We’re not sure how we missed this one… but it makes us love Solange a lit­tle more. The singer popped back at a crit­ic who sug­gest­ed she would be a “dime piece” if she got a relax­er. Check it out:


The tweet is still up on her Twit­ter time­line and has been retweet­ed more than 2,600.

Although the nat­u­ral com­mu­ni­ty is vibrant, black wom­en at large still strug­gle to see tex­tured hair as a true alter­na­tive to relax­ers. Kudos to Solange for rec­og­niz­ing and call­ing out the igno­rance.

Black Girl With Long Hair

Leila Noel­lis­te, founder of Black Girl with Long Hair (April 2008). Social media, pop cul­ture and black beau­ty enthu­si­ast. bell hooks’ hair twin…

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Denny Luhnow

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I’ve been nat­u­ral since 2010 and I love it. 6 months ago is got sis­ter locks and love my nat­u­ral hair even more. I love Solange!


You can always count on Solo to put igno­rant fools back in their place! I won­der where she gets her fiery spir­it from? Her and Bey­on­ce appear to be polar oppo­sites for some rea­son! I know some folks crit­i­cize her for speak­ing freely, but it is her most appeal­ing trait to me!


Love you so much Solange!! I have been com­plete­ly nat­u­ral for over a year and I love it;)
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And the­se were in between Jan. 2012 to April 2013
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To this cur­rent­ly April 2013.
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I have been on my nat­u­ral hair jour­ney since Jan. 2012. I have gain my full length of hair and more.
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Dime piece? Seri­ous­ly?? This girl must have some real­ly LOW stan­dards. I guess the name “Real­Bar­bi­eS­lutz” should have tipped me off LMFAO! why look like a dime piece when you can look like a mil­lion bucks?

Mei Valentine

lmfao word!


Folks got nerve. I don’t fol­low celebs on twit­ter but lov­in’ her and just might have to change that rule! Ridicu­lous what peo­ple think they have the right to say about anoth­er per­son. Your opin­ion is your opin­ion but this indi­vid­u­al crossed the line and the ‘dime piece’ com­ment — com­plete­ly dis­re­spect­ful.


awe­some, but i wouldn’t waste my time reply­ing back to any car­i­ca­ture who would include the word “slut” or any of its deriv­a­tives or syn­onyms in their user­name.


Solange will forever favor Orlan­do Jones to me.


solange is straight hood. i love it.


I nev­er real­ly care for Solange espe­cial­ly when she’s talk­ing about hair but I com­mend her on her come­back. Why she want to be called a dime piece, that’s not an accom­plish­ment! Kudos!


Oooh! This makes me wan­na re-cre­ate my twit­ter! Love this girl!


I tought she didn’t “want to talk about no danm hair no more “lol .Peo­ple just don’t seem to be able to leave her alone,and act­ing like her hair is some abnor­mal­i­ty. Smh.We have a long way to go…

I am nat­u­ral in Nige­ria and every­time I take down the braids and wear my hair, my own tex­ture, I get that relax­er com­ment CONSTANTLY! The first time I wore my own hair at home and peo­ple at my local church saw it, some­one actu­al­ly asked “what hap­pened to your hair.” I had to explain, “I had braids last week, this is my hair.” The thought that NIGERIANS would be put off by nat­u­ral hair nev­er crossed my mind when I relo­cat­ed from the States. Every­time I go into a salon, the ques­tion I get is, “why don’t you relax… Read more »
When I moved back home from the US a few years ago, my hair was also a real nov­el­ty. Stares every­where I went. But almost every girl had a perm in sec­ondary school, so yeah, I did know nat­u­ral hair would be weird to Nige­ri­ans. It’s always just real­ly amused me. I’m for­tu­nate to not have to deal with any mess at home; my sis­ter and I have been loose-nat­u­ral almost 15 years, my broth­er has gor­geous locs, and our par­ents love it all. Even the aunts love it now (after briefly ques­tion­ing the locs). But com­ments about my hair… Read more »

Inter­est­ing to know that black peo­ple wherever they live strug­gle with the cor­rect view of their nat­u­ral coily tex­tured hair. We have a long way to go. I’m hop­ing in ten years nat­u­ral will be the norm and that par­ents stop per­ming their children’s hair and teach them a pos­i­tive view of their hair.


I think the respon­se was fine. Obvi­ous­ly the per­son dar­ing enough to say such a thing should be able to take it right back at ‘em, and Solange has the right to defend her­self how­ev­er she wants, be it short and sassy or long and classy. :)



Wow I bet that same girl has a bad plas­tic look­ing weave with bald­ing edges, its always those peo­ple who preach about get­ting a relax­er.

jojo satoes

hehe.… look, solange is only human. this lady talked crap to her on the wrong day.… its not that seri­ous.… solange shud respond how­ev­er she choos­es to.… next time tell her to dip those fin­ger tips in acid so proof of her igno­rance is not per­pet­u­al!


Clear­ly this wom­an is all about looks I mean look at her twit­ter name Real­Bar­bi­eS­lutz, I guess with her cho­sen pro­fes­sion its impor­tant to have bone straight hair, or she may not get her “John” Quot­ta. Solage is right. Not every­one is about the nat­u­ral look, but leave those that do love the nat­u­ral look alone. Your opin­ion is not desired nor required.


1. Bar­bi­es aren’t real.
2. If the per­son is try­ing to be iron­ic they just look dumb.
3. Refer­ring to them­selves as a slut shows that the per­son doesn’t even like them­selves, of course they are going to try to tear down some­one who is beau­ti­ful.
4. If you are going to refer to your­self as one any­ways at least spell it cor­rect­ly.

This per­son does not deserve any respon­se or recog­ni­tion from Solange.


But D.P. if she spells it cor­rect­ly how is she going to show the inter­net world how Urban she is? Adding a “Z“makes her Urban Legit. Gives her some Flava, lol see how I did that? Flava not fla­vor?

D.P. to Tabatha

Lol touche Tabitha, touche. I guess if you live that lifestyle you might as well live it at all costs. Those slutz cer­tain­ly would nev­er want to take the flava from their lan­guage and make some­one think that may­be they have *gasp* some edu­ca­tion.

Its aid when we can tear into each oth­er abt some­thing as triv­ial as hair. Her beau­ty doesn’t change bc she’s got a flow­ing mane. The crazy thing is men will ignore a wom­an with kinky non-tra­di­tion­al hair but if u slapped a silky weave on her they’d give her a sec­ond look. Ppl are being pro­grammed 2 equate flow­ing hair with beau­ty. What do the pan­tene, vidal sas­son, lore­al hair care & hair col­or show? Flow­ing manes! Like afro& kinky wom­en don’t col­or their hair or want soft man­age­able hair like every­one else! We r a pro­duct of our… Read more »

I have to dis­agree with that one because ever since I start­ed wear­ing my hair nat­u­ral I’ve got­ten MORE com­pli­ments from men. A few remarks such as “Sexy mama” when I wear my hair in a full blown out fro. A few men have even thanked me for being nat­u­ral because they are tired of see­ing the weaves and wigs. I NEVER got this many com­pli­ments when I was relaxed. Its all about your con­fi­dence lev­el. If you believe it and walk with your head held up high, trust me, the men will notice!

Hmm­mm.… I don’t know. I’m sure it felt good to put that idiot in his/her place, but I also don’t think Solange should feed the trolls. You don’t have to respond to every anony­mous fool. This idiot only tweet­ed her to get atten­tion, and she gave him/her exact­ly that. You can’t use your shine to cast light onto the morons. If she hadn’t respond­ed, nobody would ever know the twit­ter han­dle of that idiot. Now, their name is being broad­cast all over. It’s the price of being in the pub­lic eye. You got­ta ignore the idiots. If you don’t, you’re play­ing… Read more »

I couldn’t agree more with this. The vast major­i­ty of peo­ple will nev­er expe­ri­ence any­where near the kind of expo­sure Solange has and more often than not that’s a GOOD thing, lol. For celebri­ties in par­tic­u­lar, feed­ing trolls is just like feed­ing stray cats…now they’re all going to come out of the wood­work. On the flip side, Solange’s respon­se earned her even more pub­lic­i­ty via this site and oth­ers…


Great respon­se! She said ‘F you’ in a way that was com­i­cal & wit­ty! The smile at end was a nice fin­ish­ing touch lol. The girl had no come­back! Lmao


Solo has ALWAYS been a straight-for­ward, tell-it-like-it-is kind of per­son so her respon­se doesn’t sur­prise me. Also, Solange has stat­ed on SEVERAL occa­sions that her hair is not a big deal so it isn’t her “job” to edu­cate any­body on nat­u­ral hair. That per­son made an igno­rant com­ment, Solange han­dled it with a lit­tle bit of sass and kept it mov­ing. Some of us nat­u­rals want too much and expect too much from oth­er nat­u­rals when some­times it’s not that seri­ous.


Good respon­se lol why chal­lenge a celeb? Solange is unpre­dictable so that is what you get. Lol


There are some peo­ple that don’t care about nat­u­ral hair nor want to learn about it. The Euro­pean stan­dard isn’t the only form of beau­ty! Our nat­u­ral hair straight or curly is good enough! So tired of igno­rant, rude mind-sets.

Marie Young

Yes, Kudo’s to Solange. People’s minds are just taint­ed, it’s ridicu­lous. I love me some Solange. She just does her and keeps it push­ing and isn’t afraid to throw a tongue lash­ing to the deserv­ing when nec­es­sary!


Although I laughed at Solange’s respon­se, I would have liked to see her give a more edu­cat­ed respon­se. Per­haps she could have said that she was hap­py with her hair and want­ed to keep it nat­u­ral the way God cre­at­ed it, or she could have given @RealBarbieSlutz(what kind of name is that any­ways??) some edu­ca­tion about how dan­ger­ous relax­ers are for a woman’s hair.


Some­times peo­ple need to be “told”. It was short and to the point. The girl’s com­ment was igno­rant and Solange called her on it.

I think at some point, at least I know for myself, you get tired of explain­ing why you do what you do with your hair. And you get tired of edu­cat­ing peo­ple ego clear­ly no inter­est in actu­al­ly know­ing the facts. After a while, you just want peo­ple to leave you alone. And you get tired of talk­ing about your hair. At first I want­ed to edu­cate every­one who ques­tioned me, or write a long nar­ra­tive in respon­se to every rude com­ment I saw about nat­u­ral hair. But I got tired lol I either stopped answer­ing, or just gave the… Read more »

Ego = who


Lol they thumbs down you for cor­rect­ing your­self ?! Lmao wow

Arianna McDaniels

I’ve been nat­u­ral since Jan­u­ary 2010 and I do appre­ci­ate the fact that Solange is proud of her look. She had every right to defend her­self. It is an online plat­form and you got­ta be able to voice your opin­ion along with every­one else.

exact­ly. its her right to voice her opin­ion, like the girl who said her opin­ion about solange. and btw its only solange choice how she wants to handle/care her hair. peo­ple got nerves to think they have the right to tell her what she should do with her hair just because they want it dif­fer­ent. some peo­ple should just get a life on their own. nobody want to get dic­tat­ed how to han­dle their hair or life, while they are hap­py with their hair deci­sions. i would not like it if some strangers would tell me to get a relax­er.… Read more »

I’m kin­da over Solange, but this nasty com­ment was unnecessary!!I also didn’t like the way Solange han­dled it, but oh well…
I won­der if she will suc­cumb to the pres­sure at a cer­tain point and just relax her hair…because that is ALL she is known for the­se days. Either peo­ple want to make her a poster child for nat­u­ral hair, or peo­ple per­se­cute her for her hair choic­es. That must be annoy­ing!!


You’re just keep­in it real, Tisha :)


Way to go Tisha, I agree. Not every­one here has to bow-down at the altar of Solange or favor her nasty per­son­al­i­ty on the count of her being nat­u­ral. Some peo­ple are just band-wag­oners and only fol­low her ‘career’ because of her hair and clothes…which is a damn shame. The truth ALWAYS ruf­fles feath­ers. Nice to see some peo­ple still think­ing for them­selves in 2013.


clear­ly you don’t pay much atten­tion to the music scene if you think all solange is known for is her hair :/ she just released an awe­some ep and she’s been on every pop­u­lar style blog known to man(okay a lit­tle exag­ger­a­tion there) but she’s def­i­nite­ly got­ten atten­tion from things oth­er than her hair.


Yes she is doing awe­some stuff!! Her show here in DC sold out in min­utes. I was so mad. Also, she has made it clear she does not want to be nat­u­ral hair poster girl (like leav­ing Carol’s Daugh­ter). She might perm her hair but who cares…she is still fab!


love solange. love her style and per­sona. love even more than she rocks her hair like she wants to. love that she embraces her unal­tered fro!

Ugonna Wosu

you know? Y’all have been post­ing tweets by this girl on this site for awhile. This is the first thing you showed me that real­ly moved me to fol­low her! I just did! Go girl! Tee hee!!!


Good for her! I’m new­ly nat­u­ral and I was recent­ly kid­ding around with a cowork­er telling her that I want a makeover. She told me that I need to start by get­ting myself some long flow­ing hair. :-/


Aint that some mess. I got a cowork­er to give me two braids and as she start­ed doing it she was like “Your hair is soft­er than I thought it would be. Smells so nice too what you put in it” What a back­hand­ed com­pli­ment. So she thought my hair would be stiff, rough and stank huh.