Naptural85’s Method for a Flawless Stretched Twist Out


The gorgeous Naptural85 shows a foolproof method for achieving a gorgeous, full twist out. Check it out:

What do you think ladies? Have you tried this method?

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Black Girl With Long Hair

Black Girl With Long Hair

Leila, founder of Black Girl with Long Hair (April 2008). Social media, pop culture and black beauty enthusiast.

  • cocolicious1love

    she can do no wrong,seriously!lol considerably IMO the best natural hair guru out there,simple regimen,to-the-point advice and quality vids, with great DIY tips…regardless of your texture u could benefit from at least one of her vids…um did i mention each hair tutorial from whitney is hair porn? haha i love her hair channel & vlog channel

    • juanita617

      I didn’t know what you meant at first about hair porn but you are absolutely right! Her hair is gorgeous. I found myself being mesmerized by her hair when she started sectioning it off. Had to make myself snap out of it. LOL!

      • cocolicious1love

        LOL!i find myself doing that too…i have to watch her vids atleast twice cuz the first time i watch i’m barely paying attention to what she’s saying! haha :S

        • zyaran

          For some hair porn check out this Dry TwistOut:Blown Out Hair Done by youtuber “PGneiicey”. Her hair is freaking goregous just like Naptural85 ..

          To view ~

          • Vonnie

            I follow her as well and her hair is beautiful..

  • i.mean.really

    Yes!!! This is my favorite twist out method now. You can do like 8 twists on your whole head and you get TONS of definition and spiral curls.

  • Cece Danielle

    Gonna try this.

  • Ace

    As a 4c girl almost all of her styles don’t work on my hair. It makes me so sad. Her hair is soooo beautiful!!!!

    • Vonnie

      I’m “4c” as well, and although I can’t do all of her hairstyles to a T with the method, her simplistic regimen and DIY’s (mayo egg honey DC, shea butter) has helped me TREMENDOUSLY and my regimen is shaped mostly after hers. I have even been able to pull of some of her hairstyles, with modification for my hair type of course. Don’t count her out just yet! :)

  • Jeanetta

    I swear she inspires me each and every time!! I look forward to having enough length to try this in a year or so. GREAT video Whitney, thank you for sharing!

  • Ugonna Wosu

    yes, one of her videos ever.

  • This is a great method for tighter curl patterns. I don’t get much shrinkage with twist outs so I wouldn’t do it on my hair or I may have more of a body wave as a result.

  • Leigha

    YESSS! I’ve been waiting to see Whitney on here! I love her videos

  • shelikes

    now, THIS is a pretty healthy head of hair, imo. i bet HER afro (unstretched hair) is also just beautiful. great example of pretty (healthy) nappy hair.

  • I love her videos and her methods are always on point. I need to try out her DIY for flaxseed gel soon to go with these twists!

  • camille

    I love Whitney but I feel like she has a really unique head of hair. I’m 4a with a head full of very fine strands and I have had no luck with her styles. Fromwhat I can see she is 3c/4a but with very strong oily and forgiving strands.

    Sometimes I wish these bloggers would try things on other people, since I think some people (not Whitney) think they have like hair type “standard”.

    • nikki

      on her website in the FAQ section, she says that her hair is 4A all over but 4B in the crown area.

    • wds

      I agree that naptural’s hair seems to be unique. not in the texture but in how it acts. she often uses a teeny amount of shea butter as her only moisturizer/holding product where a lot of type 4s would need moisturizer + gel to achieve similar results. another ex. is haircrush on youtube. she also has beautiful hair but it acts in a unique way.

      • Khia

        Her hair acts quite normal actually.

        She uses Aloe vera juice (cold) and ACV/water mixtures…while she doesn’t get too deep into pH balance she is without really trying keeping her the pH of her hair balanced at least….thus readily available to absorb moisture better, and on top of that she uses ACV and the clay to cleanse her hair …so it’s never actually stripped of moisture.

        Most 4a textured heads really don’t need that much product for hold, esp. not with twist outs. I’ve found my hair no matter the conditioner always holds a twist or braid out >.<

        Her regi. is really wonderful though.

      • Nikki

        I beg to differ. I use her techniques and product choices all the time. Works for me. I have tightly curled 4a/4b hair that is BSL. When wet my hair shrinks up into an afro so I wash my hair in twist to keep it stretched. Her flat twist out methods with shea butter work great for me. I have a jar of Kinky Curly Gel that I never use because my shea butter/coconut butter mix is enough. Sometimes I use my Knot Today leave in underneath the shea butter mix but the pattern created by the flat twist will maintain for several days by bunning or pinappleling my hair. However my hair does not work with wash and gos regardless of if it is her version or someone else’s version. I think we all have unique hair even within hair categories. ::shrugs::

  • Caramelcurls

    I absolutely love the final results–so beautiful! As soon as I can get the hang of flat twisting I am going to try this. I adore Whitney–her hair AND personality are beautiful!

  • Jacky

    Love the video,thanks.

  • Gorgeous hair and great tutorial and style.

  • Khia

    Her hair is insanely gorgeous, jeeeeez…and her regi. is SOOOO simple and not expensive at all. This is the only guru I follow on youtube. Just lovely.

  • Caramel

    She knows how much I simply adore her, her husband and her simple sweetest daughter.She does everything from the heart, that’s why I love and respect her. We are so lucky to have her and others like whoissugar.We could have never guessed in our wildest dreams that when the natural hair movement began, that we would have people prepared to give up their time and ideas in order to make life, just a little easier and to produce hair for some of us, that we never ever could have dreamed of.
    Oh yes, I forgot about the cats, sorry!

  • honeybrown1976

    I love her hair. I’m going to try the stretching and pining of the twists to see if I can achieve fuller twist outs. I dislike my first day hair, while my second day hair is great.