Fro Spotting: Solange Knowles, Jill Scott and Kimberly Elise

We’ve spotted quite a few lovely fros over the past few days, so we decided to compile them into one post! All photo credits go to

Solange rocked an emerald green short suit and her natural fro while performing at the 2013 Crossing Brooklyn Ferry Festival at Brooklyn Academy of Music.


Jill Scott stunned at the NOLA Jazz Festival in a striped dress and coily teeny weeny afro.


And Kimberly Elise rocked a gorgeous halo-like fro at the wrap party for her new VH1 show Hit the Floor.



Black Girl With Long Hair

Black Girl With Long Hair

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24 thoughts on “Fro Spotting: Solange Knowles, Jill Scott and Kimberly Elise

  1. Kimberly Elise looks AMAZING in this pic! As do the other ladies, but they are often spotted looking great. In films, KE is made to look so matronly most of the time.

  2. Solange was having fun! LOL
    I didn’t know Kimberly Elise was natural! She looked BEAUTIFUL.

    And Jill’s teeny weeny afro. Cute. =)

  3. Awesome, I thought Jill Scott went back to relaxers recently but I guess not. All three look great and I absolutely admire that green short set. Forget Spring, the lovely Summer is here!

  4. I guess we getting our swagger back…truth! * in my jay z voice lol. They All look so lovely, timeless beauty. Reminds me of those afro pics that you only saw flipping through old photo albums “Momma” had around.

    • This is beautiful, the color is uinque, location great, you guys are wonderful together, I wish you the very best. Let us know when the time arrive, I mean date f your main day.

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