Introduce yourself!
My name is Dominique. I was born in New York, I have lived in California, Memphis, and as of right now I am currently residing in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Why did you make the decision to go natural?
I have actually been natural all of my life (except for this short period that I had a short Mohawk.) That was in 2008 by the way. NOW the plot thickens. LOL. I was actually one of the naturals that wore my hair straight (flat ironed, pressed etc.) except for sometimes when I didn’t have time I would rock a curly puff. It was heat damaged, especially in the front and being that I really didn’t KNOW my hair, I thought that it was just the texture of it. So in 2008, after the perm and Mohawk, I just got tired of the style and started growing it back out. I had no clue what transitioning was, but I was certainly doing it. In the summer of 2009 I was washing my hair one day and when I went to look in the mirror, I fell in love with the curls of my hair. When I looked at my ends however, the remnants of perm were still there. To get rid of the sheer ugliness I took some scissors and clipped away. The rest is HAIRstory.

How would you describe your texture?
My hair texture when I wash it is 3c around the majority of my head and toward the center it would have to be 4a. My hair is really tricky with the coarse or fine question, I would have to say midway between both points because of the way it response so easily to styling…And it is as DENSE as it gets lol! I mean when I wash my hair (if I don’t have it in braids) it feels like a helmet of water is on my head lol!

Describe your styling regimen over the course of the month.
My styling regimen over the course of a month is really simple being that I am not the adventurous type when it comes to styles. Usually, I will rock a braid out and keep it moving. When the braid out gets old, I do a dry braid out and spray water over my head and throw on a satin cap. When I wake up, my hair is much bigger (which is ALWAYS a plus in my book) and the curls are still defined but looser. During workouts I put it in a loose puff, and at work sometimes I put it in a donut bun. The products I love right now are anything Shea Moisture, PURE shea butter, and my homemade hair oil (tea tree, olive, grapeseed, coconut and jojoba oil all mixed together). I try to detangle with a wide tooth comb once a week. This process is slow because I am VERY careful not to rush and risk damaging my hair by combing too hard. I wash my hair typically once a month, but I judge that based on the condition of my hair. If it’s itchy, then it’s time for a wash.


What does wash day look like for you?
I cowash my hair with a really light conditioner (mostly the .98 cent Suave) just to get the dirt out. Then I go back with a much thicker conditioner (currently Aussie Moist). I throw a few plastic bags and a foil cap over my head and go to bed. I wake up, rinse, and off to the styling. I am actually going to experiment with an apple cider vinegar and mud wash to see what is best for my hair. I will keep you posted!

Describe your favorite go-to hairstyle for days when you don’t have a lot of time to style.
My favorite style is a loose puff with a cute scarf around the edges to hide the evil underneath. I try to not pull my hair back so much these days for my edges sake. I also LOVE hats!

How do you combat shrinkage?
If I want a big full braid out right after washing and don’t want to wait for my braid out to get old, I just blow dry my hair on the COOL setting and go back and braid her up. The goal isn’t to straighten but to stretch. I use the comb attachment to aid in the detangling.

What are some of your problem areas (if any) that require special care and attention?
LAAAAAWD these ends!!! My ends have a tendency to be dry and try to multiply (split) on me. I have learned so much in this process, so that problem is greatly being controlled. My length is a testament to it (thank ya Lord).

What are 2 do’s for your texture?
1. Moisturize!! I cannot say that enough. I have learned my lesson with that one. 2. Pay Attention to your hair because it will definitely tell you if you’re doing something wrong.

What are 2 don’ts for your texture?
1. Don’t color it! That’s just for my hair and the goals I am trying to reach. It’s beautiful to look at, but my hair isn’t having it lol. 2. Don’t do too many pulled back styles. Your edges will thank you. Your hair is meant to be free. LET IT LOOSE!

Is there a blog/webpage where we can find you?
I do have a YouTube channel that I have been neglecting lately, but I will be starting that back up in the next couple of weeks. It’s Alluria1. Also follow me on Instagram! Ms_Nixon! See you soon! 🙂


Just another lover of natural hair and expression.
- Style Icon Coordinator for BGLH

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wanda renee

Pretty girl with pretty hair.

I’m just starting my transitioning process really didn’t know what it meant at first. Ive been natural from I was born, then I found a fiesty me & permed it right about my second year in Junior High, anyway I’m starting over because I usually used a lot of heat on my hair whether it be flat iron or blow dryer. Also I wasnt going to the hair dresser as much as was recommend, so combing it I notice it breaking off in abundance had me scared. So I decided to slow down on all of it including the perm.… Read more »

My warning to anyone with African-textured hair who suggests using apple cider vinegar on it: DO NOT!!! PLEASE!! I did in 2006. Result: I lost my beautiful long thick hair. I had to wear a weave and a series of wigs for nearly two years. My hair is back, but I will never try an experiment like that without first consulting my beauty advisor.


Interesting. What is African-textured hair?


Wow girl…your hair is beautiful. If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to acheive the length and fullness you have. Keep up the good work!

Your hair is SOOO beautiful!!! I love it! I just started my hair journey and my last perm was 03/02/13 so I’m really new to this whole process. My reason for going natural is due to thinning edges although I’ve been spending a small fortune at the salon. I guess I expected her to care for my hair 100% and that’s just not realistic anymore not to mention expensive. I aspire to have hair as beautiful as yours if I can figure my hair out. It’s been years since I’ve seen my natural locks so I can’t wait.



Thank you! :D!!

Yeah I don’t even really do the hair typing chart…. I don’t study the different types and what box my hair fits into… Simply because the only head I need to understand is my own… I may not be 3c or 4a but I looked at the chart and matched up to my hair and those where the two… The chart isn’t relevant if you KNOW your hair… It’s just human nature to categorize things to better understand it. I don’t categorize my hair because its so much more than a type to me… It’s my way to express my… Read more »

Well said!

Candie P

Dominique, I love your hair tips and hair…thanks so much for taking out the time to share 🙂


Hi Dominique, you have a beautiful head of hair girl; Also loved the interview.
BUT It’s just interesting though how some people want to tell you what you have. Not only do they hold on to man made labels, but they are determined that people should go in certain boxes. If the young lady says she is a 3c and 4a, then that’s what she is, no one knows her hair like her.


Hey Dominque! Great interview – thank you for sharing your tips with us. Question for you. I’m originally from Little Rock, AR (whoop, whoop), but now I live in the DMV area. My family is still there and my mother is currently transitioning to natural. With tha said, do you know any natural hairstylists or salons that you would recommend….my mother doesn’t necessary want to do her own hair at this point. Thanks in advance! 🙂

Hey Carla! Little Rock WHAT WHAT!! Lol but it’s awesome that your mom is joining the team! I’ve been racking my brain to try and remember any stylists.. I do my own hair so I never has use for one. The only woman that u can remember is a woman by the name of Miss Z. She gave me her number some time ago but I never got a chance to call her. I’ve switched phones since then, but she does own a shop and it may help if your mom googled her… So sorry about the half answer… I… Read more »

Love it!!! I’m confused how is it NOT her hair type? Lol

Anna Maria

Great hair – but definitely NOT a 3c or 4a!


I agree with Anna m.

Eunice S.

Why people hating on Anna M. She is actually telling the truth and she was not rude about it. Dominique’s hair is not 3C. It doesn’t look more 4b with 4a. Yes by styling it with braid/twist out and curlers it can look 3C, but that is not the natural texture. Everyone should own their hair texture, there’s nothing wrong with 4b/4c hair and hair texture is only a base to help one figure out what techniques work and what do not. Dominique you have beautiful hair.


beautiful hair


Thank you! 🙂




Love your hair!
I especially love how much volume you have even when you straighten it. Gorg!


BIG HAIR DON’T CARE!!!! Lol thank you so much! 🙂


Great interview!!

“LLAAWWDD these ends!” haha! I feel the same way about my ends too, I have to take extra care of them bad boys. Man I REALLY want to color my hair but I’m too concerned about damage. Eh, anyways great article and tips, especially about moisturizing & listening to your hair.


Thank you! And yeah I’ve learned my lesson about color… I colored one small section of my hair and couldn’t wait for it to grow out! Lol.. My hair goal is waist length and I could be wrong, but I have never seen anyone with colored hair that long.. I already know my hair enough to know its not happening lol…


Love it!!


Thank you so much!! 🙂


beautiful woman and hair!


Awwww SHUCKS *kicks a rock* Thank you!!!!


Love your hair! I have some what the same texture and the same problem, the ENDS… Lol Can you tell me your method of taking care of your ends?


What I try and do us just make sure they STAY moisturized… I like to spray my ends with water and add my oil mix to the ends… This is usually done when I’m doing a braid out or headed to bed. I make sure to quench that thirst… And another thing is to watch for split ends!! And when you find them, KILL THEM… Lol don’t try and hold on to it because it just breaks further up the shaft… I hope that helps… 🙂


Yes it does! Thank you sooo much!


WOW! Gorgeous full head of beautiful hair! Thanks for the interview.


Thank you!!! 😀

Bridget J

Congratulations on your healthy hair journey. Your hair looks amazing!


Thank you so much!! It was my first interview I was so nervous lol….