Kelly Rowland, whose make-up free face was just featured on People Magazine’s 100 Most Beautiful people list, was spotted on the beach in Miami rocking her natural curls under a sunhat. Her hair is so cute and we hope to see her rock it natural more often! All photos are courtesy of




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I think its great that more celebs are embracing natural hair. And I love to see interracial celebrity couples! <3
Peace and Love to everyone!


Kelly Rowland I luv your hair

I really wish that BGLH would moderate some of the more severely negative comments. There’s a difference between just expressing a different opinion and vitriol. That kind of free speech is overrated, overused and abused in this country. The vitriol is more than likely coming from non-Blacks trolling the internet to illuminate their fixation on spewing forth hate towards Black women. Sadly some of these kinds of comments come from a few Black men that don’t like natural hair and people with mental health issues. Publishing their comments just vilifies their remarks. I’ve read enough hateful comments on other non-Black… Read more »

She’s ugly without the false hair and make-up,look@her ugly toes lol and her lip is extra black like she smoke weed.


i’m sure you don’t even look half as good as her with or without yourself glammed up so don’t even try to go there. Her lips are black? really maybe it’s because she’s black what color do you expect her lips to be pink?


I’m black and my lips are pink. really pink. i use to get teased about them when i was a kid. They would call me names like ‘Lil’ Bill’. Most times i felt like an outcast, i love my pink lips.


some black people’s lips are naturally pink..


woahh.. hater much? She looks the same without makeup, gorgeous.

I’m disappointed with this post and more to the black women commenting. As naturals we speak so much about unconditioning our minds and whatnot but this right here proves that mental enslavment is still there. I’m not going to knock on the guy because as most said, he is cute but he shouldn’t be the focus of this article. I feel like if he was a typical black man there wouldn’t be so much of a buzz but the fact that he’s white makes it newsworthy. We don’t realize it but we are indirectly putting white people on a pedestal.… Read more »

FYI she is married to a black dude. And if she married s white dude, dats her bizness. At de end of de day it’s her p*ssy

Jumoke, honestly I wasn’t even thinking that and I’m sure a lot of people weren’t thinking that either. Don’t you think maybe this is news because she’s a celebrity and their personal lives are what make entertainment news and the fact that she’s dating someone with a different skin tone might be irrelevant? Kelly more so than many other celebrities is very private about her relationships so any news about someone in her life will be “NEWS”. I’ll encourage you not to focus on such differences and assume everything involving “black” and “white” is about “black and white” 🙂 p.s.… Read more »

Anyone know who designed her coverup?

jenna marie christian

i love Kelly! she is gorgeous!

I wear a weave but Im a 100% natural under these wefts
I wear a weave but Im a 100% natural under these wefts

Im more disappointed that everyone on these comments are more concerned about the guy (because he is Caucasian) then the actual focus of this article which is Kelly Rowland and her natural hair. Sometimes I am still in disbelief that people are still shocked to see interracial couples. Let’s talk more about BGLH’s inaccuracies with their claim of KELLY’s hair


I agree. Sometimes when I read such comments , I get sad. You would think the other person was not human at all. Just because of a skin color.

I’m curious…why is it so remarkable when Black women date White men and not the other way around? Nobody made comments about Kanye playing in the snow when he got with Kim. Nobody says a word when high profile NBA players date White supermodels. This question truly isn’t coming from a place of anger, so please don’t get angry with me for asking. I wonder intensely about this fairly frequently because I’m currently in a long-term relationship with a White man, and I don’t understand why there’s such a double standard… Is it the power balance? Is that why we’re… Read more »
I can answer that. Without going into exact numbers (which you can look into on their website), the U.S. Census reports that most Black men are married to Black women and vice versa. However, the number of interracial couples is growing specifically amongst Black MEN and non-black women. The census also states that the number of Black female/non-Black male relationships are growing as well but the numbers are not as large as they are for Black male/non-Black female relationships. Many of us Black women know this without having to read this report. Also according to a report done by CNN… Read more »
Kelly, it totally helps, although what you said was not news to me. I guess I was just hoping for a deeper reason that I was not aware of. I have mainly dated non-Black men (not by preference), and it has always confused and hurt me when members of my own community feel the need to comment or denigrate me for my dating choices, especially in the face of the overwhelming number of Black men that only date non-Black women. I’m not a proponent for color-blindness, but a person is a person, and I’ll be darned if I don’t date… Read more »
I applaud your sensitivity towards non-Black men and your openness to dating whomever you like, Dananana. I’ve dated outside of my culture, too. White, Hispanic, one East Indian, one Navajo Indian male, and two Asian men. Although those relationships were terrific, a few of those men made some unkind or weird remarks about Blacks or asked inappropriate questions about my natural hair and I found myself having to correct and educate sometimes. Kudos to these men, they received the information and apologized. I am now married to and have children with a Black male, not because I was running away… Read more »

I guess it depends on the community/region you live in. My husband (non-black) and I (black and Native American) are not looked at twice in our area, but as soon as we go across the water into a predominately Black community, we get those looks. Surprisingly, those nasty looks come from black men….lol…Oh, by the way, I am a plus size woman and attract different men regardless of my size. I have to admit that I got more attention from white guys when I was fit once upon a time. Like…white guys with deep pockets.

Kelly, don’t apologize for your “book”; I appreciated you sharing your experience. It almost mirrors mine, and some of your deeper answers are ones that I suspected, but felt crazy thinking . It feels reaffirming to hear them from someone else 🙂 You’re right, one does need to be ready to experience insensitive remarks, stares, and comments when one dates outside of their race….and sometimes these things don’t come from other people, they come from your partner (especially if he/she/ze is unaware of certain facets of Black culture)! It can be hard to tolerate at times… I have indeed let… Read more »

Well said, Kelly! That hit the nail on the head like your grandfather’s hammer.

Nia, While I appreciate your concern for the health of black women, tying it to their desirability makes you seem prejudiced and superficial. Don’t encourage women to change what they look like to attract a man. If you change your appearance just to attract a man, chances are that your appearance is all he’ll be interested in. Sure, there are exceptions, but I know more women who did so and were emotionally bullied by their new “fitness-conscious” man than I know women who did so and developed healthy relationships with that man. Encourage women who could do better health-wise to… Read more »
“Getting a mate of another race will not solve anybody’s problems. Having a high self esteem, accomplishing goals, increasing your knowledge, nourishing caring relationships between family and friends, and getting out and meeting new people are also very important. Being in an irr can be stressful at times. But it’s always most important to be with who makes one happy.” Nia, you couldn’t be more right. I’m by no means saying that physical attraction doesn’t play a role in dating. Of course it does. So do personal preferences. They can, however, only carry a couple so far. It’s imperative that… Read more »

But I really do agree with you Nix. Getting a mate of another race will not solve anybody’s problems. Having a high self esteem, accomplishing goals, increasing your knowledge, nourishing caring relationships between family and friends, and getting out and meeting new people are also very important. Being in an irr can be stressful at times. But it’s always most important to be with who makes one happy.

Well you’re right Nix. Every person should always do what’s in their highest good. I’m thinking that it’s common knowledge that anyone seeking out a relationship should be in a healthy mind state, having a healthy self esteem. Many here were shocked to see Kelly with a white guy. Commenter Kelly explained very eloquently why that is. My comment was for those black women who are looking to attract other races of men (hopefully they are in a healthy mind state). I was just putting it out their that many men of other races are attracted to black women. However,… Read more »
I agree with everything you’ve said here Kelly. And that’s why sisters have to start taking better care of themselves in order to expand their dating pools. Since I was a child I have had other races of the opposite sex interested in me. I am dark skinned and have typical west African features, and have always been considered cute by many. I was naturally a petite person even before I took an interest in my health. I say all that to say that other races of men do find us attractive. But black women need to get into the… Read more »
Oh, I can’t let this go without saying anything! Nia, while non-Black men do tend to put more of an emphasis on having a fit partner, your comments are way off base, and completely untrue. I can say that because I AM a larger Black female, and I’ve almost exclusively dated non-Black males. My size has fluctuated from an 8 to a 16 and back over the past 5 years, and non-Black dudes never stopped trying to talk to me. True, I have more attention when I’m fit, but I’ve also observed plenty of happy White male/Black female couples where… Read more »

So, Nia, it’s black women who make themselves unattractive? Why didn’t I see that before? Thanks for clearing that up!


Jo Somebody

Lol Nia! And those Black men who ‘prefer’ White women never go for overweight ones? I see…

In short, yes. Of course not all, put too many. African Americans have two unhealthy diet models to contend with. The traditional American diet as well as the traditional African American diet. It’s no secret. I grew up on the same type of diet as a lot of the sister who visit this board. I just have a naturally fast metabolism so It never affected my weight. I personally see too many black women with gorgeous faces yet are over weight. No lie. Those are the types of women that I’m speaking about. Now of course I see a lot… Read more »
i think the US are a specific world. i live in france while it’s still true that black men date outside the community more, here there are quite a significant number of black women with non-black men. i think you forgot to mention one thing that is important. inside the community people (many black males and some some black women) look bad black women who date non-black/white males. even black men who have white or non-black girlfriends will call black women who date white men derogatory names and it’s quite amusing. many black (and sometimes mixed) women still think they… Read more »

Er, um . . . go ahead Kelly – playing in the snow. He’s cute.


I’m kinda annoyed that BGLH would run with this “headline” without checking simple facts, like the fact that Kelly had a brand new TWA less than six months ago… props to Kelly for keeping it real about what’s genuine and what’s cosmetic… she doesn’t need the help of blogs to give her credibility for embracing her own beauty.


Looks like someone has jungle fever


She always looks pretty flawless to me. But…curly doesn’t always equate to natural. She wears curly wigs and weaves now. Either way, she’s one of my favs and is “gawjus” either way 🙂


She just did the BC. Her hair is bald fade short. Maybe up to a few inches by now, but this is not the length of her natural hair. This is a nice wig. No hate because she looks great but let’s call it what it is…a wig/weave/something IJS.


Lol you weren’t lying. SMH blogs just run with ASSUMPTIONS for stories. Kelly probably got some “heatfree” manipulated china hair installed.

P.s pic was back in october
[imgcomment image[/img]


Do you have a better shot of her “BC?” It’s not clear from the photo that her hair is cropped. From my vantage point it looks like her hair is slicked back here. Not doubting your claim, but just saying this photo doesn’t seem to resolve things.


OMG SO AWESOME. Yeah I’ve been kind of unimpressed with the amount of assumptions and inaccuracies in BGLH’s celeb articles.


She is STUNNING. Love this shot of her!


i was just about to write that… her hair is a cropped cut

J. Nicole

Really? When did she BC? Either way, she generally looks pretty.


The guy is her gay neighbour, they’ve been already papped together and she already talked about that in an interview… Anyway Kelly is one of the prettiest ladies I’ve ever seen!!


That guy she is kissing is her neighboor in Miami.” He is happily Gay and married”. He is not her man


Ok, glad thats cleared up, because I thought she was having a “Something New” moment…LOL! In that movie Sanaa Lathan revealed her hair, only after her new love asked her to


Hat over hair does not equal “flaunting.” lol


What are you even talking about?


The title says “Kelly Rowland Flaunts Her Natural Hair.” Having it under a hat does not flaunting make.


Well, isn’t that just cute!!! She looks effortlessly pretty.
I haven’t been following her in a while so somebody fill me in…WHO’S THE GUY????

Ms Nikita

@ Karen. I know riiiiight?! He’s a cutie pie. Go Kelly, down with the swirl. See the movie ‘Something Different’ with Sanaa Latham? LOVED it. Kelly looks wonderful btw & love the no makeup=still stunning.


She looks older without the makeup, but more beautiful and natural, in my opinion. I love the fact that she is rocking her natural hair at the beach. Now I want to go to the beach!


Exactly B… It kind of seems like an assumption to me


Forget the hair who is the white guy she is kissing?!!


isn’t her boyfriend white? i think it’s him


OMG!!!! Why was I typing that exact same thing before I saw this….


chile, I assumed that was a gay boyfriend.


LOLOL, I thought the same thing!


hahaha. i know! that’s what i’m wonderin’.


I came here to ask that same question. A new beau, perhaps?


How do you know its her “natural hair”??

Sabrina @seriouslynatural

She looks great and she so talented and beautiful. Hope she sports the natural hair more often as well.
[imgcomment image[/img]

nappy headed black girl

This is much better than some of those wigs she rocks *thumbs up*

Is Kelly natural?


I love her natural hair and like her wigs. At least they look natural too.

EastPoint GA Afro chick
EastPoint GA Afro chick

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