Simple Homemade Aloe Vera Leave In Conditioner

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By SongstressA

Finding the perfect leave-in conditioner can be difficult for a natural curly. There are so many different products lines that claim to offer moisture and shine! Before you jump on the next product-craze bandwagon, why not try making your own leave-in conditioner? There’s no need to search any further because you’ve finally  found a lovely homemade, organic leave-in conditioner recipe. And the best part is –drum roll, please– you only need THREE ingredients! Who would have thought it could be that simple?

With a pH range of around 4.5, the acidity of aloe vera is what works to our advantage. It aids in closing the hair cuticle. This causes your hair to be smoother, minimizes frizz, and gives your strands more definition and shine. Some find that aloe vera is a humectant, or something that draws in any humidity from the air that surrounds it. However, by sealing my hair with aloe vera after I style it, I’ve noticed less frizz and swelling. Pure aloe vera is light enough to keep my hair moisturized without feeling greasy or weighed down. It also gives great control without making it stiff or crunchy.

Aloe Vera Gel Leave-in Conditioner

4oz water
4oz aloe vera gel
10 drops of essential oil (pick your favorite!)
Directions: Add water and aloe vera gel to a small bowl and stir lightly with a spoon. Pour the contents into a spray bottle and shake. Add an essential oil of your choice and shake lightly again. Use daily or as often as needed to restore softness.

  • Gives hair moisture
  • Detangles
  • Defines curly hair
  • Reduces itchy, scaly scalp
  • Tames oily Hair
  • Balances PH Level of hair

Ladies, have you tried aloe vera as a leave in? Share your experiences!

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Black Girl With Long Hair

Black Girl With Long Hair

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50 thoughts on “Simple Homemade Aloe Vera Leave In Conditioner

  1. Whoever posted this article must have read my mind. I love aloe. It works very well with my skin. Now if only someone could come up with a homemade aloe shampoo and conditioner without jojoba oil and soy ( I’m allergic). I would be very happy.

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    • How about a beautiful homemade blend of coconut oil, aloe and avocado (optional)egg yolk (optional) and organic keratin? That’d give you a very nourishing conditioner and a pureed avocado would give it a little bit of consistency… You’d just have to shake it a lot since coconut oil turns liquid.

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    • I would because Aloe Vera juice/gel can go bad with in 40-50 days. So yea stick it in the fridge. Plus the cold will also help with closing the hair’s cuticle. Hope this helps :-) good luck!

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  2. Before I saw this, I went with my insticts and have been using aloe vera gel + a bit of coconut oil as a leave in. It is just perfect. Only problem is: I can only use for a few days before it begins to smell funky and I have to toss the mix and start afresh

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  4. I just made some up before reading thing :P Last week I was so itchy, so I soaked my hair in aloe gel. When I got up in the morning it wasn’t sticky or slimy. Since my leave in conditioner has run out I thought I’d make up my own, I like making my own products.. Activated charcoal caps make a great loose eyeliner ;)

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  5. I made this for my hair and it has FANTASTIC results. My essential oil of choice is peppermint oil. However, I’m gonna warn you all: Do NOT use 10 drops of peppermint oil (my skin burned a bit). I suggest 2 drops.

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    • Try Lily of The Desert Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Gel or Lily of The Desert Inner Fillet Aloe Vera Gel. They are food-grade and have minimal preservatives. I’ve been using them in my hair since 2010.

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  6. I made this concoction and used it for softening and detangling my hair during my micro braid take down process. I put it in a spray bottle and just sprayed the braids before I unraveled them. It worked like a charm. I also used the solution in addition my normal cream while preparing my hair for a twist out… Amazing results

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  8. I keep a large aloe leaf on hand at all times. When I make my leave-in conditioner, I scrape the gel straight from the leaf. Then the firmer part of the leaf (inside), I cut into chunks and put in the blender with the gel and some water. After I blend it, I then put through a strainer so that no particles are in it. Add that into a spritzer bottle with some essential oil. I love it for my locs. I don’t plan to use anything else!

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  9. Since Aloe Vera softens the hair, will that help or hinder the growing of Dreadlocks? And what else will aid the locks with Aloe Vera?

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  10. I have plenty of aloe Vera in ma garden. Just made this today and the results are question though..since I had no essential oil handy I added some rose water to combat the smell

    Should that b avoided??

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  11. What about just plain aloe vera I found some in my local grocery, anyone have a clue how and what I can do with it?

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