So… um, yeh, Mad Men actress Teyonah Parris is MOST DEFINITELY becoming our FAVORITE natural hair celeb! She attended the Mad Men premiere party yesterday looking absolutely *fierce*! Here’s hoping that the Mad Men producers pick up on our increasing love for her, and give her a bigger role in the series! What do you think of the look?


All photos courtesy of Zimbio.com

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Yassssssssssssss hunty! I’m here for this! All of it. Go ‘on and work Miss Teyonah! Just don’t hurt em, hear?

Jamila DeBow

She was styled by the amazingly talented LA based wardrobe stylist Ayanna James of the GLAMgoon Group! Check us out https://www.facebook.com/TheGLAMgoonGroup or http://www.GLAMgoons.com
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Teyonah Parris is so stunning!


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I recreated this style on my YouTube channel. Have a look if you’re interested. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMCSNAyLa1I
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I don’t think there has been a natural hairstyle that she has done that I haven’t loved.
HOWEVER, I can definitely see that her foundation is a tad light/not blended well. Those pesky make up artists!

I do not like her hairstyle. Looks like a fuzz covered tube. Doesn’t flatter the shape of her face, to me. The shape of the tube is overdone. I like loose updos that look soft and touchable. But as usual, her body is banging. That dress is beautiful on her. She has great curves. But, I don’t like the makeup either. She has a pretty face naturally ie pretty skin, pretty teeth/smile, beautiful big black/brown eyes. Why does she need to highlight her natural beauty with makeup that is so shiny and glaringly bright? I hope she knows how pretty… Read more »

She looks amazing! She stand outs from everyone in the picture above! I can’t to be full natural (transitioning:: currently)


In the picture with the entire cast, all I see is Teyonah just SERVING IT! She’s so confident with that gorgeous smile, I love it. I was reading comments on yahoo and people were saying the rest of the cast needed to get some more sun LOL!


This is nice! Now THIS is what i’m here for…actually wearing ur natural hair on the red carpet…not just instagramming a pic once in a while…
Good for her…hopefully more celebs will follow suit.
She’s gorgeous!! love her eyebrows…


Don’t like this one as much as the first style, but still beautiful none theless


She is very pretty, gorgeous smile




She looks nice. One thing though, her foundation is too light. I’m really getting tired of seeing brown and dark skinned women TRY to wear foundation that has yellow or pale undertones! Honey you know that’s not your shade.


I think her makeup artist picked a foundation that looks fine in natural light, but no good once the flash hit it. Tanya Rose already mentioned that the foundation probably has titanium dioxide, which seems pretty likely. Many celebrities have pics where it looks like the foundation is a little too light/yellow. It has nothing to do with an attempt to be appear lighter/paler but with the lighting used when taking pics on the red carpet.


From my computer screen, her foundation looks fine.


I’m not keen on makeup so please explain how you can tell her foundation is too light? It matches her arms, neck, and shoulders while looking natural, isn’t that the point?


On my phone it looks better but on the display pic for the post you can clearly see its too light and they missed blending it into the side top of her forehead.


@hmm. Yeah. You’re right. I took a closer look and her makeup artist seriously chose the wrong shade and missed blending at the top. It’s only really noticeable in the closeup photo. But that’s a red carpet oops. Not cool.

I don’t imagine it’s some effort to look lighter – just a makeup artist that goofed. Oh well. She still looks MARVELOUS!

Tanya Rose

It is not necessarily that the makeup used is too light for her skin tone. It could simply be that the foundation has a small amount of titanium dioxide (which a large majority of foundations have). This chemical (which is essentially sunscreen) shows up as a white cast on the skin when exposed to flash photography.

But I agree, they could have blended more into her hairline.


well, there are brown and darker skinned women with yellow undertones and I’m one of them and it’s very hard finding makeup because like you makeup companies assume that women with darker skintones automatically have red/copper undertones.


Oops, disliked your comment by accident!


She looks gawh-gous. I love her hair, outfit, everything. I don’g understand how some of you do not like her updos but then again we all have different tastes. She is very bold for wearing them as well. She most definitely stands out.


I am not a fan of this hair style but I love the fact that she goes to red carpet events wearing her hair natural. I like her dress.

Amma Mama

very sexy look


Not feeling this particular hairstyle on her, but the outfit and shoes are gorgeous. She has such a pretty smile as well.


she outshines the rest of the women in the pic! Go girl that hair is the bomb!


yeah…the other women need to give up and go home lol


I just luv the way everything compliments each other, the hair, the dress, the shoes! She be on fiyah!


Her hair is EVERYTHING!!