Intro­duce your­self!
I’m Casey Chat­man, orig­i­nal­ly from sun­ny south­ern Cal­i­for­nia, how­ev­er as of this year I’m mak­ing New York City my offi­cial home! I’m also a psy­chol­o­gy stu­dent at St Johns Uni­ver­si­ty.

Why did you make the deci­sion to go nat­u­ral?
I chose to return my hair to its nat­u­ral state as a direct result of my loss of inter­est in the time it took to perm my hair. I did not want to go back to the store to pur­chase a box of hair perm so I kept putting it off, forc­ing me to work with the tex­ture I cur­rent­ly had at that time (waves as a result of the perm with curly ringlets that were my nat­u­ral­ly tex­tured roots grow­ing in). 4 years lat­er and I still have not returned to the store to pur­chase that box of hair perm and I DON’T PLAN ON IT! 

How would you describe your tex­ture?
I’m not quite cer­tain of my tex­ture — per­tain­ing to a num­ber and let­ter, how­ev­er oth­ers on my Insta­gram have described my hair as com­bi­na­tion 3b/3c. You tell me if that’s accu­rate! :)

Describe your styling reg­i­men over the course of the mon­th.
My style reg­i­men is quite sim­ple. I wash my hair every week or every 5 days, some­times with sham­poo, some­times with just con­di­tion­er. I don’t nec­es­sar­i­ly focus on step-by-step/day-by-day guide­li­nes, as I have not given myself any. My main con­cern is mois­ture! My hair tends to be brit­tle when dry and to avoid break­age I use humec­tants dai­ly to keep my hair soft, non-greasy, boun­cy, lus­trous and most impor­tant­ly mois­tur­ized! The prod­ucts I am cur­rent­ly using are prod­ucts that I have found ben­e­fi­cial and tak­en a lik­ing to. The­se prod­ucts con­sist of: Suave Humec­tant Mois­ture Con­di­tion­er, GBP Con­di­tion­er, aPHogee Mois­ture Renewal Leave in Con­di­tion­er, Shea Mois­ture Styling Milk and Organix Tea Tree Sham­poo.

The ratio­nale behind my reg­i­men, or lack there­of is part­ly because I am often trav­el­ing to dif­fer­ent cli­mates, so I allow for dif­fer­ent needs to be met for each cli­mate and atmos­phere I find myself in. I make deci­sions on how my hair is for that par­tic­u­lar day and have found meet­ing my hair’s needs day-to-day rather than what is con­ve­nient and sys­tem­at­ic, is more ben­e­fi­cial for my hair. I lim­it my styling to either a bun or a puff. If I’m feel­ing a bit more ambi­tious I’ll do my rope twist up-do. I very rarely if at all wear my hair down/out/free in pub­lic. Dur­ing my tran­si­tion I wore by hair straight and flat ironed 70% of the time. The oth­er 30 per­cent I wore it in wash and goes despite of the tex­ture vari­ances from the per­med ends to the curly roots.


What does wash day look like for you?
Wash day for me con­sists of Organix Tea Tree Sham­poo along with Suave Humec­tant Con­di­tion­er used as a leave in. I use a comb in the show­er to detan­gle. When I leave the show­er, I add more Suave Humec­tant Con­di­tion­er, along with aPhogee Mois­ture Renewal, and I fin­ger detan­gle. When that is all said and done I add Shea Mois­ture Styling Milk to any area that appears frizzy. Air dry and voila! (Seems like a lot of pro­duct, but my hair absorbs like a sponge).

Describe your favorite go-to hair­style for days when you don’t have a lot of time to style.
3 words. Bun or puff.

How do you com­bat shrink­age?
I don’t. Shrink­age = curls. If my hair didn’t have shrink­age it would be straight. What’s the point of com­bat­ing my hair’s nat­u­ral state. Embrace the curl.

Tell us about your hair col­or?
I always dye my own hair. My cur­rent hair col­or is due in part to the bright Cray­ola red col­or my hair was just a lit­tle over a year ago. It still has that red tinge despite of my dying it black over and over again. A few months ago I dyed it brown and added some blonde pieces in it. The roots have grown in black (my nat­u­ral col­or) and I’ve kind of let it rock. In the near future I’m adding more blonde bits to it in the hopes of evening the col­or out more.

What are 2 do’s for your tex­ture?
1) Mois­ture 2) Wide-Tooth-Comb show­er detan­gling while drenched in con­di­tion­er

What are 2 don’ts for your tex­ture?
1) Pro­tein treat­ments (odd­ly increas­es break­age even with prop­er mois­ture) 2) Strict­ly fin­ger detan­gling

Is there a blog/webpage where we can find you?
I have 2 Insta­grams:
My Per­son­al IG: Cas­ey­Chat­man
My Hair’s IG: Curly_­Casey


Just anoth­er lover of nat­u­ral hair and expres­sion.
— Style Icon Coor­di­na­tor for BGLH

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love your hair and did it el like it took forever to grow.

sexy face

do you know how to spell its not el its feel.


love your hair, how long is it now? And did it feel like it took forever to grow?


she is extra­ord­nar­i­ly beau­ti­ful and her hair is equal­ly beau­ti­ful. it makes you won­der why she would ever perm it in the first place. Those ringlets are just too cute to straight­en. kin­da reminds me of Chili from TLC.


Omg.…. Please be gay.… Damn ;-)

sexy face

wow she pret­ty but you don’t have to go that far I mean unless your gay. are you?


Lol, why yes, yes I am :)


Her curls and hair­line is like mine and there is very lit­tle that I do to my hair oth­er than using Wen cleanser/conditioner and olive oil and some­time a hair but­ter for a sleek pony­tail.

I don’t believe in invest­ing in a lot of prod­ucts, because my hair does not need all of that. don’t think anyone’s hair needs too many prod­ucts.


You’re real­ly cute and pret­ty. You’re very lucky.


LOVE her hair, but more impor­tant­ly… Those eye­brows are the busi­ness!!! Yes hon­ey! And I’m lov­ing the cateye lin­er too! 

Just so you know..


The blondish high­lights look nice but that red hair was so cute too!


STJ alum­ni! *whoop whoop* This girl is gor­geous and so is her hair

cynthia J

Gor­geous, beau­ti­ful young lady. Love the curls


Beau­ti­ful face and hair!


Wow girl you are sim­ply stun­ning! Gor­geous hair!

kinky Canuck

sim­ply beau­ti­ful


Love her face and beau­ti­ful hair. Wel­come to NYC!!!


Gor­geous hair, beau­ti­ful face.


She’s so pret­ty!


omgosh!!! she is too pret­ty! i wish i looked like that! too pret­ty :)


Dear Geri,
We’re not meant to be car­bon copies (I date myself, lol). Play up your best fea­tures and you’ll be just fine :)


Love your phi­los­o­phy: “I make deci­sions on how my hair is for that par­tic­u­lar day and have found meet­ing my hair’s needs day-to-day rather than what is con­ve­nient and sys­tem­at­ic, is more ben­e­fi­cial for my hair.”


Such a beau­ty and such gor­geous curls.


What do you col­or your hair with?


I col­or my hair with L’oreal HI-COLOR for high­lights paired with a 30 vol cream devel­op­er.


Absolute­ly beau­ti­ful!!


Pret­ty girl pret­ty hair :)


Nat­u­ral beau­ty!


We are St. Johns’s… my daugh­ter is a stu­dent there also!!
Stun­ning hair also, ques­tion how did you get all your stuff to school from Cal­i­for­nia??!?


The only thing I took with me from Cal­i­for­nia were my clothes. 2 suit cas­es i had full of fall clothes going into the fall sea­son. I left my fall clothes at st johns, then for christ­mas break I went back home to cal­i­for­nia with an emp­ty suit case and brought back some summer/lighter clothes for when spring time came around. Every­thing else i pur­chased in new york (tv/fridge/microwave/bed sheets/other dorm items etc). :)


Thanks for reply­ing, I always won­dered who stu­dents move across coun­try.… good luck with your stud­ies :-)


love­ly! i love the pic­tures of her with red hair because i LOVE red hair i think with the right shade it com­pli­ments a brown skin. may­be if i’m bold enough one day i’ll dye my hair red!

Antoinette Stewart

Im a stu­dent at St Johns as well! Im also Pres­i­dent of an org on cam­pus Crown & Glo­ry Soci­ety thats all about embrac­ing whats nat­u­ral­ly you! Check us out or
We would love to see you attend one of our events! You are beau­ti­ful!


I’d love that, when is the next meet­ing? lol

Antoinette Stewart

Side­note: I just noticed your from Cali too, Im from Ontar­io (South­ern Cal­i­for­nia — San Bernadi­no Coun­ty)

We are try­ing to squeeze our last meet­ing in some­time next week :) Ill keep you updat­ed!


your hair and you are total­ly beau­ti­ful. and i like your dif­fer­ent stylings.


Thank you! :)


I love her hair! I like shea mois­ture styling milk too as a dai­ly styling pro­duct. I love that its not too heavy and keeps my hair soft. I use it with my night­ly bag­gy method & I get awe­some hydrat­ed curls every morn­ing!


Pret­ty! Blasian??


Blasian, yes. I’m black and fil­ip­ina :)


oh my god! that’s why the first time i saw your pic­tures i imme­di­ate­ly thought you look like the singer cassie she’s black and fil­ip­ina too! has any­one ever told you you look like her?


That’s what I thought too. 

I love her hair, but can we take a sec­ond to also appre­ci­ate those eye­brows! They are work­ing me out!!


Girl, yes! The eye­brows were the first thing I noticed! lol :-)


Thank you! Brows are impor­tant to me/ groom­ing wise lol


I like the way the blond weaves in. It looks like your nat­u­ral col­or and works the high­lights well.


Girl­l­ll you and your hair absolute­ly gawjus! Good thing that perm is still sit­ting on the shelf with 4 years of dust on top lol


Thank you! and yes I’m glad that box of perm is still there. It can stay there lol