We’re not sure how we missed this one… but it makes us love Solange a little more. The singer popped back at a critic who suggested she would be a “dime piece” if she got a relaxer. Check it out:


The tweet is still up on her Twitter timeline and has been retweeted more than 2,600.

Although the natural community is vibrant, black women at large still struggle to see textured hair as a true alternative to relaxers. Kudos to Solange for recognizing and calling out the ignorance.

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53 Comments on "Solange Pops Back at Twitter User Who Suggested She Get a Relaxer"

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I’ve been natural since 2010 and I love it. 6 months ago is got sister locks and love my natural hair even more. I love Solange!


You can always count on Solo to put ignorant fools back in their place! I wonder where she gets her fiery spirit from? Her and Beyonce appear to be polar opposites for some reason! I know some folks criticize her for speaking freely, but it is her most appealing trait to me!


Love you so much Solange!! I have been completely natural for over a year and I love it;)
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And these were in between Jan. 2012 to April 2013
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To this currently April 2013.
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I have been on my natural hair journey since Jan. 2012. I have gain my full length of hair and more.
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Dime piece? Seriously?? This girl must have some really LOW standards. I guess the name “RealBarbieSlutz” should have tipped me off LMFAO! why look like a dime piece when you can look like a million bucks?

Mei Valentine

lmfao word!


Folks got nerve. I don’t follow celebs on twitter but lovin’ her and just might have to change that rule! Ridiculous what people think they have the right to say about another person. Your opinion is your opinion but this individual crossed the line and the ‘dime piece’ comment – completely disrespectful.


awesome, but i wouldn’t waste my time replying back to any caricature who would include the word “slut” or any of its derivatives or synonyms in their username.


Solange will forever favor Orlando Jones to me.


solange is straight hood. i love it.


I never really care for Solange especially when she’s talking about hair but I commend her on her comeback. Why she want to be called a dime piece, that’s not an accomplishment! Kudos!


Oooh! This makes me wanna re-create my twitter! Love this girl!


I tought she didn’t “want to talk about no danm hair no more “lol .People just don’t seem to be able to leave her alone,and acting like her hair is some abnormality. Smh.We have a long way to go…

I am natural in Nigeria and everytime I take down the braids and wear my hair, my own texture, I get that relaxer comment CONSTANTLY! The first time I wore my own hair at home and people at my local church saw it, someone actually asked “what happened to your hair.” I had to explain, “I had braids last week, this is my hair.” The thought that NIGERIANS would be put off by natural hair never crossed my mind when I relocated from the States. Everytime I go into a salon, the question I get is, “why don’t you relax… Read more »
When I moved back home from the US a few years ago, my hair was also a real novelty. Stares everywhere I went. But almost every girl had a perm in secondary school, so yeah, I did know natural hair would be weird to Nigerians. It’s always just really amused me. I’m fortunate to not have to deal with any mess at home; my sister and I have been loose-natural almost 15 years, my brother has gorgeous locs, and our parents love it all. Even the aunts love it now (after briefly questioning the locs). But comments about my hair… Read more »

Interesting to know that black people wherever they live struggle with the correct view of their natural coily textured hair. We have a long way to go. I’m hoping in ten years natural will be the norm and that parents stop perming their children’s hair and teach them a positive view of their hair.


I think the response was fine. Obviously the person daring enough to say such a thing should be able to take it right back at ’em, and Solange has the right to defend herself however she wants, be it short and sassy or long and classy. 🙂



Wow I bet that same girl has a bad plastic looking weave with balding edges, its always those people who preach about getting a relaxer.

jojo satoes

hehe…. look, solange is only human. this lady talked crap to her on the wrong day…. its not that serious…. solange shud respond however she chooses to…. next time tell her to dip those finger tips in acid so proof of her ignorance is not perpetual!


Clearly this woman is all about looks I mean look at her twitter name RealBarbieSlutz, I guess with her chosen profession its important to have bone straight hair, or she may not get her “John” Quotta. Solage is right. Not everyone is about the natural look, but leave those that do love the natural look alone. Your opinion is not desired nor required.


1. Barbies aren’t real.
2. If the person is trying to be ironic they just look dumb.
3. Referring to themselves as a slut shows that the person doesn’t even like themselves, of course they are going to try to tear down someone who is beautiful.
4. If you are going to refer to yourself as one anyways at least spell it correctly.

This person does not deserve any response or recognition from Solange.


But D.P. if she spells it correctly how is she going to show the internet world how Urban she is? Adding a “Z”makes her Urban Legit. Gives her some Flava, lol see how I did that? Flava not flavor?

D.P. to Tabatha

Lol touche Tabitha, touche. I guess if you live that lifestyle you might as well live it at all costs. Those slutz certainly would never want to take the flava from their language and make someone think that maybe they have *gasp* some education.

Its aid when we can tear into each other abt something as trivial as hair. Her beauty doesn’t change bc she’s got a flowing mane. The crazy thing is men will ignore a woman with kinky non-traditional hair but if u slapped a silky weave on her they’d give her a second look. Ppl are being programmed 2 equate flowing hair with beauty. What do the pantene, vidal sasson, loreal hair care & hair color show? Flowing manes! Like afro& kinky women don’t color their hair or want soft manageable hair like everyone else! We r a product of our… Read more »

I have to disagree with that one because ever since I started wearing my hair natural I’ve gotten MORE compliments from men. A few remarks such as “Sexy mama” when I wear my hair in a full blown out fro. A few men have even thanked me for being natural because they are tired of seeing the weaves and wigs. I NEVER got this many compliments when I was relaxed. Its all about your confidence level. If you believe it and walk with your head held up high, trust me, the men will notice!

Hmmmm…. I don’t know. I’m sure it felt good to put that idiot in his/her place, but I also don’t think Solange should feed the trolls. You don’t have to respond to every anonymous fool. This idiot only tweeted her to get attention, and she gave him/her exactly that. You can’t use your shine to cast light onto the morons. If she hadn’t responded, nobody would ever know the twitter handle of that idiot. Now, their name is being broadcast all over. It’s the price of being in the public eye. You gotta ignore the idiots. If you don’t, you’re… Read more »

I couldn’t agree more with this. The vast majority of people will never experience anywhere near the kind of exposure Solange has and more often than not that’s a GOOD thing, lol. For celebrities in particular, feeding trolls is just like feeding stray cats…now they’re all going to come out of the woodwork. On the flip side, Solange’s response earned her even more publicity via this site and others…


Great response! She said ‘F you’ in a way that was comical & witty! The smile at end was a nice finishing touch lol. The girl had no comeback! Lmao


Solo has ALWAYS been a straight-forward, tell-it-like-it-is kind of person so her response doesn’t surprise me. Also, Solange has stated on SEVERAL occasions that her hair is not a big deal so it isn’t her “job” to educate anybody on natural hair. That person made an ignorant comment, Solange handled it with a little bit of sass and kept it moving. Some of us naturals want too much and expect too much from other naturals when sometimes it’s not that serious.


Good response lol why challenge a celeb? Solange is unpredictable so that is what you get. Lol


There are some people that don’t care about natural hair nor want to learn about it. The European standard isn’t the only form of beauty! Our natural hair straight or curly is good enough! So tired of ignorant, rude mind-sets.

Marie Young

Yes, Kudo’s to Solange. People’s minds are just tainted, it’s ridiculous. I love me some Solange. She just does her and keeps it pushing and isn’t afraid to throw a tongue lashing to the deserving when necessary!


Although I laughed at Solange’s response, I would have liked to see her give a more educated response. Perhaps she could have said that she was happy with her hair and wanted to keep it natural the way God created it, or she could have given @RealBarbieSlutz(what kind of name is that anyways??) some education about how dangerous relaxers are for a woman’s hair.


Sometimes people need to be “told”. It was short and to the point. The girl’s comment was ignorant and Solange called her on it.

I think at some point, at least I know for myself, you get tired of explaining why you do what you do with your hair. And you get tired of educating people ego clearly no interest in actually knowing the facts. After a while, you just want people to leave you alone. And you get tired of talking about your hair. At first I wanted to educate everyone who questioned me, or write a long narrative in response to every rude comment I saw about natural hair. But I got tired lol I either stopped answering, or just gave the… Read more »

Ego = who


Lol they thumbs down you for correcting yourself ?! Lmao wow

Arianna McDaniels

I’ve been natural since January 2010 and I do appreciate the fact that Solange is proud of her look. She had every right to defend herself. It is an online platform and you gotta be able to voice your opinion along with everyone else.

exactly. its her right to voice her opinion, like the girl who said her opinion about solange. and btw its only solange choice how she wants to handle/care her hair. people got nerves to think they have the right to tell her what she should do with her hair just because they want it different. some people should just get a life on their own. nobody want to get dictated how to handle their hair or life, while they are happy with their hair decisions. i would not like it if some strangers would tell me to get a relaxer.… Read more »

I’m kinda over Solange, but this nasty comment was unnecessary!!I also didn’t like the way Solange handled it, but oh well…
I wonder if she will succumb to the pressure at a certain point and just relax her hair…because that is ALL she is known for these days. Either people want to make her a poster child for natural hair, or people persecute her for her hair choices. That must be annoying!!


You’re just keepin it real, Tisha 🙂


Way to go Tisha, I agree. Not everyone here has to bow-down at the altar of Solange or favor her nasty personality on the count of her being natural. Some people are just band-wagoners and only follow her ‘career’ because of her hair and clothes…which is a damn shame. The truth ALWAYS ruffles feathers. Nice to see some people still thinking for themselves in 2013.


clearly you don’t pay much attention to the music scene if you think all solange is known for is her hair :/ she just released an awesome ep and she’s been on every popular style blog known to man(okay a little exaggeration there) but she’s definitely gotten attention from things other than her hair.


Yes she is doing awesome stuff!! Her show here in DC sold out in minutes. I was so mad. Also, she has made it clear she does not want to be natural hair poster girl (like leaving Carol’s Daughter). She might perm her hair but who cares…she is still fab!


love solange. love her style and persona. love even more than she rocks her hair like she wants to. love that she embraces her unaltered fro!

Ugonna Wosu

you know? Y’all have been posting tweets by this girl on this site for awhile. This is the first thing you showed me that really moved me to follow her! I just did! Go girl! Tee hee!!!


Good for her! I’m newly natural and I was recently kidding around with a coworker telling her that I want a makeover. She told me that I need to start by getting myself some long flowing hair. :-/


Aint that some mess. I got a coworker to give me two braids and as she started doing it she was like “Your hair is softer than I thought it would be. Smells so nice too what you put in it” What a backhanded compliment. So she thought my hair would be stiff, rough and stank huh.