4 Ways to Keep Your Hair Moisturized Longer


By Chinwe of Hair and Health

After finding a great conditioner and a good moisturizer, what more can you do to increase moisture retention?  The following are four tips that have helped me – and will hopefully help you in your natural hair care journey:

1. Wash your hair regularly and sufficiently

The drenching of the hair with water (a natural moisturizer in and of itself) can replenish dry strands. Washing with a cleanser also removes dirt, pollution, and product buildup that may block moisture penetration. Even though we have historically been taught that regular washing leads to dry hair, it is more so the TYPE of shampoo that translates to moisture loss. Stick with gentle shampoos that leave your hair feeling clean but not stripped.

2. Mix glycerin and aloe vera gel with your sealant

Sealing the hair with an oil and/or butter helps to ‘lock’ in the moisture (i.e., water) from washing and conditioning. However, sometimes we need a little more beyond sealing.  If you are a mixtress, try incorporating glycerin (a humectant), aloe vera gel (a moisturizer), and a little water into your sealant mixture for extra moisture retention.  (Use the appropriate preservative, if necessary.)  If you are not a mixtress, you may alternatively benefit from applying a heavy cream after sealing with an oil.

3. Choose the right material and weave for your bonnet

I work with polyester and silk regularly and have come to learn that there is such a thing as “good quality” polyester as well as “poor quality” silk.  Not all polyester is bad for our natural hair, and not all silk is luxurious.  Bonnets and scarves that are fabricated from polyester charmeuse (or, better known as “satin charmeuse”) or silk charmeuse are generally good quality.  Why is this? Well charmeuse is a type of weave that yields a softer-than-satin finish and a silk or polyester made with this weave may help with moisture retention better than any other weave.

4. Air-dry in medium twists or braids

Twists and braids force my hair to trap and better absorb the moisture in my strands. After a few days or more in twists or braids, I can wear a loose hairstyle that retains more moisture than had I worn the set for just one day. In my experience, protective styling is not just reserved for the mechanical protection of the ends. It has the added benefit of helping your ends absorb and retain moisture after a washing session.  Medium or small twists work better for me then big or jumbo ones.

Ladies, how do you increase moisture retention?

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  • Rosalee

    Would the glycerin and aloe vera gel mix work well with organic virgin coconut oil, and how much of each would you say to be the recommended amount?

    • Andreja

      It would work. As for amounts, you will have to see what works well for your hair. Everyone is different. I know for myself, I apply aloe juice then seal with coconut oil, then if it’s winter or I know I won’t be able to reach my hair a lot, I seal with a heavier cream or castor oil.

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  • najuma

    The point is not how long can the hair stay moisturized because different textures require more or less trying time. I think that if you keep moisturizing tools and accessories nearby, you can use them whenever needed. I do a through drench in the morning, oil and or shea butter my scalp and extend to the ends of the hair. Towel dry excess water lightly and go. By mid-day, I pull out my spray bottle and use it with a quick five minute massage and I am on my way. Peace.

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  • Can you substitute aloe vera gel for the juice?

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  • anonymous

    Please….for me none of this works. To keep my hair moisturized longer I rotate some light cleansers and just use mineral oil as my leave in. Then I clarify once a month. If I add anything to the equation my hair rebels. I do not “moisturize” my hair I just wash it when it needs to be washed.

    • Andreja

      Mineral oil is terrible for hair. Have you tried castor oil to seal your hair? I only really use water and a sealant oil. Very rarely, I use a high quality leave in conditioner before the oil seal.

    • Shana Scott

      I have tried aloe and it makes my hair dull. Shea butter, it makes my hair dull. Coconut oil dries my hair out and then breaks it off. Silicones don’t work after the second day. If you look at the ingredients in natural hair care, it’s hard to find something free of all theese ingredients. So I started using pure lanolin in grease form mixed with a little sweet almond oil and twisted my hair while it was still damp and my hair has been so healthy and shiny.

  • Greetings! Very helpful advice within this post!
    It’s the little changes which will make the most significant
    changes. Thanks a lot for sharing!