Beyonce is in Cuba celebrating her 5th wedding anniversary with Jay-Z. While there she rocked a heavy-looking set of box braids, red lips, cat eye glasses, and a printed top and skirt ensemble. Later in the evening, she rocked a printed dress with cap-toe heels.




Personally I’m loving the look! It has a vintage, Caribbean feel to it. Very nice.

What do you think? (And on a side note… what is up with Jay-Z’s white sneakers??? He looks like he’s in junior high. Beyonce, come get your man!)

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Forget her hair and forget his white sneakers; is that her mother in the first photo, back left? Why is your mother on your anniversary vacation? That should be a time for them to (re)connect as a couple with out the parental figures.


Jay-Z’s mother is also in the same picture. I guess they wanted to treat them too! 🙂


Both mothers are there. Look at the woman behind Jay Z, he looks just like her.


Oh-ho! That is Ms. Tina back there! On another note, did Jay Z lose weight?

Kaila P

LOL @Caribbean. People in the caribbean honestly dont dress like that, I like it though , the prints are really nice


I have not seen Beyonce look this good in a very long time…she should really consider using braids more often. Niceeeee


She looks beautiful. I agree with the other posters: she looks younger and fresher when she’s a bit more natural. Also, those box braids are dope…although they look terribly heavy.

Love JAH

She looks gorge. Happy anniversary to the Knowles…




Damn, Bey looks exactly like the women and girls I grew up with in West Africa. I LOVE IT. She truly looks her best when she is casual and natural. While I also love her sexy stage get-ups and make-up, I wish she would the super blonde hair. Black hair or a darker shade of blonde truly complements her complexion.


I love when she has dark hair. She looks so youthful and beautiful.
LOL at the comment on Jay-Z’s shoes. I’ve always thought the same…he’s 40+ but dresses like he’s 14 :s


I love how beautifully ethnic she looks!! But living here in South Florida (which has a huge Cuban population), I wonder if there will be any backlash if she is seen as a Castro sympathizer. Crazy!!


Ditto re: “backlash”. Hopefully others will be inspired to consider Cuba as a travel destination. It’s certainly on my list.

Also loving the photo with the chidren. The girls are natural, and one of them has gorgeous cocoa (afro) puffs.


“Ethnic”? I thought everyone had an ethnicity….

In any case, she looks gorgeous!