Bey­on­ce is in Cuba cel­e­brat­ing her 5th wed­ding anniver­sary with Jay-Z. While there she rocked a heavy-look­ing set of box braids, red lips, cat eye glass­es, and a print­ed top and skirt ensem­ble. Lat­er in the evening, she rocked a print­ed dress with cap-toe heels. 




Per­son­al­ly I’m lov­ing the look! It has a vin­tage, Caribbean feel to it. Very nice.

What do you think? (And on a side note… what is up with Jay-Z’s white sneak­ers??? He looks like he’s in junior high. Bey­on­ce, come get your man!)

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For­get her hair and for­get his white sneak­ers; is that her moth­er in the first pho­to, back left? Why is your moth­er on your anniver­sary vaca­tion? That should be a time for them to (re)connect as a cou­ple with out the parental fig­ures.


Jay-Z’s moth­er is also in the same pic­ture. I guess they want­ed to treat them too! :)


Both moth­ers are there. Look at the wom­an behind Jay Z, he looks just like her.


Oh-ho! That is Ms. Tina back there! On anoth­er note, did Jay Z lose weight?

Kaila P

LOL @Caribbean. Peo­ple in the caribbean hon­est­ly dont dress like that, I like it though , the prints are real­ly nice


I have not seen Bey­on­ce look this good in a very long time…she should real­ly con­sid­er using braids more often. Niceeeee


She looks beau­ti­ful. I agree with the oth­er posters: she looks younger and fresh­er when she’s a bit more nat­u­ral. Also, those box braids are dope…although they look ter­ri­bly heavy.

Love JAH

She looks gorge. Hap­py anniver­sary to the Knowles…




Damn, Bey looks exact­ly like the wom­en and girls I grew up with in West Africa. I LOVE IT. She tru­ly looks her best when she is casu­al and nat­u­ral. While I also love her sexy stage get-ups and make-up, I wish she would the super blonde hair. Black hair or a dark­er shade of blonde tru­ly com­ple­ments her com­plex­ion.


I love when she has dark hair. She looks so youth­ful and beau­ti­ful.
LOL at the com­ment on Jay-Z’s shoes. I’ve always thought the same…he’s 40+ but dress­es like he’s 14 :s


I love how beau­ti­ful­ly eth­nic she looks!! But liv­ing here in South Flori­da (which has a huge Cuban pop­u­la­tion), I won­der if there will be any back­lash if she is seen as a Cas­tro sym­pa­thiz­er. Crazy!!


Dit­to re: “back­lash”. Hope­ful­ly oth­ers will be inspired to con­sid­er Cuba as a trav­el des­ti­na­tion. It’s cer­tain­ly on my list.

Also lov­ing the pho­to with the chi­dren. The girls are nat­u­ral, and one of them has gor­geous cocoa (afro) puffs.


“Eth­nic”? I thought every­one had an eth­nic­i­ty.…

In any case, she looks gor­geous!