein, Veg­etable Oil (Olus Oil), Pan­thenol, Buty­lene Gly­col, Behent­ri­mo­ni­um Metho­sul­fate, Polysor­bate 60, PEG-60 Almond Glyc­erides, Amodime­thicone, Cit­ric Acid, Men­thol, Methylchloroisoth­ia­zoli­none, Methylisoth­ia­zoli­none, Fra­grance, Limonene, Hexyl Cin­na­mal, Linalool, Geran­iol, Ben­zyl Ben­zoate, Hydrox­y­iso­hexyl 3-Cyclo­hex­ene Car­box­alde­hyde, Hydroxycitronellal.C960

At first look, I see noth­ing wild­ly spec­tac­u­lar or dif­fer­ent from most tra­di­tion­al con­di­tion­ers. In fact, most con­di­tion­ers on the mar­ket (regard­less of price) have bases con­sist­ing of water, glyc­erin, cetyl alco­hol, and/or cetaryl alco­hol. These ingre­di­ents are pop­u­lar foun­da­tions for con­di­tion­ers because they are mois­ture impart­ing, humec­tants, and lubri­cat­ing emol­lients, respec­tive­ly. Fol­low­ing the love­ly log­ic of Jc of The Nat­ur­al Haven, it is under­stood and accept­ed that real­ly the first 5 or 6 ingre­di­ents (after water) in any giv­en prod­uct have the most sub­stan­tial impact on your hair. Any­thing else after that per­forms mar­gin­al­ly, at best (or is a mar­ket­ing gim­mick). Round­ing off the top of the ingre­di­ent list are chamomile and wild cher­ry bark extracts. Chamomile is a won­der­ful anti-inflam­ma­to­ry (great for sen­si­tive skin/scalp), and is rich in B vit­a­mins. Wild cher­ry bark extract’s prop­er­ties help make hair smooth, silky, and give it body.

To be thor­ough, I emp­tied a whole bot­tle in a series of co-wash­es — test­ing out the claims that WEN makes hair health­i­er, shinier, and more man­age­able over time. Here is a sum­ma­ry of my expe­ri­ence with the Cleans­ing Con­di­tion­er:

  • –Pleas­ant smell, with a mild cool­ing sen­sa­tion on the scalp.
  • –On a scale of 1 to 10, slip was about a 6.5. It wasn’t the ide­al in-show­er detan­gling prod­uct, but it wasn’t bad.
  • –It gen­tly cleansed my hair. It removed buildup, and did not leave my hair feel­ing heavy, greasy, or dry. In fact, my hair was quite soft and easy to detan­gle after wash­ing.
  • –Over the course of three weeks, I didn’t notice any­thing rad­i­cal­ly dif­fer­ent in my hair. It was soft, man­age­able, and had shine — but then again, my hair always does.
  • –It per­forms well as a light-leave in. Doesn’t elim­i­nate the need to mois­tur­ize and seal, though!

Chaz Dean’s WEN Sweet Almond Mint ReMoist Inten­sive Hair Treat­ment

I guess this is Dean’s fan­cy way of say­ing “deep con­di­tion­er”. The ingre­di­ent list tells a sim­i­lar sto­ry to that of the Cleans­ing Con­di­tion­er

Water, Cetyl Alco­hol, Cetearyl Alco­hol, Glyc­erin, Buty­ros­per­mum Parkii (Shea) But­ter, Stear­ami­do­propyl Dimethy­lamine, Polysor­bate 60, Prunus Amyg­dalus Dul­cis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Aloe Bar­baden­sis Leaf Juice, Chamomil­la Recu­ti­ta (Matri­caria) Flower Extract, Por­tu­la­ca Oler­acea Extract, Prunus Seroti­na (Wild Cher­ry) Bark Extract, Ros­mar­i­nus Offic­i­nalis (Rose­mary) Leaf Extract, Gar­de­nia Tahiten­sis Flower, Hydro­genat­ed Coconut Oil, PEG-60 Almond Glyc­erides, Hydrolyzed Wheat Pro­tein, Behent­ri­mo­ni­um Metho­sul­fate, Veg­etable Oil (Olus Oil), Pan­thenol, Buty­lene Gly­col, Amodime­thicone, Men­thol, Cit­ric Acid, Methylisoth­ia­zoli­none, Methylchloroisoth­ia­zoli­none, Fra­grance, Ben­zyl Ben­zoate, Geran­iol, Hexyl Cin­na­mal, Hydrox­y­iso­hexyl 3-Cyclo­hex­ene Car­box­alde­hyde, Hydrox­yc­itronel­lal, Limonene, Linalool, Annat­to (CI 75120)

Some of the same key play­ers here — water, fat­ty alco­hols, pos­i­tive­ly charged sur­fec­tant (click here for more details on stear­ami­do­propyl dimethy­lamine). The Inten­sive Treat­ment mix­es in some shea but­ter, while bump­ing up the sweet almond oil and  aloe vera con­tent slight­ly. Shea but­ter, a favorite among nat­u­rals is an emol­lient fat from the nut of the East or West African shea nut tree used to mois­tur­ize and soft­en hair.

I only got two uses out of the Inten­sive Treat­ment — the jar is only 4oz. After emp­ty­ing the con­tain­er, I found:

–It smells just like the Cleans­ing Con­di­tion­er — gen­tly minty.
–The Inten­sive Treat­ment works well as a fol­low-up to the Cleans­ing Con­di­tion­er, as most com­pli­men­ta­ry prod­ucts are designed to do.
–Hair was notice­ably soft after both 30-minute treat­ments
–Hair respond­ed bet­ter to the Inten­sive Treat­ment when com­bined with heat (plas­tic cap under dry­er)

Over­all, WEN Cleans­ing Con­di­tion­er and Inten­sive Treat­ment aren’t a bad set of prod­ucts, by any means. They do what they are designed to do, and do it quite well. I hon­est­ly enjoyed using WEN; and so did my mom (who is relaxed). What rubs me the wrong way is the price tag — $30 for a “month sup­ply” of Cleans­ing Con­di­tion­er, Inten­sive Treat­ment and two “free” small­er sized prod­ucts. Clear­ly, Dean isn’t too hip to the nat­ur­al com­mu­ni­ty. A 16oz bot­tle of Cleans­ing Con­di­tion­er, and a 4oz jar of Inten­sive Treat­ment bare­ly held up for two weeks…what am I sup­posed to do for the oth­er 16 days? Chaz, quit playin’. Last­ly, you may have noticed that I left the Sweet Almond Mint Styling Creme out of this review. That’s because I only used it once, and found it to be a “take it or leave it” prod­uct. It didn’t do any­thing bad to my hair — but it didn’t do any­thing good either. It just didn’t do.…anything. Per­haps for those with fin­er tex­tures, the Creme will work as a leave-in, or styling prep prod­uct. But for me, it was just a tube of noth­ing­ness.

A full-on review would not be com­plete with­out a few rec­om­men­da­tions — with a sub­stan­tial­ly cheap­er price tag, of course:

Have any of you tried Wen prod­ucts? What are your thoughts?

Christina Patrice

Born, raised, and liv­ing in Los Ange­les, Christi­na is BGLH’s res­i­dent tran­si­tion­ing expert and prod­uct junkie. In addi­tion to lov­ing all things hair, she is a fit­ness novice and advo­cate of wear­ing san­dals year-round. For more infor­ma­tion on tran­si­tion­ing, nat­ur­al hair, and her own hair jour­ney, vis­it maneobjective.com. Or, if you like pic­tures fol­low Christi­na on Insta­gram @maneobjective.

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helen black

I like sup­port­ing Black busi­ness­es, I did used this prod­uct and it NOT good for Afro hair. I notice you are NOT Nit­pick­ing at the ingre­di­ents, which you do to Black owned com­pa­nies. I believe this web­site is owned by WHITES. They a lot of mon­ey to be made in the nat­ur­al African hair com­mu­ni­ty and these peo­ple believe we shouldn’t own our prod­ucts.

Leigh Burns
Hi there! (cau­tion, this is a bit long, so sor­ry if you don’t want to read a long arti­cle type post, but a mini review, in my hum­ble opin­ion and new nat­ur­al eyes–) fel­low curlies and nat­u­rals! so hap­py to be going on hair jour­neys with oth­er ladies I can learn from! I am a new nat­ur­al with 18 months tran­si­tion. I am 2 months post big chop, and still in the exper­i­ment to what will work best for my 3c/4a and (unbeleiv­able smat­ter­ing what i have recent­ly found 3b straighter curls all around). I am also pri­or mil­i­tary. I retired… Read more »
FYI-With WEN it depends on what for­mu­la you use that deter­mines your result. This I espe­cial­ly true when it comes to Black hair. There are sev­er­al dif­fer­ent WEN for­mu­las which I’ll list below: 1. WEN 613 2. Fig 3. Tea Tree 4. Pome­gran­ate 5. Laven­der 6. Sweet Almond Mint 7. Cucum­ber Aloe 8. Bam­boo & Green Tea These are the stan­dard WEN for­mu­las and you will find the COMPLETE line through QVC, not through the informe­cial. The first 5 for­mu­las I list­ed work the best on Black hair. The top two, 613 & Fig are the moist mois­tur­iz­ing. I have used WEN when I was relaxed… Read more »
helen black

Sup­port Black busi­ness­es.


This lady is absolute­ly cor­rect. I am a Pol­ish-Amer­i­can with thin/fine hair and WEN 613 was too soft­en­ing (would not hold a curl) and heavy for my hair. How­ev­er, the cucum­ber for­mu­la is per­fect for me. I would urge you try again in a for­mu­la more appro­pri­ate for Black hair. I am final­ly able to wear my hair long with out it look­ing like a stringy mop or a sea-hag. It looks fab­u­lous. I’m a big fan.


These prod­ucts are okay at best. I have bought prod­ucts from Sally’s that are way bet­ter with no alco­hol. Folks don’t be fooled into think­ing Wen is spe­cial.

I have 3c/4a kinky curly bra strap length hair.I tried Wen and liked it but found that it didn’t act any dif­fer­ent than wash­ing my hair with my fav con­di­tion­ers. I like Suave Almond & Shea But­ter Con­di­tion­er, Trad­er Joe’s Nour­ish Spa or Tea Tree Tin­gle conds also work very well. I just get my drench my hair with water in the show­er, add a palm full of cond for each side of my head and scrub my scalp well. Comb thru with a wide toothed comb, start­ing from the bot­tom, and rinse. I wash with sham­poo once every 2… Read more »
Thank you for the arti­cle. I have been look­ing for a cheap­er ver­sion of Wen myself. While I am pleased with the prod­uct, the price tag is steep­er than I would like for some­thing that is going to just get rinsed down the drain after 5 min­utes. And a 16 oz bot­tle lasts me just 3 weeks since I tend to wash my hair more than the aver­age per­son after dai­ly sweat filled work­outs. While shar­ing bot­tom­less mimosas with one of my girl­friends who has beau­ti­ful shiny hair, I asked what she uses. Come to find out, she uses a… Read more »
erika y figueroa

I use Hair One from Sally’s and it works rather well. I’ve yet to try Wen or any oth­er co-wash­ing prod­ucts so I can­not give a com­par­i­son. Hair One’s Large pump bot­tle runs $25 and lasts me for a month and I have extreme­ly thick and long hair.

Knock Off Brand -Wen

Go to Ross and get the knock brand, Lisa Rachel! It’s only 5 dol­lars and worked bet­ter for me than Wen!

Wow Jasmine…you just blew my mind. My mom just ordered from the TV site and I see that what we got is what is pic­tured above and the bot­tles are slight­ly dif­fer­ent than on the oth­er sites you men­tioned. Plus after all of my research I think it’s just bet­ter to order it from Ama­zon or the Chazdean.com where you aren’t forced to order every month. At any rate, I’m going to try it because now I have it and I won’t get back more mon­ey if it’s untouched than if I try it and see what hap­pens. Thanks for… Read more »

You can buy from Wen from QVC.com. I love wen… it has done won­ders for my hair. It can be pricey but it’s worth it. I would rec­om­mend the pome­gran­ate line. I only buy it from QVC because they have one-time ship­ment avail­able so no recur­ring charges. As with all the prod­ucts qvc sells you have 30 days to return if you’re not hap­py for full refund includ­ing s&h (minus 6.95 return pro­cess­ing fee). The prices are a lot cheap­er than on chazdean.com or some­times even ama­zon.

This ver­sion of Wen is slight­ly altered than the orig­i­nal ver­sion pur­chased from Chazdean.com. If you want the right ver­sion with­out the alchohol which is what’s caus­ing the dry­ing in some people’s hair, only pur­chase from chazdean.com. The cor­rect ver­sion only reads “WEN” on the label not “Wen by Chaz Dean” QVC also car­ries the real ver­sion. I actu­al­ly got lucky and found one on ebay but you have to make sure its the right label­ing. The above pic­ture is the altered Wen sold by Guthry Denker which is NOT the off­i­cal web­site. Please go to Chazdean.com to see what… Read more »

These are the orginal ingre­di­ents.

Water, Aloe Vera Gel, Glyc­erin, Chamomile Extract, Cher­ry Bark Extract, Cal­en­du­la Extract, Rose­mary Extract, Behent­ri­mo­ni­um Chlo­ride, Stear­ami­do­propyl Dimethy­lamine, Cetyl Alco­hol, Emul­si­fy­ing Wax, Pan­thenol, Trimethylsi­ly­lam­odime­thicone, Hydrolyzed Whole Wheat Pro­tein, PEG-60, Almond Glyc­erides, Men­thol, Essen­tial Oils, Cit­ric Acid, Methylchloroisoth­ia­zoli­none, Methylisoth­ia­zoli­none, Fra­grance.

I see there is some alco­hol in this. But please com­pare the ingre­di­ents and you will see they have added some oth­er things and left some key ingre­di­ents out.


I tried it and it dried my hair out and made it extreme­ly frail. They also charged my card mul­ti­ple times after I can­celed the pur­chase. I say it is def­i­nite­ly not worth it.

No kid­ding this is the best prod­uct I have ever used and I was a hair dress­er for 25 years in a top celebri­ty salon (don’t ask!) . Once I learned you can buy it on Ama­zon and not have to pay every month it was a win win for me. I learned to get the cleans­ing Con­di­tion­er right only into my scalp and get used to it NOT lath­er­ing ( no need) and while it was on my scalp fin­ish­ing my show­er and only then run­ning it through my long hair did I see how won­der­ful this was …espe­cial­ly… Read more »

Great arti­cle. I was inter­est­ed in try­ing the Wen prod­uct line and this info real­ly helped make my deci­sion. I think I’ll stick with the alter­nate rec­om­men­da­tions giv­en with the less expen­sive price tag. Thanks!


I’ve been using Wen for about 4 years, and I love it. It was heav­en sent dur­ing my tran­si­tion, and I still use it now. I have per­son­al­ly nev­er had a prob­lem with the auto­mat­ed order ser­vice, but actu­al­ly I usu­al­ly just buy it from QVC. It’s cheap­er, and they have easy pays, and he goes up there about once a month with spe­cials and deals. What I real­ly love the most is when he explains how to use each of the prod­ucts, and he is good at respond­ing to feed­back on the Wen web­site and face­book page.

I tried Wen and found it too expen­sive for the min­i­mal results I obtained. The high­lights of the prod­uct are: cool refresh­ing feel­ing after each use, won­der­ful smell, the free comb and the intense con­di­tion­er. The great­est prob­lem is that the con­di­tion­er I was buy­ing from the dol­lar store per­formed bet­ter at help­ing my hair to retain mois­ture and cre­at­ing greater curl def­i­n­i­tion. The intense treat­ment was amaz­ing but you get such a small amount and I have a lot of hair. That one prod­uct alone is so expen­sive that it would cost me $100 month to use on a… Read more »
Ugonna Wosu

from every­thing I’ve read over the past year, they def­i­nite­ly do work, but are no bet­ter than cow­ash­ing. Those who don’t have it shouldn’t feel bad, or in a hur­ry to buy it.


I bought it years ago as a one off pur­chase. I dont nec­es­sar­i­ly think it’s my sta­ple prod­uct. It’s nice and quick for sum­mer, but I could get the same with anoth­er prod­uct!


Hi. Could you please tell me which prod­uct gives you the same results as Wen. Wen (Fig for­mu­la) detan­gles my nat­ur­al hair like no oth­er prod­uct, decreas­es shrink­age, keeps it shiny, mois­tur­ized, and grow­ing more rapid­ly than any oth­er prod­uct I’ve ever used. I get the gal­lon. That’s a bet­ter deal. But it is still more than I want to pay. So I’d love to find an alter­na­tive that does the same.

There’s a face­book page up against Wen and the dis­trib­ut­ing com­pa­ny. Appar­ent­ly, peo­ple have had their cred­it card charge mul­ti­ple times even though they called to have the ser­vice can­celled sev­er­al times. They end hav­ing to con­tin­u­ous­ly call their banks to remove the charges. Some didn’t even receive the prod­uct and were charged any­way. They gen­er­al­ly say it’s a great prod­uct, but the issue with the cred­it cards and folks not receiv­ing the prod­uct but still being charged just isn’t worth it. Just be care­ful about buy­ing from the com­pa­ny and keep track of the charges, if you real­ly want… Read more »

I use WEN & its def­i­nite­ly worth it. One you can can­cel the sub­scrip­tions after you order. Two I bought it in July of 2012 & just fin­ished both bot­tles. A lit­tle goes a long way & it doesn’t lath­er.. It has a cer­tain way to be used just like Kinky Curly. To each his own but its worth at least one try.

To Christi­na Patrice, I real­ly don’t think $30 a month is that bad, to be hon­est. I mean even a prod­uct line like Shea Mois­ture, which is made for nat­u­rals -which I might add works pret­ty well with my hair, costs 9.99 per prod­uct at Wal­green and Tar­get. And im from Cana­da where the that prod­uct line among oth­ers is very scarce. For exam­ple, a prod­uct like the curl enhanc­ing smooth­ie (by Shea Mois­ture), there only 2 places u can buy it because reg­u­lar black hair stores dont sell it, and it cost $25 just for that one prod­uct (now… Read more »

Glad to have read this before pur­chas­ing. Have been think­ing about adding a co wash­ing prod­uct to my reg­i­men. I am on a 100% chem­i­cal free kick right now but organ­ic prod­ucts are so expen­sive!!! Been using strict­ly hot olive oil treat­ments before wash­ing my hair. I want to start co wash­ing but don’t know which organ­ic prod­ucts are worth it.


I received WEN as a gift in 2011 for Christ­mas, I still have it and use it spar­ing­ly. I don’t think it is bad but I don’t think it is all that spe­cial either. It does smells good and gives a nice tin­kle through­out my hair. I like it but wouldn’t rush out and buy it myself. You can find sham­poos that work just as well for way cheap­er (there are many sales).


Yah, I have a strange affin­i­ty for infomer­cials so I’ve watched this a few times. I have cheap­er prod­ucts that work real­ly well for me, but these do look good! I prob­a­bly won’t every try it because they can’t be found “on the ground” very eas­i­ly, though!

Kaila P

What I found inter­est­ing was how he said that braid­ing the hair isn’t good. he saysa that it just strec­thes the hair strand and makes it appear that the hair is grow­ing when it actu­al­ly isn’t and that even­tu­al­ly it sretch­es too much and breaks. But many nat­u­rals have used braid­ing as a tech­nique too grow our hai rlonger with­out sig­nif­i­cant breakge. Am I the only per­son who heard this?


If Chaz said that, he may have been refer­ring to women with Cau­casian type hair…I don’t see how braid­ing the hair could cause any dam­age, unless it’s done too tight around the edges. Fur­ther­more, there are var­i­ous youtube blog­gers with kinky, curly type 4 hair, like mine, who have healthy bra strap or waist length hair that braid either night­ly or at least every oth­er night.


The whole prod­uct would be gone after one use for me. No thanks. Glad to hear it works for so many folks =)


You can buy it from QVC every day of the week. No sub­scrip­tion nec­es­sary.


Thank you for this great review, espe­cial­ly the low­er priced alter­na­tives.

Jerre Michelin

Over­rat­ed prod­uct. The sub­scrip­tion thing is a turn off. I bought WEN online and got stuck with the sub­scrip­tion. They didn’t want me to stop it, but I was not impressed with the prod­uct. I use DOVE con­di­tion­er to co-wash my hair and it works fine. I wash with sham­poo twice a month. I co-wash every­day. Wash­ing every­day with con­di­tion­er is not harsh on my hair and although I keep my hair short, it seems to grow faster.


I refuse to spend more than $10–15 for a hair prod­uct (and it bet­ter be a decent size) so I won’t be try­ing Wen. Peo­ple always sing the prais­es of these prod­ucts but their hair doesn’t look any more spec­tac­u­lar than mine or any­one else’s. Mar­ket­ing is every­thing, I guess.

I must say that I love WEN Con­di­tion­ing Cleanser in the Fig for­mu­la­tion. I start­ed using it years ago when my hair was still relaxed (2008). It does exact­ly what is promised. My hair was cleansed, mois­tur­ized and I was able to detan­gle real­ly well. How­ev­er, I do not like the price point. Since I have been nat­ur­al (5/2011) I find that there are so many dif­fer­ent prod­uct reviews which have led me to try oth­er good prod­ucts which I also real­ly like too. WEN has so much more com­pe­ti­tion nowa­days. I would say that WEN is a real­ly good prod­uct… Read more »

there is a “knock­off” of the WEN prod­uct sold at Sally’s, called Hair One. the bot­tles even look sim­i­lar. I have been using that and i real­ly like it, it detan­gles my hair won­der­ful­ly, and always feels much soft­er after. and it’s half the price of WEN.


lol don’t expose the sim­i­lar­i­ty too much…I don’t want what hap­pened to Mixed Silk (The Mixed Chicks knock-off) to hap­pen to Hair One.


I use Hair One too and I real­ly like it. I tried Wen, but was turned off that on the web­site you had to basi­cal­ly sub­scribe to it to order it — agree to a month­ly order. I got around that by pur­chas­ing it on Ama­zon. But as I said, the Hair One is very sim­i­lar and I like it bet­ter than Wen. It’s also a lot cheap­er.

Lady T

I tried the WEN prod­ucts and sent it back, like you said the price was too steep and the prod­uct was kin­da weak. I have bet­ter results with the Shea Mois­ture Deep Masque, Can­tu Leave-in, Elas­ta QP Man­go Olive Oil Mois­ture and Jojo­ba oil. May your hair type has some­thing to do with how well this prod­uct works. I have 4b/4c hair and notice he did not have a mod­el in his com­mer­cial with my hair type. The young lady who par­tic­i­pat­ed in the Demo had 3c/4a type hair.

Real­ly ? Cause I loved it. Don’t get ne wrong when I first saw the com­mer­cial I couldn’t care less I thought it was some­thing made just for white peo­ple. Then after being brain washed by the com­mer­cial I final­ly gave in and tried it out. That was a year ago and I still use wen to this day I know this is cor­ney but when I tell you i’ll nev­er go back to using reg­u­lar sham­poo I am so seri­ous. Wen made my hair so man­age­able and shiny and clean and I looove the comb they give me cause… Read more »
I have tried Wen sev­er­al times. Each time it left my hair feel­ing soft and man­age­able. That is not an easy claim to make. My hair is very thick, coarse, and some­times painful to comb through. So learn­ing about Wen was a dream come true for me. My hair did not bounce like Hol­ly Robi­son or Najia in the com­er­cial. But it felt good not to dread hav­ing to comb through. Not to men­tion it took less time to dry and style. Sad­ly just like your review says the price is ” Inflat­ed.” It also did not last more than… Read more »
Martinika Edwards

I noticed that in the ingre­di­ents, the first to be men­tion were the dif­fer­ent types of “alco­hol” which can strip your hair lat­er down the road. Be care­ful.

Christina Patrice

Here’s more infor­ma­tion about fat­ty vs. dry­ing alco­hols:


cetyl alco­hol, stearyl alco­hol, cetostearyl alco­hol are all types of fats/oils not actu­al­ly alco­hols like ethanol.

Martinika Edwards


I am def­i­nite­ly a Wen nut. I’ve tried the dif­fer­ent imi­ta­tion brands but noth­ing makes me as hap­py as Wen does. Everyone’s hair responds a lit­tle dif­fer­ent­ly, but for me it took a full 32 oz bot­tle to get the full effect of the prod­uct (I have a mix­ture of tex­tures rang­ing from 3c-4b). The price tag is a prob­lem espe­cial­ly because I have enough hair on my head for two peo­ple (literally–since I was a lit­tle girl I’ve always had to use twice as much as the rec­om­mend­ed amount of every prod­uct). For this rea­son, I’ve exper­i­ment­ed with dif­fer­ent… Read more »

For me Wen seems more like mar­ket­ing hype than a rev­o­lu­tion­ary dis­cov­ery in hair­care. It’s obvi­ous that one can find com­pa­ra­ble prod­ucts at more rea­son­able prices. Suave Almond and Shea is real­ly good. So is Nature’s Gate, I believe they also have one with tea tree that pro­duces a tingly feel on the scalp.

Kaila P

I use the suave almond and shea it’s about 12.95 where i live which is con­sid­ered a lit­tle expen­sice since most cheap con­di­tion­ers are 6 dol­lars (vo5 etc.) but it makes my hair feel unbe­liev­ably soft


Best line of the review…“Chaz, quit playin’” LOL! Thanks for the review, but more impor­tant­ly the alter­na­tive prod­uct sug­ges­tions. This is good stuff.


I tried Wen because my sis­ter in law who is a hair care pro­fes­sion­al, but also Cau­casian swore by the prod­uct. I tried it and it left my hair sticky and stringy look­ing, but my sis­ter in laws hair was shiny, full of bounce and body. I wouldn’t rec­om­mend this for the mul­ti­ple tex­tured curls because some parts will feel sliky smooth n oth­er parts like straw

I know what you mean. I tried it myself and it wasn’t for me at all. it didn’t do any­thing when it came to detan­gling my hair cause my hair is real­ly thick and kinky, but it was great for my mother’s hair, she has thick hair, but not so kinky curly. But we bought it the one time cause of the price tag.I use a brand that I saw on the adver­tise ban­ner of this forum liq­uid gold and so far I like it, but I’m giv­ing it a 3 month tri­al just to make sure some­times my hair… Read more »