The gor­geous Nap­tural85 shows a fool­proof method for achiev­ing a gor­geous, full twist out. Check it out:

What do you think ladies? Have you tried this method?

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26 Comments on "Naptural85’s Method for a Flawless Stretched Twist Out"

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I love her hair. I’m going to try the stretch­ing and pin­ing of the twists to see if I can achieve fuller twist outs. I dis­like my first day hair, while my sec­ond day hair is great.


She knows how much I sim­ply adore her, her hus­band and her sim­ple sweet­est daughter.She does every­thing from the heart, that’s why I love and respect her. We are so lucky to have her and oth­ers like whoissugar.We could have nev­er guessed in our wildest dreams that when the nat­u­ral hair move­ment began, that we would have peo­ple pre­pared to give up their time and ideas in order to make life, just a lit­tle eas­ier and to pro­duce hair for some of us, that we nev­er ever could have dreamed of.
Oh yes, I for­got about the cats, sor­ry!


Her hair is insane­ly gor­geous, jeeeeez…and her regi. is SOOOO sim­ple and not expen­sive at all. This is the only guru I fol­low on youtube. Just love­ly.


Gor­geous hair and great tuto­ri­al and style.


Love the video,thanks.


I absolute­ly love the final results–so beau­ti­ful! As soon as I can get the hang of flat twist­ing I am going to try this. I adore Whitney–her hair AND per­son­al­i­ty are beau­ti­ful!


I love Whit­ney but I feel like she has a real­ly unique head of hair. I’m 4a with a head full of very fine strands and I have had no luck with her styles. Fromwhat I can see she is 3c/4a but with very strong oily and for­giv­ing strands.

Some­times I wish the­se blog­gers would try things on oth­er peo­ple, since I think some peo­ple (not Whit­ney) think they have like hair type “stan­dard”.


I agree that naptural’s hair seems to be unique. not in the tex­ture but in how it acts. she often uses a teeny amount of shea but­ter as her only moisturizer/holding pro­duct where a lot of type 4s would need mois­tur­iz­er + gel to achieve sim­i­lar results. anoth­er ex. is hair­crush on youtube. she also has beau­ti­ful hair but it acts in a unique way.

I beg to dif­fer. I use her tech­niques and pro­duct choic­es all the time. Works for me. I have tight­ly curled 4a/4b hair that is BSL. When wet my hair shrinks up into an afro so I wash my hair in twist to keep it stretched. Her flat twist out meth­ods with shea but­ter work great for me. I have a jar of Kinky Curly Gel that I nev­er use because my shea butter/coconut but­ter mix is enough. Some­times I use my Knot Today leave in under­neath the shea but­ter mix but the pat­tern cre­at­ed by the flat twist will… Read more »
Her hair acts quite nor­mal actu­al­ly. She uses Aloe vera juice (cold) and ACV/water mixtures…while she doesn’t get too deep into pH bal­ance she is with­out real­ly try­ing keep­ing her the pH of her hair bal­anced at least.…thus read­i­ly avail­able to absorb mois­ture bet­ter, and on top of that she uses ACV and the clay to cleanse her hair …so it’s nev­er actu­al­ly stripped of mois­ture. Most 4a tex­tured heads real­ly don’t need that much pro­duct for hold, esp. not with twist outs. I’ve found my hair no mat­ter the con­di­tion­er always holds a twist or braid out >.< Her… Read more »

on her web­site naptural85.com in the FAQ sec­tion, she says that her hair is 4A all over but 4B in the crown area.


I love her videos and her meth­ods are always on point. I need to try out her DIY for flaxseed gel soon to go with the­se twists!


now, THIS is a pret­ty healthy head of hair, imo. i bet HER afro (unstretched hair) is also just beau­ti­ful. great exam­ple of pret­ty (healthy) nap­py hair.


YESSS! I’ve been wait­ing to see Whit­ney on here! I love her videos


This is a great method for tighter curl pat­terns. I don’t get much shrink­age with twist outs so I wouldn’t do it on my hair or I may have more of a body wave as a result.

Ugonna Wosu

yes, one of her videos ever.


I swear she inspires me each and every time!! I look for­ward to hav­ing enough length to try this in a year or so. GREAT video Whit­ney, thank you for shar­ing!


As a 4c girl almost all of her styles don’t work on my hair. It makes me so sad. Her hair is soooo beau­ti­ful!!!!


I’m “4c” as well, and although I can’t do all of her hair­styles to a T with the method, her sim­plis­tic reg­i­men and DIY’s (mayo egg hon­ey DC, shea but­ter) has helped me TREMENDOUSLY and my reg­i­men is shaped most­ly after hers. I have even been able to pull of some of her hair­styles, with mod­i­fi­ca­tion for my hair type of course. Don’t count her out just yet! :)

Cece Danielle

Gonna try this.


Yes!!! This is my favorite twist out method now. You can do like 8 twists on your whole head and you get TONS of def­i­n­i­tion and spi­ral curls.


she can do no wrong,seriously!lol con­sid­er­ably IMO the best nat­u­ral hair guru out there,simple regimen,to-the-point advice and qual­i­ty vids, with great DIY tips…regardless of your tex­ture u could ben­e­fit from at least one of her vids…um did i men­tion each hair tuto­ri­al from whit­ney is hair porn? haha i love her hair chan­nel & vlog chan­nel


I didn’t know what you meant at first about hair porn but you are absolute­ly right! Her hair is gor­geous. I found myself being mes­mer­ized by her hair when she start­ed sec­tion­ing it off. Had to make myself snap out of it. LOL!


LOL!i find myself doing that too…i have to watch her vids atleast twice cuz the first time i watch i’m bare­ly pay­ing atten­tion to what she’s say­ing! haha :S


For some hair porn check out this Dry TwistOut:Blown Out Hair Done by youtu­ber “PGnei­icey”. Her hair is freak­ing gore­gous just like Nap­tural85 ..

To view ~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHKTwQqL1vI


I fol­low her as well and her hair is beau­ti­ful..