So… um, yeh, Mad Men actress Tey­on­ah Par­ris is MOST DEFINITELY becom­ing our FAVORITE nat­u­ral hair celeb! She attend­ed the Mad Men pre­miere par­ty yes­ter­day look­ing absolute­ly *fierce*! Here’s hop­ing that the Mad Men pro­duc­ers pick up on our increas­ing love for her, and give her a big­ger role in the series! What do you think of the look?


All pho­tos cour­tesy of Zimbio.com

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Yassssssssssssss hunty! I’m here for this! All of it. Go ‘on and work Miss Tey­on­ah! Just don’t hurt em, hear?

Jamila DeBow

She was styled by the amaz­ing­ly tal­ent­ed LA based wardrobe styl­ist Ayan­na James of the GLAM­goon Group! Check us out https://www.facebook.com/TheGLAMgoonGroup or http://www.GLAMgoons.com
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Tey­on­ah Par­ris is so stun­ning!


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I recre­at­ed this style on my YouTube chan­nel. Have a look if you’re inter­est­ed. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MMCSNAyLa1I
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I don’t think there has been a nat­u­ral hair­style that she has done that I haven’t loved.
HOWEVER, I can def­i­nite­ly see that her foun­da­tion is a tad light/not blend­ed well. Those pesky make up artists!

I do not like her hair­style. Looks like a fuzz cov­ered tube. Doesn’t flat­ter the shape of her face, to me. The shape of the tube is over­done. I like loose updos that look soft and touch­able. But as usu­al, her body is bang­ing. That dress is beau­ti­ful on her. She has great curves. But, I don’t like the make­up either. She has a pret­ty face nat­u­ral­ly ie pret­ty skin, pret­ty teeth/smile, beau­ti­ful big black/brown eyes. Why does she need to high­light her nat­u­ral beau­ty with make­up that is so shiny and glar­ing­ly bright? I hope she knows how pret­ty… Read more »

She looks amaz­ing! She stand outs from every­one in the pic­ture above! I can’t to be full nat­u­ral (tran­si­tion­ing:: cur­rent­ly)


In the pic­ture with the entire cast, all I see is Tey­on­ah just SERVING IT! She’s so con­fi­dent with that gor­geous smile, I love it. I was read­ing com­ments on yahoo and peo­ple were say­ing the rest of the cast need­ed to get some more sun LOL!


This is nice! Now THIS is what i’m here for…actually wear­ing ur nat­u­ral hair on the red carpet…not just insta­gram­ming a pic once in a while…
Good for her…hopefully more celebs will fol­low suit.
She’s gor­geous!! love her eye­brows…


Don’t like this one as much as the first style, but still beau­ti­ful none the­less


She is very pret­ty, gor­geous smile




She looks nice. One thing though, her foun­da­tion is too light. I’m real­ly get­ting tired of see­ing brown and dark skinned wom­en TRY to wear foun­da­tion that has yel­low or pale under­tones! Hon­ey you know that’s not your shade.


I think her make­up artist picked a foun­da­tion that looks fine in nat­u­ral light, but no good once the flash hit it. Tanya Rose already men­tioned that the foun­da­tion prob­a­bly has tita­ni­um diox­ide, which seems pret­ty like­ly. Many celebri­ties have pics where it looks like the foun­da­tion is a lit­tle too light/yellow. It has noth­ing to do with an attempt to be appear lighter/paler but with the light­ing used when tak­ing pics on the red car­pet.


From my com­put­er screen, her foun­da­tion looks fine.


I’m not keen on make­up so please explain how you can tell her foun­da­tion is too light? It match­es her arms, neck, and shoul­ders while look­ing nat­u­ral, isn’t that the point?


On my phone it looks bet­ter but on the dis­play pic for the post you can clear­ly see its too light and they missed blend­ing it into the side top of her fore­head.


@hmm. Yeah. You’re right. I took a closer look and her make­up artist seri­ous­ly chose the wrong shade and missed blend­ing at the top. It’s only real­ly notice­able in the close­up pho­to. But that’s a red car­pet oops. Not cool.

I don’t imag­ine it’s some effort to look lighter — just a make­up artist that goofed. Oh well. She still looks MARVELOUS!

Tanya Rose

It is not nec­es­sar­i­ly that the make­up used is too light for her skin tone. It could sim­ply be that the foun­da­tion has a small amount of tita­ni­um diox­ide (which a large major­i­ty of foun­da­tions have). This chem­i­cal (which is essen­tial­ly sun­screen) shows up as a white cast on the skin when exposed to flash pho­tog­ra­phy.

But I agree, they could have blend­ed more into her hair­line.


well, there are brown and dark­er skinned wom­en with yel­low under­tones and I’m one of them and it’s very hard find­ing make­up because like you make­up com­pa­nies assume that wom­en with dark­er skin­tones auto­mat­i­cal­ly have red/copper under­tones.


Oops, dis­liked your com­ment by acci­dent!


She looks gawh-gous. I love her hair, out­fit, every­thing. I don’g under­stand how some of you do not like her updos but then again we all have dif­fer­ent tastes. She is very bold for wear­ing them as well. She most def­i­nite­ly stands out.


I am not a fan of this hair style but I love the fact that she goes to red car­pet events wear­ing her hair nat­u­ral. I like her dress.

Amma Mama

very sexy look


Not feel­ing this par­tic­u­lar hair­style on her, but the out­fit and shoes are gor­geous. She has such a pret­ty smile as well.


she out­shi­nes the rest of the wom­en in the pic! Go girl that hair is the bomb!


yeah…the oth­er wom­en need to give up and go home lol


I just luv the way every­thing com­pli­ments each oth­er, the hair, the dress, the shoes! She be on fiyah!


Her hair is EVERYTHING!!