Is this going to be Venus’ new competition look?! While competing at the 2013 Sony Open yesterday Venus rocked a cute tie dye outfit and a curly puff — a departure from the braids and extensions she normally wears. We definitely approve of this and hope this will be her new default look šŸ˜‰ Check it out:



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What happened to the Venus twists pictures?

They have gone.




[…] couple months ago, we posted pictures of Venus Williams rocking a curly puff on the Sony Open courts, and it seems she’s keeping the trend going! She was spotted at the […]


Asking questions are genuinely fastidious thing if you are not
understanding anything totally, but this paragraph presents nice understanding yet.

On one hand i say she looks great,& her natural hair looks awesome, …but on another, Its just hair. She’s a world champion internationally recognized tennis player. Why is her hair even an issue of relevance? Even though this is a positive article I also think this is why we see asinine stories about black hair (like the flack Gabby Douglas got). ‘Natural’ hair should be considered just normal as anything else. Once so much attention isn’t caused by something as trivial as hair it will be easier for women, specifically black ones, to not be plauged by what is… Read more »
Sharon J

She looks pretty. Her puff is healthy and full. I’m sure its more comfortable playing tennis without the weaves — not hating, those were cute on her, too. Venus and Serena are both very pretty young women.

Sharon J



I’m not against weaves and extensions but I think this looks better than the weaves. She looks fresher and younger. Also, I saw a picture online of her Cuban boyfriend, Elios, who is kissing her while she is wearing this Afro puff. He’s at this match, he’s a model, and he’s gorgeous!! So much for that terrible myth about Black women not being able to get a man with their hair natural.


they’ve been together for awhile now! very low key couple, they are cute šŸ™‚


This is the best Venus’ hair has looked in a decade!


I’m so proud her. It looks great. I hope she keeps wearing her hair like this.


She looks sooooooo much better with her own hair. Go, V.!


Her puff is cute. =)


Love it!


At last I hope her sister follows. I am tired of the fakeness tired of not seeing natural hair.


She looks great!


i love it! maybe it’s just me but i think natural hair makes women look younger.


love venus! even when she wears those gawd awful outfits, love her love her love her! what a wonderful person!


she is a sweet one for sure!


Her lil puff is cute. Didn’t even notice her edges.. thin edges are normal for some people you know.

Funny how this post doesn’t even have HALF the comments that Nicki post received. Thought some of you wanted pictures of stars who are good role models and such? Lol


Lovely physique & hair…. Go girl!!!


I still have a Sports Illustrated for Kids growth chart with the two sisters on it where they both have braces and beads in their hair (you know that hairdo!!). I’ve always liked how they broke into a sport that was so exclusive and continue to dominate. I like the hair here, and also, she is FIT!


Find it ironic how hypocritical some in the natural hair community are. Like how we sometimes look down on ppl who choose to use weaves or wigs for protective styles. Like somehow this means they are not natural. Isn’t being natural about wearing your hair the way it makes you happy. I have seen Venus with her hair out in an Afro plenty of times. It’s just sometime she wears wigs or weaves. With her on the go life style I understand why.


Venus and Serena are GREAT role models for everyone young and old. They’ve been my fitness idols for as long as I can remember! Growing up I loved sports (still do) and they were always in my top three list of favorite athletes. My friends and I would go and play tennis on the weekends, and I would always pretend to be Serena Williams haha. I love that they are so strong and confident and they embrace every curve and muscle on their body. Team Williams!


LOL, you too? When we were about 14, me and my best friend used to play “tennis” over a half-fence/grapevine with flimsy racquets in my parents backyard. We so wanted to be them.


Yay ! The way to go Venus – you look great ! Keep it up now! send those wigs and weaves to hell!




This is very cute. Continue to hit those aces and win your sets.


thank you lord!


aw v. i love it. glad to see this.


Oh yeah! This is beautiful!


100 times cuter than the wigs she wears…

Amma Mama

Love it! šŸ™‚


This is a good look for her. I’m hopeful she will keep rocking a natural swag!


I agree with Kiesh above who said she likes this better than the weave that Venus always wears. She has such beautiful hair with the prettiest curls!


Luv it. She looks great.

Thick Nigerian Hair

Maybe I’m more obsessed with fitness but, forget the puff. Her arms are awesome!


This is not anything new ppl who follow Venus know she has been wearing her hair natural for years under her braids or wigs.


I like this better than the weave on her.


It also looks like yrs of weaves and wigs have taken a toll on her edges….


true and many black women have been there. A couple of months of gentle handling and massaging with JBCO + rosemary will bring those edges back to life.

Mis T

What’s JBCO?

Miss T

Whats JBCO?


JBCO= Jamaican Black Castor Oil


True many not all, I have never had edges problems the ladies in my family have edges practically to our eyebrows…lol

I agree. Some people are really in denial. Oils and products only work if your hair follicles are not permanently damaged. Both Venus and Serena have been rocking these thin hairlines for a very long time now. I highly doubt they can be brought back to life with (castor) oil. I have several family members as well who’s hairlines are completely GONE due to chemicals and weaves/wigs. No amount of oil rubbing will save them. If the follicles are indeed damaged, only a hair transplant will help (and in some cases it’s even too late for that). I hope other… Read more »
You’re right it depends on the individual. There was a post on here by strawberricurls who helped her mom grow her edges back that was damaged from weaves and relaxers with JBCO. I’ve also read a story about a girl who was told by doctors that her hair follicles were damaged and her hair would never grow back and they actually did when she went natural. At the least, every person that is dealing with damaged edges should not give up but try to take care of their hair and think of laying of relaxers, weaves, wigs and yes, trying… Read more »

She wears it well. Very happy to see more and more of our celebrities embracing what’s ours!!


Looks like her real hair!! Curly & shiny she should rock this more often šŸ™‚