3 Top Natural Hair Vloggers Who Use Wigs and Weave for Protective Styling

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Yesterday we posted a story about a woman who spent $25,000 on weave over the course of her adult life. Some readers felt that it was an attack on weave, and pointed out that it’s a great protective style.

We agree! And many of our favorite YouTubers use weave as a protective style. Weave can be a great tool for hair growth and development. But it’s certainly not a black woman’s only option to look beautiful or sleek or presentable.

Here are 3 YouTubers who have beautiful natural hair, but use wigs and weave from time to time to switch up their look, or as a protective style.


We featured Jouelzy as a style icon in February. Her Youtube channel is dedicated to showing how to style and care for 4C hair, and includes helpful tips on how to install weaves without damaging your edges and how to select good quality weaves. Check it out:


Taren916 often reviews the various wigs she tests and tries and even has a tutorial for how to create your own curly wig.


AfricanExport uses the crotchet braiding technique to install her weaves, and even created a popular tutorial showcasing the technique.

These ladies are all great examples of how to use wigs and weaves within the context of a healthy natural hair regimen. What are your thoughts ladies? Would you try it?

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Black Girl With Long Hair

Black Girl With Long Hair

Leila, founding editor of Black Girl with Long Hair (April 2008), social media and black beauty enthusiast. When I'm not here, I'm moderating a Facebook group for black mothers called Black Moms Connect.


94 thoughts on “3 Top Natural Hair Vloggers Who Use Wigs and Weave for Protective Styling

  1. Yes, wigs and weaves is worth to invest because hair extensions and wigs can change your hair style at once without waiting your own hair growning. And using wigs and hair extensions is useful to avoiding harm your body because we both know that dying hair color on your head is harmful for your body.

    Evey lady should try the wigs and hair extensions because they can change your life.

    Thumb up Thumb down +3

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