India of MyNat­u­ral­Sis­tas shows how to do a sim­ple and gor­geous ban­tu knot out style! Check it out:

What do you think ladies!? Would you try this?

Links to the prod­ucts used in this tuto­r­i­al: Shea but­ter, Miss Jessie’s But­ter­Creme, CURLS Pomade, large bob­by pins.

Black Girl With Long Hair

Leila Noel­liste, founder of Black Girl with Long Hair (April 2008). Social media, pop cul­ture and black beau­ty enthu­si­ast. bell hooks’ hair twin…

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I am in South Africa and you would think find­ing Shea but­ter would be sim­ple, not! :( Iv been search­ing for it for a while. The ban­tu knots turn out love­ly. I style for my hair to be curly at my friends wed­ding. But I need the Shea but­ter #sigh


Lov­ing this style! I can’t wait to try this!


I love watch­ing those three ladies, India, Car­men and Toni! India is def­i­nite­ly my hair inspi­ra­tions! Love them so much!


very pret­ty face and hair. i like that even though your hair is long, you are hap­py with a style that is short/midlength, lus­cious­ly thick and boun­cy. i am so tired of all this empha­sis on “stretch­ing” hair. we have hair that to me is most pret­ty when it is in styles that high­light its nat­ur­al den­si­ty and curliness,kinkyness etc as opposed to length. the thick curls frame your face so nice­ly. hope­ful­ly one day you will do a video on your com­plete reg­i­men.


Can I just say that I LOVE that you got hair prod­uct for Valentine’s Day? I can total­ly relate.

P.S. Love­ly hair!

Angelic Messanger

Real­ly cute.
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Beau­ti­ful! Look­ing for­ward to try­ing your method very soon! Thank you for shar­ing!


Where did you buy the whipped shea but­ter?


I pur­chased it from the World Nat­ur­al Hair Show in Atlanta. I think it’s a fam­i­ly owned busi­ness, they were very down to earth. I don’t they’re not well known, so we’re going to try and stock up on this time around and hope­ful­ly set up some­thing with them because WE LOVE this shea but­ter! I tried to get mine as whipped and soft as theirs but I gave up… They were just pack­ing it up right there on the spot 3 for $20. I will get more info when we go back to the WNHS April 26–28th!

Sherri Alexander

I want some too! 8-)


Ok wow that was a great deal! I would love to use it on my hair and my body. I look for­ward to get­ting more info.


I love that you guys are fea­tur­ing styles for short­er hair! I love her ban­tu knot out, but mine always looks ratch­et and I’m forced to jump into the show­er and wear a wash and go for the day. Her video is inspi­ra­tion, so I’m going to keep try­ing. Hope­ful­ly I get it right.


Thank you, Kay­la!


2 cute!


Thank you, Meka!


I love this, this is so cute. Although my hair is a bit short­er than hers, and know­ing how it nev­er turns out as cute and exact as youtu­bers I’m still going to give this a shot! Have an anniver­sary par­ty com­ing up so wish me luck!


Thank you, Tiffany!


Love it


Thanks, Sassy24!


Love it!


Thank you, Alisha :)


This is India not Car­men