Janelle Monae Ditches Trademark Suit and Pomp, Rocks Short Black Dress and Hot Pink Lips!

This is not a hoax!

Rumors were swirling that Monae was going to change her look in preparation for her upcoming 2013 album, but we couldn’t believe it until we saw it! Pictures hit the net today of the songstress rocking a short black dress, hot pink lips and cap toe heels while celebrating a friend’s birthday party. And we can’t express HOW much we love this!!!


We’re sure the suit will make a return soon, but we’re excited to see how Miss Monae diversifies her wardrobe going forward. Especially since she has a beautiful face, incredible natural hair and a gorgeous figure — the whole package!

The picture is courtesy of NecoleBitchie.com.

What do you think ladies??

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47 thoughts on “Janelle Monae Ditches Trademark Suit and Pomp, Rocks Short Black Dress and Hot Pink Lips!

  1. This picture is really old and definitely not a change of look for the new album. Its obviously not even a professional picture. This picture has nothing to do with a new album. Its just her being casual.

    • I don’t think that’s the main purpose of the post. It’s just cool to see her rock a different look…even if it is just her being casual.

  2. Good for her. It’s nice to see her change her look up (I’m sure she doesn’t always rock the suit and pompador, but it’s nice to see this new look).

  3. Yes, it’s nice to see her in a different look and in a more casual setting.

    I will say, though, I hope people/the media don’t began to make it like she’s changing who she is or her standards when they see her in clothes like this. The suit look and this look are all part of her. Even, if you search her old songs on Youtube, there are several images of her with a style that’s more similar to her look in the above pic.

  4. she explained why she dresses the way she does and it’s very inspiring so I’m hoping she’s not changing up her look to look like everyone else. I’m not talking about her casual, day to day look but her professional wardrobe.

  5. OMG FINALLY! I swear the look she had before was just beyond played out for me. She is such a doll & the suit & pomp was not cutting it in my book. Just because you’re versatile with your look doesn’t mean you’re “selling out”. Anyhow I’m glad to see her look less androgynous.

  6. Nice to see the softer more feminine side of her. Now if she can just step out of black into pastels etc wooo weee watch out now!

  7. People are who they are. She is not her clothing. She is beautiful inside and out. I’m delighted to see a softer side of her too. Her music and the message to her music will be the same no matter what she wears, it’a all about what we hear.

  8. cute. she now looks like everyone else. her signature look was perfect. androgynous? no problema. the new look you can see anytime anywhere on anybody. what next “another sad love song?” just frizzing your fro, but no criticism intended! she has natural beauty and endless style no matter what. janelle monae puts the ‘reet’ in petite!

  9. I love her style. Her serenity is reminiscent of Sade. She’s not flashy, but Audrey Hepburn classy. She’s brought back the concept of leaving something to the imagination.

    To be perfectly honest, I’ve never heard her sing. I’ve only seen her photographs in the media. But I am certainly looking forward to hearing her.

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