Kelly Rowland Flaunts Her Natural Hair at the Beach


Kelly Rowland, whose make-up free face was just featured on People Magazine’s 100 Most Beautiful people list, was spotted on the beach in Miami rocking her natural curls under a sunhat. Her hair is so cute and we hope to see her rock it natural more often! All photos are courtesy of




Black Girl With Long Hair

Black Girl With Long Hair

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66 thoughts on “Kelly Rowland Flaunts Her Natural Hair at the Beach

  1. I’m disappointed with this post and more to the black women commenting. As naturals we speak so much about unconditioning our minds and whatnot but this right here proves that mental enslavment is still there. I’m not going to knock on the guy because as most said, he is cute but he shouldn’t be the focus of this article. I feel like if he was a typical black man there wouldn’t be so much of a buzz but the fact that he’s white makes it newsworthy. We don’t realize it but we are indirectly putting white people on a pedestal. It’s kinda of like us saying, “At least she got herself a white man.” -_- I love interracial couples as much as the next couple I see but I wouldn’t overjoy it. Does anyone else see anything wrong with this picture?

    • Jumoke, honestly I wasn’t even thinking that and I’m sure a lot of people weren’t thinking that either. Don’t you think maybe this is news because she’s a celebrity and their personal lives are what make entertainment news and the fact that she’s dating someone with a different skin tone might be irrelevant? Kelly more so than many other celebrities is very private about her relationships so any news about someone in her life will be “NEWS”. I’ll encourage you not to focus on such differences and assume everything involving “black” and “white” is about “black and white” :) p.s. I thought this post was about her hair??? :)

  2. She’s ugly without the false hair and make-up,look@her ugly toes lol and her lip is extra black like she smoke weed.

    • i’m sure you don’t even look half as good as her with or without yourself glammed up so don’t even try to go there. Her lips are black? really maybe it’s because she’s black what color do you expect her lips to be pink?

      • I’m black and my lips are pink. really pink. i use to get teased about them when i was a kid. They would call me names like ‘Lil’ Bill’. Most times i felt like an outcast, i love my pink lips.

    • I really wish that BGLH would moderate some of the more severely negative comments. There’s a difference between just expressing a different opinion and vitriol. That kind of free speech is overrated, overused and abused in this country. The vitriol is more than likely coming from non-Blacks trolling the internet to illuminate their fixation on spewing forth hate towards Black women. Sadly some of these kinds of comments come from a few Black men that don’t like natural hair and people with mental health issues. Publishing their comments just vilifies their remarks. I’ve read enough hateful comments on other non-Black sites to last me a lifetime and they shouldn’t be permitted on this site. People like that have plenty of other forums to spread all of their disparaging remarks – BGLH shouldn’t be one of those sites.

  3. I think its great that more celebs are embracing natural hair. And I love to see interracial celebrity couples! <3
    Peace and Love to everyone!

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