Raw shea butter sold at BGLH Marketplace (http://bglh-marketplace.com)
Raw shea but­ter sold at BGLH Mar­ket­place (http://bglh-marketplace.com)

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The num­ber 6 best sell­ing beau­ty pro­duct on Amazon.com this week is 100% Pure Unre­fined Organ­ic Raw SHEA BUTTER. (The one pound size for $7.00!) How pure is this stuff? Let’s look at the label.
Shea but­ter ingre­di­ents
Here’s the ingre­di­ent list for Pure Unre­fined Shea But­ter:

Shea (Buty­ros­per­mum parkii) but­ter

That’s it. (Appar­ent­ly the Shea tree is now offi­cial­ly called Vitel­lar­ia para­doxa but the cos­met­ic ingre­di­ent name is still Buty­ros­per­mum parkii as far as we know.)

Not much of a label to look at, is there? That’s because this is a pure nat­u­ral mate­ri­al (or as close as you’re going to get) and there­fore it doesn’t have any of the stan­dard extra ingre­di­ents you might find like sol­vents, preser­v­a­tives, etc. Since there aren’t any oth­er ingre­di­ents to review, let’s take a quick look at the com­po­nents of shea but­ter.

It’s pri­mar­i­ly made up of fat­ty acids includ­ing palmitic, stearic, ole­ic, linole­ic and arachidic. The stearic and ole­ic acids make up about 85–90% of the total fat­ty acids and their rel­a­tive pro­por­tion con­trols the butter’s con­sis­ten­cy. High­er stearic acid means it will be more solid than liq­uid and the high­er the ole­ic acid, the hard­er that solid is. Both of the­se vary depend­ing on the grow­ing sea­son and loca­tion.
Uses for shea but­ter
You can use shea but­ter on your skin and hair as it is and it will make a fine mois­tur­iz­er. How­ev­er, it won’t nec­es­sar­i­ly replace all your lotions and con­di­tion­ers because it’s not as spread­able and it doesn’t con­tain oth­er ingre­di­ents you would want in a skin lotion (like humec­tants) or in a con­di­tion­er (like anti-stat agents.) Still, if you want a nat­u­ral pro­duct that will soft­en hair and skin, shea is a good way to go. And you can’t beat the price. Plus, it has a whole sta­di­um named after it!

Ladies do you use raw shea but­ter? Why do you love it? If you don’t use it, why aren’t you feel­ing it?

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I would love to pur­chase a pound for $7. What sell­er has it list­ed at this price? Thanks in advance.


raw she­abut­ter for sale +233266630725
Pack­aged from 1/2 kg to bulk 25kg in export wor­thy paper car­ton.


Isn’t the one in the pic­ture African but­ter? Thats the one I use & I love it. Mine is scooped from the seed just like It is shown in the pic­ture… So it can’t be fake… Right?!? Lol

Hi. I was glad to see this arti­cle. I use Shea but­ter for my hair and body. I just recent­ly start­ed using it about 5–6 wks ago but love it! I also use it on my two daugh­ters as well. They both have eczema and that’s great on their skin. I mixed the Shea but­ter with cocoa but­ter, jojoba oil and almond oil. I melt it down a lit­tle so it’s eas­ier to work with then blend it with a hand mix­er. As far as our hair I use Shea but­ter, sesame, grape seed, tea tree, coconut and olive oils.… Read more »

You blend it with the oils for the eczema? My baby has it too and I may mix it with coconut oil and apply it to her skin to see if it works bet­ter than Aquaphor.

I use shea mixed with jamaican black cas­tor oil (with some scent­ed nat­u­ral oil for fra­grance) for my hair and body. I use this mix on my hair after I rin­se out my con­di­tion­er but while my hair is still pret­ty damp. Even try to twist it up right away. The con­di­tion­er + water is my mois­ture — the shea/castor oil mix is added mois­ture & sealant. My hair is superbly healthy. In between, I have a mis­ter filled with dis­tilled water and some of the same shea/castor mix. I spray a lit­tle on my hair night and morn­ing (after… Read more »

Where did you buy your Shea but­ter please?


Sheabynico.net Top Grade Nilot­i­ca Shea But­ter, no addi­tives, no fillers, 100% Shea But­ter


My mom and I use shea but­ter on our joints when they ache from arthri­tis. I helps instant­ly.

I also mix it with coconut oil, aloe vera gel and olive (or some oth­er) oil and sat­u­rate my scalp with it when I wear braid exten­sions. Love it.


I thought Shea but­ter was in an ivory col­or ? I heard the yel­low one was fake ?


No, it isn’t always ivory. I’m nige­ri­an and I make shea but­ter with my grand­ma all the time. It can range from ivory to a pale yel­low.


That why you so your own research. I had to learn


i start­ed using african shea but­ter mixed with aloe vera on my hair and it real­ly soft­ens my strands i wait to see the long term effects of it


I absolute­ly love shea but­ter for my hair and skin. Does won­ders!!


Hi, I like to use Raw Shea But­ter in my lip balms but I also add cocoa but­ter, beeswax, coconut oil and a vari­ety of oth­er oils. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, as the arti­cle stat­ed, shea but­ter alone does not ful­ly mois­tur­ize my lips alone. Tama­ra