Although I will not be part­ed from my com­mer­cial hair con­di­tion­er, I would have to be blind to fail to see the increas­ing trend of nat­u­rals want­i­ng tru­ly nat­u­ral prod­ucts and even raw ingre­di­ents. I gen­er­al­ly say that if you are look­ing to give nutri­tion to your hair, you are prob­a­bly bet­ter off eat­ing the food first rather than using it in your hair. How­ev­er, if you are fas­ci­nat­ed by raw nat­u­ral ingre­di­ents, here is a small sci­ence based guide:

1. Hon­ey
Hon­ey is essen­tial­ly very con­cen­trat­ed sug­ar with very lit­tle water. The sug­ar in hon­ey will nat­u­ral­ly draw in water, mak­ing it a pow­er­ful humec­tant. How do kitcheni­cians use hon­ey? I have seen hon­ey used as a pre­treat­ment before sham­poo­ing some­times in com­bi­na­tion with coconut oil. Users report that this leaves hair very soft post sham­poo. Anoth­er method is to add hon­ey to hair con­di­tion­er and the result­ing effect is report­ed to be increased mois­ture to the hair.

2. Avo­cado
Avo­cado is a fruit that is rich in fat which makes it ide­al for con­di­tion­ing hair. Most users of avo­cado rec­om­mend pro­cess­ing it in a blender to make it a smooth and non-clumpy mix­ture which is eas­ier to wash off after use. I have also seen reports of adding coconut milk to the avo­cado to fur­ther light­en the mix­ture. Avo­cado has a mix of sat­u­rat­ed and unsat­u­rat­ed fats that could be ben­e­fi­cial for con­di­tion­ing hair. If you are not pre­pared for the messy nature of using avo­cado, an avo­cado but­ter may be up your alley.

3. Banana
It is right here on BGLH that I first read that wom­en were using banana or banana baby food specif­i­cal­ly for hair con­di­tion­ing. This was some­times mixed with oil to add slip to the nat­u­ral con­di­tion­er. As a fruit, banana is rich in quite a few vit­a­mins includ­ing pan­tothenic acid which is close­ly relat­ed to pan­thenol and that can be absorbed by hair. Its soft tex­ture does lend it quite well to spread­ing as a con­di­tion­er on hair, but much like avo­cado, it should be com­plete­ly blend­ed into a non-clumpy mix or you will be pick­ing it out of your hair for hours.

4. Why Not Papaya?
I have seen quite a few nat­u­ral com­pa­nies adding papaya extract as an ingre­di­ent. How­ev­er, I think that this is just a clev­er bit of mar­ket­ing which plays to the desire of nat­u­rals to see nat­u­ral ingre­di­ents. Papaya is one ingre­di­ent that could actu­al­ly change your hair tex­ture. Have you ever pur­chased meat ten­der­iz­er pow­der? Well, that nor­mal­ly con­tains papain, an enzyme found in papaya that breaks down ker­at­in (the pro­tein in meat as well as in hair). In sci­ence labs, we often per­form what we call papain digests to break down pro­teins for analy­sis. Many nat­u­rals prefer to leave con­di­tion­ers on hair for fair­ly long peri­ods and rou­tine­ly add heat. The­se con­di­tions are very like­ly to actu­al­ly make the papaya even more active enzy­mat­i­cal­ly. In my view, if you like papaya and want to keep your curls and coils as they are, eat it instead of putting it in your hair.

Ladies, have you tried any of the­se foods on your hair? Share your results!

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I tried banana, avo­cado and coconut oil before and it was nice but very impor­tant to blend them up 1st and for the avo­cado the skin thing thats on the nut on, make sure none of that is in the mix­ture, it was hell get­ting that out. I also tried banana, mayo and coconut oil and it was love­ly! I’m def­i­nite­ly going to add hon­ey to my next mix­ture, Thanks for the info!


Very wor­ried :(( that my hair falls drastically!!please help me..


i have tried banana, hon­ey, and the avo­cado all in one mask… i got­ta say my hair LOVED!!! it my hair stayed con­di­tioned for about a week with­out adding any mois­tur­iz­er except may­be water i used 1/2 over ripe avo­cado: 1 over ripe banana ( brown skin) 1/4 cup shea but­ter melt­ed: 1/4 cup coconut oil:olive oil and a lit­tle hon­ey i was almost out that it was­nt organ­ic or any­thing but i loved this


Avo­cado oil is my boo! I love heat­ing it with a lit­tle laven­der infused oil and apply­ing it as a pre-poo. I bag­gy overnight and sham­poo and con­di­tion in the morn­ing. I add the laven­der because it gives me a won­der­ful night’s sleep.


I have been nat­u­ral for a year and have not seen Harley any change since the big chop Help any advice?


Do you use the pro­tein and deep con­di­tion­ing treat­ments. Or did you tran­si­tion a few months before doing a big chop.


It is best to exper­i­ment with dif­fer­ent ingre­di­ents men­tioned but from my expe­ri­ence my best deep con­di­ton­er is a com­bi­na­tion of banana baby food,olive oil and hon­ey. My hair is super soft and the curls are loose and boun­cy. My co work­ers always think that I have straight­ened my hair after this treat­ment. Have fun and love your hair as you con­tin­ue to love your­self.

D Small

Please check out Spa Hair Con­di­tion­er it already has the avo­cado and hon­ey blend­ed so if you would like to try this you want regret it.Love Peace and Hap­py Hair

who­ev­er have prob­lem with banana , should try peel banana’s extra skin first and mash it real­ly good until it look like it is about to be juice . I did it with actu­al banana and don’t have to rewash. I know why you rewash cuz you were not mash right, you have to mash as if you are using it for baby food. But some ppl just mash for 5 sec­onds then put a large piece on hair, it aint right. They will be rewashed. It is same with avocado…you have to mash real­ly well , right? Think abt… Read more »

Is using hon­ey a good idea in win­ter when the cli­mate is much dry­er. For exam­ple glyc­er­ine (also an humec­tant) has a dry­er effect dury­ing the sea­son as it draws water out of the hair instead of from the envi­ron­ment into the hair. What do you think?


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Yay!!!! I thought it was just my imag­i­na­tion when I noticed how soft hon­ey made my hair. But when I con­di­tioned my hair with­out the hon­ey, my hair was not as soft.


I love adding hon­ey to my con­di­tion­er. Leaves my hair super soft and my curls clump bet­ter.

J. Nicole

I actu­al­ly find it bet­ter to sim­ply con­sume the­se foods instead of putting them on my hair. I’m pret­ty much a healthy eater and live a veg­an life style, but when I start­ed eat­ing more avo­cado & oth­er “hair healthy” foods, like chick­peas & lentils, I saw major hair growth in those months. I was actu­al­ly about to start tak­ing biot­in sup­ple­ments but after I noticed the change, I’m stick­ing to this.

Ugonna Wosu

why not eat them and put them on your hair some­times too?

J. Nicole

I’ve tried both (I fig­ured say­ing I found it ‘bet­ter’ was an indi­ca­tion), and for me con­sum­ing them works bet­ter. Putting them on my hair for me (me only) is a waste of good food since they have nutri­ents that ben­e­fit more than just hair.


J. Nicole I see where you are com­ing from. It works for your curls and that is great. Your curls are pret­ty by the way in your pic­ture. My hair is the type of hair that drinks mois­ture so I will have to do both to get the max­i­mum effect. In the end, what­ev­er works best for your hair is all that mat­ters.


I tried the eggs, mayo, hon­ey mix as a deep con­di­tion­er: I liked it!

Mary Winston

I learned the hard way with the banana option. I thought why both­er tak­ing out the blender I’ll just mash it. I spent forever try­ing to remove the pieces and final­ly gave up and had to rewash. SMH


Mary, girl I know what you mean. It took me hours to get that banana out. That is the one time I used a reg­u­lar brush on my hair. By time I was fin­shed, my hair was dry and I was tired. Lmbo! I said I will fin­ish this tomor­row. Thank God I didn’t get attacked by ants.


So for those look­ing to make a pre-poo includ­ing the honey…are there any speci­fic recipes that you would sug­gest?


I can tes­ti­fy to the ben­e­fits of using hon­ey as part of deep con­di­tion­er mix­es and pre­poo treat­ment. The soft­enig effect it had mixed with coconut oil (as a pre-poo)after rins­ing out my hair was amaz­ing:)


I tried the May­on­naise, Hon­ey and Eggs deep con­di­tion­er, and it did WONDERS; I nev­er ever felt so soft and smooth, espe­cial­ly smooth, it seems to help strength­en my hair too. I have less break­age. I also made the shea but­ter with the oils con­di­tion­er and its doing great on my hair. Excel­lent sheen and mois­ture. I’m lov­ing all this help­fu info. Thanks Nap­tural85 videos!!! :-) :-) :-)

Me too, Naz!! I swear by Naptutal85’s recipes. I know the sci­ence says the pro­tein has to be bro­ken down (or some­thing like that), but the Mayo, eggs, hon­ey deep con­di­tion­er has total­ly changed the game for me!! It has made my strands stronger. There’s hard­ly any hair on the bath­room floor. I like mak­ing my own prod­ucts not bc of the vit­a­mins and min­er­als in them, per se, but I love being able to pro­nounce all the ingre­di­ents in my prod­ucts. But, thanks very much for the papaya infor­ma­tion, that’s one food that will stay just on my plate!! :)