This is not a hoax! 

Rumors were swirling that Mon­ae was going to change her look in prepa­ra­tion for her upcom­ing 2013 album, but we couldn’t believe it until we saw it! Pic­tures hit the net today of the songstress rock­ing a short black dress, hot pink lips and cap toe heels while cel­e­brat­ing a friend’s birth­day par­ty. And we can’t express HOW much we love this!!! 


We’re sure the suit will make a return soon, but we’re excit­ed to see how Miss Mon­ae diver­si­fies her wardrobe going for­ward. Espe­cial­ly since she has a beau­ti­ful face, incred­i­ble nat­ur­al hair and a gor­geous fig­ure — the whole pack­age!

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What do you think ladies??

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who’s that girl touch­ing all over my future baby mama Janelle mon­ae :-) jk no but real­ly who is that


Way cool! Some extreme­ly valid points! I appre­ci­ate you writ­ing this post and the rest of the site is real­ly good.


I love her style. Her seren­i­ty is rem­i­nis­cent of Sade. She’s not flashy, but Audrey Hep­burn classy. She’s brought back the con­cept of leav­ing some­thing to the imag­i­na­tion.

To be per­fect­ly hon­est, I’ve nev­er heard her sing. I’ve only seen her pho­tographs in the media. But I am cer­tain­ly look­ing for­ward to hear­ing her.


cute. she now looks like every­one else. her sig­na­ture look was per­fect. androg­y­nous? no prob­le­ma. the new look you can see any­time any­where on any­body. what next “anoth­er sad love song?” just frizzing your fro, but no crit­i­cism intend­ed! she has nat­ur­al beau­ty and end­less style no mat­ter what. janelle mon­ae puts the ‘reet’ in petite!


I for one am glad to see her in anoth­er look, its cute!


She looks beau­ti­ful. I love the new look!


Peo­ple are who they are. She is not her cloth­ing. She is beau­ti­ful inside and out. I’m delight­ed to see a soft­er side of her too. Her music and the mes­sage to her music will be the same no mat­ter what she wears, it’a all about what we hear.


I’m hap­py to see her switch up her look. She looks love­ly.

Asi Chii

Nice to see the soft­er more fem­i­nine side of her. Now if she can just step out of black into pas­tels etc wooo weee watch out now!


OMG FINALLY! I swear the look she had before was just beyond played out for me. She is such a doll & the suit & pomp was not cut­ting it in my book. Just because you’re ver­sa­tile with your look doesn’t mean you’re “sell­ing out”. Any­how I’m glad to see her look less androg­y­nous.


she explained why she dress­es the way she does and it’s very inspir­ing so I’m hop­ing she’s not chang­ing up her look to look like every­one else. I’m not talk­ing about her casu­al, day to day look but her pro­fes­sion­al wardrobe.


The change is gor­geous!!

jenna marie christian

she looks beau­ti­ful


Yes, it’s nice to see her in a dif­fer­ent look and in a more casu­al set­ting.

I will say, though, I hope people/the media don’t began to make it like she’s chang­ing who she is or her stan­dards when they see her in clothes like this. The suit look and this look are all part of her. Even, if you search her old songs on Youtube, there are sev­er­al images of her with a style that’s more sim­i­lar to her look in the above pic.


love it!!!!




Good for her. It’s nice to see her change her look up (I’m sure she doesn’t always rock the suit and pom­pador, but it’s nice to see this new look).


She looks love­ly.


This pic­ture is real­ly old and def­i­nite­ly not a change of look for the new album. Its obvi­ous­ly not even a pro­fes­sion­al pic­ture. This pic­ture has noth­ing to do with a new album. Its just her being casu­al.


I don’t think that’s the main pur­pose of the post. It’s just cool to see her rock a dif­fer­ent look…even if it is just her being casu­al.


Beau­ti­ful She looks a like Rashee­da from love and hiphop atlanta


Just read the rea­son­ing behind the tux…interesting. Glad to see her in some­thing else because I do find the tux and pom­padour a com­plete bore now. She is a gor­geous woman and I love this look on her. Cant say I agree total­ly with the tux rea­son­ing. SHe is an enter­tain­er and she could do vari­a­tions of the suit and hair but i guess if its all about the music it should not mat­ter


Gor­geous!! The new look is refresh­ing


She looks great. I under­stand her rea­son­ing for the tux but I real­ly wish she would move away from that and the same mohawk hair style. I don’t want to see her dress­ing like a skank by any means but it seems like she’s box­ing her­self in with that same look.




i think she looks awe­some in her short black dress. it’s not rude on her or let’s say i’ve seen wayyyy worse. i think it fits her as well as her usu­al suit.

Amma Mama

She is a stun­ner! I just bought her Essence Mag­a­zine issue yes­ter­day, I can’t wait to read it :-)


she looks great! why not? girly :)

I had a feel­ing peo­ple would mis­take it as a change for her career. It’s not. She’s out for a friends bday party…it’s NOT work…therefore she dressed down. She only wears the suit or a vari­a­tion of a suit/tux when she’s going some­where as the singer Janelle Monae.…when she’s just with friends she can wear what­ev­er she wants. This is con­sis­tant with what she’s been say­ing and RECENTLY SAID(like lit­er­al­ly a cou­ple of days ago at the Essence par­ty) that she sees the tux as pay­ing homage to those who have to where a uni­form to work. It’s her uniform…for her job… Read more »

yep, peo­ple REALLY want her to look girly. I’m glad she’s stick­ing to her guns because if she gets this sort of expec­ta­tion pro­ject­ed onto her by her fans, I can only imag­ine how bad it is from her label, manager…etc. She’s just all around awe­some.


I didn’t know the rea­son­ing behind her tux. That’s inter­est­ing.


She Also said it as part of a beau­ti­ful speech at ’ black girls rock’ awards
Her par­ents had ser­vice jobs too and it was to hon­or them
I think…


Yea she did say that at the BET Hon­ors award that her dad was a jan­i­tor and her mom­my was a maid and they bare­ly made mon­ey so she wears it in hon­or of them !


Good for her! She always looks good.


As a Proud Fan­droid I must Inform you all that this pic is Hel­la OLD and was not done to pre­pare for her New Album. She’s stat­ed plen­ty of times before that she wears her suit when she is working(Performing)because her suit is her uni­form. How­ev­er after work, she pret­ty much dress­es what­ev­er way she feels like. FYI.


it’s nice to see that she can rock any look, not just the “retro” suit and loafers swag we are used to see­ing from her. she looks great!


I’m so used to her usu­al look, I dun­no, she just doesn’t look like her­self. Still pret­ty though. I would have nev­er known it was her if it didn’t say so.


I am in pure shock!! I hope she won’t become too “sexy”…but then again she can do what­ev­er she wants. still pret­ty.

Kaila P

I belive she spoke about that recent­ly, she saiys that she doesn’t believe that she has to show skin to be sexy and beau­ti­ful, and doesn’t want to pro­mote such an image, hence her cloth­ing choic­es.


i must admit that this is a bit sur­pris­ing. this is a style i wouldn’t have pic­tured her in, but she is stun­ning and can pull off any look she wants.


Baby steps and still beau­ti­ful


i have to say i love the suit. but, she’s beau­ti­ful regard­less.


She is drop dead gor­geous!

dunn dunn

I’m hap­py she changed up her look and was still able to look beau­ti­ful and clas­sic.


love the look! i think she’s beau­ti­ful!