4 Styles for Long or Short 4B/4C Natural Hair


By Chinwe of Hair and Health

Finding styles for 4B/4C hair can be difficult due to the nature of our tight coils (or lack of coils) AND incredible shrinkage.  These four youtubers can hopefully provide some inspiration for those who are in rut with styling their 4B/4C strands:

1. Chic Twists

In this tutorial, Zarah demonstrates a super easy updo with just three big twists on stretched hair.  This style can be done on medium to long 4B/4C hair or modified for shorter hair.

2. Cute Updo

MyFroandITV works her short natural hair beautifully in the above tutorial.  She shows viewers how to do a very unique and lovely updo on stretched 4B/4C hair.  Do check out the rest of her channel for her “30 Days, 30 Updos” series featuring many beautiful styles on her hair.

3. Sideswept Twistout

In the above video, Chery818 demonstrates an effortlessly beautiful twist-out done on damp 4B/4C hair.  The style can be done on short, medium, or long hair and yields amazing definition.

4. Heatless Blowout

NaturalMe4C shows how to do a “heatless blowout” via banding on shorter 4B/4C hair.  This sounds interesting, right?  Check it out in the above video.

Ladies, have you tried any of these styles?



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