I am a huge fan of low main­te­nance, pro­tec­tive hair­styling and attribute this part of my reg­i­men to much of my length reten­tion. In the begin­ning of my healthy hair jour­ney, how­ev­er, I wasn’t quite sure how to style my hair in a way that would pro­tect my ends with­out tak­ing up an inor­di­nate amount of my time.  More­over, pro­tec­tive styles were not just about pro­tect­ing my ends, but mak­ing sure that my edges didn’t suf­fer in the process.

Over the last few years I have devel­oped some sta­ple styles that I found to not only help main­tain healthy hair, but have also allow saved me time. Below are three styles that take about 15 min­utes to accom­plish.

1. Wash Day Easy Do

This is a style I came up with in a time crunch. I need­ed to wash my hair but I also need to go out in pub­lic in a few hours so the nor­mal 10 ran­dom braids I wear to stretch my hair wouldn’t work. This style allowed me to stretch my hair while wear­ing  a sleek style. At the end of the day or night you will want to remove the hair acces­so­ry you’re using in order to give the roots at that sec­tion time to ful­ly dry. Please note that there are a lot of pos­si­bil­i­ties with this style.  In this tuto­r­i­al I chose to twist the front but you can make one large twist or even make small­er twists.  I like twists because they lim­it the stress on the edges of my hair.

2. The Cinnabun

I love this style! What I love most is that it can work for those of you who do not yet have the length to style their hair into a tra­di­tion­al bun.  Because of the thick­ness and shrink­age of my hair I was about bra strap length before I could wear a reg­u­lar bun with­out using a gazil­lion bob­by pins. In the inter­im this cinnabun pro­vides an ele­gant and, what I think, an easy alter­na­tive. You should note that you can cut down the time this style takes by using larg­er sec­tions to make each mini-bun. Also, when smooth­ing down your edges I rec­om­mend light­ly mist­ing your edges with water and tying you hair­line with a scarf. This will elim­i­nate the need to brush.  If you do use a brush, which I have done in the past, be sure to be gen­tle and only use it the for the first day that you wear the style.

3. Easy Twist­ed Updo

A num­ber of you inquired about this style in my very first post. I also want­ed to includ­ed this style because you can see how much short­er my hair was at this time. I was around shoul­der length, so this style can work for those of you with vary­ing lengths of hair. For those of you with short­er hair you can accom­plish this style as well. You will like­ly need to twist the hair in small­er sec­tions. Still, it should be an easy go to style for the office or for a night out.

With all of these styles remem­ber to have fun with acces­sories.

What are your favorite 15 minute (or less) hair­styles? Please share!


Island girl raised in the most roy­al of NYC’s bor­oughs. Proud nerd, social sci­en­tist, edu­ca­tor and recov­er­ing awk­ward black girl. When not lis­ten­ing to NPR, try­ing to grow spir­i­tu­al­ly, or detan­gling my fro, I’m search­ing for the best shrimp and grits in the Queen City.

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I loved that first one.


Thanks a bunch. Every­thing was very help­ful.

The Mane Captain

cinnabuns use to be one of my go to styles after my hair grew out a bit. Need to revis­it this style



[…] The Video clips are from Black Girl With Long Hair […]


I absolute­ly love the cinnabun and can’t wait to try it in my hair! What do use to pull your hair away from your face (before you start rolling and pin­ning the parts if the cinnabun)?


[…]  Source: http://blackgirllonghair.com/2013/04/3-cute-protective-styles-that-can-be- done-in-15-minutes/ […]


Nice! Sim­ple and easy #finally<3

nappy headed black girl

I’ve always thought the cinnabun was too cute. It doesn’t work so well on my hair, how­ev­er. My hair is a lit­tle longer than I’ve seen this style on oth­ers, so it doesn’t roll down as neat­ly or eas­i­ly and doesn’t secure to the base well.


Try twist­ing the sec­tions before pin­ning them down. I think that might make it eas­i­er to have it stay in place.


That cinnabun is fierce.


True! Will do!




That would be you.…


LOVE THIS ARTICLE! Got­ta try this cinnabun


They lady in the first video cur­rent­ly has waist length hair, the video post­ed here is 2 yrs old.


My favorite 15 minute (or less) hair­styles are cinnabuns and donut buns (aka sock buns). I like them ’cause they are sim­ple, cute and pro­tec­tive.


what was used to slick the front back? putting prod­uct (grease, oil or gels would make my hair kink up or puff up


I’ll try the cinnabun.


Cute. Where’d you get the hair pin in the first video!


Com­mon sense.…..


Your hair is beau­ti­ful! Thx for these style tips! Per­fect for sum­mer!


They are ugly a lit­tle bit so freak that
[imgcomment image[/img]


your ugly


So is that girl in the pic. See how that wasn’t nice. Stop being rude.


ummm that was not nice