Solange Pops Back at Twitter User Who Suggested she get a Relaxer

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We’re not sure how we missed this one… but it makes us love Solange a little more. The singer popped back at a critic who suggested she would be a “dime piece” if she got a relaxer. Check it out:


The tweet is still up on her Twitter timeline and has been retweeted more than 2,600.

Although the natural community is vibrant, black women at large still struggle to see textured hair as a true alternative to relaxers. Kudos to Solange for recognizing and calling out the ignorance.

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Black Girl With Long Hair

Black Girl With Long Hair

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52 thoughts on “Solange Pops Back at Twitter User Who Suggested she get a Relaxer

  1. I never really care for Solange especially when she’s talking about hair but I commend her on her comeback. Why she want to be called a dime piece, that’s not an accomplishment! Kudos!

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  2. awesome, but i wouldn’t waste my time replying back to any caricature who would include the word “slut” or any of its derivatives or synonyms in their username.

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  3. Folks got nerve. I don’t follow celebs on twitter but lovin’ her and just might have to change that rule! Ridiculous what people think they have the right to say about another person. Your opinion is your opinion but this individual crossed the line and the ‘dime piece’ comment – completely disrespectful.

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  4. Dime piece? Seriously?? This girl must have some really LOW standards. I guess the name “RealBarbieSlutz” should have tipped me off LMFAO! why look like a dime piece when you can look like a million bucks?

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  5. You can always count on Solo to put ignorant fools back in their place! I wonder where she gets her fiery spirit from? Her and Beyonce appear to be polar opposites for some reason! I know some folks criticize her for speaking freely, but it is her most appealing trait to me!

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  6. I’ve been natural since 2010 and I love it. 6 months ago is got sister locks and love my natural hair even more. I love Solange!

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