Beyonce Rocks Box Braids, Red Lips and Prints in Cuba


Beyonce is in Cuba celebrating her 5th wedding anniversary with Jay-Z. While there she rocked a heavy-looking set of box braids, red lips, cat eye glasses, and a printed top and skirt ensemble. Later in the evening, she rocked a printed dress with cap-toe heels.




Personally I’m loving the look! It has a vintage, Caribbean feel to it. Very nice.

What do you think? (And on a side note… what is up with Jay-Z’s white sneakers??? He looks like he’s in junior high. Beyonce, come get your man!)

Black Girl With Long Hair

Black Girl With Long Hair

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63 thoughts on “Beyonce Rocks Box Braids, Red Lips and Prints in Cuba

  1. I think She looks Nice but i dont like the heavyness of the Braids ,as it suits her sister best. Shorter Braids would be the Bomb on her for me.. I like her Hair Natural and the Beauty in her natural face..Wish she wouldnt wear fur though.

  2. Personally I love this look I total..I love the braids they go lovely with the african print attire and those heels are killer! But where’s Blue Ivy I miss though cheeks!!!!

  3. I am tender headed, so I couldn’t rock braids like that, especially in an updo b/c it would be too heavy for me, but I think it is a very cute look—it’s very regal. Also I love Bey’s sense of style here, it’s very on trend, fresh, and classy. I would rock both outfits in a minute!

  4. Bey inspired my current hairstyle. Love her style. I have boho/Cali inspired braids in right now. If you’re curious about what that translates into, you can see it here <3

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