Is this going to be Venus’ new com­pe­ti­tion look?! While com­pet­ing at the 2013 Sony Open yes­ter­day Venus rocked a cute tie dye out­fit and a curly puff — a depar­ture from the braids and exten­sions she nor­mal­ly wears. We def­i­nite­ly approve of this and hope this will be her new default look ;) Check it out:



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What hap­pened to the Venus twists pic­tures?

They have gone.




[…] cou­ple months ago, we post­ed pic­tures of Venus Williams rock­ing a curly puff on the Sony Open courts, and it seems she’s keep­ing the trend going! She was spot­ted at the […]


Ask­ing ques­tions are gen­uine­ly fas­tid­i­ous thing if you are not
under­stand­ing any­thing total­ly, but this para­graph presents nice under­stand­ing yet.

On one hand i say she looks great,& her nat­u­ral hair looks awe­some, …but on anoth­er, Its just hair. She’s a world cham­pi­on inter­na­tion­al­ly rec­og­nized ten­nis play­er. Why is her hair even an issue of rel­e­vance? Even though this is a pos­i­tive arti­cle I also think this is why we see asinine sto­ries about black hair (like the flack Gab­by Dou­glas got). ‘Nat­u­ral’ hair should be con­sid­ered just nor­mal as any­thing else. Once so much atten­tion isn’t caused by some­thing as triv­ial as hair it will be eas­ier for wom­en, specif­i­cal­ly black ones, to not be plauged by what is… Read more »
Sharon J

She looks pret­ty. Her puff is healthy and full. I’m sure its more com­fort­able play­ing ten­nis with­out the weaves — not hat­ing, those were cute on her, too. Venus and Ser­e­na are both very pret­ty young wom­en.

Sharon J



I’m not again­st weaves and exten­sions but I think this looks bet­ter than the weaves. She looks fresh­er and younger. Also, I saw a pic­ture online of her Cuban boyfriend, Elios, who is kiss­ing her while she is wear­ing this Afro puff. He’s at this match, he’s a mod­el, and he’s gor­geous!! So much for that ter­ri­ble myth about Black wom­en not being able to get a man with their hair nat­u­ral.


they’ve been togeth­er for awhile now! very low key cou­ple, they are cute :)


This is the best Venus’ hair has looked in a decade!


I’m so proud her. It looks great. I hope she keeps wear­ing her hair like this.


She looks sooooooo much bet­ter with her own hair. Go, V.!


Her puff is cute. =)


Love it!


At last I hope her sis­ter fol­lows. I am tired of the fak­e­ness tired of not see­ing nat­u­ral hair.


She looks great!


i love it! may­be it’s just me but i think nat­u­ral hair makes wom­en look younger.


love venus! even when she wears those gawd awful out­fits, love her love her love her! what a won­der­ful per­son!


she is a sweet one for sure!


Her lil puff is cute. Didn’t even notice her edges.. thin edges are nor­mal for some peo­ple you know.

Fun­ny how this post doesn’t even have HALF the com­ments that Nicki post received. Thought some of you want­ed pic­tures of stars who are good role mod­els and such? Lol


Love­ly physique & hair.… Go girl!!!


I still have a Sports Illus­trat­ed for Kids growth chart with the two sis­ters on it where they both have braces and beads in their hair (you know that hair­do!!). I’ve always liked how they broke into a sport that was so exclu­sive and con­tin­ue to dom­i­nate. I like the hair here, and also, she is FIT!


Find it iron­ic how hyp­o­crit­i­cal some in the nat­u­ral hair com­mu­ni­ty are. Like how we some­times look down on ppl who choose to use weaves or wigs for pro­tec­tive styles. Like some­how this means they are not nat­u­ral. Isn’t being nat­u­ral about wear­ing your hair the way it makes you hap­py. I have seen Venus with her hair out in an Afro plen­ty of times. It’s just some­time she wears wigs or weaves. With her on the go life style I under­stand why.


Venus and Ser­e­na are GREAT role mod­els for every­one young and old. They’ve been my fit­ness idols for as long as I can remem­ber! Grow­ing up I loved sports (still do) and they were always in my top three list of favorite ath­letes. My friends and I would go and play ten­nis on the week­ends, and I would always pre­tend to be Ser­e­na Williams haha. I love that they are so strong and con­fi­dent and they embrace every curve and mus­cle on their body. Team Williams!


LOL, you too? When we were about 14, me and my best friend used to play “ten­nis” over a half-fence/grapevine with flim­sy rac­quets in my par­ents back­yard. We so want­ed to be them.


Yay ! The way to go Venus — you look great ! Keep it up now! send those wigs and weaves to hell!




This is very cute. Con­tin­ue to hit those aces and win your sets.


thank you lord!


aw v. i love it. glad to see this.


Oh yeah! This is beau­ti­ful!


100 times cuter than the wigs she wears…

Amma Mama

Love it! :-)


This is a good look for her. I’m hope­ful she will keep rock­ing a nat­u­ral swag!


I agree with Kiesh above who said she likes this bet­ter than the weave that Venus always wears. She has such beau­ti­ful hair with the pret­ti­est curls!


Luv it. She looks great.

Thick Nigerian Hair

May­be I’m more obsessed with fit­ness but, for­get the puff. Her arms are awe­some!


This is not any­thing new ppl who fol­low Venus know she has been wear­ing her hair nat­u­ral for years under her braids or wigs.


I like this bet­ter than the weave on her.


It also looks like yrs of weaves and wigs have tak­en a toll on her edges.…


true and many black wom­en have been there. A cou­ple of months of gen­tle han­dling and mas­sag­ing with JBCO + rose­mary will bring those edges back to life.

Mis T

What’s JBCO?

Miss T

Whats JBCO?


JBCO= Jamaican Black Cas­tor Oil


True many not all, I have nev­er had edges prob­lems the ladies in my fam­i­ly have edges prac­ti­cal­ly to our eyebrows…lol

I agree. Some peo­ple are real­ly in denial. Oils and prod­ucts only work if your hair fol­li­cles are not per­ma­nent­ly dam­aged. Both Venus and Ser­e­na have been rock­ing the­se thin hair­li­nes for a very long time now. I high­ly doubt they can be brought back to life with (cas­tor) oil. I have sev­er­al fam­i­ly mem­bers as well who’s hair­li­nes are com­plete­ly GONE due to chem­i­cals and weaves/wigs. No amount of oil rub­bing will save them. If the fol­li­cles are indeed dam­aged, only a hair trans­plant will help (and in some cas­es it’s even too late for that). I hope oth­er… Read more »
You’re right it depends on the indi­vid­u­al. There was a post on here by straw­ber­ri­curls who helped her mom grow her edges back that was dam­aged from weaves and relax­ers with JBCO. I’ve also read a sto­ry about a girl who was told by doc­tors that her hair fol­li­cles were dam­aged and her hair would nev­er grow back and they actu­al­ly did when she went nat­u­ral. At the least, every per­son that is deal­ing with dam­aged edges should not give up but try to take care of their hair and think of lay­ing of relax­ers, weaves, wigs and yes, try­ing… Read more »

She wears it well. Very hap­py to see more and more of our celebri­ties embrac­ing what’s ours!!


Looks like her real hair!! Curly & shiny she should rock this more often :-)