Kel­ly Row­land, whose make-up free face was just fea­tured on Peo­ple Magazine’s 100 Most Beau­ti­ful peo­ple list, was spot­ted on the beach in Miami rock­ing her nat­u­ral curls under a sun­hat. Her hair is so cute and we hope to see her rock it nat­u­ral more often! All pho­tos are cour­tesy of




Black Girl With Long Hair

Leila Noel­lis­te, founder of Black Girl with Long Hair (April 2008). Social media, pop cul­ture and black beau­ty enthu­si­ast. bell hooks’ hair twin…

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I think its great that more celebs are embrac­ing nat­u­ral hair. And I love to see inter­ra­cial celebri­ty cou­ples! <3
Peace and Love to every­one!


Kel­ly Row­land I luv your hair

I real­ly wish that BGLH would mod­er­ate some of the more severe­ly neg­a­tive com­ments. There’s a dif­fer­ence between just express­ing a dif­fer­ent opin­ion and vit­ri­ol. That kind of free speech is over­rat­ed, overused and abused in this coun­try. The vit­ri­ol is more than like­ly com­ing from non-Blacks trolling the inter­net to illu­mi­nate their fix­a­tion on spew­ing forth hate towards Black wom­en. Sad­ly some of the­se kinds of com­ments come from a few Black men that don’t like nat­u­ral hair and peo­ple with men­tal health issues. Pub­lish­ing their com­ments just vil­i­fies their remarks. I’ve read enough hate­ful com­ments on oth­er non-Black… Read more »

She’s ugly with­out the false hair and make-up,look@her ugly toes lol and her lip is extra black like she smoke weed.


i’m sure you don’t even look half as good as her with or with­out your­self glammed up so don’t even try to go there. Her lips are black? real­ly may­be it’s because she’s black what col­or do you expect her lips to be pink?


I’m black and my lips are pink. real­ly pink. i use to get teased about them when i was a kid. They would call me names like ‘Lil’ Bill’. Most times i felt like an out­cast, i love my pink lips.


some black people’s lips are nat­u­ral­ly pink..


woahh.. hater much? She looks the same with­out make­up, gor­geous.

I’m dis­ap­point­ed with this post and more to the black wom­en com­ment­ing. As nat­u­rals we speak so much about uncon­di­tion­ing our minds and what­not but this right here proves that men­tal enslav­ment is still there. I’m not going to knock on the guy because as most said, he is cute but he shouldn’t be the focus of this arti­cle. I feel like if he was a typ­i­cal black man there wouldn’t be so much of a buzz but the fact that he’s white makes it news­wor­thy. We don’t real­ize it but we are indi­rect­ly putting white peo­ple on a pedestal.… Read more »

FYI she is mar­ried to a black dude. And if she mar­ried s white dude, dats her biz­ness. At de end of de day it’s her p*ssy

Jumoke, hon­est­ly I wasn’t even think­ing that and I’m sure a lot of peo­ple weren’t think­ing that either. Don’t you think may­be this is news because she’s a celebri­ty and their per­son­al lives are what make enter­tain­ment news and the fact that she’s dat­ing some­one with a dif­fer­ent skin tone might be irrel­e­vant? Kel­ly more so than many oth­er celebri­ties is very pri­vate about her rela­tion­ships so any news about some­one in her life will be “NEWS”. I’ll encour­age you not to focus on such dif­fer­ences and assume every­thing involv­ing “black” and “white” is about “black and white” :) p.s.… Read more »

Any­one know who designed her coverup?

jenna marie christian

i love Kel­ly! she is gor­geous!

I wear a weave but Im a 100% natural under these wefts
I wear a weave but Im a 100% natural under these wefts

Im more dis­ap­point­ed that every­one on the­se com­ments are more con­cerned about the guy (because he is Cau­casian) then the actu­al focus of this arti­cle which is Kel­ly Row­land and her nat­u­ral hair. Some­times I am still in dis­be­lief that peo­ple are still shocked to see inter­ra­cial cou­ples. Let’s talk more about BGLH’s inac­cu­ra­cies with their claim of KELLY’s hair


I agree. Some­times when I read such com­ments , I get sad. You would think the oth­er per­son was not human at all. Just because of a skin col­or.

I’m curious…why is it so remark­able when Black wom­en date White men and not the oth­er way around? Nobody made com­ments about Kanye play­ing in the snow when he got with Kim. Nobody says a word when high pro­file NBA play­ers date White super­mod­els. This ques­tion tru­ly isn’t com­ing from a place of anger, so please don’t get angry with me for ask­ing. I won­der intense­ly about this fair­ly fre­quent­ly because I’m cur­rent­ly in a long-term rela­tion­ship with a White man, and I don’t under­stand why there’s such a dou­ble stan­dard… Is it the pow­er bal­ance? Is that why we’re… Read more »
I can answer that. With­out going into exact num­bers (which you can look into on their web­site), the U.S. Cen­sus reports that most Black men are mar­ried to Black wom­en and vice ver­sa. How­ev­er, the num­ber of inter­ra­cial cou­ples is grow­ing specif­i­cal­ly amongst Black MEN and non-black wom­en. The cen­sus also states that the num­ber of Black female/non-Black male rela­tion­ships are grow­ing as well but the num­bers are not as large as they are for Black male/non-Black female rela­tion­ships. Many of us Black wom­en know this with­out hav­ing to read this report. Also accord­ing to a report done by CNN… Read more »

Kel­ly, it total­ly helps, although what you said was not news to me. 

I guess I was just hop­ing for a deep­er rea­son that I was not aware of. I have main­ly dat­ed non-Black men (not by pref­er­ence), and it has always con­fused and hurt me when mem­bers of my own com­mu­ni­ty feel the need to com­ment or den­i­grate me for my dat­ing choic­es, espe­cial­ly in the face of the over­whelm­ing num­ber of Black men that only date non-Black wom­en.

I’m not a pro­po­nent for col­or-blind­ness, but a per­son is a per­son, and I’ll be darned if I don’t date who­ev­er I please!

I applaud your sen­si­tiv­i­ty towards non-Black men and your open­ness to dat­ing whomev­er you like, Dananana. I’ve dat­ed out­side of my cul­ture, too. White, His­pan­ic, one East Indi­an, one Nava­jo Indi­an male, and two Asian men. Although those rela­tion­ships were ter­ri­fic, a few of those men made some unkind or weird remarks about Blacks or asked inap­pro­pri­ate ques­tions about my nat­u­ral hair and I found myself hav­ing to cor­rect and edu­cate some­times. Kudos to the­se men, they received the infor­ma­tion and apol­o­gized. I am now mar­ried to and have chil­dren with a Black male, not because I was run­ning away… Read more »

I guess it depends on the community/region you live in. My hus­band (non-black) and I (black and Native Amer­i­can) are not looked at twice in our area, but as soon as we go across the water into a pre­dom­i­nate­ly Black com­mu­ni­ty, we get those looks. Sur­pris­ing­ly, those nasty looks come from black men.…lol…Oh, by the way, I am a plus size wom­an and attract dif­fer­ent men regard­less of my size. I have to admit that I got more atten­tion from white guys when I was fit once upon a time. Like…white guys with deep pock­ets.

Kel­ly, don’t apol­o­gize for your “book”; I appre­ci­at­ed you shar­ing your expe­ri­ence. It almost mir­rors mine, and some of your deep­er answers are ones that I sus­pect­ed, but felt crazy think­ing . It feels reaf­firm­ing to hear them from some­one else :) You’re right, one does need to be ready to expe­ri­ence insen­si­tive remarks, stares, and com­ments when one dates out­side of their race.…and some­times the­se things don’t come from oth­er peo­ple, they come from your part­ner (espe­cial­ly if he/she/ze is unaware of cer­tain facets of Black cul­ture)! It can be hard to tol­er­ate at times… I have indeed let my anger… Read more »

Well said, Kel­ly! That hit the nail on the head like your grandfather’s ham­mer.

Nia, While I appre­ci­ate your con­cern for the health of black wom­en, tying it to their desir­abil­i­ty makes you seem prej­u­diced and super­fi­cial. Don’t encour­age wom­en to change what they look like to attract a man. If you change your appear­ance just to attract a man, chances are that your appear­ance is all he’ll be inter­est­ed in. Sure, there are excep­tions, but I know more wom­en who did so and were emo­tion­al­ly bul­lied by their new “fit­ness-con­scious” man than I know wom­en who did so and devel­oped healthy rela­tion­ships with that man. Encour­age wom­en who could do bet­ter health-wise to do… Read more »
“Get­ting a mate of anoth­er race will not solve anybody’s prob­lems. Hav­ing a high self esteem, accom­plish­ing goals, increas­ing your knowl­edge, nour­ish­ing car­ing rela­tion­ships between fam­i­ly and friends, and get­ting out and meet­ing new peo­ple are also very impor­tant. Being in an irr can be stress­ful at times. But it’s always most impor­tant to be with who makes one hap­py.” Nia, you couldn’t be more right. I’m by no means say­ing that phys­i­cal attrac­tion doesn’t play a role in dat­ing. Of course it does. So do per­son­al pref­er­ences. They can, how­ev­er, only car­ry a cou­ple so far.  It’s imper­a­tive that we… Read more »

But I real­ly do agree with you Nix. Get­ting a mate of anoth­er race will not solve anybody’s prob­lems. Hav­ing a high self esteem, accom­plish­ing goals, increas­ing your knowl­edge, nour­ish­ing car­ing rela­tion­ships between fam­i­ly and friends, and get­ting out and meet­ing new peo­ple are also very impor­tant. Being in an irr can be stress­ful at times. But it’s always most impor­tant to be with who makes one hap­py.

Well you’re right Nix. Every per­son should always do what’s in their high­est good. I’m think­ing that it’s com­mon knowl­edge that any­one seek­ing out a rela­tion­ship should be in a healthy mind state, hav­ing a healthy self esteem.  Many here were shocked to see Kel­ly with a white guy. Com­menter Kel­ly explained very elo­quent­ly why that is. My com­ment was for those black wom­en who are look­ing to attract oth­er races of men (hope­ful­ly they are in a healthy mind state). I was just putting it out their that many men of oth­er races are attract­ed to black wom­en. How­ev­er,… Read more »
I agree with every­thing you’ve said here Kel­ly. And that’s why sis­ters have to start tak­ing bet­ter care of them­selves in order to expand their dat­ing pools. Since I was a child I have had oth­er races of the oppo­site sex inter­est­ed in me. I am dark skinned and have typ­i­cal west African fea­tures, and have always been con­sid­ered cute by many. I was nat­u­ral­ly a petite per­son even before I took an inter­est in my health. I say all that to say that oth­er races of men do find us attrac­tive. But black wom­en need to get into the… Read more »
Oh, I can’t let this go with­out say­ing any­thing! Nia, while non-Black men do tend to put more of an empha­sis on hav­ing a fit part­ner, your com­ments are way off base, and com­plete­ly untrue. I can say that because I AM a larg­er Black female, and I’ve almost exclu­sive­ly dat­ed non-Black males. My size has fluc­tu­at­ed from an 8 to a 16 and back over the past 5 years, and non-Black dudes nev­er stopped try­ing to talk to me. True, I have more atten­tion when I’m fit, but I’ve also observed plen­ty of hap­py White male/Black female cou­ples where… Read more »

So, Nia, it’s black wom­en who make them­selves unat­trac­tive? Why didn’t I see that before? Thanks for clear­ing that up!


Jo Somebody

Lol Nia! And those Black men who ‘prefer’ White wom­en nev­er go for over­weight ones? I see…

In short, yes. Of course not all, put too many. African Amer­i­cans have two unhealthy diet mod­els to con­tend with. The tra­di­tion­al Amer­i­can diet as well as the tra­di­tion­al African Amer­i­can diet. It’s no secret. I grew up on the same type of diet as a lot of the sis­ter who vis­it this board. I just have a nat­u­ral­ly fast metab­o­lism so It nev­er affect­ed my weight.  I per­son­al­ly see too many black wom­en with gor­geous faces yet are over weight. No lie. Those are the types of wom­en that I’m speak­ing about. Now of course I see a lot… Read more »
i think the US are a speci­fic world. i live in france while it’s still true that black men date out­side the com­mu­ni­ty more, here there are quite a sig­nif­i­cant num­ber of black wom­en with non-black men. i think you for­got to men­tion one thing that is impor­tant. inside the com­mu­ni­ty peo­ple (many black males and some some black wom­en) look bad black wom­en who date non-black/white males. even black men who have white or non-black girl­friends will call black wom­en who date white men deroga­to­ry names and it’s quite amus­ing. many black (and some­times mixed) wom­en still think they… Read more »

Er, um … go ahead Kel­ly — play­ing in the snow. He’s cute.


I’m kin­da annoyed that BGLH would run with this “head­line” with­out check­ing sim­ple facts, like the fact that Kel­ly had a brand new TWA less than six months ago… props to Kel­ly for keep­ing it real about what’s gen­uine and what’s cos­met­ic… she doesn’t need the help of blogs to give her cred­i­bil­i­ty for embrac­ing her own beau­ty.


Looks like some­one has jun­gle fever


She always looks pret­ty flaw­less to me. But…curly doesn’t always equate to nat­u­ral. She wears curly wigs and weaves now. Either way, she’s one of my favs and is “gawjus” either way :-)


She just did the BC. Her hair is bald fade short. May­be up to a few inch­es by now, but this is not the length of her nat­u­ral hair. This is a nice wig. No hate because she looks great but let’s call it what it is…a wig/weave/something IJS.


Lol you weren’t lying. SMH blogs just run with ASSUMPTIONS for sto­ries. Kel­ly prob­a­bly got some “heat­free” manip­u­lat­ed chi­na hair installed. 

P.s pic was back in octo­ber
[imgcomment image[/img]


Do you have a bet­ter shot of her “BC?” It’s not clear from the pho­to that her hair is cropped. From my van­tage point it looks like her hair is slicked back here. Not doubt­ing your claim, but just say­ing this pho­to doesn’t seem to resolve things.


OMG SO AWESOME. Yeah I’ve been kind of unim­pressed with the amount of assump­tions and inac­cu­ra­cies in BGLH’s celeb arti­cles.


She is STUNNING. Love this shot of her!


i was just about to write that… her hair is a cropped cut

J. Nicole

Real­ly? When did she BC? Either way, she gen­er­al­ly looks pret­ty.


The guy is her gay neigh­bour, they’ve been already papped togeth­er and she already talked about that in an inter­view… Any­way Kel­ly is one of the pret­ti­est ladies I’ve ever seen!!


That guy she is kiss­ing is her neigh­boor in Miami.” He is hap­pi­ly Gay and mar­ried”. He is not her man


Ok, glad thats cleared up, because I thought she was hav­ing a “Some­thing New” moment…LOL! In that movie Sanaa Lath­an revealed her hair, only after her new love asked her to


Hat over hair does not equal “flaunt­ing.” lol


What are you even talk­ing about?


The title says “Kel­ly Row­land Flaunts Her Nat­u­ral Hair.” Hav­ing it under a hat does not flaunt­ing make.


Well, isn’t that just cute!!! She looks effort­less­ly pret­ty.
I haven’t been fol­low­ing her in a while so some­body fill me in…WHO’S THE GUY????

Ms Nikita

@ Karen. I know rii­i­i­ight?! He’s a cutie pie. Go Kel­ly, down with the swirl. See the movie ‘Some­thing Dif­fer­ent’ with Sanaa Lath­am? LOVED it. Kel­ly looks won­der­ful btw & love the no makeup=still stun­ning.


She looks old­er with­out the make­up, but more beau­ti­ful and nat­u­ral, in my opin­ion. I love the fact that she is rock­ing her nat­u­ral hair at the beach. Now I want to go to the beach!


Exact­ly B… It kind of seems like an assump­tion to me


For­get the hair who is the white guy she is kiss­ing?!!


isn’t her boyfriend white? i think it’s him


OMG!!!! Why was I typ­ing that exact same thing before I saw this.…


chile, I assumed that was a gay boyfriend.


LOLOL, I thought the same thing!


haha­ha. i know! that’s what i’m won­der­in’.


I came here to ask that same ques­tion. A new beau, per­haps?


How do you know its her “nat­u­ral hair”??

Sabrina @seriouslynatural

She looks great and she so tal­ent­ed and beau­ti­ful. Hope she sports the nat­u­ral hair more often as well.
[imgcomment image[/img]

nappy headed black girl

This is much bet­ter than some of those wigs she rocks *thumbs up*

Is Kel­ly nat­u­ral?


I love her nat­u­ral hair and like her wigs. At least they look nat­u­ral too.

EastPoint GA Afro chick
EastPoint GA Afro chick

[imgcomment image[/img]